Monday, October 03, 2016

Midnight Affairs 3

Continued from Midnight Affairs 2

I stood there admiring her. My own eyes deceived me. 
"How could someone be so beautiful?" I asked myself. I won't be exaggerating if I say that I've never seen a beautiful woman like her. 
She turned towards me as I looked at her without blinking my eyes. Her hair was dark as ink. Her eyes framed by long lashes adorned her beauty. I felt like getting dragged too deep into her eyes. It was full and beautiful. It seemed to have brightened my world. She had an arched eyebrow, a perfect shape I would say. It looked like the bow of an archer ready to wound me any moment. A long straight chiselled nose was perfect. Her lips, full and rosy seem to be the picture of perfection. It was the most riveting feature of her body. She smiled and got me arrested.  I was completely blown away by her beauty. 

"Haan Maa," she replied her mother.  Her voice ,sweet and  melliferous took me by a storm. She was God's perfect creation. A bundle of Happiness she was! She was designed to be beautiful, just as beautiful like I'd thought.
That night I couldn't stop thinking about her. She flashed into my mind several times. Her smiling face didn't let me sleep. 

The next day,  while travelling in the bus , I couldn't get over her! I was craving to see her again and talk to her once again.  I described her to my best friend Pruthvi.
"Hey Pruthvi," I said.
"What's up, Akshay," he replied and added," Anything special?"
"A new girl entered my life. I feel weird and strange. I think I like her," I said.
"I know what you expect from her." he said, " I know you very well, my friend!"
"No brother. She is not that kind of girl. I really like her and I always wanted to marry a woman like her." I replied.
Pruthvi cleared his throat and asked, “Isn't this foolish to fall for a girl even without talking to her?"
I listened to him carefully.

"These are infatuations ,Akshay," he said.
"My Love for her is not like a One Night Stand, Oh Jaan , I love you miss you har lamha types," I  said and winked at him.
Pruthvi got vexed and said, " Stop it asshole, you are boring me now."
"Let's go to class," he said and we left for our classroom.
That day I found myself lost in my own train of thoughts where she appeared not just once but several times. I wanted to talk to her at any cost. It's crazy that I sought help from Google on how to impress her. 
I was standing at my gallery, sipping tea and I saw her once again. This time, she came  to remove the dried clothes. I glanced at her but she failed to notice my glance.  I just wanted  her look at me and smile at  me. 

"Oh Princess, look at me just once!" I muttered. 
 I was listening to a song from my favourite movie “Tujhe Meri Kasam” 

“ Wo hua jo pehle kabhi na hua, 
Kahi bhi dil na lage ye tune aisa kya kiya,
 Har chehre me ab tu hi tu aati nazar he, 
Ye mast hawa teri khushbu lati idhar he,
  Shishe me mere he saya tera ,
itna na sata O sanam” 

 It seemed as if the song reflected my current state of mind. I also had to complete my assignments.  But I could not focus on it. I wanted to sleep so that I could watch her all night in my dreams. My craziness grew to a completely new level. 
The next morning I woke up sharp at 7 AM. I completed my daily morning rituals of shower and breakfast.  I bid adieu to my mother and left for my college. 
"Pruthvi , my bro for life, how are you?" I said to him and hugged him tight.
"Awesome! Why do you look upset?" he asked," Did her brother bash you or what?"
He laughed at me. 

“Understand my feelings, bhai. I really want to talk to her badly. Please give me some nice ideas,” I said, exhibiting a frown.
 “If you really like her ,then have some guts to talk to her just like Maddy of RHTDM,” Pruthvi said. 
"How easily you said all this!" I retorted.
"Do you know what will happen if I say that?" I asked him.
"What?" He asked.

(Minight Affairs to be continued.)

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  2. Interesting..I am little late in reading posts..I hope there is a next part already written :)