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Midnight Affairs 1

Midnight Affairs
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Affairs represent the bond between different  things and individuals. Some affairs are related to jobs, some related to friendship while some may be extra marital affairs. It's these affairs that adds zest to our life. Well, these kinds of affairs never cease until we get married. It might even continue beyond that stage.  Life will be bliss if you happen to marry the one whom you love. If you don't then the world doesn't end there! Life changes and you move on. An intense  bond with a stranger might go down as a secret. But  would  you expose all your hidden dark secrets from your past affairs to another stranger who storms into your life under the tag of 'Life Partner'? I'm a Qualified Engineer whose young days often revolved around girls. Girls, Girls and Only Girls. I fell in love with almost every gorgeous girl I met. I say, our younger days were fun! We all had fun under the sun and college became exciting with each passing day. My futile attempts to impress each and every single girl whom I come across gained me several tags.  My attitude was such that  if a girl didn't respond to you then move on to the next. There is no dearth of wonderful girls in this world. My eyes randomly located beautiful girls within no time. Perhaps that was my talent. I was proud of myself. I tell you, it was few of those days.

They asked , "Can Love happen twice?"
I say," Love can  happen many times in your life. Just go out and explore! Who knows you might be lucky!" 

Engineering days were fun especially last year. I had spent most of my Engineering days at the cafeteria and the premises. My Final sem classes had commenced. You got to be extra cautious in an esteemed college like Gurukul  where discipline is given high priority. Every student is expected to maintain discipline.  Arriving late at college was a serious offense and they charged bomb if we came late.  It made me feel like we were house arrested or living in a Naze era with several eyes constantly monitoring us. I wanted to get rid of this place as soon as  possible. I sometimes used to feel weird that I survived 3 years of Engineering in a place like Gurukul. I lived at the college hostel but my Aai's memory would haunt me, making me feel homesick. Gurukul  was 80 km away from my home. So, I didn't mind travelling  every day. 

The best thing about Aai was that she used to pack lunch for my friends too. Owing to this she earned the love and affections of my buddies. Though Gurukul was known as a strict Engineering College in Solapur, we found a really kind man in form of Professor Nair.  He taught us Electronics and Communications. His teaching techniques were commendable and he had a unique knack of teaching concepts as if they were stories. We admired him and had great respect for Professor Nair. But he had an issue. He was short tempered and he abhorred mischief mongers like me and my friends who used to sit on the last bench and have all the fun.  At times, he used to give us sermons and lecture us about time management. Yes, he was kind enough to teach us life lessons. 

It was a general tradition at Gurukul that at the beginning of every Semester, each student is expected to give an ex-tempo speech on any topic. This was done to instil confidence into the student and get rid of stage fright.This was an exercise performed as a part of the campus placement programme. We constituted the rural population of Maharastra and expecting us to talk in fluent English could prove to be a bad idea. We never conversed in English even for basic communication. Marathi was our native language and we saw ourselves as the proud Maratha's. The worst thing about us was that we mocked those who spoke in English. We would hurt and hurl abuses at them. Some would call us the goons of Siva Sena and MNS, the popular political party notorious for attacking Non-Marathi's in Maharashtra. 

The Outside Maharashtra Students were fluent in English and they were abundantly talented. They hardly stuttered while talking in English unlike us who spoke English in Marathi tone.
We were proud inventors of new  English terminologies and our English was more Maranglish ( the hybrid product of Marathi and English).
"Akshay!" Professor Tayade called out my name.
Her loud voice got me out of reverie. 
"Yes, madam!" I replied, obediently.

"Come to the podium and give an ex-tempo speech," she ordered.
I couldn't refuse. I was certain that an irrepressible embarrassment awaited me.  I walked slowly towards the podium. It was payback time , I thought. 
"Hey Deva, Vachva re mala," I muttered. 

For once, I stood there in front of the entire class and could feel my heart beat racing. I didn't even know how to start. They say there is a silver lining behind every dark cloud. I took this word as a motivation and  thought that this was the best opportunity for me to impress the north Indian girls in my class. I smiled and greeted everyone. There was deafening silence as I spoke. My confidence surged immensely.
All my classmates looked at me, their eyes wide open without blinking. 
I had decided to talk about Mahatma Gandhi. 
"The Mahatma Gandhi is known as the Father of the India," I started my speech.
As I continued talking, I got distracted.
"Whaaaaaaaaaat..."  I screamed at the top of my voice, perplexed.
(Midnight Affairs to be continued in the next part) 

This post is for Day 1 of UBC and Daily Chatter

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