Sunday, November 06, 2016

Are you really Happy(?)

The concept of Happiness sometimes amazes me.  The idea of Happiness isn't really about buying stuff that give you immense pleasure or being with someone whose company you cherish! If such was the idea of Happiness, then I should be the happiest man on earth. Happiness is all about being happy with the small thing that you possess. It may be something that triggers and rekindles all your special memories and makes you travel down the memory lane. 

The other day when I stopped at the junction, I saw a young girl, cheerfully smiling hovering around from one vehicle to the another. Though she sold flowers , there was something unique about her.  Happiness for her was different. And sadly the definition of Happiness for us is different. With changing lifestyles,  our life has changed too.  We no longer cherish the time that we spend with our loved ones. We are too busy with materialistic things that we fail to provide quality time for our own people. Remember that materialistic things are the most deceiving. The happiness behind owning a costly iPhone over  talking to your ageing grandma might be different. But again, it is really difficult to define it. It depends on the perspectives. 

So,I urge you all to be happy whenever possible. Real happiness comes in doing things that we love. I , for instance, love writing and writing transports me into a completely different world. That's what makes me happy!

So be happy! And tell me what is real happiness for you ? Are you really happy (?) 

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  1. True, I think you should not search for happiness, but be happy with what is already present. being content is the most easy way to be happy. I do not mean to say you should not be ambitious, but you should know the difference of being content and being abmbitious.
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  2. The day we know whats real happiness we will get answers to all . All of us are in search of what actually makes us happy .