Friday, July 14, 2017

And then New York happened...

Life has veered out drastically ever since I moved to the states. This was an unexpected call that I myself didn't realize living a dream  that eventually turned out to be real. Everyone has an American dream and being an Indian I too had  once but those were the young days of my life. Life gave me an opportunity at a time when I was not expecting it. Living away from the family has moulded me in to a strong individual. That's when I realized that you got to be self motivated because your loved ones won't always be with you everytime. But till now it has been a good experience. I live with people who have a similar story like mine. Some with dreams of buying a new house, some with giving a better life to the family and some with ambitions of living the American life. Isn't that amazing?!

Everytime I hear the little son of my friend greeting him every evening, I realize life makes us pay many things. And then we have to sacrifice a lot for their happiness because its our loved ones happiness that matters to us the most. Amid  nostalgic memories, New York happened. Independence day was a long weekend here and being new to the states meant exploring things on your own because not everyone will help you. We , a group of like minded individuals decided to visit the most happening part of the states - New York. New York is a dream for many. There are lots of amazing sights worth seeing in New York and I am glad that NY happened too soon for us. It was one fine afternoon when my roomie informed us that a couple of guys were visiting Smoky mountains in the North Carolina during the Independence day long weekend. I would never say never to the fact that NC is not a happening place but with too much greenary around, it implies living a village life-  beautiful and serene. It dawned to us that we got to do something too and thus the idea of New York got pregnant in our brains. Now it was time to give life to the idea and execute the plan. We soon approached Shiva and Deepak, the desi boys when joined us late. We were determined to do something more fun if this plan succeeded. Yes, it happened!

I took the ownership of booking the relevant tickets and managing the expenses. Suraj, the Professor Bobeye of our group initiated the train of awesomeness by booking an AirBNB room at Harlem after thorough analysis and research. Prior to our voyage, I made an xl with all the amazing places to visit in the most amazing city in the world. Be it Central Park, Manhattan, Times Square or Wall Street - we were thrilled and excited even before we embarked on to this journey of awesomeness. I'd booked a Goto Bus which was a preventive measure to reduce our expense but that proved to be a disaster and we would regret it for not doing enough research for airplanes. Later one of our colleague informed us about the availability of cheaper flights being offered by South West airlines. May be next time, we would research more before heading for such trips.

On 1st July, we boarded the bus at 11.45 PM and there was only one thing on our mind - Enjoy life to the fullest as we won't have enough time later. We were hell excited. We got down at 47 Chrystie at NY. We walked and walked the streets of New York. We smiled at the numerous  trains greeting us and took a look at the beautiful and magnificent Brooklyn bridge from the Manhattan Bridge. It was indeed beautiful and from there we observed the skyline of New York as the One World Observatory building stood mighty! We then left to have our brunch as we were famished.  After exploring few options, we set our eyes on the Mughlai Indian restaurant at the Clinton road. Our taste buds never knew that they were about to be savoured by awesome food. We ordered chicken and then few more chicken. Post that we left for our transient abode, our apartment at Harlem. We accessed it by availing the service of Lyft. After getting refreshed, we left for the Central park. Central Park is a place where many hollywood movies have been shot. It was indeed pleasure walking through the lanes of the park where many young men and women traversed by riding rented bicycles. Deepak insisted that we get a bicycle but we cajoled him by mentioning things that can never be shared here. Just kidding!

We witnessed lovely couples and semi claden babes reading books and admiring the nature. Shiva never missed an opportunity to get clicked and our click spree never ceased. We hailed a Lyft cab and stamped our presence at the most lively place every. Times Square baby! We walked through the place , admiring tall buildings and by then it was already 6 and our One World Observatory visit was sat 8 PM. We quickly grabbed some food at the Halal Guys stall for $8 each. I say that it's too heavy and all of us took the box at the apartment. We went to the 9/11 Memorial and the One World Observatory sharp at 8 PM. One World Observatory is a great piece of work by  the greatest architects. The skylift, the fastest elevator, took us to the 102nd floor within no time. From there, we saw the skyline of New York. Nice beautiful buildings graced by the lighting's and the young night sky made it picturesque. Our click spree never stopped. Our eyes randomly strolled around and caught the attention of amazing people and many greeted us. Finally, we reached the apartment at 12.30. We were hungry and grabbed some Hagen Dasz, Greek Yogurt, Budweiser  from the Food Market on the other side of the building. We shared ghost stories as our eyes got tired and crashed.

The next morning we woke up at 9 and got ready. We were all set to visit the street that controls the Money. Yes, you guessed it right - Wall Street. We walked around the street and our eyes chanced upon several young beautiful faces. We said hello to the charging bull as many others fought their way out to touch the bulls testicles. It is said that touching the charging bulls testicles would make you rich. We all went there turn by turn and touched the bulls balls. Shiva, me and Deepak clicked with the fearless girl. We four addressed each other by character names. Suraj was Professor Bobeye, Shiva as Nuclear Nadal, Deepak as Uncle Tamir and yours truly as Admiral Aladeen. It was fun and adding fun to a trip is indeed fun. Isn't it? 

From there we left for the battery park from where our cruise for our next visit would be available. We were going to meet Liberty! As we walked, we saw a long queue and we were disheartened to see that we were standing behind some 1000 people. Soon Deepak asked a volunteer about the queue and she informed us that it was for the ticket booking. We then realized that we had wasted some precious 10 minutes of our life. We rushed to the other queue  that was for the ones with tickets. The statue of liberty beckoned us as we stood at the battery park. Smiling at us, she was ready to embrace each one of us. We got into the cruise and the click spree continued again. We took the photo of the Manhattan bridge and it was indeed a sight to see. We savored our taste buds by drinking the lemonades offered by lovely young college girls. Once we posed with the beauty in green, we headed for something that we should have covered earlier. Madame Tussaud's was not in our list but still we visited it. We posed with many amazing personalities ranging from former American Presidents, actors, sports personalities and media tycoons. It was memorable and everyone looked at us as if we were insane. We clicked with celebrities whom were not aware of. We finally bid adieu to New York at 9 PM after having our dinner at the Kaati Rolls near the Times Square.

The most fascinating thing about New York is the amazing tall sky scrapers. They are not only magnificent but mesmerizing too! I hope to visit this place once again. 

To some it up, our trip was planned hastily but it was well executed. Our first trip in the land of Trump was a successful one.

So, which place should we visit next?

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  1. It seems that you guys had a great time. I enjoyed your post.