Saturday, November 24, 2018

A world full of light

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I am thinking of you 
When our world was full of light
Together we unleashed the zest of life
We sang songs of affection in unison
Our heart synced in love
How would I forget,
those early summer kisses
When the emotions were so strong 
But then our lives drifted apart
And our heart de-synced
Felt like my soul departing,
Leaving my body in a stasis
Then my heart desired you
But now my heart's desire is your happiness
Tears roll my cheek like the Bombay rains
Now, that you are moving out, drifting away,
As you prioritized your dream bigger than me
But my dream has always been you
Forthwith, I want you to be famous 
Maybe I can sit next to you again
And announce to the world 
How proud I am of you!
I will a song about you 
Of how proud I am of you!
And I'll watch you shine like a star
With tears of joy on my eyes
I will celebrate your achievements
Perhaps that day I shall wipe my tears, smile again
and scream I'm happy you left me
To make your dreams come true
and hope you walk again by my side
What if, you forgot me
Or  never came back,
Jabbing my soul with thousand knives
Oh dear, maybe I should stop overthinking
Because you may be gone with the wind,
but you'll boomerang back to me, 
This I know!
But till then, I'm thinking of you

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