Saturday, June 25, 2016

Addicted to you - by Avicii

Salam Bloggers,

Today  while listening to music,  the music player played this particular music twice. It was 'Addicted to you' by Avicii. There was something so pleasing about. 

"I don't know how it happened, I let down my God. Swear I never fall in love again, I fell hard... I should have seen that coming..caught me by surprise...."

These words juggled inside my head. Wait! Why so? There was something special about this song. If you listen to the music, it take you through the memory lane. Everyone must have a special kind of feeling for someone in their life time. Be it any phase - school, university or office and anything thing for that matter. But you would call this as the best phase of your life because of the special memories attached to it. That special one might have a special significance in your life. If a life of togetherness was possible then it was a game of fate and destiny allowed you to be with your loved one but if it didn't then life was harsh and  destiny had something different in stores for you. 

Curious, I logged on to to check out the official video of this song. A big shock awaited me when I saw it. Prior to it, I was of the opinion that it was a kind of love and betrayal song between two individuals  - heterosexuals! But the video showed two girls who had hots for each other. It showed smooching between the two. The growing love affair between them and their profession i.e robbery couldn't ensure that they stay together. But love wasn't meant for them and the cops killed one of those girls. Unable to accept the loss, the other girl blasted eventually killing all of those present at that spot. It is indeed heart wrenching. 

Avicii is a talented young singer from Sweden and few of the songs from his album has been sung by several amazing singers like this one. I personally loved the Wake me up, Hey Brother a lot  and I am a fan of his songs! 

Some love stories never happen and some happen by chance when no one wants love to happen, it happens accidentally. 

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  1. Hey, I like this song! I am always looking out for good songs to update my playlist!

  2. This is a good song. Avici's songs usually are :)

  3. I'm a fan of his and his music has a great connect..

  4. I'm a fan of his and his music has a great connect..