Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Bully [EXPLICIT]

I am a great fan of Eminem and I've always given a thought about writing a rap song but never really did it. Today something struck me hard and I came up with this. This is a song dedicated to all the bullies. You'll be judged by Karma.

Boy, Boy, you no cool
You're just a  fool
Why say, words you never mean?
Hurt, beat, break and fuck
You probably suck,
Listen, boy, you're a fucked up thrash
a full load of shit
dare you raise your hand to hit
day, night, autumn and summer
you are a just a bummer
I gotcha you when you say,
seems like in a different way
Listen, boy, I know ya plan
boy, you shady ass,
you laugh, laugh and laugh again
bitch, he is gonna kick you hard
You think you bring them down,
through words and action
Listen fool, he will kick your balls
Ya boy, he is fat and short, and
You are right he wears glasses,
He looks nerd and studies much
But he ain't a loser like you, bitch
He will bounce back, break you.
Kick you and fuck the shit out of you
Boy, bully boy, I hope you know
this ain't the same every time
Bitch you low down,
He is watchin ya from top
Ya boy! you'd be punished by Karma
As he sows, so shall he reap,
Karma will reap the fuck out of you.

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  1. Awesome. Thanks for writing. Karma will do it's job.

  2. i didnt hear much of english song but i liked this song.how are you bro?
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