Sunday, June 05, 2016

My Ideal Yatra

Travelling is an activity that must be a part of everyone's life. Of course, people need  a break from the competitive world and make so time for self  and their family. The rat race would take them nowhere but they need to rejuvenate and energise themselves. I am not a party animal but I love travelling. I am a natural vagabond who loves to traverse the latitude and longitude  and explore new destinations. My concept of an ideal trip is to travel to a place where no one ever travelled before mostly coupled with adventure. But with adventures comes its own added misadventures. Today I won't be talking about the adventures or misadventures but I would talk about what my ideal trip would be all about - The Perfect Vacation!

Life is no longer interesting if there is no fun under the sun! Exploring new places has been on my to-do list for quite  some time but the Corporate job doesn't permit me. So I make time for little things that imbue joy into my life. My Perfect vacation would be all about connecting with nature, people and their culture. I am a people person and I derived this characteristic from my job that makes me manage people.

"No Play, only work makes Jack a Dull boy!"
We have heard this statement many times, I present you a more enhanced version of it below.
"Only work and no trips will definitely make Jack a Dull boy!"

Our Brain that is bombarded with stress and pressure needs some time or else it will burst some day and lead you to more complex problems. It is tipped that in future Lifestyle problems would be the major damage causing element to people's life and would be a great cause for concern.

So to get rid of all these , a  vacation is essential. Away from home, away from work and away from all kind of stress and pressure!
Planning is an important activity in many things. Workwise, a plan failure can incur great business losses. So the planning shouldn't go for a toss. Similarly , the first step to  a perfect trip is  a perfect plan followed by a brilliant execution of the plan. So today I will share you about the trip that I had planned and the one that turned out to be a memorable one. It was the summers of 2015. I had meticulously planned my trip in such a way that I make most of the trip in 2 weeks time. The first plan was to decide on the travel routes and the mode of transport.

Mangalore is located in the Dakshina Karnataka District of Karnataka. So generally people prefer travelling in a train. But in order to make most of my vacation I had taken the air route.  I browsed for some cheap and reasonable options and I came across the Spicejet Airlines offerings. It was  the best deal  that anyone could get at that period of time. Without much thinking, I booked my flight tickets and embarked on a new journey with full of excitement.  

Mangalore is a popular tourist destination because of the scenic beaches and the culture. I had been there when I was young but that memory had soon faded away. My plan was to visit the famous beaches of Mangalore. Visit the Pilikula National Park that host the popular Krishna, the ferocious tiger and the food life of Mangalore. It is a place to settle after retirement. I have always had a special liking for this place.  A perfect vacation to me is to connect with Nature and culture without the interference of technology. I switched off all my social media channels so that I could enjoy my trip to the fullest. I enjoyed the local cuisine and travelled between the city with the help of local transport. Mangalorians were amazing and I clicked several photos with them. It was me and my camera strolled across Mangalore. I am sharing few photos from my trip and how much fun it was!

As I had booked a return ticket, it was easier for me. As I stood at the Mangalore International Airport, I was craving for few more days leaves. I had loved every single minute of the vacation. Such kind of vacations that remind you of the good times you spend along can be tagged as a perfect vacation. It was fun filled solo trip for me. I loved it to the core.  
Maybe someday in future, I will travel there again. It was a fun trip and an ideal vacation for me. 
Even today when I look at those photographs it makes me smile. It invokes the memories and the time that I spend there last year.

PS - These photographs were taken my me during my trip to Mangalore last summer.
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