Monday, March 20, 2017

Hypocrisy of Indians - April A to Z Theme Reveal 2017

Knock Knock! Anyone home? 

The Solitary Writer just woke up from a deep slumber last weekend and that too at a time when April A to Z is around the corner. So, in the year 2015, I festooned my blog with a different gamut of emotions ranging from Apology to Happiness and Jealousy to Dedication and much more. 

In the year 2016, I thought of playing with lives of two individuals and thus came the He and She who were so fond of each other that they used to fight over petty issues and patch up soon.  It was fun and I was worried because those were continuous posts that required the reader to traverse back to the A post to follow the continuum.

This year I am blank. For weeks, I was pondering over the theme for April A to Z. I was feeling weird several times. Because several times my innocent mind switched between different topics. But now I have made up my mind.  I am going to present the Hypocrisy of Indians this year. 
So yes, my theme is decided. It is the hypocrisy of Indians.
See you in April! Yes, it's just a week away and I hope I survive this year's challenge.

Till then, Auf Wiedersehen,
Das Ste 
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  1. Steph ! That's a super topic !!
    I am expecting lots of fun , sarcastic yet witty posts with an occasional insight that make us go .. 'Oh yeah that's so true '

    all the best for a fun filled April

  2. Oh God !Commenting here on twitter can fast become controversial.I hate trolling and free and responsible speech is impossible.I hope you know what you are taking up.Theme looking great.Looking forward to reading

  3. Whoa man! That's some topic!! Good luck :)

  4. Interesting!! Good luck & Happy blogging!

  5. That's an interesting topic! Will buddy up with you through this challenge. All the best!

  6. Quite a controversial topic !!! Looking forward for April. Good luck, my dear #BlogBusters #Blogbuddy Stephen !!!

  7. Now that's some topic! Looking forward to reading your posts, Stephen! Happy A to Z :)
    Sawasdee Thailand at Kohl Eyed Me
    Indian Dishes at Something's Cooking

  8. all can say. Really dont know what to expect. But I am sure I am coming back to read all 26 of them.

  9. oooooh - love this theme. Wow! Specially as a divorce writer I know exactly what you're talking about. Good luck for the challenge.

  10. This sounds like an interesting challenge. Good luck with it.

    Cait @ Click's Clan

  11. You've raised the curiosity bar with this topic. I'll keep an open mind with your posts cause right now I've got nothing on this.

    Have a great April A to Z!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out