Sunday, April 02, 2017

Break and Bang

The Kiwis decimated South Africa in the first Semi-final of the ICC Cricket World Cup, denying their entry to reach the finals.

South African fans at home - "We are proud of our team and its okay they lost but they were real fighters and reaching the semi-finals of a prestigious tournament itself is an achievement.

Indian fans at home - "South Africa deserved to win and they are true champions. We respect the way they played and admired each of their matches.  Thanks for the wonderful matches, AB Devilliers, Morkel, Steyn and the entire South African team. We would have loved to see them play India in the finals"

Two days later, India was humbled by the Australian team in the 2nd Semi-final of the ICC Cricket world cup.  It was a humiliating defeat. 

Same Indian fans at home broke star batsman Virat Goli's restaurant. A group of unidentified men tossed stones at the Captain Dony's  house at Ranchi. Some of them burnt Spin bowlers Aswan's car at Chennai.
The Indian government has provided Z level security to the homebound Cricketers.

 This blog post is written as a part of the A to Z Challenge annually held in April every year.

My April A to Z Challenge 2017 post will be written on a common theme - Hypocrisy of Indians.

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  1. interesting. But as you point out... some indian fans, not all. I think any and every society has its hypocrits and I am not going to point the finger at any one culture as having a monopoly on it. Australians can be portrayed as laid back, but I know many who have anxiety issues, friendly but again I know many who are not so. And we have had a lot of press about being prejuiced and discriminatory but I know many many who are open minded, kind caring and accepting. Still if one culture has a propensity to deny a particular trait then it can be helpful to point it out. And... since you are Indian I presume, then... its more acceptable for you to be pointing this out than for someone of another culture. Thanks for stopping by my blog today

  2. Yes...there are hypocrites everywhere. It's like a birth right to these people to do such outrageous activities.

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  4. This is kind of intolerance that's persists in human nature as always.
    Sports promotes sportsmanship irrespective of win or loss. To humiliate Indian cricketers is kind of hypocreacy
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  5. hahaha LOL. you never know what Indian cricket fans can do in real. And bengali fans will shout Dongol hoga!

  6. Yeah! Some people can be such hypocrites

  7. Too many such people. Extremist fans, I say.