Sunday, October 02, 2016

Midnight Affairs 2

Continued from Midnight Affairs Part1

I witnessed Mahesh making funny gestures from the last bench. My confidence shattered. 
The entire class burst into  laughter and I stood there like a clown looking at everyone.  It was an embarrassing event for me.  Prof Tayade got vexed. She turned red in anger as the session got interrupted. 

"With this attitude,  you guys are never going to get a job," she said and continued, " Mark my words you need to improve for your own good." 

Silence overshadowed the laughter. She stormed out of the class. I walked towards my desk and pondered on what Professor Tayade thought about us. It freaked me out!
The Maharashtrian girls from our class were huge fans of the Outside Maharashtra boys.  We hated these guys to the core as they had a huge fan following in our class especially the Maharashtrian girls. We would taunt and embarrass the girls when we found them chitchatting with those guys.  That's the reason why many girls even thought twice before talking to us. It was the same reason why I was single. The only drawback of my life is that my heart is sensitive.  That makes me fall for a girl any time and any place. That's not something I could brag of! Strange it was!  Some of my curious friends would ask me if I would still be the same after I get married. I would snap them and reply that I lived in present and not future.

Regular lectures at Gurukul had started. I never belonged to the breed of student who found interest in attending lectures. I attended them just for the sake of attending. Especially if the fine amount is 200 then anyone would think twice before bunking the class. I started saving money so that I would never bother my Aai for money. Pruthvi and Shiva were my bench partners. We would sit together and have fun at the last bench commenting at the girls. We would rate them, while the Professor teaches us. None of our teachers had a good impression on us. We studied one day before the exam and managed to pass. At the third year of Engineering, I wanted to fall in love and get into a serious relationship with a girl. But Almighty doesn't think the same like we do. 

We live in a spacious bungalow out of which 4 rooms were rented.
"Akshay, would you like to have some kadi?" Aai asked me. 
"Nako Aai, I'm full," I said, smilingly.
Aai told me that a new family would be coming to stay at the ground floor. 
"Aai, when are they coming?" I asked, curiously.
"They are already in," she said and left for the kitchen.
"They are Jains," she said from the kitchen. 
"What? Jains?" I uttered.

I realised that Jain's hail from North India.  I hoped  our new tenant had a beautiful daughter.
I rested on the couch and grabbed the TV Remote.  Aai completed her kitchen work and sat next to me. She ruffled my hair and asked, "How's college going on?"
"Chaan!" I replied brusquely.
During that conversation, she mentioned me about our new tenant. 
"Their family is like ours," she said.
"Ours?" I asked, curiously.
"I mean they have two children. One Son and one younger daughter," she added. 
"Younger daughter?" I murmured.
Now I got more curious and excited. I got a sudden urge to meet this new girl. My feelings couldn't be expressed in mere words.

"Am I getting a bit desperate?" I asked myself. 
The next day, Saturday, I roamed the streets of Solapur with my best friends. I spent the entire day  with them and we went for trekking for a brief period. 
 Tired and Lazy, I entered my house. Mom greeted me with a radiant smile on her face. I acknowledged her back with an equally radiant smile. 
I quickly refreshed myself. I had plans to visit the Jain girl. I looked myself in the mirror several times. I combed my hair neatly. I wore my favourite black round neck t-shirt and blue jeans.  I wanted to impress her as it would be our first encounter.  I believe that the first impression is the best impression.

My innocent brain believed that North Indian girls are always pretty and beautiful. 
"Aai, I'm going to the park," I announced to my mother. 
While walking downstairs, I moved my head and looked around to find the Jain girl. I stood there at the staircase for a while. 
She was mopping the porch. I couldn't see her face as she was facing the other side. I could only see her backside. She was wearing Salwar Kameez.  She was tall and slender. She had a perfect figure. I craved to see her face. She had a long hair, extremely long, that cascaded till her hips. I stood there and admired the way she was cleaning the porch.
And of a sudden, she turned around.
I looked at her face and got shocked.

(Midnight Affairs to be continued.)

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  2. You are such a great story weaver..but u always leave us wondering :)