Sunday, March 31, 2019

Atithi Devo Bhava

"Indian Superhero to reveal himself in a town hall at Nala Sopara, Mumbai," the New York Times front page headlines read.
"Captain Hatke, the unique superhero from India is all set for his Mann ki Baat in a public gathering," a beautiful BBC news presenter announced at the Late Night show.
Finally, the day had arrived. It was Saturday, 7 PM.  The Rajiv Gandhi Nala Sopara Maidana was festooned with Superhero themed decorations. The ground witnessed over 10000 people all set to meet and greet the Indian superhero. 
It was 7.45 PM and everyone was eagerly waiting for the hero. The stage was ready but the superhero was nowhere to be seen.  
The press and the media were seated at the front side and there was an international media coverage for this event. 
"Avengers end game is here... Justice Leagues worst nightmare is here," Arnoob GooSwami, a famous Indian news presenter said to Megha Kelly, a famous news presenter from ABC.
"Stop peeping dude, it's your day," the superhero's best friend and his sidekick Bulk said to him.
"Bulk, stop talking nonsense," Captain Hatke said, "there are over 1000 people here."
"So what, Hatke?" Bulk said.
"I have stage fright, man,"  the Captain said.
"What? Are you for real, dude?" Bulk said,  "Stop acting like a child."
"Okay," Captain said, "But dude Superhero landing is not possible .. look at the distance."
"It's okay, relax," Bulk smiled and added, "the event organizers are going to play your AV anyways."
Captain Hatke and Bulk were watching the event from the top.
"Let us stand for the National Anthem," a husky male voice said. It was the same guy who provided voice over for the Surf Excel and the Ariel ads.
Once, the National Anthem was over, Mukesh popped into the big screen.
"Hello, my name is Mukesh and I ate a lot of tobacco." another ad from the Government of India played on the big screen. 
"Bulk, what the hell is this?" Captain Hatke said.
Arnoob was busy eating popcorns with Megha Kelly as the Video showed an elderly man walking along the Taj Mahal promenade with his grandson.
All watchful eyes were glued on the big screen.
"Baba, what is Athithi Devo Bhava?" young  Jignes asked his grandpa Kamles.
"My dear Jignes, Athithi Devo Bhava means that guests are like our Gods," Grandpa Kamles said to his grandson.
"So from next time when you see a foreigner in our country, you should respect them and talk to them kindly," the grandpa said to Jignes to which he smiled.
As they were walking, their eyes witnessed a tall dark man of about 7 feet tall.  He 'Namasteyed' everyone whom he met across the Taj and greeted everyone with a smile.
"Jignes, see the Kaalia, so tall Negro,"  Grandpa Kamles said to Jignes.
There was a deafening silence in the stadium as they encountered the first level of racism. Megha Kelly looked at Arnoob and said, "Dude, Arnoob, this is racism, and where is the Captain? What is he doing?"
Perhaps the other 9999 present there also had the same question. "Where is the Captain?" people screamed in unison.
Out of nowhere, Captain Hatke popped on the big screen. He stood in front of Jignes and Kamles.
There were claps and whistles. Some people even danced in joy and were visibly excited to see the superhero.

"Bulk, I think I got an alternative profession. I can kick the Ranbirs and the Salmans out of the Bollywood it seems, " Captain Hatke said to his sidekick from the top of the stage to which Bulk glared at him. "Stop giving me that look and let's see the video," Captain said.

"And Kaalia and Negro are the words you use for your Athiti, right Kamles?" the superhero said to the Grandfather.
"And that too after giving a lecture on Athiti Devo Bhavo," the captain said and clapped slowly.
"I am sorry, son, you opened my eyes," the guilty Kamles said to our Superhero.
"It's okay,  you stupid Oldie," Captain Hatke said and continue, "We as human beings should treat everyone with respect and love."
"One act of kindness can send a million ripples of kindness in this world," he said and continued, "Oldie, you look stupid but it's okay, be kind to all." 
He heard a woman with a nice mellifluous voice singing  "Aayi Chikni Chameli chupke akeli pawwa  chadhake aayi."
"Oldman, have you ever seen a Chinese girl singing a nice Hindi song like this," the Captain said to Kamles.
"You idiot with a fancy dress," the girl said and continued, " I am an Indian and not a Chinese girl. I hail from Assam," she said and frowned.
Kamles and Jignes looked at each other with utter confusion and disappointment but little did they know that the Superhero had a very low IQ.
"Such a boorish bumpkin!" Megha Kelly from the ABC said.
(To be continued..)
Throughout the month of April
You'll witness stories that  inspires 
About a mortal who aspires
It's about the tears he shed
It's about those moments when he bled
It's about how mankind's little blunder
Gave birth to the Eight Wonder of  the world - Our very own superhero 

 Captain Hatke

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