Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Get Ballsy

Hear, Hear! ever heard of a product line that cares for your personal hygiene. Well, there might be many but there is one particular line of products called Ballsy that aims to take care of your balls! Yeah, that's what they claim to! Someone to look after your balls. Sounds strange. Don't escape there is more in this post! It is a line of proprietary formulas designed to keep your prized jewels and nether regions fresh, clean and smelling great.  Well, well, no harsh chemicals or heavy cologne required. The all-new Ballsy line of products has arrived to care for you. And you never say no to someone who cares for you and promises actions. So, finally, men's grooming products for the man parts. It is an ultimate trifecta of products to take care of your most prized possessions.

 Ballwash – the line’s signature item and the ultimate way to lather up without harsh chemicals, $15 for 8 oz. bottle. Features activated charcoal to trap toxins and draw out dirt and bacteria. Also contains aloe vera extract, lavender and cedarwood essential oils, as well as cucumber, chamomile, liquorice and bamboo extracts.

o   Nut Rub Solid Cologne – the no-alcohol, no-irritation answer to synthetic colognes, $15 for 1 oz. (Bundle of all three scents, $39). Features sunflower seed and coconut oils, beeswax and shea butter. Available in Ocean & Air, Smoke & Suede and Citrus & Cedar scents.

o   Sack Spray – the on-the-go refresher for all those occasions when there’s no time for or access to a shower, $15 for 8 oz. A refreshing pH-balanced spritz that neutralizes odour while helping soften, sooth and moisturize. Contains natural essential oil extracts such as tea tree, aloe vera, witch hazel, chamomile and green tea.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get Ballsy! you can get it here. They are now offering a 15% discount for people who care for their balls!

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