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When I was young, I didn't have much money to satisfy all my needs. And Pappy wouldn't let me help him with his work. For others, childhood memories are  special and auspicious and it  resides in their mind forever  but  I had a strugglesome childhood! Life was never cool nor it displayed any signs of happiness. Having lost my Momma at a young age, Pappy took all the burden on his shoulder. I lived in an extremely impoverished condition in South China. I lived in Sianchun Valley. Pappy would carry me  on his back on my way to school. But I understood my Pappy very well. He loved me so much that he didn't let me miss my Momma. After Momma kicked the bucket, Pappy struggled to raise me. Pappy wasn't erudite. He sought inspiration from his mother who used to teach her good things from her life experiences. Pappy did the same to me. He would explain me about our conditions and how much he loved Momma. I wish Momma lived with us. I have faint memories of Momma especially during  my crawling days.  I love my Momma!


I used to walk down to my school. We didn't  had enough money to pay my school fees. One day the school administration decided to expel me but Pappy requested and pleaded. I never liked him doing all that. He is my Pappy  and he is the best. Tears welled in my eyes. That was the day I realized I will never forsake my Pappy. He was the best person that God  has send me - my guardian angel. But he somehow convinced the school management and once again I had an opportunity to study. Pappy worked hard and harder. He never had any kind of ambitions or dreams. He did everything just for me. He used to do all kind of work. He worked in a hotel, washing utensils. He used to deliver newspapers and pizza's. He  also worked as a construction labor. Pappy did everything and he didn't cared about his health. Several times my heart shed silent tears  looking at my Pappy's plight. 

One day as I walked back home from School, my eyes located  a chocolate shop. Pappy noticed me staring at the chocolates. I stood near the shop and the sight of the lovely chocolates amazed me. I any how wanted to consume it. Pappy didn't like  this behavior of mine. He asked me to wait outside the shop premise and went towards the chocolate shop. I smiled! I was excited! I would get to eat those lovely creamy chocolates I thought! But something happened that shook me, shocked me! I saw the shop owner and his two men beating  my Pappy. 

"Pappy, Quichuang, Pappy, womiean zou ba!"  I screeched and asked my Pappy to get up. 

Pappy fell down and the floor was drenched with blood. The shop owner was an arrogant man. It seemed  my Pappy had less money and he requested the owner to give the chocolates at a discounted price.  The  owner got vexed and ordered his men to thrash my Pappy. The chocolate costed 5 Yuan and my father had 3 Yuan's. 

Pappy lay unconscious on the ground on a pool of blood. I stood there speechless not knowing what to do. An old man helped me  in getting my Pappy back home. That day I glared at the Chocolate shop owner. The fact that he caused terrible hurt to my Pappy didn't let me sleep for days. Every day when I passed by his chocolate shop , I cursed him. That was the day I decided that I will take a sweet revenge ! Pappy worked hard for me and I justified his handwork by studying well. I secured high ranks in my secondary and my degree colleges. I stood first in the South China University. The Chinese Premier Mr. Kiong Xin Phing Zhaou greeted and congratulated me during my convocation ceremony. I  completed my MBA from a top level Business school from the United States. I got an offer from Hershey's , an organization known to  deliver world class quality chocolates. I was made the Managing Director of Hershey's China. My Pappy was  happy for me. It was the first day at office. I walked  on the same street where I used to walk back from school. I saw the same chocolate shop. The shop owner had  grown old. The sight of my Pappy getting beaten by the shopper owner and his goon flashed in front of my eyes. It looked like all happened yesterday. I went to his shop and flashed a cheque in front of him.

"5000 Yuans," He read, his mouth agape.

"Final Settlement. This shop now belongs to Hershey's China. You may vacate this immediately." I said to the shop owner. I smiled at him and he stood in front of me, perplexed.

My Pappy walked towards me. The revenge was complete. The shop was a small set up. It didn't have much to offer Hershey's China but I deliberately acquired his chocolate shop to show him what I was capable of. As a 9 year old , I had nothing to do much! I just stood and  watched my Pappy getting beaten by his men!

Today after 17 years, I gave my  Pappy the best gift that I could ever give him - A chocolate shop where he bargained for low quality chocolates.  He was proud of me! I had everything today but its the burning desire for success and excellence that will keep you motivated. Never let the fire fade! Your loved one's are precious and anyone causing them hurt through any means should hurt you too. My Pappy always wanted me to be happy and now I want him to be happy. I could have deviated on my path to success. Failures do interrupt  and I stayed away from it. My  foundation for my life was laid by my Pappy. If he hadn't worked hard for me, I wouldn't have reached this far. I owe a lot to him. He sacrificed his life for me and I respect him. Thank you Pappy for everything. Pappy hugged me tight. Tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks. He was a proud Father !

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It was just another day and everything looked normal and ordinary. I walked outside my house to greet the bright sun smiling and shining at us. My eyes aimlessly wandered around in pursuit of my 5 kids. Life had veered out drastically since I met my beloved. It was love at the first sight! That was the time I had realized that she was my partner, my soul mate! For some reasons, it was awkward to approach her. I followed her everywhere she tread but one thing was sure that I was getting noticed. At times, she used to glare at me and sometimes she would smile at me. But as days passed gradually, I got to know her more – her likes, dislikes, and areas of interests. 

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I settled down under a tree as I resigned but there was no signs of these little brats.  They must be playing by the river side with those adorable ducklings, I thought.  I headed for the river where most people came to freshen up. People here treated the Ganges River as a Goddess! Indeed, it was something that was close to all of us. The open sky, green trees amazed me. It was a wonderful day! The winds whistled and whipped me. It was serene and equally joyful! I strolled around the river side but I still couldn't find them. My eyes came across a tree. It was near the same tree that I mustered enough courage to talk to my beloved.   Reminiscing the pleasant memories, I walked further.  I rested for a while. For a moment, I forgot about my five kids.

They say love is a drug. I once consumed this drug called love unknowingly when I saw her for the first time. The next time, my heart demanded more! How would I tell her that this drug is something that I could only dream of! To taste this, I had to taste love and love was grasping me, hard and tight! Anything that happens for the first time is a pleasant experience, a beautiful memory.  It haunts!  It did haunt me for days and nights! I was losing my heart to this heavenly beauty – for me she was a Queen! She was my drug. I wanted her, wanted her desperately! I spend my days thinking and dreaming about her and at night I dreamed more.  She would dance with me in my dreams and I would call it a perfect dream.  A hopeless romantic, I was!  What! I was losing myself, my heart, and soul, my everything to this lovely soul! I was wasting my time, but it was indeed worth it. Admiring her beauty, appreciating and complimenting it was what I wanted to do. But all that I could do was just watch and admire. To appreciate and compliment, you need to open up and talk to them and that was something I feared the most. What if she said no to me? What if she hurt me through words? Rejection is something that most of us fear. I feared the same. But more than that my heart started beating rapidly when she passed by me. Love was always there! Yes, it was!

It’s amazing how love transformed me upside down – to a person whom I was not! Love was a magic and I wanted to be a magician who wanted to exploit it thoroughly. Through my magic wand, I wanted to capture her and tell her how much she meant to me.  By then, Love haunted me! I had to do something. It was an angel before but after it invaded my heart, it was growing to be a dangerous fiend, a monster!  What’s wrong? I couldn’t focus, couldn’t concentrate! It all happened that day.  I finally decided to acknowledge the monster residing in my heart called Love. This monster caused me enormous troubles by pumping faster whenever she passed by me. I had completely surrendered to her.

That day I saw her! She came by the riverside for some fresh air. As I went close to her, her friends stayed away. Maybe they had perceived that my intentions were harmful and evil. But it wasn’t! Sooner they all vanished. We both were solitary!
“What happened?”  She asked with a straight face.
Many things had happened.  Should I open my mouth and speak about the monster who orders me to spill my love to her. Would that be right?  Over thousand questions started strolling inside my mind and at the same time over thousand butterflies started fluttering inside my stomach.
“I …I …”
“I think I love you and I dream a life full of happiness and togetherness with you!”
I stood there. My heart started pulsating rapidly. She stood firm. There was deafening silence for a moment.

I was waiting for her reply. I was never afraid of falling out of love. If I could fall in love with her then falling out of love was not a question. Only if destiny allowed us to be together, we would be, anyhow! She stood there silent and her silent haunted me more than the monster residing inside my heart. If she said no, then I would have to shoo it. If she said, yes, then I would salute it!
She walked away from me, making me wonder.  She looked behind and smiled at me. My heart almost skipped beating. Yes, she loved me.
We both got married and we had 5 beautiful children.
We had to be together. It was destiny that wanted us together.
“But why do you love me?” She had once asked me during those days.
“Don’t ask me such absurd questions. Never ask me such questions again. Yes, I do love you. Accept the fact and I will keep loving you forever.”
 She would  smile at me and sometimes  expressed her displeasure whenever I avoided her questions.  Love for me was a trivial matter but she entered my life like a storm and captured me in this cage where only pure love resided! And I too enjoyed it!

“Yes, we would live together and we will die together!” she often used to say to me.
“Do not talk about death when you talk about living.” This used to be my immediate reply.
No matter how much this person hurts, the hurt doesn’t pierce our heart deep. This is because soul mates compliment each other.  They always have to be together, no matter what. That is how life is! And that is what almighty wished!  Each species that entered this planet would have a soul mate. And they both would define their life – their small little world full of happiness, joy and sometimes a little bit of sorrow.

I retired, after all, my attempts to find my kids turned futile and so I left back to my house. A big shock awaited me as I went there! A catastrophic event had occurred! Everyone started running helter skelter. A group of men chased us! They had huge beards and thick mustaches. They all were dressed in colorful Kurtas. They had huge swords. They had captured most of us! It then struck me that these guys would have abducted my entire family. Sooner, they captured me as well. They threw us in a van and took to their place. We were caged in a jail. It looked like a lively environment. It looked like a city to me. I found my beloved in a neighboring jail.

I stared at her. Death was dancing in front of our eyes. I was gazing at her. Her silence haunted me for the second time. I was confused with a volley of questions popping in my mind. Tears pooled in my eyes! A young boy with a knife grabbed her throat.  He took her to a corner, slit her throat!  She suffered, she struggled and all that I could do was just watch. The floor was drenched in red. She lay there! As she lay there in a state of stasis, I saw her soul depart.  She said, she loved me and will always do! The guy undressed her and neatly washed her.  

A man standing outside the room said, “ Bhai, ghar pe chicken 65 bana rahe hai," 
 He chewed tobacco and continued, "Fry karne ke liye chahye. Chop some big pieces.”
And the young boy obediently agreed.

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And the Saga continued...

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'A big fat Indian wedding' is what people generally say when people belonging to two different affluent families get together for a nuptial knot. The  Pandey’s and the Trivedi's were together for a cause. Vimal Pandey, the youngest son of Bhisham Pandey, the famous industrialist from Allahabad and Shweta Trivedi, the only daughter of Kamal Trivedi, the CEO of  Trivedi brothers were getting married. They hardly knew  each other but today they were going to be a part of an eternal bond. Knowing someone for short duration and knowing someone for long  time is actually different.  Vimal was a reticent young man and Shweta was an outgoing girl who didn't belong to the league of introverts. She was active in fact she was hyperactive. She loved helping people and she was an active volunteer of 'Help India' forum. 

Both the families were getting ready for the marriage ceremony. Shweta was arrayed for the wedding in a gossamer fine, red saree which was embroidered with gold and other rich fabrics.  She was wearing a gold necklace and her arms were filled with golden bangles. Her dark long hair was neatly braided and decorated with flowers.  One could easily fall for her beauty. Why not? Of course it was her wedding and he ought to look beautiful. Her looks could have injured many youngsters and for a moment all of them would have been cursing Vimal. A golden band encircled her slender waist and anklets of silver gleamed on her feet. She was dressed to impress and it was just perfect. Her hand was designed with henna.  She wore the mehndi till her arms. On the other side , Vimal was waiting at the Mandap for Shweta, his bride. He was fidgeting with his mobile phone. He swiftly put his cell phone inside his pockets as he saw Shweta walking towards him. He was incessantly poking his mobile phone. There was deafening silence as she walked towards him. For a moment, the world seemed beautiful to him.  All eyes were glued to her. He neatly inspected her from top to bottom. As she blinked her eyes, it invoked smile on his face. Such was the beauty of her majestic eyes. Her eyes were framed by an arched eyebrow which defined her looks. A svelte nose adorned her looks.  Her milky smooth skin, rosy lips could make anyone smile. As she neared him, butterflies started fluttering inside his stomach. She sat next to him on the mandap. Vimal smiled at her and said, "You look stunning!" 

Shweta blushed and thanked him even without looking at him. That was the first instance where  the bold and outgoing Shweta behaved like a typical Indian girl. All the family members were dressed in rich attires. The pundits chanted the mantras. Vimal garlanded Shweta and promised her to be with her till eternity and provide her a life full of happiness. They both then headed for the blessing session where they sought blessings from the elders of the family. It was a long day. Vimal never missed a chance to compliment Shweta. It made her feel good. The reception was held at evening. He  was wearing a black dashing blazer while his bride was wearing the reception saree. The reception was graced by the presence of people from Vimal's and Shweta's office and their friends. People lined up with presents on their hand. They greeted the couples and took photographs. It was indeed a big day for them. The sun sunk behind the clouds and paved way for the moon.

It was 11 PM. The night was young. Vimal was inside his room. He was wearing a Royal embroidered Kurta. He sat on his bed, his eyes stuck on his mobile phone. The bed was festooned with rose petals. Shweta entered the room. She held a thumbler containing milk. She was accompanied by few girls. They shared jokes as shy Shweta walked inside. They pushed her inside the room and locked the room.

Vimal failed to notice Shweta as she walked inside the room. 

"Ahem! Ahem!" She cleared her throat.  Vimal was too with his cell phone to notice his beloved. Shweta gave a confused look and sat next to him.

"It's a long hectic day; isn't it?" she asked with a smile. She meticulously placed the thumbler on the table where a bowl containing fruits were kept.

"Hectic indeed!" Vimal said, fidgeting with his mobile phone. Shweta was upset that Vimal was occupied with his mobile phone on the most important night of their life.  Many unanswered questions knocked her mind which could only be answered by Vimal. There was deafening silence for few minutes as Vimal  was engrossed with his mobile phone. She looked at him and was trying to find out what he was doing on his mobile phone.  From her analysis, it seemed Vimal was drawing random horizontal and vertical lines on his mobile phone. 

"Oh Shit! Shit ...Shit...Shitt..." Vimal said, slapping his forehead and continued, " Why does this always happens with me. Why God? I now have to wait for another 1 hour for my next life."

  He turned his head towards his newly wedded wife. This was the first time he looked at her that night. He again complimented her and his wife acknowledged with a smile. She loved compliments and she blushed every time someone appreciated her beauty. Why wouldn't she smile as her very own beau had admired her beauty

"Shweta, why do you remain silent? Don't you want to talk to me?" Vimal asked.

"Of course, I do!" Shweta looked straight into his eyes and said, "You are always glued to your phone  and I thought it would be  rude  to disturb you.”

"Thank God, you didn't  distract me. I was on level 99. Important Level for me, you see," he said with a smile on his face.

He took a sip of the milk and continued, "Imagine me reaching level 100 on my wedding night. Wouldn't that be amazing? A night to remember."

All that Vimal said to her seemed Tamil and Telugu to Shweta. But the mention of words like levels gave her clear indications  that he was talking about some game.

He smiled and showed his mobile phone to her. "See this. I love this game. I am addicted to it. This is my drug, Shweta and  I can't think of a life  without this." He said.

Shweta stood there speechless for a moment not knowing what to say and how to react. How could a man be addicted to such  mobile games? she asked herself.

"This game is called Candy Crash!" he said.

"I know this game.” Shweta said and asked, “You need to swipe out similar type of candies, right?" 

"Oh yes," Vimal said. 

"Do you also play this game?" he curiously asked her. 

"No, I don't. I detest such games. I once happen to play that game on my friend Neeta's mobile," she replied.

"I love breaking jellies  and candies. It's fun." he said.

Shweta was visibly disappointed. She wanted to cry but tears just refused to flow.

 "Such an immature man!"  she thought to herself.

"Which man on Earth breaks candies and jellies on his wedding night? Most men crave for this night and instead of making me special he is fancing around a stupid mobile phone. Godamn! " she thought again.

Her mind started thinking at the pace at which Vimal broke the candies in candy crash. Probably the candy crash game had crashed her dreams and happiness. 

Her animosity grew more as he logged into his laptop to search for cheat codes on Google.  

"Wedding Night, my foot!" she uttered to herself as she saw her husband browsing different websites in pursuit of the Candy Crash cheat codes.

She was a Psychologist by profession. She wanted to analyze her husband. All her attempts to talk to Vimal seemed futile. After several attempts, Vimal finally reached the 100th level at 5.30 AM. But by then Shweta was in deep slumber. She woke up in between to see Vimal. As usual , he would busy indulge himself in the game. At 5.31 AM, he screamed at the top of his voice that woke up his wife Shweta.

"Yippey! I did it! 100 Levels. I feel like Sachin Tendulkar. Shweta, I reached the 100th level."  He screamed in joy. Shweta rubbed her eyes and looked at him. Even Sachin would be feeling pity for Shweta.

He hugged her. He did a small jig by performing a pelvic thrust in Mithun Chakraborty style. It was the first time she felt a serene touch of her husband on her wedding night. She smiled. But the happiness was short lived. He soon crashed to bed after crashing all the jellies and candies.  Shweta sobbed cursing her destiny and future. 

"What kind of Life will I live with this man who breaks candies. There are many beautiful things in me that can lure him. But his mind revolves around candies and jellies. This stupid game killed my dreams and joy." she thought again.

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You and Me; Forever and Ever

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This is a dedication for a wonderful friend of mine. She is amazing person and  someone whose friendship I cherished!

 Waking  up in the morning
I saw things I didn't wish to see

Walking down the memory lanes,
I feel life was never the same

 Within a jiffy, things changed,
everything turned upside down
in no time  I realized that
Life without kin is like a fish without a fin

 Treading through the dark road,
I asked where am I?
through teary eyes and sorrow,
I asked who am I?

Having lost myself amongst the unknown faces
I lamented  my decisions which
snatched not my tears , but my smile
and  they who meant me lot

 Days and Night
through moist eyes and tears I cried
silent nights that I slept
thinking of them whom I loved

 My heart yearned to meet someone special
to break my fears and tears away
someone who would show me dreams
and promises to bring  back my smile

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The Woman on Platform number 10

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I was strolling at the New Delhi Railway station for over 2 hours, waiting for the Kanpur bound Shatabdi Express. Lately I got to learn that the train was delayed by 3 hours. Helplessly, I dawdled outside the New Delhi railway station, leering at the bystanders. Few minutes later, I left for the reservation centre where I saw a pool of people stranded. There was a complete mayhem as I tried to find my way inside amidst the crowds moving helter-skelter. During this process, I collided with several people of different sizes and shapes. This lot included many fragile women whose perfumes mesmerized me. I neatly organized my hair before I located a seat near the right corner of the reservation centre. I was wearing a dapper outfit dashing enough to impress girls. I wore my Ray ban sun glasses and sat on the seat adjacent to a 60 yr old woman. She looked at me as if I belonged to some alien planet. I scanned and observed a young girl of around 5, smiling and waving hands at me. I smiled back at her. I saw a cantankerous Muslim man, sporting a mullah beard outrageously involved in a verbal skirmish with a fellow passenger. The little girl’s attention was diverted and for once all eyes were glued on him. He was equally attacked by his victim who screamed abuses and curses at him.  I sneered at them and head for platform number 10. I ruffled the little girl’s hair and bid her good bye. I was carrying my bag pack and a heavy luggage bag which made me feel uncomfortable. I took few pauses as I climbed the stairs. I waited for 5 minutes at the connecting bridge. I was visibly distracted by an ensemble of good looking adolescent girls who were walking towards me. I moved ahead, my eyes spotted a newly married couple cheerfully talking to each other.  As I walked, someone pushed me from behind. The man, tall and stocky, looked behind and apologized. His face was craggy and sported a 4 day old stubble. He was followed by his wife and 3 young daughters each carrying a plastic bag. At a closer glance, I realized that the woman was holding a new born baby. “Be Careful!” I screamed at her.

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Truth is stranger than fiction

Truth is stranger than fiction
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"Maa, today I have a strong desire to listen your bed time story," I pestered my mother to narrate me a story. I always remember that my mother used to narrate me stories that happened around her. She used to tell me about the home she visits every day. Every day she came back , she would tell about the woman, her husband and her daughter.
"No, darling! Not today," she replied me.

"Mom..Not fair," I grimaced and continued, "You have to tell me."
"Please understand," she said and added, "I am tired today." She seemed tired. She used to visit every house in the neighbourhood and would accumulate food that she finds. She would get those for me. I could say that I gorge over a variety of food items collected by my mother.
" have to tell me," I got vexed for once.
"You can never understand your mothers plight, darling," she said with a straight face.
"Fine, you will know when I die because of fatigue and tiredness," she said , her voice low.
"Mom..Please don't say that for God sake," I said and continued, "I only have you...I have neither my father’s support nor any relative who would provide me with guidance in case of your absence."
"So you care for me, right?" she asked.
"Yes, maa."
"If it is so, then allow me to take rest," she said. "But maa!" I said and continued, "I only told you what my heart desired."

Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Secret!!

The Secret!!

The day I turned Thirty, I received the ultimate gift of my life. For years I'd been mourning the loss of my beloved wife, my first love. That day, I lost myself, a part of me. After spending several years together with her, I had realized that  her absence killed me every day. Life without her was miserable. It is wisely said that  life without a companion is like a rudderless boat. I felt like a man rescued from shipwreck. My love for her was so intense that no one could fill the void created  by her in my life except one person. She was my daughter, the one who completed my life. She was a complete package of happiness, the only joy of my life. She  brought smile on my face whenever I felt lonely or depressed. For her, I was a doting daddy who loved her more than anyone. As she turned Two, I struggled to raise her. I had a dual role to play, that of a mother and a father. But I never wanted her to miss her mother. I would often turn speechless whenever she asked me about her mother. This confrontation distressed me. I used to control my emotions whenever I was subjected to  the same question again and again.

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The Silent Whispers !

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 Disclaimer - Strictly FICTION!! - Finally my 10th post in BAT.I wrote my first BAT post on 5th December 2009  and it took me 3 yrs to write 10 posts!! :D 

     It was the beginning of the 1st Sem of M.Tech. Life was not different at College of Engineering, Pune.I continued from where I stopped in B.Tech .I belonged to the league of spoiled brats. Infact, it was disgraceful to be tagged as a scamp amongst a group of 70.It was ironic that despite being called so, some groups of beautiful lasses found me attractive and called me an adorable rogue. Truth is always bitter, but sometimes my heart fails to accept the different smutty adjectives bestowed upon me. Human heart is bound by feelings and emotions. It hurts at times when you are subjected to such things. Owing to this, the beautiful damsels of my class never spoke much to me. People entered my life and left. Few things can't be said, but people failed to identify the storm within me. I had been nursing a broken heart. I never had any intimate friends with whom I could share my sorrows. There were few groups of voracious men whose company I cherished. They eyed my wealth, I eyed their friendship. But it did hurt me when they prioritized my money. Such ravenous men irk me. Solitude snatched the happiness in my life. I often walk alone along the veranda in pursuit of peace and lost happiness, listening to Radio. I sit at the corner section of the library where people never went. Some say that I was turning into a loner. I never cared for what the world said. But for me, it was the place where I found peace, the place where I met my first love. Yes, I fell in love with a beautiful woman. How could I forget her?

    Those days I was never the same. Life was full of happiness. I was boisterous young man of 21,a brilliant student studying  in 3rd Sem at COE, Pune. The day I turned Twenty One, I decided to throw a big party to all my classmates. I distributed sweets and tried to make everyone happy. I spend all my pocket money to make my birthday grand. My doting parents could never say no to any of my demands. They decided to make my birthday special and I became a proud owner of an Audi A4.The class was festooned with colourful balloons and glitter papers. Everyone sang the birthday song for me and everyone wished and greeted me. That was the day when I saw her for the first time. She looked nervous and muddled as she entered the classroom. She witnessed something unusual and preferred to remain silent. She was tall - about 5'6”, wheatish and had a slender body. Her long straight hair was neatly braided with a middle partition. Her angelic and seraphic eyes hid the eternal universes behind. Her arched charcoal dark brows looked like the bow of an archer ready to wound many hearts. Her nose, haughty and long made her look magnificent. She had a perfect lips, blood red in color.Her entire face was alluring. It was her first lecture. Nervousness had muffled her smile. I was damn sure that this pretty girl would be more beautiful if she smiled a bit. I was anticipating a smile from her and of course a wish - a birthday wish. I stifled a smile when few of my friends’ cracked funny jokes. I gazed at the new entrant to our class. Everyone was busy engrossed in their other activities, while few of them were gorging on the delicious puff rolls which I gave them. The studious lot of the class were busy writing their daily assignments. She sat at a vacant seat on the first row. I was wondering why she never spoke. A  chubby girl, my close friend greeted her. That was the perfect moment when she smiled. I saw her smile and realized that I had got the best birthday gift of my life. She introduced herself as 'Muskan'. I keenly observed her as she uttered her name. I was not surprised when her parents named her. They must have been beguiled by the lovely smile of their daughter. 

"Guys, Lets welcome the gorgeous Muskan," The same chubby girl Dimpy introduced her to the class.

"Gorgeous... appropriately described," I murmured.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Celebrate God !!

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 Celebrate God with your hands,
Celebrate God with your voice,
Celebrate God in all that you do,
And he will be with you.

Listen to Him with your eyes:
Listen to Him with your heart.
Listen to Him as He speaks with you.
And He will be with you.

I still remember those  young days where we used to sing this hymn during the Sunday masses and our Sunday classes . Those were the tender age where we never knew the meaning of this song. But as we grew up,we tend to learn many new things. Recently I came across this hymn although due to paucity of time I miss my Sunday masses. God forgive me. But  I was lost into these stanzas when I read those lines with full concentration. I contemplated for few more minutes  and realized what life would be with and without God. Almighty never  betrays us. He is present everywhere. We just need to open our eyes and look for him. Celebrate him  with praise and rejoice with him. Difficulties in life are not new. They may ruin your life and spoil your happiness. But do we really need to give up. Almighty is our father. Mark my words when I speak these words which has some meaning. I generally refrain from preaching words of wisdom. These lines instigated me to write something for my blog as my blog was craving for attention. Call  and Remember him during your worst time. He is one step away from you. Remember him in your prayers and the very next moment he will resolve your issues in life. Agnostics and Atheists don't believe in the existence of God. But those who  believe in Almighty should praise his name. There is nothing without him. He is the supreme power that binds this whole world into one.You might go through the worst phase of your life and  might await the situation to worsen. Cribbing and Whining will not  vanish your problems. It may give you a transient resolution for some period of time but for a long time relief there has to be something. Celebrate God in all that you do. There might be cases where you may have everything in life. But you don't have time to celebrate the success,happiness with Almighty. Little do you know that he is the stake holder in your happiness and success as he governs you. Friends, never forget to celebrate such small happy moments with your lord. This Almighty term which I use is independent of religion while talking in this context as I want to generalize all the superior powers irrespective of the religions.

He will always be with you when you do things which he likes. He will never forsake you for sure as you are his creation. He is present everywhere  in many forms. Its just that we need to open our eyes and look forward to meet him.During  our sufferings and transgressions we call him and remember him but we never and we can't remember him during our happy times. That isn't fair at all. Everything is possible with him. He is the mentor,guide,instructor and the supreme power.Is it good to remember Jesus Christ only during Easters and Christmas?why do you have to remember Almighty Allah only during Ramzan Eid?. Did Ram said  to you to remember him only during Ram Navami. We celebrate many festivals in our country viz  Diwali ,Holi etc. But why do we have to remember our Gods only during such days. Its on our hand because we  have set certain rules ,rules which doesn't seems good to me. Remembering God on such special days  is not a rule in any rule book but do make time for him during your times of need. Pray with your whole heart.Celebrate your success with him . Let him rejoice with your every achievement. Share your sorrows with him. He is the best counselor who counsels the entire planet.He is the governor who governs your life. He never betrays you so why do you want to betray him . These are random thoughts and certain people may not appreciate this. But I want to tell you that you can together climb the success ladder and reach the zenith when you celebrate God.

Speak to him. Vent out everything to him. He is always there to listen you and he won't get irked or he won't run after listening your problems as he is the divine master of this universe. He rocks the world. Its Celebration time . This Diwali may Almighty bless you with all the riches and provide you with all the happiness in your life. Burst crackers and play safe. So its time to Celebrate m celebrate God with all that you do and he will be with you. :-)

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