Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Feel You ( Part 1)

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It was Wednesday. Wednesdays are usually the red letter days for Scrum masters who work for agile projects in IT companies. Being a Scrum master myself, I had to face the wrath of Customers and product owners in case if we messed up with the deliverables by not delivering the product within the stipulated timeline. Sprint is the unit of work in agile projects. Everything should be covered within the sprints. Imagine how cruel life would be for Scrum masters like me!

I was already running late for work that day. I started the ignition and drove the car out of the parking area of my Apartment. While driving towards the intersection, I met a friend. She was Neha, my college days crush!  She possessed a unique charm that drew boys towards her. 

Well, that was during our good old college days.  But her charm and elegance was still intact. She still looked adorable and her smile was something that attracted me. It dragged me closer to her and I would secretly admire her beauty when I was young. I had no clue about her whereabouts but today I found her back.  I stopped my car at the bus stop where she was waiting for the bus and waved him at her.

"Hey,  Isn't that you, Neha?" I curiously asked. "Neha Kakkar."

"Yes! But sorry! I couldn't recognize you?"

"It's me, Rajat!" I said. As we grow old, we tend to change in appearance. Well in our case it was quite evident. She failed to recognize me. Perplexed, she took a careful look at me and said, "Rajat Saxena?"

"Yes! Rajat Sexy na?" I winked at her and said, "Get in, I will drop you."

She got inside the car and we started discussing about how life veered out in these 10 years.

"Got married?" I curiously asked her.


"And what about you?"  She asked me.

"I still haven't found a girl as charming as you!" I joked.

"Thanks!" She said and blushed.

"How's Life, Neha?" I asked as I drove my car on the Western Expressway.

"It's Okay!" she said.  From her expressions, I felt she was hiding something.

"You sure?"

"Yes, why do you ask that?" She asked.


"Frankly, I am so happy after seeing you today." She said and continued, "It takes me back to the memory lane. Old memories surface on my brain and it seems like it all happened yesterday and its bliss!"

"For a moment, it seems that the cupid has arrived and once again made me fall in love with you ...just like I loved you secretly during our college days," she said.

"What?" I interrupted her.

"Oops!" She said, "I need to get down."

"What did you just say?" I asked, my ears couldn't believe what I just heard.

"You really loved me?"

"What do you think?"

(To be continued...)

Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Essence of Love!

“I thought love was only true in fairy tales
Meant for someone else but not for me.
Love was out to get me
that’s the way it seemed.
Disappointment haunted all my dreams.

Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
I'm in love, I'm a believer!
I couldn't leave her if I tried.”
-          I’m a Believer ( The Monkees)

And then I saw her face, I was a believer that love stories and love at the first sight do exists. Love for me had been a matter too trivial until I saw her for the first time. It seemed to me like that an angel from heaven had dawned to Earth to teach me what love was for I was too ignorant about that.  But to be frank, the first time I saw her, I realized that I had wanted to meet her and all the Gods had send her to fulfill my wishes. Such was her magic. Every day I yearned to converse with her. But somehow she realized that I had been following her everywhere she treaded. I collected almost every detail about her – her likes, dislikes! She was indeed beautiful and her simplicity attracted me! But one day, I had mustered enough courage to tell her what my heart ordered me to confess to her. For days I had been ignoring its feelings but that day I told everything I liked and loved about her. I had a strong feeling that even she liked me the way I liked her. She smiled at me. And we embarked on a new journey together! They say love stories don’t happen. But  love happened to me when I thought Love was not my cup of tea.


This Valentine’s day, I plan to let her know how special she is to me!  I wanted to let her know that it was she who made my life beautiful by coming into my life! A woman thinks a lot! A lot of things stroll through her mind. I would only know what she thinks about me by stepping into her shoes. If I had a super power, I would like to know what’s running through her mind. I would know what she thinks about me. I would change myself accordingly! I always wanted to make her happy and her happiness was on my top priority list! I would do things that would make her happy by knowing what’s running inside her mind.

Clicked by me

If I get unlimited powers, I would erase all the sad and sour memories associated with our relationship and only let the happy memories invade her mind. By this we will remain happy forever! I want to see her lips curve into a beautiful smile. She was a perfect woman. I would decorate her room with roses – red, yellows and the whites! Out of that red roses are her favorites. The Pink Orchids, she loved it! I would be her best friend and would be her shoulder to cry on! She is the most beautiful person that I had ever met. She had the most amazing smile.  A good man is the one who holds his girl close all through her rough and her happy times. The best gift that any man could give to his girl would be his time, importance and loyalty! I would take her to the beautiful garden where I met her for the first time. It was located near our college. It was where we spend most of our time together. Every girl demands attention from her beau and its quite natural.
I would take her to a place completely isolated, far away from the crowds where peace resides. We would walk holding hands along the path that would lead to the castle of love where we would spend some quality time together. Across it would be a garden where different colorful flowers of happiness would  bloom.


If I get unlimited powers, I would resuscitate Gabriel Garcia Marquez and will make my beloved meet him. I still remember those days where she spoke about his various books – Love in the time of cholera being his famous one! She would narrate me the entire story and that day she expressed his desire to meet this writer some day and tell him how much she loved him. But unfortunately he passed away last year because of an illness. The only way my beloved could meet him is by bringing him back to life. That could be possible only through the super powers. That would make her happy.


If I get unlimited powers, then I would transfer the culinary skills of the world’s best chef to me. I would cook delicious sumptuous meal for her. I know she loves butter chicken. I would cook it for her and serve her. I would strive hard to make her day and win her heart through my culinary skills (transferred from the world’s best chef). It would be a candle light dinner at home.  She blindfolded! When her eyes open, she would be a subjected to a wonderful surprise! I would want to see that priceless smile on her face. In the background, Enrique’s Hero song would be played.


I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away

Like I said before, the best thing that a man could give his woman would be his precious time, love, importance, value and loyalty. That would sum up to be a good day, a memorable day! That should not be just that single day. It should be every day. A Queen needs to be treated as a Queen every day. I will love her more and prove her that I really through my actions and not through words! That’s how I would be celebrating my Valentine’s day with my beloved and make her day memorable! 

Words - 999

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Open letter to the Ex Boyfriend!

Taken from Here

Dear Ex,

I hope you must be fine and dandy!  Of course you must be!  Only if I could wish, then all your happiness may get ruined for once. I never knew what tears were until you made me cry.

How do I tell you how much I loved you? I did everything that you wanted, ordered and demanded. It’s sad to know that I had acquiesced to all your never ending demands. I never been a submissive type but for you I changed myself. I think that was the biggest flub that I ever committed. When you befriended me, you were so sweet; you were such a sweet talker, a charmer to be precise. Maybe I failed to read your real face. You had been showing me dreams all these days and like a fool I'd been living in that fantasy tale of yours. Your lies have hurt me! I have always mentioned you that I hate liars but you never listened to me. All you could do is to lie on my face and constantly hurt me. Perhaps you are good at hurting women! I know that! Right now, I'm broken into shards! I don't have energy left within me and more than that my tears glands have dried! I have turned ashen and fragile!

Its often said that relationships build on lies don't last long. But for you I adjusted myself just because my feelings for you were true! But you could never reciprocate the same. I have got the prize for trusting you blindly. Trust is a word too strong, after you betrayed my trust, I stopped trusting people. I changed my definition and opinion about love only after meeting you, but now I regret meeting you. All these years I had been dreaming and thinking about only you but it’s sad that you had many other priorities. Everyone who falls in love often tastes hurt at some point of time but in my case I never thought that I would get to taste it early. Such is my plight! All those upon whom I bestowed true love and showered too much care only forsaked me. It’s completely fine! You have taken me for granted - my words, my love, my care, my time, everything! Tears well in my eyes as I type this letter just to know that I'd fallen for a wrong man. When you talk about other girls, it just turns me off. Do I really deserve all these shit? I have made up my mind.  Never forget this day, you son of a bitch! You will have to answer me. I bloody did everything you said. I surrendered my body and soul both to you! I gave you all the happiness in your life, is it unfair on my part to expect the same from you? I always had time for you. I remembered you every single moment. You have made me weak! I'm turning feeble! It seems the sky is falling down on me to intensify my hurt but I will never give up. I will live my life once again. Bygone days are bygone! Never ever I'm going to talk to you. I have erased this chapter of love from my book. Days from now on will be filled with happiness. I just hope you realize your mistakes. I just request you to stop hurting girls like me. It’s wrong to hurt people who truly love you.

My heart is already mauled and your hurt has only aggravated the pain and left behind a deep scar that constantly reminds me of the hurt caused by you. It’s strange that this heart which is enclosed with arteries and veins also has feelings and emotions. But sadly this beating monster of mine is not used to getting hurt but since that now it has got hurt, the damage has already been done. You know I have been spending sleepless nights and I have drenched my bed with tears. How easy it is for you to play with the feelings of a girl. Right now I feel ashamed of myself for falling for someone like you who is just a liar and a disloyal bastard. Good bye for the last time.I shall recant my feelings for you from this moment itself. Right now I feel jettisoned. I remember it was the month of August when I met you for the first time. Did I know about the true face of yours I would have refrained meeting and talking to you. Now I ask myself why I even met you. Today, I'm doing what my heart ordered me to do!

You surely know how to impress and flatter a girl. You too applied the same trick on me. Right now I'm going to work on my dreams, ambitions and my career. You controlled me both mentally and physically and that too for a long time. I have now lost the patience. You could have simply told me if you don't like me instead of lying and passing obsequious comments on me. Don't you know every time I feel insecure when you talk about the other girls with me? I should have realized it that moment itself. I’d been trying my best to save this relationship and now it’s all over. I valued you and our bond very much but you constantly disappointed me every day and now you deserve this treatment. I'm now a free bird and I am going to color my dreams. I would try to forget you and those sour moments spend with you. I wish I could erase all the moments spend with you. Never come back to me with all those lies and fake apologies like every time you do. I no longer need your apologies for you have lost all the rights to apologize. I wish you all the luck to you. I’m happy to have got rid of this broken bond.

Your Ex, 

PS - This story is  inspired from a dear friend of mine!  I dedicate to all the girls who have been hurt by their boyfriend! Be Strong, move on! Life never stops here! 

Saturday, June 07, 2014

And the Saga continued...

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'A big fat Indian wedding' is what people generally say when people belonging to two different affluent families get together for a nuptial knot. The  Pandey’s and the Trivedi's were together for a cause. Vimal Pandey, the youngest son of Bhisham Pandey, the famous industrialist from Allahabad and Shweta Trivedi, the only daughter of Kamal Trivedi, the CEO of  Trivedi brothers were getting married. They hardly knew  each other but today they were going to be a part of an eternal bond. Knowing someone for short duration and knowing someone for long  time is actually different.  Vimal was a reticent young man and Shweta was an outgoing girl who didn't belong to the league of introverts. She was active in fact she was hyperactive. She loved helping people and she was an active volunteer of 'Help India' forum. 

Both the families were getting ready for the marriage ceremony. Shweta was arrayed for the wedding in a gossamer fine, red saree which was embroidered with gold and other rich fabrics.  She was wearing a gold necklace and her arms were filled with golden bangles. Her dark long hair was neatly braided and decorated with flowers.  One could easily fall for her beauty. Why not? Of course it was her wedding and he ought to look beautiful. Her looks could have injured many youngsters and for a moment all of them would have been cursing Vimal. A golden band encircled her slender waist and anklets of silver gleamed on her feet. She was dressed to impress and it was just perfect. Her hand was designed with henna.  She wore the mehndi till her arms. On the other side , Vimal was waiting at the Mandap for Shweta, his bride. He was fidgeting with his mobile phone. He swiftly put his cell phone inside his pockets as he saw Shweta walking towards him. He was incessantly poking his mobile phone. There was deafening silence as she walked towards him. For a moment, the world seemed beautiful to him.  All eyes were glued to her. He neatly inspected her from top to bottom. As she blinked her eyes, it invoked smile on his face. Such was the beauty of her majestic eyes. Her eyes were framed by an arched eyebrow which defined her looks. A svelte nose adorned her looks.  Her milky smooth skin, rosy lips could make anyone smile. As she neared him, butterflies started fluttering inside his stomach. She sat next to him on the mandap. Vimal smiled at her and said, "You look stunning!" 

Shweta blushed and thanked him even without looking at him. That was the first instance where  the bold and outgoing Shweta behaved like a typical Indian girl. All the family members were dressed in rich attires. The pundits chanted the mantras. Vimal garlanded Shweta and promised her to be with her till eternity and provide her a life full of happiness. They both then headed for the blessing session where they sought blessings from the elders of the family. It was a long day. Vimal never missed a chance to compliment Shweta. It made her feel good. The reception was held at evening. He  was wearing a black dashing blazer while his bride was wearing the reception saree. The reception was graced by the presence of people from Vimal's and Shweta's office and their friends. People lined up with presents on their hand. They greeted the couples and took photographs. It was indeed a big day for them. The sun sunk behind the clouds and paved way for the moon.

It was 11 PM. The night was young. Vimal was inside his room. He was wearing a Royal embroidered Kurta. He sat on his bed, his eyes stuck on his mobile phone. The bed was festooned with rose petals. Shweta entered the room. She held a thumbler containing milk. She was accompanied by few girls. They shared jokes as shy Shweta walked inside. They pushed her inside the room and locked the room.

Vimal failed to notice Shweta as she walked inside the room. 

"Ahem! Ahem!" She cleared her throat.  Vimal was too with his cell phone to notice his beloved. Shweta gave a confused look and sat next to him.

"It's a long hectic day; isn't it?" she asked with a smile. She meticulously placed the thumbler on the table where a bowl containing fruits were kept.

"Hectic indeed!" Vimal said, fidgeting with his mobile phone. Shweta was upset that Vimal was occupied with his mobile phone on the most important night of their life.  Many unanswered questions knocked her mind which could only be answered by Vimal. There was deafening silence for few minutes as Vimal  was engrossed with his mobile phone. She looked at him and was trying to find out what he was doing on his mobile phone.  From her analysis, it seemed Vimal was drawing random horizontal and vertical lines on his mobile phone. 

"Oh Shit! Shit ...Shit...Shitt..." Vimal said, slapping his forehead and continued, " Why does this always happens with me. Why God? I now have to wait for another 1 hour for my next life."

  He turned his head towards his newly wedded wife. This was the first time he looked at her that night. He again complimented her and his wife acknowledged with a smile. She loved compliments and she blushed every time someone appreciated her beauty. Why wouldn't she smile as her very own beau had admired her beauty

"Shweta, why do you remain silent? Don't you want to talk to me?" Vimal asked.

"Of course, I do!" Shweta looked straight into his eyes and said, "You are always glued to your phone  and I thought it would be  rude  to disturb you.”

"Thank God, you didn't  distract me. I was on level 99. Important Level for me, you see," he said with a smile on his face.

He took a sip of the milk and continued, "Imagine me reaching level 100 on my wedding night. Wouldn't that be amazing? A night to remember."

All that Vimal said to her seemed Tamil and Telugu to Shweta. But the mention of words like levels gave her clear indications  that he was talking about some game.

He smiled and showed his mobile phone to her. "See this. I love this game. I am addicted to it. This is my drug, Shweta and  I can't think of a life  without this." He said.

Shweta stood there speechless for a moment not knowing what to say and how to react. How could a man be addicted to such  mobile games? she asked herself.

"This game is called Candy Crash!" he said.

"I know this game.” Shweta said and asked, “You need to swipe out similar type of candies, right?" 

"Oh yes," Vimal said. 

"Do you also play this game?" he curiously asked her. 

"No, I don't. I detest such games. I once happen to play that game on my friend Neeta's mobile," she replied.

"I love breaking jellies  and candies. It's fun." he said.

Shweta was visibly disappointed. She wanted to cry but tears just refused to flow.

 "Such an immature man!"  she thought to herself.

"Which man on Earth breaks candies and jellies on his wedding night? Most men crave for this night and instead of making me special he is fancing around a stupid mobile phone. Godamn! " she thought again.

Her mind started thinking at the pace at which Vimal broke the candies in candy crash. Probably the candy crash game had crashed her dreams and happiness. 

Her animosity grew more as he logged into his laptop to search for cheat codes on Google.  

"Wedding Night, my foot!" she uttered to herself as she saw her husband browsing different websites in pursuit of the Candy Crash cheat codes.

She was a Psychologist by profession. She wanted to analyze her husband. All her attempts to talk to Vimal seemed futile. After several attempts, Vimal finally reached the 100th level at 5.30 AM. But by then Shweta was in deep slumber. She woke up in between to see Vimal. As usual , he would busy indulge himself in the game. At 5.31 AM, he screamed at the top of his voice that woke up his wife Shweta.

"Yippey! I did it! 100 Levels. I feel like Sachin Tendulkar. Shweta, I reached the 100th level."  He screamed in joy. Shweta rubbed her eyes and looked at him. Even Sachin would be feeling pity for Shweta.

He hugged her. He did a small jig by performing a pelvic thrust in Mithun Chakraborty style. It was the first time she felt a serene touch of her husband on her wedding night. She smiled. But the happiness was short lived. He soon crashed to bed after crashing all the jellies and candies.  Shweta sobbed cursing her destiny and future. 

"What kind of Life will I live with this man who breaks candies. There are many beautiful things in me that can lure him. But his mind revolves around candies and jellies. This stupid game killed my dreams and joy." she thought again.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Agony of Ecstasy!

Deep in my heart
We have drifted apart
Your kisses are cold
a strangers touch
The warmth has faded
Your eyes speak no love
The fire that burns  us down
seems exhausted and unkindled
soft touch of our lips,
your fingers lacing my skin
as we cuddled into one is long forgotten
Silent whisperings in the ear
and mushy moanings,
 the scent of your body
all faint and distinct
those tight hugs as I drowned into you
and you kiss me wet
the desire seems dead
no more do we climb
the ladder of passion
the wild ecstacy of past
drenched in the silent darkness
I yearn to taste your love and your lips
to engulf in your soul
and merge myself
I pine for that pain
that left me numb
grasping for breathe
in my safe arms
deep desires in my skin
grey but not ashes yet
burn them, intoxicate them
in thy love!

The Solitary Writer is a blog which started as a hobby.Here you will find stories, poems, satirical posts, humour, photography and almost everything. This blog is the alter ego of a Technical guy who loves to be called as the Solitary Writer. Others call him Ste. He works as a Senior Quality Analyst in a leading Organisation and loves to break the codes and he likes to  do things differently. Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.

Monday, February 25, 2013

To Love,be loved

Had  written this post 2 years ago for Swarnali as a part of her guest post series. Thought of sharing this with you guys!

"Ilove you , but you don't"
"WhenI can give you time despite my busy schedule, why can't you?"
to love - be loved
From Google Images

Howoften do you come across such statements from your loved ones? It isdisheartening to hear such disturbing lines from our loved ones especially whenwe strive hard to make them feel special. Due to our daily activities we couldnot spend quality time with them. Trust me for a good lover such words fromloved ones are not soothing. Love is a special feeling. It is unique andomnipresent just that we see it with closed eyes. Imagine the first time whenyou fall in love with someone, you would experience butterflies fluttering inyour stomach and birds dancing around your head. Of course that doesn't happens,your behavior and attitude changes. Thanks to the hormones which play a vitalrole in such activities. Trust me, when you are determined to fall in love withsomeone, you should be ready to invest some time for them. I was trampingaround a garden near my house admiring the Mother Nature’s beauty. I keenlyobserved certain group of people. They were usually couples of early 20's.There was one particular couple who were arguing with each other. Initially itseemed that the negotiations would be verbally resolved but the arguments grewto a next level. The girl was crying and the guy disagreed to her point. Heslapped her in front of small ensemble of people. Everyone looked at her. Shewiped her tears and silently left with him. Never be aggressive in love. Allthat you need is to spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you cannever donate valuable time for your loved one then why fall in love at firstplace. At the first step, we try our level best to impress our lover. That’sthe time we should realize and think about how much time and energy we aregoing to invest to this relationship. Try to revert back equally when it comesto love. We should give an equal amount of love back. Problems are parts andparcel of relationship. Love is like a game where each team tries to give theirequal best. It shouldn't be a one sided affair.

Introspectand tell me how it feels to be in love. When you are committed to someone, befocused on small things which would make them happy. Take them for a movie,dinner, a walk along a beach and do things which would make them happy and instilsmile in their face. Not everyone is lucky enough to fall in love. Be happythat you are amongst those lucky ones to be loved by someone. If you have wonsomeone's heart then be loyal to them and live up to their expectation.Spending some time with them will not destroy your business or profit for thatmatter. Make them feel special. Compliment and Appreciate each other. Will youstill be the same if your lover is not around you? You will certainly miss thema lot and desperately wait for their arrival. No one would unnecessarily harborspecial feelings for you. They like some qualities of you and certain things inyou impressed them thus making them fall for you. First try to know if you arewith the right person whom you are destined to be. In this materialistic moneyminded world, it might be certain that your partner might be using you as amere trump card exhibiting fake feelings. A true lover's feeling would be authenticand real. Try to identify how much your partner loves you.
TheRed Rose-Diamond Ring test.
Red Rose - Diamond ring test
from google  Images
  Performthis test if you want to know whether your partner really loves you. Ask yourpartner out for a date. Buy a fresh red rose and a diamond ring for your lovedone. If you are poor then borrow it from some friend :P. Give them both, roseon the left hand and ring on the other. However precious a diamond ring may be,a true lover would definitely pick the red rose and then take the ring. Thiswould be your true love. It’s difficult to find genuine love in today’sscenario as I have already told that in this materialistic world people seldomcare for each other. The one who passes this test would be the perfect personfor you.
Theremight be indifferences and arguments, but never let your love fade away fromyour life. Do not dabble in love and exhibit fake feelings for your partner. Ifyou do, then be prepared to see your love vanishing away from your life. Youwill feel jinxed and cry at your own plight. Sit and talk. Love is sensitiveand one should never play with or even try to play with someone’s feeling. Talkwith them and try to resolve the conflicts. A true love lives forever. Behonest, share views and talk amiably with each other. This might help you. Carefor the one who loves and make them feel special. Never argue and avoid fights.This is not good in long term. Never goof up things if your feeling for yourpartner is true. In the back of your mind, somewhere deep in your heart therelies a small area where your heart beats for your lover. Too cheesy! After allit is great to love & be loved.

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Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Secret!!

The Secret!!

The day I turned Thirty, I received the ultimate gift of my life. For years I'd been mourning the loss of my beloved wife, my first love. That day, I lost myself, a part of me. After spending several years together with her, I had realized that  her absence killed me every day. Life without her was miserable. It is wisely said that  life without a companion is like a rudderless boat. I felt like a man rescued from shipwreck. My love for her was so intense that no one could fill the void created  by her in my life except one person. She was my daughter, the one who completed my life. She was a complete package of happiness, the only joy of my life. She  brought smile on my face whenever I felt lonely or depressed. For her, I was a doting daddy who loved her more than anyone. As she turned Two, I struggled to raise her. I had a dual role to play, that of a mother and a father. But I never wanted her to miss her mother. I would often turn speechless whenever she asked me about her mother. This confrontation distressed me. I used to control my emotions whenever I was subjected to  the same question again and again.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Silent Whispers !

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 35; the thirty-fifth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "...and the world was silent again"

 Disclaimer - Strictly FICTION!! - Finally my 10th post in BAT.I wrote my first BAT post on 5th December 2009  and it took me 3 yrs to write 10 posts!! :D 

     It was the beginning of the 1st Sem of M.Tech. Life was not different at College of Engineering, Pune.I continued from where I stopped in B.Tech .I belonged to the league of spoiled brats. Infact, it was disgraceful to be tagged as a scamp amongst a group of 70.It was ironic that despite being called so, some groups of beautiful lasses found me attractive and called me an adorable rogue. Truth is always bitter, but sometimes my heart fails to accept the different smutty adjectives bestowed upon me. Human heart is bound by feelings and emotions. It hurts at times when you are subjected to such things. Owing to this, the beautiful damsels of my class never spoke much to me. People entered my life and left. Few things can't be said, but people failed to identify the storm within me. I had been nursing a broken heart. I never had any intimate friends with whom I could share my sorrows. There were few groups of voracious men whose company I cherished. They eyed my wealth, I eyed their friendship. But it did hurt me when they prioritized my money. Such ravenous men irk me. Solitude snatched the happiness in my life. I often walk alone along the veranda in pursuit of peace and lost happiness, listening to Radio. I sit at the corner section of the library where people never went. Some say that I was turning into a loner. I never cared for what the world said. But for me, it was the place where I found peace, the place where I met my first love. Yes, I fell in love with a beautiful woman. How could I forget her?

    Those days I was never the same. Life was full of happiness. I was boisterous young man of 21,a brilliant student studying  in 3rd Sem at COE, Pune. The day I turned Twenty One, I decided to throw a big party to all my classmates. I distributed sweets and tried to make everyone happy. I spend all my pocket money to make my birthday grand. My doting parents could never say no to any of my demands. They decided to make my birthday special and I became a proud owner of an Audi A4.The class was festooned with colourful balloons and glitter papers. Everyone sang the birthday song for me and everyone wished and greeted me. That was the day when I saw her for the first time. She looked nervous and muddled as she entered the classroom. She witnessed something unusual and preferred to remain silent. She was tall - about 5'6”, wheatish and had a slender body. Her long straight hair was neatly braided with a middle partition. Her angelic and seraphic eyes hid the eternal universes behind. Her arched charcoal dark brows looked like the bow of an archer ready to wound many hearts. Her nose, haughty and long made her look magnificent. She had a perfect lips, blood red in color.Her entire face was alluring. It was her first lecture. Nervousness had muffled her smile. I was damn sure that this pretty girl would be more beautiful if she smiled a bit. I was anticipating a smile from her and of course a wish - a birthday wish. I stifled a smile when few of my friends’ cracked funny jokes. I gazed at the new entrant to our class. Everyone was busy engrossed in their other activities, while few of them were gorging on the delicious puff rolls which I gave them. The studious lot of the class were busy writing their daily assignments. She sat at a vacant seat on the first row. I was wondering why she never spoke. A  chubby girl, my close friend greeted her. That was the perfect moment when she smiled. I saw her smile and realized that I had got the best birthday gift of my life. She introduced herself as 'Muskan'. I keenly observed her as she uttered her name. I was not surprised when her parents named her. They must have been beguiled by the lovely smile of their daughter. 

"Guys, Lets welcome the gorgeous Muskan," The same chubby girl Dimpy introduced her to the class.

"Gorgeous... appropriately described," I murmured.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Flashback - My entry for the Get Published contest

Love is special. Love stories are special. Let me take you to the magical glorious college days of 2 people. Meet Tarun and Anushka, the protagonists in this story .College days are memorable and how special it would be when you met your first love in your college? This is not just another story. I wish to portray the feelings of a guy who falls for his best friend. Life seems to expect more when you have attained something. You crave for someone but when that someone enters your life, you experience butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You want to befriend and eventually want them to be your best friend. And what next? .Life changes!

Tarun and Ishant are the Jai - Veeru of VJTI, Mumbai. The story revolves around the year 2003. They are the bad boys of F.Y.Engg. The duo have a bad reputation in their class and girls stayed away from them. Anushka, the only daughter of Industrialist L.K Bhatia is a new comer to the First Year. Story revolves around the life of Tarun whose life changes once he spots Anushka in his class. There is a drastic change in his attitude and behaviour. It wasn't love at first sight, but it wasn't affection too. You would witness the misadventures of Tarun who desperately wants to befriend Anushka. His friend Ishant tries to do a cameo in his love story thus adding to his misadventures. 

Rich yet Simple Anushka eventually becomes friends with the bad boy Tarun Arora. What happens next is a series of melodramatic events which eventually gives life to this love story. The story will focus on the relationship between best friends. We live in the era where people believe that best friends can never fall in love. What if best friends actually fell in love? If they did, then wouldn't they still be best friends?. Calling names, late night phone calls, hanging out together at CCD or a movie or two are pretty common these days but what stands out is when your best friend proposes you one day. Tarun proposes Anushka in front of the whole class during a behavioural training session. There is deafening silence as he speaks those flowery words. Girls do have a different image about Tarun in their mind. But that doesn’t matters. What matters the most is would Anushka accept Tarun's proposal or would she insist on being best friends?. If she did, then would Tarun be still able to impress the industrialist father of Anushka. Will the doting daddy accept Tarun as his son in law? Will best friends Tarun and Anushka turn out to be soul mates?. 'Flashback' will take you back to the best days of your life, your college days.

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India

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