Monday, December 01, 2014

My Best Friend

My best friend - he strolled places with a DSLR camera hanging around his neck. Photography was his passion. Born in an affluent family in Kerala, he migrated to the city of dreams with dreams in his eyes. His father acrued enough wealth for him to sit and eat in his whole life. But my friend had a vision. He want to be the best photographer in the world. He wanted to win awards and accolades. During his initial days in Mumbai, he struggled a lot. Language barrier was a key contributer to his struggles. Wherever he went, people showered him with unpleasant comments and labelled him with words such as Madrassi, Kaalia, Anna, Lungi wala and so on. But he was defiant! He was rebel and you very well know that rebels don't give easily. It was during the winters of 2009 that we both met each other. I was born in Mumbai. We both turned out to be good friends and later on we both shared apartments too! I am going to narrate you the story of my best friend.


"Life would have been different if it wasn't him. I love you, bro!" I thought as I reclined on the bed. My best friend sat next to me. He was tired after his days work. He transferred the photos on his laptop and shared with me. I was watching the EPL football match between Arsenal and Manchester United.

"Isn't this amazing?" he often used to ask me whenever he showed me his work.
Well how do I tell him that he was the most talented person that I had ever met in my life.

He put his arms around my shoulder and asked, "Brother, thanks for entering my life." 

Such an amazing friend he was! I was very young to him but he didn't let the age difference cause any harm to our friendship. 

At times at night when he used to sleep, I used to look at him and thank Almighty for giving me this amazing friend. Yes, I would proudly call him as my best friend. 

"You know what, I am planning to take you along with me for a job assignment,"  he said.

I almost jumped out of the bed and started celebrating. I always wanted to know what kind of work he does! Yes, the day would be awesome, I thought as I went to the breakfast table. 

He locked the room as I waited for him outside the apartment.  We were going to travel to Khargar to cover  the picturesque views of the mesmerizing mountains and the greenary around.  Travelling in the harbour line was a big pain. I could never imagine my friend travelling  all the way from Borivali to Kharghar every day for his bread and butter. I'm sure his father must have been an unhappy man. Being an orphan, I very well understand how much it hurts to live without parents and lo my friend had left his family to pursue his dreams. We sat on the promenade outside the Kharghar Railway station for a while. It was 5 in the evening. It was a  Thursday!  We walked for a while. As we walked, we saw a group of thugs chasing a young girl. 

The guys cornered her. For a moment, Kharghar seemed like a deserted place. There was no one in sight for miles. She fell down. They started passing derogatory comments on her. We both hid behind a tree and monitored all that was happening.  The man with thick mustaches caught the girl by her shoulder and tore off her dress. The girl was constantly weeping. The other guy was recording a video with his smart phone. My blood boiled as I saw the barbaric act in front of us.  My friend asked me to remain silent as it would be dangerous to attack those guys.  My friend was clicking photographs so that he could  make a story out it. I was perplexed. Man,its about the safety of a girl! A lot has been said about woman safety in this part of the country. But such a gesture from my friend made me upset. As he clicked a picture, one of the guy found us hiding behind the tree. They chased us as  we had a crucial evidence that could land them in jail. We both started running.  In this process, I fell down drastically and hurt myself. My friend was running.  Finally the goons caught my friend and snatched his camera. I lay down helplessly looking at my friend. My friend was pleading and requesting those guys to leave him. My heart skipped a beat when I saw one of them removing a knife. I mustered enough courage and started running towards them. I had to save my friend. I chased them and got close to my friend. It was an unpleasant sight to see my friend plead for mercy. The guys were clicking random photos with my friend's DSLR camera and started laughing  at my friend. I stood in front of them like a maverick. They started making funny gestures at us. I got furious! I soon pounced over one of them and dug deep into his belly with my canine teeth.  He tried freeding himself from me but I was a rebel too! I bit him on some important areas of his body and glared at him. The others dropped the DSLR and ran away without even looking back. I turned aside and looked at my friend! He smiled at me and hugged me. 

"You are my  best friend!" he said and ruffled my hair.

"Thanks brother!" he said to which  I licked his cheeks and obediently sat next to him.  Yes, he always addressed me as a brother.

"Baaun Baaun!" I barked

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Flashback - My entry for the Get Published contest

Love is special. Love stories are special. Let me take you to the magical glorious college days of 2 people. Meet Tarun and Anushka, the protagonists in this story .College days are memorable and how special it would be when you met your first love in your college? This is not just another story. I wish to portray the feelings of a guy who falls for his best friend. Life seems to expect more when you have attained something. You crave for someone but when that someone enters your life, you experience butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You want to befriend and eventually want them to be your best friend. And what next? .Life changes!

Tarun and Ishant are the Jai - Veeru of VJTI, Mumbai. The story revolves around the year 2003. They are the bad boys of F.Y.Engg. The duo have a bad reputation in their class and girls stayed away from them. Anushka, the only daughter of Industrialist L.K Bhatia is a new comer to the First Year. Story revolves around the life of Tarun whose life changes once he spots Anushka in his class. There is a drastic change in his attitude and behaviour. It wasn't love at first sight, but it wasn't affection too. You would witness the misadventures of Tarun who desperately wants to befriend Anushka. His friend Ishant tries to do a cameo in his love story thus adding to his misadventures. 

Rich yet Simple Anushka eventually becomes friends with the bad boy Tarun Arora. What happens next is a series of melodramatic events which eventually gives life to this love story. The story will focus on the relationship between best friends. We live in the era where people believe that best friends can never fall in love. What if best friends actually fell in love? If they did, then wouldn't they still be best friends?. Calling names, late night phone calls, hanging out together at CCD or a movie or two are pretty common these days but what stands out is when your best friend proposes you one day. Tarun proposes Anushka in front of the whole class during a behavioural training session. There is deafening silence as he speaks those flowery words. Girls do have a different image about Tarun in their mind. But that doesn’t matters. What matters the most is would Anushka accept Tarun's proposal or would she insist on being best friends?. If she did, then would Tarun be still able to impress the industrialist father of Anushka. Will the doting daddy accept Tarun as his son in law? Will best friends Tarun and Anushka turn out to be soul mates?. 'Flashback' will take you back to the best days of your life, your college days.

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Midnight Ramblings 2 - Arrival of the Lost friend

Once upon a time ,we were counted as one  best friends by people around us. They would often envy about our friendship.Some would rate us as the true pillars of friendship. Apparently there has been phases in my life where I've lost many good friends but I have also got the same number of good friends. But those who have left me have just left me without any reason or leaving a note.It hurts you when such things happen. Today I happen to talk to one such friend whom I lost 3 years ago.For someone who used to be an asset to me.Someone  who just emphasized what best friend means. Initially we used to talk a lot during our initial  days of friendship.

She is offcourse my online found.But you might not know when your virtual friends turn out to be a bliss for you.I accidentally happened to dial her number and trust me she did pick up the call thus bring a big smile on my face. She was like bewildered when I tried to scare her by disguising my identity. We happen to talk for just 9 minutes.Phone calls to Islamabad are costly and last time I called her was 2 years ago to wish her happy birthday on 19th September. Great people make great friends and here by I announce my greatness in blogworld LOL.She is the one from whom I learned the principles of life. She took a break from online world just because to focuss more on her life as she believed that too much of internet is hazardous . But nevertheless I'm so excited that my friend from Pakistan has showed marginal signs of her arrival and my happiness has no bounds now.yippie!! I'm all excited. I'm posting like crazy since the last few days . I will surely try to post on some good topics .I've got a good story theme on my mind ,just planning to write it down.
Well people say that happiness comes in packages...true but once it comes then it never ceases to expire. Friends play a cameo in your life.Just try and keep them happ.Don't expect too much in life.Be happy with what you have.
All's well that ends well.. so Green gonna meet Blue very soon .....<3 <3 <3
And here I present my little sweetu Bren who is my 7 month old Nephew...

Isn't he CUTE???
See you soon ...till then Allah Hafeez,Shubh Ratri,Vannakam ....Love you

Sunday, November 29, 2009

175. 'Shut up ya'

This is one of the best telephonic conversation I had with my cute friend who happens to be my best friend

She:ahem! ahem some one must be really happy naa.

He:Happy for what?

She:achha tell me when are you joining?

He: Arey! I was just kidding to know your reactions re.

She: Haw!!this is bad .I know you're kidding..haina?

He:Sachhi!! Why would I lie?

She:Shut up ya..

He: Omg! that sounds so cute...

She: What ?

He: that 'shut up ya' from you...please can say it once more.... 'Shut up ya' please

She: Hmm! Naa I won't jii.

He: mere liye itna bhi nahi karogi..thats so rude..You are my best friend.

She: Haye Allah! what best friend has to do with this?

He: Omg! even' Haye Allah' sounds so cute.

She: Hadd ho gayi StibuMama.

He: God even this is so cute.

She: nahi jii

He: arey! this 'nahi ji' so so cute.

She: I will kill you now.

He: This is one of the best.

She: Naa, Seriously I'm going to do this.

He: It would be a privelige and honour to get killed from you.

She: yeah that toh I will do it..You don't need to worry .

He: Please 'shut up ya' once again for me.

She: Is this a game ...I won't do it..Hmm

He: you are really rude.

She: Thanks a lot..I'm honoured.

He:just once for me..

She:Hmm! Naa..Hmm

He:Please ! for me.

She:'shut up ya' are you happy? are so bad

He: hehehee... you know what ?

She: what?

He: you are really very very very cute!

She:Naa ji I'm not.

He: you are cute

She: 'Shut up ya'

He: hehe once again.. and I am going to post this on my blog.

She:Baap re!! you are not doing this Stibumama..

He: I will do it dear..

She:what is this? you're not supposed to post anything naa..

He: I will do it ...hehe

She: If you do it..then you are not gonna talk to me...

He:haha ..i will do it then...

She: I will kill you then...

He: thank you ..i am glad

She: huh!! you're just too bad.

He: hehe anyway I guess my phone is going to get cut now ... less balance naa

She: hehe no keep it

He:how rude is it supposed to be...and hey I got my joining from TechM

She: yeah that toh I know

He:hey i'll talk to you laterz....please will you tell 'shut up ya' once again for me..

She: ahem ahem! Shut up yaa....bye for now

He:bye and hey you know you are really cute!!

She : no I'm not.Bye!

He: take care.Good night!

Monday, September 28, 2009

163. When your best friend................?

Ahem,Ahem! my past few weeks have been a total disaster.Too much of Mafia wars and FarmVille is harmful.I have many tasks  for the upcoming weeks.Firstly,I have to meet my blogger friends in Mumbai.Have promised few of them that we would meet this weekend.Just waiting for Pri to come and we have to do the planning thing.I've also promised my close pal that I would write his story  soon. Being a Vela isn't a big thing but its strange that you are sitting at  home and don't make much of it.Well I am an exception.Aww! Exception reminds me of my Java course and this reminds me of my Tests.Gosh!just look at me,what am I supposed to do now? Any way lets  have a serious discussion.Lets talk about best friends.Man is a social animal.Agreed??? Well I agree as I had to speak on this topic at some point of time in my life.He has many friends.He meets many people during his life time.Some of them who  induce drastic changes in their life and few of them who were known for their kind deeds.Out of those there is some one with whom we share all our secrets and close things.Yes its not our family members  or any peers.It is our best friend.Lets talk about different things about the same.
Last night I was chatting with my very good blogger friend.E2 had  asked me to read her blog post. I read and  found it amusing(but sad).It was a total tragedy ,a dilemma to be honest.I just felt that it would be embarrassing for her.How on Earth would  your best friend  fall in love  you?. Oops! yes there are many exceptions.But being so close and you carry this tag of being best friends and even then you have these much feelings for someone who understands and treats you as a best friend. Well this isn't funny. Lets highlight few points  in this space.

1.When your best friend falls in love with you?
   I am always known as a humour writer who then changed to fiction.This so called solitary fiction writer started writing  Romantic stories. These romantic stories later on instigated him to write Love and Relationship posts.This is what the Solitary writer is trying to do.Any way coming to the topic.Do you have any best friends?  Silly Solly...I guess everyone must be having one.Before that let us explain what best friend means.My Nokia N70 dictionary defines "Best friends" as the one who is closest to you.Oye! this  constitutes only  10% definition of best friend.A best friend is one who is close to you, he/she is the one who understands you,he/she is the person who cares for you. They think of your betterment.They are the one who  don't expect any thing  not even a favour for your kind deeds.They support us and provide solace when we were upset and feeling low.In short a best friend is a secret holder.They are the one who  have immense trust on you and you have the same opinion of them.In such a case if a  best friend falls in love with you ,then there is something which  should be taken care of.
After being best friends for so long and one day your best friend proposes you. Well  people would love to refrain from such situations.Would there be a scenario when both the friends would love to extend the relationship one step ahead.If  there is a yes from both the sides,then its a bliss else its fine .No worries,we are  going to talk about such things.
Firstly give some time.Think for a while.Think about the good times you had with the person. Think about those beautiful tours ,outings and picnics you went with your gang especially with your best friends. Reminisce those days when you fought with your bestie like mad and crazy. Well if you call him/her as your best friend then you would think.Don't lose your temper.I know being best friends we always played prank on each others,we love pulling their legs in front of others and so on.
Secondly communication may prove to be effective.Just walk to him/her and tell what you feel for him.Let him/her know whats running through your mind.Let them think too.If nothing works then let them know about your goals in life, career prospectives etc.Its all in your hand.But do take care that your friend is not hurt.This is a very delicate and sensitive topic.But let me tell you that there is a big difference between best friends and relationship partners.Falling in love with some one is too easy ,but falling for your best   friend is something strange.Just tell that  you don't love him/her or you do love him/her.It happens but Solitary writer never came through such things before.  Your best friend see's you as some one special and yes you may not want to lose them at any circumstances.  This loss would prove to be a big one.Just try to be the same best friend whatever be the case for  best friends know each other very well.All's well that ends well.

2.When your Best friend falls in love with your girlfriend/boyfriend? 

May sound funny ,but its not funny.Trust me it happens quite often.Solitary writer once had a crush on his best friends girl friend when he was in class 11.But then he was too young, so one  can't blame Solly for the kid within him.Instead you should blame the hormones if you are planning to blame one. .Well what happens when your best friend falls in love with your gf/bf? .Nightmare!! no no its not  a nightmare.But I would like to say the same thing.Go talk to your best friend.Explain him/her the importance of "your" gf/bf in your life. If he/she is your best friend then they would surely pay heed to your words.And another advice for  best friends.Wait and watch method works well at times.If your best friend breaks off with his girlfriend/boyfriend then  its time for you.Not at all gross, but this is my idea.It works at times and that's why I am telling you.My next story is based on the same.Ahem Ahem!!

3.When your Best friend hurts you?

"Hurt  never Smile ever" is not followed by everyone.So as its not even followed in friendship. At times your best friend may hurt you.They may try to do a Hitler act by annoying you and troubling  you by saying words which  hurt you.Trust me it is painful when you hurt your best friend.I know it because I have always  made my best friend cry.I mean not always but at times.I still remember the day when I fought with my best friend.She was sounding sad and upset.Other day when I spoke to her I learnt that she had cried the whole day for a single issue.I soon apologised and  tried to make her happy.But Solitary writer is a big expert in this context of making people cry and sad.When your best friend is upset because of you then go to her/him. Try to be casual,crack few jokes.Hunt for opportunities which would bring a smile in their face. If she is still angry with you then pull their cheeks and say "Arey Bachho jaise ro rahi/raha hai yar tuu" .
Dear friends ,friendship is one of the most priced possesion/gifts in the world.A friend is our alter ego.Its the most pure relationship in the world.They sow the seeds of happiness and you derive more happiness as you reap it. Just be good to friends.Don't lose your friends even if they love or hurt you.Yeh not to forget ...just give them a kick  when he/she has an eye on your girl/guy. Kidding!! Any way next posts would be a Sister Management post for all those naughty bratty brothers who fight with their sisters or vice versa