Friday, December 09, 2016


“You okay?” Ashok asked.
“Actually, tensed,” Deepika replied, “You know my family will disown me forever.”
The sudden cool breeze kissed them as Ashok held his arms around Deepika.
They both were getting married today after several years of dalliance.
He looked straight into Deepika’s eyes and said, “You will always be mine.”
Deepika smile and said, “Yes, I trust you.”
“You look like a Queen in this attire,” Ashok said to Deepika.
“After all, I am a woman in a man’s body,” Deepika smiled.
They’d accepted themselves but the society didn’t! Acceptance is what they both craved for!

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  1. Woah!
    Simply brilliant, Steph!
    Loved it!

  2. love and sadness, both are in your few words :)

  3. Sweet. Acceptance is the least we could do for them. Very nice :)

  4. When I read posts like this, I keep thinking that more writers and bloggers should run the world rather than the ruthless leaders we have today.

  5. Beautifully empathetic tale. Well done.