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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Sometimes in life, we come across certain situations where unknowingly  we might hurt someone badly. For a matter of fact, you may have not done it deliberately but still  our tongue is powerful enough to break relationships. Relationships are like a tiny thread. It might break if not handled properly. Its like a glass to be precise. It is fragile and its often  said a clap is produced only through the participation of both the hands. One hand doesn't creates enough noise to qualify for a clap. In a relationship, understanding each other is an essential factor. Better understanding nurtures a relationship. I often come across bonds that break too easily. Don't fall for someone who often takes you for granted. Apology may sound like an ordinary word but it is one powerful word. An apology can mend a broken heart. Human heart is feeble and it is bounded and controlled by emotions. Due to this reason, it blindly believes what our eyes and ears perceive. May be that's the reason why it is also labelled as an emotional fool. Don't play with the one whose heart is fragile. Their affections and feelings for you might be true and honest feelings should always be acknowledged and appreciated.  A very few people in this world are lucky enough to taste pure love. At times of crisis when you are low and down, its only this love that binds us together. Respect the one whom you love! If you can't respect your loved one's then how can you respect the feelings and opinions of others. 

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Come what may! Lets honour the feelings and affections of our loved ones. For a matter of fact, even if its our mistake  let us not make it big. Almighty god never wanted us to be this way. He had made us to be intelligent and smart just like him.  Don't act on impulses. Do not react to situations hastily. Remember that relationship once lost is lost forever. I have been telling this from my personal experiences. Once I had a verbal skirmish with a dear friend of mine. The matter intensified and a lot of damage had already been done. Even damage control proved least effective! A bond of 4 years was  severely destroyed and all that was left was the shards of  disappointments and melancholy. Try to be an understanding partner. No one in this world will hate you. Be 'Apologetic'. Saying a simple sorry will cause you no harm. Everyone is fallible and everyone makes mistakes. It's a natural human tendency no? A man only learns from mistakes. But don't shy away. If you are wrong, then you deserve to say sorry.  Apologize! It won't cause you any harm. Sometimes even a small sorry can do wonders in a relationship. It is a glue that can be used during a crisis like situation in a relationship.

I messed up with a close friend of mine. Somehow office pressure reflected on my mood and she took it to be rude. Definitely, never would I ever show such attitude to a woman. But misconceptions had to be cleared. It took 1 hour to make things clear. Of course too many apologies did wonders! It does! Apologize!

With A for Apology, I mark my debut in the A to Z Blogging Challenge for the year 2015. 

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Few Important Pointers for Life!

 There are many times I come across people who regret for their actions. Controlling your tongue is an important thing and  what you speaks makes you.You are recognized by the things you speak.There may be times when things may go wrong or may be your day wasn't just perfect. Its obvious that would be the worst time of your life and you would be down and low. Instead of cheering yourself you would prefer to be alone.You won't wish to mingle with people around you. You would instantly burst upon someone who irks you or pesters you with some work.This shouldn't be the case.It takes great time to win someones heart and to make your presence noticed. It indeed takes few minutes to get your name spoiled and it takes time to  reconstruct the old good name .Damage control isn't necessary always.So I have always been advising people to think before your speak something. Ponder over what went wrong and how to make it right.Take out the necessary correcting measures.

I admit that its really difficult to control yourself during our bad times.But that is not the theme of life.If every time you get vexed over someone then I am sure your circle of trust and friendship would be reducing.At one time you will realize that the diameter of that circle  will suddenly diminish into a point and you would be left all alone.Each indecision brings something unpleasant.You might have a big quarrel with your loved ones.They may be your parents,sibling or your best friend. You might just not know how much difficult the situation may get.By  doing this , you are just going to lose another person in your life. It takes time to build a relation.Building relationship is the most difficult situation. I bet how many of you here really felt difficult to confess their love for some stranger. It may be the person who mesmerized you with their personality. You really find it difficult to open a conversation with them. Relations are like strings.Its delicate at the beginning.As soon as the bond gets stronger, the string turns strong.It is easily broken during the worst times.Everything seems shattered. Here are few pointers which can be useful for you.

1.Exercising Control over the tongue.
Tongue may appear like a muscular mass of tissues,but it has got the power to destroy things and turn things bliss.These are two opposite things I would say.
Here is one example of a conversation which I found interesting.It is an chat excerpt from an Indian authors book.

Boy - You never called me the other day..
Girl - I was busy.
Boy - I realized you were out with the other guy....I ever tried calling you several times.
Girl - I have already told you I was busy with some work.
Boy - You fucking bitch.I know what you were doing with him.
The girl breaks into tears and goes away.

Friends, I would like to advise that Human emotions can do wonders at time and at sometimes they can just play more than a spoilsport.When you start loving someone,you think too much about the person. Everytime you think what she/he may be doing at that time. This peice may just look weird but I want to write something which is actually the truth. Do not play with anyone.Control over tongue is necessary.For an ill tempered person ,one minute is enough to create a storm.But I would love to say that after that one minute of havoc ,it is not possible to create  a positive impact. Apology will not help as already the damage is done. There is no lull after storm in this case.Hence exercising control over the tongue is very important.

2.Thinking twice before speaking.

This point is very much essential when you are planning for a long term relationship.Relationship is all about being together,understanding each other.Its the case were like minded people with common thought process bond together.They may be lovers,couples or any kind of relation for that matter.If this point is violated  then everything would be a mess.This point coupled with our first point can naturally is a good factor which helps in maintaining things.Compromising things in life and nature to forget and forgive will always help people in relationship.Tongue rules us.So I advice you guys to think twice before speaking.

3.Never get into a Verbal argument.

The point is self explanatory.Somethings can be mutually sort out by mere discussions instead of quarrels and unpleasant arguments.This will create a negative impact and an impression which can  break bongs.

During our worst times,I would prefer being silent for a while.Isolate yourself for sometime. Think what went wrong.Think for the scope of improvement.During this phase, you can easily make out the reasons which made you behave like that. This stage will give you an inner strength and help you in gaining the lost confidence.

Sorry is the only word which plays a rescue ranger during troubles.Never think twice,just shoot the word.It will automatically invoke a good feeling for you.But naturally ,not all time sorry can come to your rescue.It is not a passport to all the mistakes you do.

Friends, life is really short and I guess we should be cherishing the life which god has gifted us.Avoid sour moments with your loved ones.This is not good for you.This is a random post which I have scribbled.I hope you get something out of it.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous New year

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