Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Silent Whispers !

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 Disclaimer - Strictly FICTION!! - Finally my 10th post in BAT.I wrote my first BAT post on 5th December 2009  and it took me 3 yrs to write 10 posts!! :D 

     It was the beginning of the 1st Sem of M.Tech. Life was not different at College of Engineering, Pune.I continued from where I stopped in B.Tech .I belonged to the league of spoiled brats. Infact, it was disgraceful to be tagged as a scamp amongst a group of 70.It was ironic that despite being called so, some groups of beautiful lasses found me attractive and called me an adorable rogue. Truth is always bitter, but sometimes my heart fails to accept the different smutty adjectives bestowed upon me. Human heart is bound by feelings and emotions. It hurts at times when you are subjected to such things. Owing to this, the beautiful damsels of my class never spoke much to me. People entered my life and left. Few things can't be said, but people failed to identify the storm within me. I had been nursing a broken heart. I never had any intimate friends with whom I could share my sorrows. There were few groups of voracious men whose company I cherished. They eyed my wealth, I eyed their friendship. But it did hurt me when they prioritized my money. Such ravenous men irk me. Solitude snatched the happiness in my life. I often walk alone along the veranda in pursuit of peace and lost happiness, listening to Radio. I sit at the corner section of the library where people never went. Some say that I was turning into a loner. I never cared for what the world said. But for me, it was the place where I found peace, the place where I met my first love. Yes, I fell in love with a beautiful woman. How could I forget her?

    Those days I was never the same. Life was full of happiness. I was boisterous young man of 21,a brilliant student studying  in 3rd Sem at COE, Pune. The day I turned Twenty One, I decided to throw a big party to all my classmates. I distributed sweets and tried to make everyone happy. I spend all my pocket money to make my birthday grand. My doting parents could never say no to any of my demands. They decided to make my birthday special and I became a proud owner of an Audi A4.The class was festooned with colourful balloons and glitter papers. Everyone sang the birthday song for me and everyone wished and greeted me. That was the day when I saw her for the first time. She looked nervous and muddled as she entered the classroom. She witnessed something unusual and preferred to remain silent. She was tall - about 5'6”, wheatish and had a slender body. Her long straight hair was neatly braided with a middle partition. Her angelic and seraphic eyes hid the eternal universes behind. Her arched charcoal dark brows looked like the bow of an archer ready to wound many hearts. Her nose, haughty and long made her look magnificent. She had a perfect lips, blood red in color.Her entire face was alluring. It was her first lecture. Nervousness had muffled her smile. I was damn sure that this pretty girl would be more beautiful if she smiled a bit. I was anticipating a smile from her and of course a wish - a birthday wish. I stifled a smile when few of my friends’ cracked funny jokes. I gazed at the new entrant to our class. Everyone was busy engrossed in their other activities, while few of them were gorging on the delicious puff rolls which I gave them. The studious lot of the class were busy writing their daily assignments. She sat at a vacant seat on the first row. I was wondering why she never spoke. A  chubby girl, my close friend greeted her. That was the perfect moment when she smiled. I saw her smile and realized that I had got the best birthday gift of my life. She introduced herself as 'Muskan'. I keenly observed her as she uttered her name. I was not surprised when her parents named her. They must have been beguiled by the lovely smile of their daughter. 

"Guys, Lets welcome the gorgeous Muskan," The same chubby girl Dimpy introduced her to the class.

"Gorgeous... appropriately described," I murmured.