Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Arjun wife 2

Arjun wife 2

"Arjun, why did you cheat on me?" Nisha asked.
"You have another wife?" She curiously enquired.
"Are you out of your mind?" Arjun said, visibly annoyed.
"Then who is Arjun wife 2 on your friend Deepak's phone?" She asked.
"His wife is my good friend and she told me this!"
"Yeah, buy another Jio SIM."

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Change Your Life With a Trip

Change Your Life With a Trip
Change Your Life With a Trip
If there was something about your life that you could change, what would it be? Would you want a better job, a healthy relationship, to recover mentally and physically, to live in a new location? You can probably list several things you’d like to improve, but as most know, change isn’t something that comes easily. When you’re bogged down by the daily pressures of life, stuck in routines, and tied to your obligations, advancing your life doesn’t come easy. Taking a break from “reality”, and going on a trip is exactly what you need to find new inspiration.

Improve Your Health
Trying to lose weight? Having trouble meeting your health and fitness goals? Planning a trip to improve your health is quickly becoming a popular option for travelers. Wellness retreats, for instance, provide visitors with the opportunity to focus on their health. Held at a luxury hotel and resort chains across the country, participants get an all-access pass to the program's tools and resources. There are exercise programs, diet and meal prep courses, group activities, and therapeutic solutions like massage therapy and meditation to help improve your health.

Kick Bad Habits
There are some bad habits that can ruin your life if you continue to indulge in them - like doing drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that impacts a person’s physical and emotional well-being and ruins families, relationships, careers, finances, and more. For someone who recognizes the consequences of addiction, sometimes traveling to kick the bad habit for good is necessary.
Going to a medically supported detox far away from where you live increases your chances of completing the program. Many rehab centers and sober living facilities are located in nice destinations with impressive views and luxury accommodations. The idea is to take the person outside of their environment and away from their triggers and place them in an environment where they can be at peace and really heal.

Find a New Start
Feeling like where you are isn’t where you want to be? Are you living in a town where the cost of living is too high, there aren’t many career opportunities, or you’ve simply got a bad past from? Well, traveling can be the tool you need to make a new start for yourself. If you’re thinking about relocating it is recommended that you travel first, get acquainted with the area, and then find a permanent place to live.
Taking a trip to a new city, state or country can give you a better look at the opportunities out there. You can check out neighborhoods, visit local restaurants and shopping centers, talk with residents who’ve lived there forever, visit schools, experience the culture, and get a wealth of information that can later be used to determine where you’ll make your fresh start.

Spark Creativity
If your profession requires you to regularly come up with consistent and creative new ideas, staying glued to the desk or in the office can stunt your creative abilities. All work and no play can also drain you cognitively making it hard for you to be productive. A week-long trip to another country, for example, can ignite that fire once again. The time alone by itself is enough to clear the fog and clutter from your mind.

Trying new things, seeing new sites, and making new connections through travel is immensely instrumental in helping the creative mind. It can be just the experience to spark a new blog entry for a writer, the right scene to capture new pictures for a photographer, or the right connection to give an entrepreneur a new idea.

Living a perfect life, as you know, isn’t possible. Yet, making positive change and progress is imperative to your happiness and longevity. If there are things about your life that you wish to change, but can’t seem to do in the environment you’re in or with the obligations you have, take a trip. It may seem strange how impactful a few days or weeks can be to one’s life, but the truth is a vacation can be life-altering. Whether you’re trying to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, kick bad habits that are tearing your family apart, find a new place to start life, or looking to spark new ideas you can accomplish many of these things through travel.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Ways To Finance Your Travel

Ways To Finance Your Travel
Many people don’t travel because they do not have the money to do so. But, you do not have to be rich to travel to the shores of Mangalore, India. There are several ways that you can travel the world on a budget. The following list will help you if you want to know how to pay for travel.

Cut Down on Your Spending
If you want to find extra money for traveling, then you will need to start by looking at your budget. Living within your budget is one of the keys to paying for what you want and need.
Look over your budget and see if there are things that you are spending money on things you do not need. For example, if you have a club membership that you are not using, then you should get rid of it. You may also want to get rid of expensive cable. Additionally, preparing your meals at home will help you save money.

Take Out an Installment Loan
An installment loan can be a great way to pay for your travel expenses. An installment loan is one that you will take out and pay back over time. In most cases, you will have 12 to 60 months to pay it back. But, there are several criteria that you will have to meet to get approved.
You will need to shop around and compare different lenders before you apply. Find out about the requirements. You will also need to find out about the interest rates. You can check out personal installment loans online for a variety of options.
You will also need to check your credit. Most lenders need people to have good or excellent credit to get approved. Not only will you increase your chances of getting approved but you will also get a better interest rate.
Additionally, you will need to review your budget before you apply. If you have good credit, then you will likely be able to take out a larger loan. Yet, you do not want to borrow more than you can afford.
Keep in mind that there is a difference between a secured and unsecured loan. Lenders need collateral if you have a secured loan. You can use your home or car to secure the loan. You will not need collateral for an unsecured loan.

Find Ways to Bring in Extra Money
Increasing your income will make it easier for you to fund your travel. You do not have to take a second job to pay for your travel. You can do things in your spare time. For example, if you are good at writing, then you can write articles in your spare time.
You can also babysit or dog-sit if you love pets and children. Additionally, you can tutor in your spare time. You can make hundreds of extra dollars per month by working in your spare time.
Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a millionaire to travel the world. You can pay for traveling by making some adjustments to your budget. You should also look for ways to make extra money in your spare time. Additionally, you can take out an installment loan. No matter where the money comes from, traveling is a worthwhile expense. The memories made are priceless.

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

When Traveling for Health Makes Perfect Sense

When Traveling for Health Makes Perfect Sense
Americans travel for health more than ever before. There are a few different reasons for this, but the quality of care and costs are at the top of the list. It's no secret that the United States government spends far more than other high-income countries and still leaves its citizens paying inflated prices to cover their healthcare costs. In fact, Americans spend far more for common procedures and treatments than people in other highly developed countries across the board.

Travelling for Healthcare Within the U.S.

There can be great differences in the quality of health care depending on which state you happen to live in. There might also be easily discernible differences between different cities within a state. You might not know how true this is until you find yourself with a health condition that requires the highest form of treatment possible. Being seen by a top specialist is imperative in critical cases, and this might necessitate traveling to another city or state.
There is also the issue of what kinds of medical services might be available to individuals in their own cities and states. There are just some areas of the country that have high numbers of certain kinds of certified specialists than other cities do. Sometimes, there might be a long waiting list for a life-saving procedure such as a specific kind of heart surgery. These kinds of situations can force people who can afford it to spare no expense to save their lives.
In cases of men and women with alcohol or drug dependency issues, travelling out of state might appear to be the only option. Many metropolitan areas are home to drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres that draw people from all across the map. For instance, a centre for drug rehab near Cincinnati is likely to treat cases originating from Kentucky, Indiana, and other bordering states. People who are serious about recovering from addiction will choose the best options for their continued recovery, not just a quick four-day detox program.

Healthcare Costs in America

For many people, travelling for medical treatment simply makes more economic sense. This is true for people in all financial brackets, regardless of if they are working class, middle class, upper middle class or wealthy. Just the cost of prescription drugs alone can leave many sickly people overwhelmed financially. Americans pay about three times as much as people in countries like Canada, Switzerland, the U.K., Japan, and other countries pay for prescription medications.
The costs of common procedures in the United States often cost more than they do in other countries. American doctors are paid more than doctors in other countries and receive more benefits on average. There is also a lot more money spent in the administration of the best healthcare facilities and the government institutions established to govern healthcare-related issues than in other countries.
This trend will most probably continue as more options are made available, not just on a national level, but an international level. The reason is simple: being seen by a top specialist can mean the difference between life and death for many people with ill health.

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Death, be not proud

Death, be not proud
This is dedicated to people who've lost their loved ones and living a life in their absence.

death, be not proud

Death, be not proud
do you know what you have done?
great and Mighty, you claim to be
but you are nothing but a coward
who breaks the peace and ruins happiness
oh, sadistic soul, how can you be happy
by inflicting pain in others?
you quench your thirst with our tears
no, you'll never stay thirsty
in this life of ours as we mourn our love
we lost our precious, the light of our life,
that worth more than gold and diamond
you mock at us, as we screech in pain
this void in our heart will never get filled
for years and generations to come
oh Death, you better never be proud
for your achievements is someone's loss
drowning in the ocean of melancholia
we watch your smug face
do you know what we go through?
what do you gain,
through all our pain?
now, their absence, the void,
kills us more than their memories
memories fade away along with them
everything hurts, everything pains
oh, Death! What have you done to us
will our life be the same again?
where are the laughter, jokes, and all the good times
you replaced them with sorrow and sadness
but say us what have done,
to have earned your animosity and wrath
you may have sunken kingdoms and lives
your might can destroy universes and sink continents,
but why did you chose us?
you'll have to answer some day,
Oh, Death, you be not proud

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Bully [EXPLICIT]

The Bully [EXPLICIT]
I am a great fan of Eminem and I've always given a thought about writing a rap song but never really did it. Today something struck me hard and I came up with this. This is a song dedicated to all the bullies. You'll be judged by Karma.

Boy, Boy, you no cool
You're just a  fool
Why say, words you never mean?
Hurt, beat, break and fuck
You probably suck,
Listen, boy, you're a fucked up thrash
a full load of shit
dare you raise your hand to hit
day, night, autumn and summer
you are a just a bummer
I gotcha you when you say,
seems like in a different way
Listen, boy, I know ya plan
boy, you shady ass,
you laugh, laugh and laugh again
bitch, he is gonna kick you hard
You think you bring them down,
through words and action
Listen fool, he will kick your balls
Ya boy, he is fat and short, and
You are right he wears glasses,
He looks nerd and studies much
But he ain't a loser like you, bitch
He will bounce back, break you.
Kick you and fuck the shit out of you
Boy, bully boy, I hope you know
this ain't the same every time
Bitch you low down,
He is watchin ya from top
Ya boy! you'd be punished by Karma
As he sows, so shall he reap,
Karma will reap the fuck out of you.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

I wish my alarm would ring loud

I wish my alarm would ring loud
7 PM.
"India got a Bye in the Asian Games Wrestling Gold medal game as the Pakistani opponent didn't show up." Pakistani media roasted me.
"Fuck, I am dead in Karachi!" I feared.
I had a match at 7 AM at Sochi.
I wish an alarm would ring loud and notify me whenever I have a game

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Invited by the World

I am going to turn speechless as I type this blog post as I talk about the different events that unfolded during the last Summer. Firstly, my beloved wife Shama ditched me for a solo trip to Europe. It was a few of those depressing days of my life when I saw things seesawing between the past, present and the future. Future seemed bleak without my wife.  Shama left me like a fish floundering on a drenched floor. But little did she know that it was time that could decide the fish's fate and heal the pain.

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15th February 2017
Shama waited for me as the clock struck 11 at night. Being an executive in a top FMCG company, I traveled to many places across the world. Many envied me because of my achievements at a very young age.  Those were the early days of our marriage.  Shama would prepare scrumptious meals for me for dinner. She was a good wife and she showered all her love for me through her food. But unfortunately, my work demanded more attention. Shama was India's top industrialist Jagmohan Kapoor's only daughter. All that she desired from me was my time and my love.  During one of those days, she asked me about my favorite travel destination.  I would jokingly say that my travel bucket list was long. My life as a Senior Executive offered me free business trips to Australia, South America, and the North American cities but I had a dream to travel to Europe. The Euro trip had been a distant dream for me. I always wanted to visit Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome and many other famous European cities but my work demanded my time and attention. 

After listening to my list, Shama would insist and pester me to plan a travel but I would blatantly refuse. She would remain upset because of my work.
I entered my house and sat on the couch. 
"Shama, would you get me some water?" I asked my wife. Before I could complete my statement, she handed me a tumbler of water. I gulped the water and smile at her to which she grimaced. She beckoned me to come for dinner to which I immediately obeyed her instructions and followed her to the dining table.
She sat next to me after serving the food. She had cooked delicious Chole bhature and she knew it was my favorite. 

"I was thinking that we should spend some quality time together," she said  and continued, "Maybe we should plan a vacation." 
"I agree, baby, but we have an international business audit that is scheduled to happen in the upcoming days," I said.
"So, how does it matter?" she replied.

"It does matter because I am assigned the responsibility to head this," I added.
"Fine, I see no point in this marriage," she said, "I have sacrificed all my dreams and goals for you. JUST YOU." 
"You won't even let me work. I am a MBA gold medalist and I am cooking food and washing dishes at Mr. Siddharth Singhal's house.WOW!" she said, tears copiously rolling down her cheeks. 

"Yar,  you could hire a maid," I said to her.  "Well, that's not the point, Sid! I am tired of staying at home all alone. I need a break." she replied.
"But, work is important too and this is what pays all the bills," I said and followed her to the bedroom. 
She lay on the bed, her face red and swollen because of excessive crying. I wiped the tears from her cheeks and rubbed her eyes.
"I miss the good old days, Sid!" she said, her voice low.
"I understand but I can't leave my work or take a break for a vacation with you," I said brusquely to which she got mad at me. She quickly got up.
"Okay fine, this marriage isn't going to work." she said and continued, "I am going back to my house." 

"This is your house," I said.
"My dad's house," she corrected and packed all her bags.
All my attempts to stop her from leaving me seemed futile. All that she demanded was my time and my unconditional love. I was the brightest shining star in her life and she was my world! And I saw my world crashing in front of my own eyes. 
I spoke to her dad and Mr. Kapoor didn't want her daughter to suffer in this unfruitful marriage. Maybe I had taken all her love and affection for granted. Like any other woman in this world, she had all rights to grab her man's attention and love. But unfortunately, I was a bad workaholic.  

The next few weeks and months were the most depressing days of my life. Her absence started to haunt me badly. She would refuse to pick my phone calls and never replied to my texts. Days were getting bitter and lonely. Her absence was hitting me hard.
I could not focus on my work those days because of this and this distraction was getting noticed at work. The fiasco had cost me big. At work, I was not promoted to the Assistant Vice President role during the appraisals. My boss was kind enough to provide me a long break and  he asked me to return when I got better. 

29th April 2017
Two months later when I logged into Facebook to divert my thoughts, I learned about Shama's trip to Europe. She dreamt of togetherness with me and desperately wanted to go for a Europe trip with me which I had neglected. I had completely ignored her feelings, emotions and most importantly her love for me!
"Berlin indeed is a very beautiful city. I am here all alone missing my life! Here for another 2 days before I head to Brussels," read her status message on Facebook. 
I quickly contacted my travel agent after learning that my wife was in Europe. I asked him to book a flight to Berlin. He gave me a list of airlines to select from but I preferred Lufthansa as per his recommendations based on its services.
I boarded the flight from the New Delhi International airport and reached Berlin in the next 8 hours. The airline services were incredible and highly commendable. I booked a room at the Renaissance Hotel. I sauntered across the streets of Berlin and stood visually stunned because its beauty struck me hard.  Though my real intentions of visiting Berlin was to meet my wife and let her know how much I missed her! But I was impressed by the city. Berlin beckoned me with its magnificence and rich heritage. I had subscribed to my wife's Facebook notifications so that I could reach her quickly through the Facebook alert messages. 

While I was busy admiring a German couple lost in their thoughts, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. 
'Shama Kapoor-Singhal is feeling loved at Brussels,' read a check-in status.
I quickly booked a train to Belguim.
I saw a series of quick mini statuses from her.
"Who wouldn't love such a pleasant weather?! With Greeneries around, I am munching dark chocolates," her status read with an image of a Belguim premium dark chocolate.
I reached Brussels in the next 4 hours.  I tried hard but I couldn't locate her. It was like we both were playing a game of hide and seek.

Days passed and I got to meet many exciting new places but not her. It was a much-needed break for me. My wife had indirectly invited me to Europe to explore it. I couldn't meet her but I got to see so many amazing famous cities. These cities were once in my to-see list but I had seen them by now. It was an unexpected trip that I enjoyed the most.

Berlin exposed the magnificent,
through museums and gardens I treaded
Amsterdam unleashed the zest of my life
Walked through the lavish green,
nature's mattress at Budapest,
Walked miles in search of my love
Vienna walked beside me hand in hand,
While Rome grabbed me through its beauty,
Stockholm's nightlife,
My taste bud delighted by Prague's street food,
Brussels offered me its rich,
large heritage of dark chocolates,
Athens showed its ancient legacy,
Swam through the lakes of Oslo,
Buried me under the Zurich snows,
Threw tomatoes in Barcelona,
An enriching experience,
With just Paris left,
will I ever meet her again?
Zillion butterflies flutter within,
Waiting for love!

I was sitting on the promenade near the Eiffel tower in Paris. Visibly shattered and disappointed, I was cursing myself for not dividing the time between my loved one and my work. 

Shama was very important for me.  Tears rolled down my cheeks.  At the same time, my phone vibrated. It was her Facebook status.

"Done with Berlin, Barcelona, Prague, Brussels, Vienna, Milan, Rome, Oslo, Amsterdam, and Budapest. And guess what? I am at Paris next to the Eiffel tower and guess whom I saw?  That's my crybaby hubby waiting to see the love of his life :P Hahahaha!" I read as I saw an image of me sitting on a promenade.

 I rubbed my eyes and checked that it was indeed me. She had discretely clicked a picture of mine.  As I saw the photo, a familiar hand wrapped around my shoulder. Their head rested on my shoulder and I was taken aback when I saw my wife. Yes, it was Shama!

I kissed her and hugged her so tight that no earthly power would separate us again. I had missed her for so long. I traveled the various cities of the European continent but only to find her in the city of love - Paris.
"Thanks, Shama!" I said.
"For what?" she curiously asked.
"for coming back to my life," I replied.
"Thanks to you too!" she said.
"why?" I asked.
"I thought you would never come ..thank god you got my updates," she said," my sole intentions were to bring you to the places that you wanted to visit someday and were not able to because of your work!"

"Yippie, my plans worked well and you were trapped," she said and danced in joy.

I smiled and said," Shama, from now one you are my top most priority and not my work, Okay?"
She smiled when she heard those words from me.

She wanted to see the old Siddharth Singhal, the jovial, funny guy from  the IIM who loved her truly, deeply and madly. Gladly, I had realized my mistake and now I got to know her worth in my life. Her worth was more than diamond and gold. She was precious to me!
"The world has invited you, Sid!" she said with a smile.

"It's you helped me in fulfilling my dreams of visiting these places," I said.
"Again it's not me, its the world!" she reiterated.
"Shama, you are my world, my main and my everything!" I said and our lips locked again.

"We need to find the real meaning of our life. Life needs a break at times and that's when one should keep exploring the world." she said and continued," We need to fall in love with the different things and places around us and say yes to the world whenever it invites."

"You talk of falling in love with places and I have already asked my travel agent to plan for our next Singapore - Malaysia vacation," I announced.

She was very excited.

"How could you even think that I am leaving you, Sid?" she said and laughed.
"Look at the way you were crying." She laughed again and said, "I am definitely going to narrate this story to our kids!" 

And then we lived our life happily!
#SayYesToTheWorld  #TheBlindList

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Also, check the below video

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Monday, October 01, 2018

The Killshot

There was a deafening silence as both the men exchanged glances.
It was because of a pretty damsel whom they both loved crazily.

'Stay away from her or else I'll write a song on you,' he said.

Bewildered, the other guy asked, 'Who are you?'

'Eminem,' he replied.


'I mean Mukeshkumar Mishra,' he glared.


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