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Thursday, December 31, 2009

187. 2009 - You suck it bitch!!!

Dear 2009,

I just don't know why am I writing this.You've been such a pain in ass for me.During this long year ,I've lost many things.After a blissful 2008 and a painful 2007 ,I banked on you to bring happiness in my life.I thought you would not be another year and I would cherish every moment that I live in this year. I don't give a bloody damn to you. Since you have hurt me. Firstly I have lost my very own close friends. People who once used to be my good friends disappeared and now they don't wish to be friends with me. I won't curse you since its your time to go.I have wasted all my time in just waiting for something which would change my life. Well it did happen and one day the good news arrived .But Alas! it was late.
Nevertheless you have been kind at times. The birth of my little nephew on 28th March was one of the best moment of this year. You have showered less happiness upon me.Firstly ,everything was against me when I felt I would be at the top. Eventually I landed up in some strange place struggling to get up.I wish I would soar high and attain success.But I was wrong. Recession had still its impact in India and our joining was delayed by 6 months. I didn't make any resolutions just because I fear I will not go by it.I fear for all damn thing in this world. I lost my good friends.Never mind but you know how much they mean to me.It just takes a word to break bonds and relationship.But why such thing happened to me? Why me? .You know how much I miss them.They would be close to me.Just close to me . 2007 was another miserable year just like you.But the amount of pain I suffered then was nothing before you.I was pneumonia struck with broken limb. My studies got hampered so did my happiness. I failed to realize the worth of my life.I just believed that my life was just over for me. But thanks to some one special .I have some one to stand by my side in difficulties, to give me a tight hug and say " Hey Stibumama, I'm here!" . That was the blissful event that happened to me in 2007.2008 was full of fun and happiness in my family.Sisters project in Milan,my campus placement,birth of my niece were few of those things that happened in my life in 2008. 2009 was painful to me and my family.Relationship would break just because of small reasons.I never knew the impact it would create would actually create problems in family.I made really some good friends this year. I would like to thanks Sreya - partner in crime, Vidhu -mot, Karthik,Shruti,Esther Evelyn,Sowmiya and Neha S - circuit.These guys are my wonderful friends. I met some one interesting this year. A girl who did made me smile at times and equally hurt me each time.I never knew people here hated me. She was some one whom I liked. The unusual kind of friendship approach and status messages were different.I thought that I she was more than a friend to me. But she wasn't.Why do you befriend some one if you don't want to? Hurting others is really bad.After last nights chat I lost the respect I had for her.Sorry I considered her as a friend and now I regret for her friendship.It was humiliating for me. The way she treated me at 1 am was an insult for me. Never in my life I would talk to her.I am feeble and feeling low at this time.I regret calling her last night.I don't wish to see her again in my life.

I just wish that 2010 will be a better year to every one of us.
Thanks for messing my life,
~Solitary Writer~

PS:A Very Happy new year to all my dear friends in blog ville and to all my readers ,followers and fans.I love each one of you.Thanks a lot .A happy new year to you and your family

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