Saturday, March 15, 2014

Birthday Plan!

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"Why can't manage your own stuffs?" she asked, cleaning the table.
"Look at those cakes, earring and your mobile phone lying there."  She added.
“Where is the other one?” She said, pointing at the earring.
"Eat the cake, Mom.”
“But why?”
“It’s your birthday today!”  
Tears welled in her eyes. “Uff! This memory loss.”

Thursday, January 14, 2010

192. Happy Birthday My Best friend Parziii!!!

Friends are not made for life and true friendship is not a transient relation. Friends are some one who make you feel better yes they even create nightmares for you sometimes,but lets limit our discussion till the good clean side of friendship.They stand behind you during your bad sides and strife.Some times in our life we pine to get good friends who would understand us and atleast assure happiness in our life.I many times in my life wondered if I had a better friend and now I have a best friend . The reason for this post is that 22 years ago on 15th Jan ,an angel was born in India. She was amongst the prettiest looking angel who called herself stupid and mad. She preferred to stay simple and modesty was her main weapon.Whatever be the case ,she would remain modest and would not boast off things.A very happy birthday to my best friend Parzi who turns 22 today. Yey!! party time friend has turned one more year old....
Today I want to thank god for giving me her friendship which I would like to preserve and cherish it forever. She is simple,understanding,creative,genius,supportive,kind and most importantly some one who tolerates me.She is my Vent zone who patiently listens to my vent and gives me suggestions and tips to solve my problems. She acts as a mentor ,a teacher ,a guru who inspires and teaches you things .She is some one who writes inspirational posts which is amongst the most visited post in my blog.Heart has a reason which reason knows nothing off :)). This post was written by my very own best friend and just loved the way it was expressed and written. She acts as a doctor who gives lectures about how to reduce your weight ,blood pressure and control your anger.Her anger and sister management lessons are quite useful to many of us. Most importantly she is a physchologist who solves your problems and reads your mind. Have a problem ,better say it to Parzi and guess what you will get the best possible solution to your problem. I am not bragging about my friend nor I am being Pompous.I am just speaking the fact on her birthday.For those who don't know her then I suggest you to read few of my old posts about her.I liked you for many reasons.Most importantly you are my friend which is the best possible thing in the world.You know I just don't know how to express my happiness .It was a random add request and sometimes random friends turn into best of your friends.Thanks a lot for being my friend today. I could not ask anything else ,but a better health,a blissful life and happiness for my best friend. I want to see my lecturer aka doctor aka teacher aka best friend happy forever.I won't tolerate your lessons in fact I cherish and enjoy your lessons.You are a gift to all your friends and your family.I just wish you remain happy forever and make people happy around you with your presence.I know your presence itself is enough to make people around you happy. And one more big thing is that she is my secret holder.She has the key to my secret box and its she who gets to know it first. Most of them have been depressive and sad,but guess what relying on your bestie's shoulder is not a bad thing,ain't it?I would like to thank you for some reasons on your birthday.

I really want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for-
*always bringing a smile on my face when I least want to.
*for always making me feel remembered and special!
*for being ever so patient and sweet enough to listen to all my stupid rants
*for accepting me the way I am..though I know it really gets irritating at times..coz thats when you say"you don't fit this century"..but then asking me not to change!
*for inspiring me and encouraging me with your lessons
*for giving me the sweet useful tips and suggestions in form of lessons and lectures.AML and SML were really great.
*for listening,caring,helping for being there always...THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHH!

I am sure I can't reciprocate a percent of all that you have done for me..but I can promise you one thing that whenever you need a friend I will always be there...for sure! Now coming to the things I need to apologise for..
so here's a heartfelt "sorry"-
*Sorry for making you feel bad at times.
*Sorry for making you cry at times by pestering you with useless things.
*Sorry for not being a good friend although I am trying to be one.
*Sorry for not being regular on your blog.
*Sorry for all the times I scolded and irritated you and made you feel sad.
*Sorry for all my acts which hurt you at times and forgive me for the same.I'm sure you would forgive me on your birthday else you are gone :P

I still fail yo understand how my best friend would react after reading all this. But I'm sure she is going to kill me for sure. Read this post to know more about her. I really wanted to be a good friend to you.I am sure I will be one day.You know what I am always here to make you smile :))

Thanks for your friendship.I will write about our leg pulling,pranks,frogs,pestering thing and other serious things on a separate post. I rather want to refrain myself from get beaten on your birthday :P. You are the best .You rock. You can wish her on
PS: She is a wonderful writer as well..Check the first link that I ve given up:)) Have a great day ahead.
My blog is going to celebrate 200 posts and hence I would rather wish to color my blog with your presence so I need you people to write a guest post for my blog. Many of you have drafted a post for the solitary writer. Thank you .Will start with the guest post series soon :)) . Goin for a long break :)) miss me

Saturday, December 12, 2009

180. Rajni makes everything possible - 3

'Rajnikanth' the name itself is enough. You may have seen him make you cry,smile and laugh with his funny gestures and acts.I would love to say that this evergreen superstar has impressed me with his acts.I can proudly say that he is my favourite actor.The talent this guy possess is appreciable and its significant to say that this guy actually rocks.I actually wrote this post because there is some reason behind this.Our superstar is celebrating his 60th birthday today.He is old but who cares until he is entertaining people. People in TN are crazy behind him.They are big Rajni freaks.
'Rajnism' is the term which is associated with absurdity in most cases.He makes things possible.I have written 2 posts about our great superstar.But I've made mockery of him in those two posts. But I can assure you that this post will see something similar. Let me tell you some historical facts and few things about this great person. Rajni unlike other actors was not rich and ambitious.He was born in a poor farmers family and there was a time when the family struggled for its basic requirements such as food and all. He was struggling during his initial phases of life. He came to Bangalore with few dreams.Before that he worked a carpenter and later switched on to work as a coolie. Despite of suffering various backdrops in life he never gave up.Its his confidence and courage which stood front.He served as a conductor for public buses in Bangalore.Life was miserable until he met Balachander.He was the first to introduce him in a movie and the movie was blockbuster hit.He started his career as villain,anti hero and supporting actor.Later on he turned into a full fledged actor and would produce blockbuster hits.Even today his movies would surpass his previous records.People in TN praise him like almighty and he is no less that god to them. The one thing I like about this Superstar is that although he may be rich and famous today, he is simple.He likes the way he is. 'Simplicity' is something which is one of this character.We get to learn a lot from him.He is the evergreen superstar and I'm glad that I am one of his fan.Once again I would like to wish him a very happy birthday.May he live long and god may shower all his blessings upon him.I'm sure he will act as a hero during his 80's and we all will enjoy it for sure. Thanks a lot O Super star for entertaining us for these 25 years and taking tamil cinema to great heights.Happy birthday to Yuvraj Singh as well and Wishes to Pooja Chopra who is representing India at the beauty contest.

Umm!! so enough of Rajni praises .Now its time for some fun.Continuing from my previous two posts.
1.Outer space exists because its afraid to be on the planet where Rajnikant lives.
2.Rajnikant has counted to infinity twice.
3.When Rajnikant does push ups ,he isn't lifting himself up ,he is instead pushing earth down.
4.Rajnikant is so fast,he can run around the world and push himself in the back of the head.
5.Rajnikant never wears watch,he decides what time it is.
6.Rajnikant gave mona lisa that smile.
7.Rajnikant can slam a revolving door.
8.Rajnikant's house has no doors, only walls that he walks through.
9. Rajnikant grinds the coffee with his teeth and boils the water with his own rage.
10.If you Google search " Rajnikant getting kicked",it generates 0 results as it doesn't happens.
11The Bermuda triangle used to be Bermuda square until he kicked off one of the corners.
12.The only thing that runs faster and longer than Rajnikant are is his films.
13.Where there is a will ,there is a way.Where there is Rajnikanth ,there is no way
14.When Rajnikanth falls in water, Rajnikanth doesn't get wet. Water gets Rajnikanth
15.A picture is worth a thousand words. A Rajni is worth 1 billion words.
16.Newton's Third Law is wrong: Although it states that for each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, there is no force equal in reaction to a Rajni kick.
17. Rajni can divide by 0
18. Rajni can run faster than the speed of light.He can beat Usain Bolt any where.
19.Rajni invented black. In fact, he invented the entire spectrum of visible light.
20.Rajnikanth can drink an entire gallon of milk in thirty-seven seconds.
21.It takes Rajnikanth 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes.
22.Simply by pulling on both ends,Rajnikanth can stretch diamonds back into coal.
23.Rajni can play cricket with a football
24.Rajni is expected to win gold in every swimming competition at the 2010 Common wealth games , even though he does not swim. This is because when Rajni enters the water, the water gets out of his way and he simply walks across the pool floor.
25. A study showed the leading causes of death in the India are: 1. Heart disease, 2. Rajnikanth, 3. Aids
26. Rajni can actually walk,sleep and eat English. God knows how? :P
27.Rajni can judge a book by its cover.
28.Nothing can escape the gravity of a black hole, except for Rajnikanth. He eats black holes. They taste like chicken.
29.Rajnikanth uses a night light. Not because he is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.
30. Although Rajni is afraid of snakes, but snakes are his best friends too.He uses snakes instead pf his skipping ropes.
31.Rajni once kicked a horse in the chin. Its decendants are known today as Giraffes.
32.Sticks and stones may break your bones, but a Rajni glare will liquefy your kidneys.
33. When Rajni plays Monopoly, it affects the actual world economy.
34.Rajni successfully seperated twins conjoined at the head by roundkicking them in the face.
35.Rajni does not know about this Blaag. If he did he would have just deleted the internet.
36.Blogger Bandeep Salan and Rajni have one thing in common. Both are known for their craziness although the latter is better than the former.
37.People can tickle your funny bone.But Rajni breaks it.

So enough of Rajni jokes. Have fun guys! I hope you had a great time reading all this .Do write your favourite one?And once again lets sing a Happy birthday song to our great superstar.

"Happy Birthday O dear SuperStar!"
to read previous parts click here part1 & part 2

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

174. The 22nd Step....

Hmm!! first of all a big thank you to all those who text and wished me early morning.I'm really proud to have you all as my friend.This day is really special for me and I'm glad that I have you all as my friends.22 years ago life was different when I was born.I was the first boy child of my family.I was so close to all my cousins especially during my early years when I was a small baby.Since we all belonged to the 80's generation we had a age gap of 2-3 years.So then my cousins were like 3 or 4 years older to me.They loved me adored me and treated me like some doll or something.I used to be my grandpaa's pet.He used to carry me wherever he went and today I really miss him a lot.I'm sure he is an important part of my life and today I remember him because he played a major role in my life.I regret and feel sad that I was not by his side during his last few minutes of life.I love him and I badly miss him.I owe a lot to my parents and my young little sister.They constitute my life and without them my life would be void.A special thanks to Parul ,my alter ego, my best friend.Some one who can constantly bring smile on your face.She is a gift which I got from Orkut.
I would like to mention few names here who have been my friends since school days,college days and blog world.

Parzi: My alter ego as I always said.She is the best gift that Orkut gave me on 21st September few years ago.I've been a great pesterer and I sometimes feel sorry for whatever I do to her.Coz most of the time I've hurt her and even made her cry sometimesThanks a lot Cute for making me smile everytime.

Anupriya:I admit that this little girl is one of the naughtiest person in my life.I was excited when moma placed Anu on my lap and I was a proud brother.I'm still a proud brother of this cute little naughty sister of mine.

Asbah: She my sweetheart.I've been trying hard to talk to her.She is a closed comrade and my best friend in blogworld whom I miss her badly.My mentor and my teacher in blogworld who inspired me through her work

Insiya:A special thank to my little sister.People say internet is a boon for some reason.I earned a cute little sibling in the form of Insiya.I consider her as my 2nd sister after Anupriya

Kajal Singh:A good friend and one of my best friends in Writers Lounge.She is a great writer.

Anurag: He is like my partner in crime.Now and then keeps uttering and calls me as 'Mama' or 'Machan'.A great friend of mine who kept me updating about different things about exams during my Engineering days.

Ajay:My friend from my Engineering college.A great person he is and I'm proud to have him as a friend.

Alisha:she is a sweetheart

Leo: A prolific writer and a popular blogger and I would like to mention him because I admire him.His writings are the best.

Meow:Another gift I got through blogworld.My other sibling.She is my elder sister and I am proud to have her as my sister.

Sreya :My blog pal.I respect her a lot not just she is elder to me also coz shez a great writer :)

Neha(Joei): Yeh toh meri best buddy hai.Can't imagine life without great friends like her.I would never forget those days when we both used to write funny songs together.Crazy naa

Asmi:'Lazy billi' is a funny friend of mine.Poor soul like me whoz still waiting for call from our organisation :P.

Chirag:He calls me 'likhetu' and he writes great hindi poem and he puts lot of efforts .

Prats: My dii she is and proud of her.I am glad that I'd invited her to writers lounge and it was a bliss since then.

Urvashi: My newly found blog buddy who writes well.She is an intelligent girl for sure.

Nush:My elder sister from who we can get to learn a lot.Thanks a lot for your wishes akka.

Sunita Ma'm: She is an inspiration for everyone.Every day in life I get to learn a lot from her.She has been wishing me since the past 4 years and I am happy:)

Vidhu:My partner in crime and Mots!A very close friend of mine.I'm really happy for her.I just pray that her life is colored with happiness and the 'genuine' smile of hers never fades away.God bless you

Riya: a great blogger friend of mine.

Arun: Partner in crime and a great blogger friend of mine.

Freelancer: I know him since pat 6 or 7 months and never thought that he would be a great friend of mine.Thanks for your friendship :)

Esther: she writes thoughtful posts which will make you think.A great writer she is and a wonderful friend of mine.

Shweta(Tweety):My other little sister.Internet has played a major role in my life as I've met many wonderful souls here.

Captain Kasabiangirl: She is my captain and my good friend.I don't know why she virtually escaped from blogworld.But I will get her back for sure.Else I won't be a good vice captain.I want to see my captain back and I'm sure I will bring her one day

I wish I could write about many other people who are close to my heart.I'm sorry if I forgot to mention few people.Thanks a lot Shruti Nair,Sandhya Balan,Arjun Chowdury,Aarthi,Nabila,Abrol,Neha,Mona,Deepika,Pallavi,Prashant,Dhanya,Amity Me,Rahul,Abhrajeet,Sandeep Balan and many more for colouring my life with beautiful colors .Thank you for the wishes and your love. This for all you guys and all my readers.Thanks a lot for the greetings at WL and fan pages.

PS: I am officially 22 today for all those who don't know my age.I am mentioning it here coz most of them go by my blog name and think of me to be a 40 something person.:P
Happy birthday to blogger Akansha,Charul didi,Monique and Tanaya :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy birthday Ajay


Umm!!Happy birthday my dear friend Ajay.As you read this you will see many surprises.The other day me and More Orangee actually planned to gift something special to our good friend Ajay.But as we planned,the idea got flopped. Later on we planned to loot a bar shop.We both were dressed in suit and we both had a mask.Yes, you must have seen the news of 2 masked men looting a beer shop in Mumbai and yes the both were me and More Orangee.

We didn't knew Ajay's favourite brand ,so we got few bottles from the shop.This is just for you Ajay.This is yours. And yeah we also saved your party expenses.You are my good friend Ajay.Friends,I really don't know what to say about this guy.He has shared all his secrets to me.Thanks to TechM who came to our college or else I would not have met this soul.

I know ,this is one of the best gift for you.Infact only me and More Orangee could think like this .He hehe !! you rock man!! This is for you.Ek Ek karke peena aaram se . :P
Yes ,I got few more surprises for you as well.So here are your gifts.Enjoy!! Have fun! .

These pretty girls are for you

Hope may all your dreams come true.Wishing you luck

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2nd blog anniversary.100 posts . awards.....

Ok.guess what was I doing 2 years ago at this day.Guess!! Guess!! I fooled my DBMS professor and was browsing some blogs in my DBMS pracs.I was inspired by some blogs.And of sudden,something struck my mind.My hands clicked the "create blog" button and thats how I got a new blog on 27-1-2007.Now,its been 2 years and my blog has turned 2 years old.Remember,its still a baby blog.

This post seems to be a special post as its my 100th post on my blogs 2nd anniversary.To celebrate it in a better way,I am giving awards to all my blogger friends..Enjoy!!

This award goes to 3 people.
Chriz for the way he writes his posts that induces laughter .

Arjun ,another blogger of same kind.He writes posts which will make you laugh.We both are currently working for a series in Writers Lounge.

Sandeep Balan,the jack of all trades.Check his mussadi man series.

The next award is called "Superstar blogger".It is given to bloggers who are talented and come up with good topics.
Shweta for her beautiful poems on Writers Lounge.

Prats for her poems on Writers Lounge.

Pink Orchid ,again for her poems on Writers Lounge and her wonderful replies.

Akshat for his work on his blog

Valencia ,another blogger on blogworld blessed with loads of talents

Aarthi ,My good and old friend who recently entered this blogworld.

Chriz for the known reasons.

Usha ,for her poems and her posts.I am really inspired by her works.

Lover.If you wanna know then check his blog.

Anurag,who is my friend and a very famous person in blogworld."Are you kidding me?" reminds me of this guy

Akansha ,for the tadka's on her blog :p .she writes well.

Neha P, for her her thoughtful posts.

Shruti ,for her dark poems.

Crystal.She is my partner in crime.We both work for a site called "Imaze", where we are responsible for designing templates and headers.

Riya,for her beautiful works

Mehreen, for all her thought provoking posts

Gauri,for her posts and clicks.

Pankhuri,for her creativity explored.

Leo, for his masterpeices in form of poems.

Riversoul,for his poems .He is our leader in "Imaze", a good friend of mine .

Rashi ,for her beautiful poems

Asbah, for her thoughts and poems

Divinediu ,for her random thoughts

Tan, for all his poems on Writers Lounge

akka for her thoughtful poems and write ups.

Now ,this award is called "Blogscar".Arjun asked me to include this award .I am giving this award to people who have inspired me by their works.




Pink Orchid,kan








If,I have missed any ones name,then please let me know. :)