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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Flashback - My entry for the Get Published contest

Love is special. Love stories are special. Let me take you to the magical glorious college days of 2 people. Meet Tarun and Anushka, the protagonists in this story .College days are memorable and how special it would be when you met your first love in your college? This is not just another story. I wish to portray the feelings of a guy who falls for his best friend. Life seems to expect more when you have attained something. You crave for someone but when that someone enters your life, you experience butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You want to befriend and eventually want them to be your best friend. And what next? .Life changes!

Tarun and Ishant are the Jai - Veeru of VJTI, Mumbai. The story revolves around the year 2003. They are the bad boys of F.Y.Engg. The duo have a bad reputation in their class and girls stayed away from them. Anushka, the only daughter of Industrialist L.K Bhatia is a new comer to the First Year. Story revolves around the life of Tarun whose life changes once he spots Anushka in his class. There is a drastic change in his attitude and behaviour. It wasn't love at first sight, but it wasn't affection too. You would witness the misadventures of Tarun who desperately wants to befriend Anushka. His friend Ishant tries to do a cameo in his love story thus adding to his misadventures. 

Rich yet Simple Anushka eventually becomes friends with the bad boy Tarun Arora. What happens next is a series of melodramatic events which eventually gives life to this love story. The story will focus on the relationship between best friends. We live in the era where people believe that best friends can never fall in love. What if best friends actually fell in love? If they did, then wouldn't they still be best friends?. Calling names, late night phone calls, hanging out together at CCD or a movie or two are pretty common these days but what stands out is when your best friend proposes you one day. Tarun proposes Anushka in front of the whole class during a behavioural training session. There is deafening silence as he speaks those flowery words. Girls do have a different image about Tarun in their mind. But that doesn’t matters. What matters the most is would Anushka accept Tarun's proposal or would she insist on being best friends?. If she did, then would Tarun be still able to impress the industrialist father of Anushka. Will the doting daddy accept Tarun as his son in law? Will best friends Tarun and Anushka turn out to be soul mates?. 'Flashback' will take you back to the best days of your life, your college days.

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

177.All in a days work

"This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 5; the fifth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton."
"Don't live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable."
This is one of the most inspiring statement made by famous American Playwright Wendy Waserstein. Just think over it again,do you derive something out of it?.Well to be honest we have many expectations in life. As life progresses ,our expectations increase.Live every moment of your life as it comes.Cherish it to the core. If life is a roller coaster ride,then I would prefer riding on it for the whole day.I would like to bring back the most active ,creative and entertaining period of my life. We entered the University with dreams and ambitions. We expected a lot but things changed when we made an exit. More ambitious we were during those tender young teen age.We planned to do remarkable and wonderful things in our life. We wished to paint our memories in those beautiful dust clad walls of our Alma mater.Mischeif mongers is what people called us during those days. What do you think?.If Wendy's statement was a theorem,then we had the capability to prove it wrong. We were Engineers, we are Engineers.
Let me take you to the beautiful mischievous Engineering days where we wished there were more than 365 days in a year. Permit me to paint your soul with my good old Engineering days. When I learnt that most of the blog a tonics suggested this topic for B-O-T 5 ,I was actually surprised and amazed. "What an Idea ,Sirjee!!" was my first reaction. I would prefer writing a book on this topic,but I want to limit this post to some 500- 600 odd words if time permits me.Engineering days were on of the most memorable period of my life.I remember many eventful things happening in my life. By event ,I mean the disgraceful and unfortunate events that happened during my college days . My college day is not less than any feature film. Let me describe the submission day,where we take utmost risk standing at gunpoint . It was the day when I was bombarded with too many gifts for being a mischief monger. Those were the best gifts that Engineering professors could ever give me on the last day of Semester 5. It was a normal usual day . Early morning in winters are terribly cold . The cloud would be fog cladden reducing visibility.It becomes lazy to get up early morning. For some obvious reasons I forgot to get a note of my 'Red letter day' ie Submissions . Thanks to the Manchester United - Manchester City Derby match the previous night. Being a red devil supporter has often got me into troubles. I got ready with my college sack ( I won't call it a bag,a headache it was ).I went to my college flaunting my Man United jersey with my name 'Anii' written behind in bold letters showing number 33,my life number. Same daily routine of boarding the over crowded train which was filled with testosterone charged men would often turn me off. Whenever a girl entered the boggie ,all wicked eyes would change its focus of attention towards her. Such sicko attitude these guys possessed.Other chunk of boggie contained people who don't brush their teeth regularly. Thanks to the bright yellow teeth exhibition.Mumbai local train commuters have always been a good exhibitionist and they are good at such things .I've been a good observer and even today I've been observing things. I planned to enter my class with a slight hope of getting an entry. Our class would always be imbued with talented girls and yes some are beautiful too.

"Go away Anii," the girl sitting on the first bench whispered. I learnt the signal and left for our 'adda'. Our college canteen used to be our adda.We've spend most of our time sight seeing & bird watching in our college.Some guys would try to impress the junior girls and some would try flaunting their talents and skills. The corner of the canteen was reserved for our gang.It was located to right of the door.It is the place where we learnt the art of translating our sorrows into happiness. Wondering what kind of sorrows, yes I am talking about the teachers constant bombardment of assignments and projects.Canteen is the place where we converted the sorrows of writing assignments into an entertaining ,melodramatic and rather fun oriented writing session. I had my gang desperately waiting for me. They welcomed me as usual in front of all the beautiful girls. We had a Vending machine in our college canteen.We have to insert notes and coins to get the desired product. I was given 50 Rs by a good friend and was asked to get few items.I did as per the orders before we started the 'Voh meri - voh teri' game which used to be our daily routine.I inserted the 50Rs note in the machine and guess what it made my day.It gave few items along with a 500 Rs note. Thank god the operator wasn't standing nearby. Later on we started the game. The girl who enters the canteen will be the guys date. Practically its the person who enters the canteen who could be a teacher,girl,boy,canteen boy and so on.This would follow the sequence.My good friend got the canteen mama as usual and as usual we used to taunt him by calling his name. For the first time in life, I got a beautiful girl who was associated with me in this dumb testosterone charged bloody stupid game. I actually preferred refraining from such obnoxious activities,but couldn't just remain numb most of the time. Ogling at girls is really bad and a big sin as per the holy bible.God Forbid! Later on we completed our journals.Our journals were incomplete and we had a big task ofcompleting it.Nishi gave us an exciting news of we being featured into the 4th defaulters list. It was expected but not at that particular moment. I had to hobble because of the sprain on my ankle. I was rather unhappy with the statistics. I failed to break my previous attendance record.I had registered my second lowest attendance of 11 % ,8 % being my Engineering lowest. We were wanted by our HOD. We were persistently asked the reasons for not attending lectures.We had to listen our HOD's lecture the umpteenth time.But we do respect and honour him. It was an embarrassing moment of my life and only then we realized how shameless we were when we gave him an innocent 'bachhoo' smile. They were planning to call our parents which suddenly changed the state of our mind.Our smiles changed into frown.He told that he will take punitive actions but the matter was settled as we were asked to solve 5 years University papers of each subject.Our submissions were discarded and our works were not accepted. We 17, sat till 8 pm and completed a set of around 35 papers along with the pending assignments and journal work.It was like giving your neck to someone and get it strangled.We invited the problems and we regretted for the same.We deserved it,but it was only a practice session for us.We left for our home with swollen fingers resulting from too much of writing work. Tendons in our muscle would not budge.Disgraceful and unfortunate things happened in my life in that sem which reflected on my semester marks and term works. I failed to realize that I had my Campus placement sessions next semester. It was a fiasco of my engineering days where I learnt a good lesson.It was a normal day ,a fruitless day for sure but a day which we could never forget. We did everything on our S day.After all it was all in a days work.Life is a collection of memories.If life were a paper we could have had a photocopy of it.But alas! it isn't ,only such memories brings a smile to your face when something reminds you of those episode.It may be sad ,may be bad.It was just another day in my life which changed my life..
From an Engineers diary.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Sandwiched between the chicks.....

Hey,this thing happened when I was in class 10 .I was just 15 yr old.I could not imagine that my hormones were over active at that age.I was very naughty and I never imagined that one day my naughtiness would cross its limit.It was my hindi lecture at my coaching class.

I was also know as "a late comer" as I was not punctual.I came back home from school at 1.30 pm.I soon completed all my works and reclined on my sofa just like reclining buddha statue.I never realized that I was getting late for my coaching classes.Classes were supposed to start at 2.30 pm.I was fetching snacks and food items so that I could eat something before I leave.I rested on my sofa and I slept for a while.By then ,it was 2.25 pm.A phone call awaked me.It was my dad asking me wheter I left for classes or not."Oh my God!!! I am sleeping here," I soon rushed to the bathroom.

I washed my face and got ready for my classes.I took my english text book instead of my hindi book.I didn't had enough bucks to take an Auto and hence I had to walk all the way.By the time I reached my classes premises ,it was already 2.50 pm. My Sir asked me to rush in quickly.When I entered the class ,every one stared at me just like they had seen any alien on earth."oh my , stop staring at me guys," I said in my mind.My eyes were wide open when I could not find any place to sit.The classroom was jam packed with all studentsI could not step in.Maa'm told me to sit at the second bench. I soon got a glance of two chicks on that bench.
"Maa'm ,there is no place , how would I fit in ," I said to my hindi teacher.
She told me not to waste any time and get settled as soon as possible.Any how I tried reaching the second bench.I asked one of the girls to shift ,but there was no place.Any how I managed to get into a position.Finally,I found myself sitting between both of them. Yes,I was sandwiched between two beautiful girls.Imagine,a 5'8" tall boy sitting in a small place and that too between two girls.At first , I felt like kicking my self.I was cursing myself for that short sleep at home.My butts were paining like hell.I could not widen my legs.I looked at the girls on either side.My eyes soon grabbed the attention of their legs.I was helpless and I couldn't do much.The teacher was teaching "Janak ki peeda," and here I felt like teaching her "Steph ki peeda ".
"Some one please save me," I felt like crying. In the event my hands touched their body .
"Oops," I guess you know what I am talking about.At the same time, an ant bit me.It added to my sorrow.Instead of scratching my thigh ,I scratched the others girls thigh.I thought I would get beaten up.But ,she didn't mind."Thank god," I said. But it was fun sitting with two chicks. I didn't knew what happened to me that day. I was fidgeting with my books and pens. I was frequently getting up and adjusting myself. It distracted my teacher and she asked me to sit at the last bench."Oh Ma'm,don't say that ," was my first reaction. It was just 35 minutes. Those 35 minutes were like 10 minutes for me. After that day,we three became good friends.
When I sat at the last bench,I could hear murmurs. Those were my friends."Sale ,Chance maar liya naa ,"they said to me."Shhh," I gave them a wicked smile.

After that day ,I tried coming late everyday atleast 15 minutes late. But I soon realized that I was early as all guys came after me. Hey,I guess I am pretty much inspired from the Chronic Writer :p

I still think of that day when I was Sandwiched between the two chicks.Yays,some one get me those past days

1.Rafal Nadal won his first Australian open title after beating Roger Federer in 5 sets.

2.Ste broke his previous attendance record of 37% which was created in Sem3.Now ,he has recorded a low attendance of 26% in his last semester .Here is the detailed analysis that was giving in his college site.

click image to enlage

ps: college has started and as a result I am not being able to catch up with your post.Will read your posts during weekends.


Friday, January 30, 2009


You may have seen many dumb people in your life.They would have done few silly things that would remind you of them.I have seen many dumb people in my life.But ,this thing that I am going to narrate will make you laugh.This incident took place when I was in Sem 3.That was the time when I was getting less marks in all my subjects.I was going through the bad phase of engineering where my attendance was less than 40% and I wasn't scoring good marks in my class tests.
I learnt that these class tests served as a term work booster.It was our discrete structure paper.I was not prepared for the test and I had a plan of copying from my partner,but unfortunately I couldn't.My friend Nishant had some different plan.Nishant and Divyanka made an agreement that they will help each other during the exam.Divyanka's roll number was 41 and Nishant's was 42.He was sitting behind Divyanka in the exam hall.My roll number was 59.When we got our question paper we all were looking at each others face.

This was what happened.

Nishant: ( Scans through the entire question paper as if he knew everything).Hey divya,what happened.You getting any answers.

Divyanka:(looks worried) Yaar,I am not getting anything.I need help re.

Nishant: What should we do now?

Divyanka:(gets flustered and looks at the paper for some time).Oh gosh!!!

Nishant: What is this gosh for ??

Divyanka:Shut up Nishant.Now write the paper.Atleast try to write something.

After that Divyanka scribbles something on her answer sheet.It seemed she was getting all the answers.Nishant was wondering what she was writing.He started peeping into her paper.

Nishant:Oye, let me see please.

Divyanka:I am writing some answers.Hope they are right.

Nishant: Mujhe bhi dikha naa yaar.Please show me few answers.

Divyanka:Shhhh!! apna kaam kar.

Nishant: please divyanka.

Divyanka:don't pester me dude.Let me write something.

Nishant: not fair.Show me few answers.

She got pissed off and finally she lets him see some answers.

Nishant: hey shift a little bit,I can't see answer to question 3A

Divyanka:Huh!! ok ok .(shifts and places the answer sheet to her right).

Nishant: (copies everything from her paper) Thanks Divya.

After the exam gets over.

Nishant:hey,thanks for showing me everything.

Divyanka:hehehe,I don't even know what I wrote.But ,I guess I would no flunk atleast.

Nishant:Waah! thats called confidence.


Nishant :Are you sure ? you gonna pass in this paper.

Divyanka: sure man.will pass for sure.

Nishant: Now that is called over confidence.(laughs)Lets see .Lets hope for the best.

Then me,Nishant,Satish,Shiva, Ashwin Kirkadkar and Ashwin Bhirad leave for the canteen.

After two weeks ,it was our Discrete Structure submissions.We were supposedly going to get our papers.Mhatre sir belonged to a different genre of professors.He followed his own set of principles.It seemed that he had not checked our papers and would check it in front of us.Nishant and Divyanka were confident that they will pass.

Shiva:Nishh,will you pass ?

Nishant: Han re,Divyanka ke barose likha hai .hehehe .I copied everything from her.I even took one supplement .

Shiva:good for you .

Mean while ,the sir had called for roll number 41 and 42.He was considering 2 people at a time.

Sir: come ,sit.

Nishant and Divyanka were hoping for good marks.

The sir was checking Divyanka's paper.We were surrounding both of them like some movie was going on.The sir scanned her entire paper.He then cancelled unwanted or irrelevant answers.He then read the answers for a while and gave 1 marks for it.He cancelled the entire answers there was no scope for any addition of marks.The sir looked at Divyanka's face and smiled.Later on he even cancelled the one mark that he awarded her.Nishant was dumbfounded and looked at Divyanka's face with shock.By that time,he may have known his marks as his paper was an exact xeros of her paper.Even he got a big zero.

While,we could not control our laughter .

Me:hehe ,Nishant 0 mila .hehehe.

Nishant: chod yar.It happens .I ponder what Divyanka wrote on her paper .She had written everything and all wrong.(laughs)

We all were making fun of Divyanka.She left as soon as she got her paper.I got 11 marks .

Nishant: Divyanka wrote everything to score 0 out of 50 :p (0/50)

And we all were laughing.One could not see a dumb person like both of them.Poor Divyanka.

This happened in sem 3 .I have changed names of main characters for some reasons.

Hope you liked it.

If something of that sort happened ,then please let me know....

Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Great Engineering Copycats......

The post below is a general observation of the writer.

Well,how often do we realize that exams are nearing and we are busy involved in some other activities rather than studying.Don't we feel the pain in our ass when there are just 2 or 3 days remaining for the exam.Yes,we do.But what if by the time we haven't studied anything or may be studies only few things.Thats the time when the devil plays a trick .He gradually occupies our mind and persuades us to take unwanted or unnecessary steps that can put us to serious troubles.I am an Engineering student and I bet most of my blogger friends here are engineering students like Anurag,Sid,Sambit,Divinidiu(sorry for the typos ). I want to know how many Engineering students try to or atleast pretend to study as their semester begins.You will be amazed to know that hardly 10% of them start their studies as their sem commences.
Let us stay in this topic as I feel I am diverting away from the topic.

Ok ,now I am going to speak about few copying techniques in which I was involved .But , you see I am a sincere student and I don't copy during main exams .Its just for college tests.

Let us see various techniques first.
1.The Cellphone trick
This one is tricky .This sort of copying involves using your cell phones with features like bluetooth and camera facilities .I know a person who has mastered this art of copying.I won't wish to disclose his name here .If I ever do that,then I am damm sure he is gonna kick my ass hard in college.He sits in front of me during exams.He plans a backup technique wherein if he feels that the questions on the question papers are totally different ,he would seek help from his mobile phone...Ahh!! now don't be amazed or surprised.As I said this is one of the most dangerous methods.Firstly ,he looks for the invigilator.If he doesn't sights the person ,he slowly and steadily removes his cellphone to get the snaps of the answer.He then writes the anwer on his sheets and finally done with copying.There may be cases when his peers may need the answer.Then he would ask them to connect their phone through bluetooth connectivity.Please ,don't ever try that.

2.The Supplement Swap method.
As the name suggests ,this method basically involves two candidates who aim to share their answers.The first one would pass on his main sheet and the 2nd one would pass his supplement and write the answers.After completion,they would swap the answer sheets once again to get back their own papers.This is risky at certain cases.Imagine the case where you have the answer sheet of the 2nd person and you want to return it back to him or her.If the invigilator is near you then are for almighty's help so as to divert the teachers way.I once tried this with one of my close buddy during semester 2 college unit tests.He had my physics paper while I had his chemistry paper and guess what we got same marks.

3.The Pendrive insert method .. applicable only for practical exams.
Look for opportunity ,if no one is aside you ...remove your pen drive..insert it on the slot and copy the programs directly.We un sincere engineering students do this.Imagine writing Cohen Sutherlands program which takes around 25 minutes.It is practically impossible to type the codes without any errors.Pendrive insert method may help in such cases.Few of my friends tried it once and they were successful.

4.The Table and desk method.

I do this thing ..where I write the formulae's and diagrams on the desk before the exams start.This is commonly practiced by our former topper of our class :p .Hope she is not reading this as I see her doing this everytime before
exams.Well,this is fun.

5.The chit

People make small chits with handwritten answers whose size ranges from 4mm to 9 mm.They make use of the chits for writing the answers

I advice all guys that you should study.The methods written by me are just observation.I have not tried it .Please do not try this .I didn't had any topics to write so I wrote on this.I have seen students doing this and thus wrote about it.Any ways good luck guys.....

Work hard and I bet you will get the fruits of your hard work in form of good marks.
Hope to see you soon.

What do you say about my observations and all methods?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dilation,Erosion and Q.3B IP Paper....

Somethings often cause problems to us at crucial times.I had my IP exams on 29th Dec,2008.We had around 12 days holiday for IP.Hence,we have lesser holidays for SE.On contrary,the MC guys had 22 days off for SE.Am jealous Anurag ehhh!!!!! arggg.
I started my IP studies from 23rd and a day off for Christmas.By 26th ,I had completed almost 6 chapters that included Image compression,Segmentation,Transformation.I didn't bothered to touch Image Morphology.Dilation and Erosion are two important concepts in IP.Its an important concept.I tried to learn by my own.At first,I found it easy and I had some different way of understanding the same.Ravi called me and said that its some different method and we needed to take reflection of the structuring elements before matching it with the given image.

Few hours I tried to clear my doubts by calling Rahul Jaithwar, who is a good buddy of mine.There were guests in his house and was finding it difficult to study.

Me: Yar,tell me abt dilation yaar.Its like matching Str element on image and if any of the 1's match then we write 1 on that naaa.
Rahul: naaa dude....when 1's match we write 1 at the origin and not at any location of str element.
Me: yaar shot hai ...mera sirf 5 chaps hue padke.....tera
Rahul: yaar 15 guests hai re.....don't know how I will cope up.
Me:chal i call u later....gud luck for exam.
Rahul: same to you....don't take tension man...paper easy aayega and byee you on 29th ..bye

Dilation and Erosion are the basics.They are the foundation for Opening,Closing,Thinning,Skeletoning,Thickening,Hit and Miss transformation.By 28th,I am done with almost all topics.

On 29th,I got up at 5 am and revised all the concepts once again.Exams started at 10:30 pm sharp.I could see Ravi worried and a very confident Richa sitting behind me.I got my Q - paper.I glanced through it.To vain, there was a question which required definition of dilation and erosion and not concept.I wrote everything about it.

I was very happy as my paper went good.The next day Rahul said" dude,i said naa paper will be easy,"

"dilation and erosion," he laughed :p
He asked me to write about this on my blog.Thus I have written it.I finally want to thank Rahul for his generous remarks and advice.Thanx a lot dude.You rock!!.

Now,I am learning Cyclomatic compexity of White Box testing.I have my SE papers on 9th........Yes Anurag,How much have you completed dude :p ....hope you are reading this...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A date with a Stranger

Every one knows that I was not selected int the campus interview that was held on February 23rd.It was conducted on two days and based on the performance of the individuals on the first day itself.Earlier we had an aptitude test which carried 60 marks.Would you believe,we had to wait for 6 hours for the display of candidates list who made into the next round.It was a joint campus where around 2500 students all over mumbai applied .Finally at 6 pm in the evening ,the list was declared and I was happy that I made in the second round.Unfortunately ,none of my friends made into the second round.We were then asked to assemble in the seminar hall where we were given information regarding group discussion.I was placed in group no 11 and we were asked to go to class room no 405,where we would be having the G.D.
Finally,we were given a topic.The topic was "Is Mumbai a safe city??".This topic was very easy topic ,but all group members were talking in favour of the topic.I was the one who strongly opposed the topic and I was against the topic.All were against me,I just wanted to remain calm.I could hear a voice which was a girls voice who eventually supported my point.Finally,the H.R selected both of us and we were given the invitation card for the next round.By then ,it was 11pm.I was walking alone to the railway station.I heard a sound behind me."Hey,you spoke really well",she said.
"I am pooja(name changed),doing my I.T Engineering " ,said she.
"Hello,I am Stephen,doing my Computer Engineering from TEC",I replied.
She accompanied me till we reached the railway station.We were glad that we both got selected to the next round and we were asked to report at 9 am the next day and it was Sunday.She was with me in the train and we shared our experiences and talks .She got down at Vashi and I dropped by Kurla.I reached my home at 12:30am.Mom and Dad were really upset as I didn't reached home early and didn't called them..The next day we were supposed to have a technical and HR interview for which I had to prepare .I was not familiar with old concepts of C and C++ and I had to revise the same.I revised my concepts till 3 am and slept at 3:30 am and got up at 6 am.I finally reached the place at 9 am and I met the same girl Pooja in the train.It seemed that she was nervous and had done little as she had no time.We were asked to report in the assembly hall and I was placed in the group along with Pooja which would be having HR interview first.The HR who took my interview was very friendly and I answered all questions confidently and he selected me for the next round.The selected canditates were asked to wait at classroom no 203.We had 3 hrs to go before our technical interview.I was busy revising my concepts.
Me: hey guys any one knowing Data Abstraction.
Vivek:no idea ,yar.
She: hey I know it,data abstraction means considering only a part of information and not the whole.For eg,consider a refrigerator,you need not know the internal details of the refrigerator and you are just supposed to know the working.
He:Oh !! thank you,that was sweet of you.

She gave her Technical interview and it seemed the person was very strict.He did'nt selected her and even he asked me with some stupid questions althoughI answered all,but I was not confident at all.After interview ,I asked he,"hey ,did you get selected?".
She remained silent for a while and said"No!! i didnt".

We finally left for the railway station and she asked me"Hey,Steph will you please tell me the route to Thane".
"You go to sanpada and then change ",I replied.
"Best of Luck for the next interview",I added.
"Thank you and the same applies to you",she smiled.
"Bye ",then she left and I left .

I never bothered to exchange phone number with her.After that I never met her.
Finally,I got selected in TechMahindra on 27th February.That day was a very important day in my life,I remembered that stranger who accompanied me when I was trying for Accenture.


Friday, June 27, 2008

I went to college today....

Today, I went to my Junior college where I completed my fyjc and syjc.I would not forget GNK as it was the best place where I lived ... I mean the happiest season of my life which I wont even tend to forget.I went to my college to buy admission form for my sister who just passed out her SSC boards.So I had to go to my college all the way from Santacruz to Kings Circle.This was the first time I went to GNK after 3 years.I found many changes and I even reckoned that it wasn't the same anymore.At our time ,the cutoffs for Science was around 81.5% and now its even more,thank you teachers as its because of the quality of education.I'd been to the corridors where we used to stand outside and bunk lectures.I still remember Neeru mam ,who caught us outside the classroom and she didnt allowed to attend lectures for a week or so.I remember how Singh sir used to scold us and share jokes with us.It was all just for 2 years.Many friends are still associated wth GNK as they are doing their B.Sc Microbiology and some others are doing BMM.Today, I met Guha mam who taught us English when we were in 11th and 12th.It was a different experience for me.I went to the classroom where we had lectures,Room NO 201.The same class room where I met Prashant,Feroz ,Milap and Imran on the first day.I was in College for just 45 minutes and my presence in college made me happy as this was the place where I enjoyed life and exactly knew what life was supposed to be.I would see all the passed out kids with their parents standing on queue just waiting for the person in counter to give admission forms.I always wanted to be a part of this college ,but I couldn't and we were a group of 6 close friends who were popular at that time.It is rightly said that somethings Money can't buy and those were the days which I would miss the most.I would be back there in few weeks time ,just to see the cutoff marks,hope she makes it there.This is like our family college where 4 of my cousins have studied and if Anu makes it there ,then she would be the 6th person from our family to study in GNK.Although ,now I am in a different college doing my graduation (B.E),but I would still remember GNK .

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Look someone is attending lectures .......

Till my School days and junior college ,I was a very sincere student and imagine i always used to attend all lectures sincerely and i was a pet for almost all my teachers.Days have changed and so have people changed .No one expected me to bunk lectures and my friends used to tease me "common its of no use callin Steph coz he wont miss the lecture".But in Engineering the story is totally different .
Imagine I was in defaulters list in semester 3 and one should note that i actually attended just 1 lecture of maths
which I considered it to be my worst act coz that itself led to many heartbreaking events which finally affected my semester 3 marks .Initially in semester 2,I attened just 4 lectures of maths .After getting into Engineering,I was a good kid till end of semester 1 ....but as semester ended ,Steph changed and that too drastically.That year my term work constituted to 60% of my total semester marks which is as less as compared to students scoring 80% and more in term works.The same year my aggregate was just 61 % which was never expected from me as I scored more than 85% in my 10th and 12th class.But one has to work hard to get good marks.Engineering is not just blaah blaah and blaah...we are supposed to get going on.But later on semester 3 also led to the event of inclusion of my name in the defaulter list for the first time in my life.We were supposed to write 3 years University papers and that too suring submission period.Submission is an integral part of an Engineers life.Ask and Engineer ,what submission exactly means.Its the event which includes the submissions of all assignments and files written by students along with viva.This is the time when professors can exactly utilize or take revenge ,but not all professors are villains as there are few who are kind and gentle.Currently I am in semester 6 (3rd year ) and I am regularly attending all lectures as it awarded me god marks in my unit tests and same thing in semester 4 where I got 85% of term works.I was actually surprised to see my attendance in my college website because I was never expecting that figure ...alas its over 75%.I consider it to be my biggest achievement .Do check it guys,I cant believe this.After getting placed or getting recuited in a company students usually think of not attending lectures ,but stephens facing a different problem.Last month I got selected in MBT(or TechMahindra),I was really happy for that as I believed that I have achieved what i wanted .Lets see how much I get in this semester .Hopefully should get more that what I got last year.Hopes are still high .I dont know upto what extent I will keep attending lectures ,but I hope I should get going around with it.Hope you likes this post .Check out my attendace ,you will be surprised if you were steph seldom attends lecture :)

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