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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Let the Adrenaline Rush!

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Someone just asked me - What does Adventure means to you?  I was flabbergasted for a moment as I wasn't used to such discussions. For someone capable of invoking laughter in a room full of serious faces it was adventurous! Sigh! I'm a deadpool kind of a guy with a wicked sense of humor who can make people roll on the floor at times. Ahh! I kindled the Laughter Riot, NOT!

For me adventure is pushing the limits that races my heart and keeps me feel alive, Something that makes the heart dance violently! I'm an adventure beast! Adventure Monger! Anything that you call me. I love flirting with danger and adventure is the bridge that bridges the gap between me and the danger. You can find me sleeping on that bridge.

Everyone is confined to a comfort bubble! It's this comfort bubble that restricts us to normal activities.  This bubble is the culprit for the monotonous life that we live. It's time to get uncomfortable and  break the comfort bubble. Let the world and people judge you. But let not their words  affect or impact you. That's what differentiates most of us and adventurous folks. It's the attitude to raise the bar and cross the limit. Go beyond the Zenith and fly like a bird! Now that's adventure to me. Go and break the comfort bubble. Let your heart race fast,let it pulsate rapidly. 
Adventure for me is a feeling of content. Its a kind of unique  happiness and a feeling that gives goosebumps. It's like saying "I never knew I could do this, actually!"
Lub Dub, Lub Dub, Lub Dub! When the adrenaline rush happens, adventure sneaks peaks from no where and infuses a new excitement and that's when your heart goes Lub Dub, Lub Dub! This sound invokes a new desire, a desire to break all the boundaries and barriers. It's a sweet music to me, a beautiful music!  Adventure releases a zillion butterflies into my stomach. The crazy adventurous butterflies just like me. When I embark on an adventures journey, its these butterflies that flutter their wings wildly and motivate me. I love these adventurous butterflies within me.

Adventure means learning about new places. Its like traversing the coordinates across the world. Its like strolling on unknown lanes, reading sign boards on an unknown language and  clicking a selfie with the locals of that place.

"I had a dream the other night, on why we only get one life?"  We all have a one life. You only live once- YOLO, then why not live an adventurous life.

Go out and do crazy stuffs. Travel on a local train with no tickets. Escape when the TTE asks for a ticket. Walk on the roads with no shoes or socks. Show the sun that you can tackle its 45 degree heat and walk bare foot. Meander to an unknown land and learn their language. Drink water from the hand pump.  Ride an auto with the autodriver as your passenger. Let the auto kiss the potholes. Let his heart go young once again! Make someone's day! I have done all this :D See the proof! That's me and the Autodriver. Okay, just the Autodriver. I was actually clicking this  photograph of Viren ji and his Autorickshaw!

Such all things may seem silly to most of us but the amount of excitement and happiness it gives me can't be measured by any instrument in this world. Explore everything! 
 Stepping into the kitchen for the first time and cooking a new dish is adventure to me. Its about the small happiness that we get by doing things that are new to us.
Go and Teach a skill to a roadside beggar begging for alms and coins. Never give him a fish for a day, instead teach him how to fish! Thats a popular adage. Such things are small but such adventures  not only make you happy but others too!

Life is like a T20 cricket game. You can see its outcome soon. Let not failure overshadow you.  Treat it as a challenge and go miles to prove that you can do anything for your own happiness and lead a satisfied life. Adventure isn't all about  climbing a hill top, throwing yourself from a bridge , diving deep into the oceans. For me adventure is beyond all these.

It's not about money or the latest fascinating items. It's about exploring new places. Like I said before, I love traveling to new places, sleep at unfamiliar locations, embark on an unknown journey. Attach an invisible wings to your arm and fly high in the sky. Look at the world from the top  and say - Yo baby! this is the life I wanna live, an adventurous life!

Let the heart race Lub Dub Lub! Let the adrenaline rush - fast, faster and the fastest! 

And I just realized that I could be so adventurous that I could not write what adventure means to me in 400 words and it actually took me more than that. Ah! Blogging is so adventurous for me!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dandy Dad and Kids!

This blog post is about a doting father and his two children who meant the world to him. But these children considered him as their universe.  Such is the love between the father and the kids. Behold, the father in this blog post is none other than my dad and the children are myself and my loving sister. 

A father is the support structure for a family. He is like the Prime Minister of the family who has to look after everything. His role is a critical one!  My father has a critical role in my family too! This blog post will be too small to list down the love and the respect that we hold for our Appa. We both fondly address him as Appa. None of our achievements can ever match his sacrifices. Tears roll down my cheeks when I remember the old days where dad worked hard for me and my sister. I can't explain all that in mere words. Those days we used to live in a small house. We didn't have much facilities at home. All that he cared was about our happiness. Those days he used to walk till his office that was located at distance of about 1.5 km from our home so that he could save the ticket amount and get something to eat for both of us. Many times he would hide his feelings. Our happiness blinded him so much that he never wished for anything else in this world but our happiness. He cared for us and at times it would make us go speechless. Like I said before , a fathers role is important in a family. He ignores his happiness for ours! How often do you see him smiling? While doing so , my  father hides all his pain behind those animated smile just to see both of us happy. He struggles and readily accepts the struggles and challenges to raise us in a better way. Being the oldest child, I have grown up seeing all those sacrifices that dad has made for us. But many times through words and actions we have hurt him too. I take this opportunity to say sorry to my father on behalf of both of us. We love him and his love is the only support that keeps us going!

In my 26 years of existence in this world, I never saw my father wearing nice clothes though he got us lovely clothes and dresses for my sister. I always saw him in formals - a formal trouser and a full sleeved shirt, tucked out! All these years he never thought of changing his style nor his looks. He remained simple. He is a simple, tall, long faced with thick Anil Kapoor moustaches. I have always seen my dad like that. That's one thing I liked about my Appa! He never changed! He would buy us nice stylish clothes for us to look good but he never cared about his own looks! We would insist him to change his dressing styles but he would never listen to us. At times he would ask both of us if his shirt matches the trouser and so. But every time  we would secretly wish if he listened to us! But he never! Is it fair from his part to love us unconditionally and keep us happy  in all the difficult situations in our life and ignore our wishes? We always wished to see him cool. After all he is our  dandy doting daddy!

He is the smartest and the most handsome dad  one could ever have. But if groomed well, Appa would be a rockstar! So  me and my sister sat down and decided to style our dad!
Dad always looked cool in formals so we thought that he would look more cool if he wore casuals. So we came up with this below.

A cool Incult grey denim casual shirt. This  is for a dad who always wore formal dresses. His two kids decide to infuse some fashion sense into him.

Image Source

So how about a Wrangler Indigo  Regular Fit jeans for a smart Daddy. This is for a man who didn't knew anything about jeans. Lets make him wear some cool denim brands ;) 

Image Source

So whats next? Of course the shoes. The Fila New Percoso Li  black shoe for dad. For a daddy who never wore casual shoes, lets make him wear one!

And for the watch - Daniel Klien Dk 10217-4 Black Analog Watch. 

Image Source

And a wayfarer making it all special - Fastrack P289bk1f Black Wayfarer

Image Source

And thats how we plan to redesign our Dad's look. A doting dad needs to look smart too! He loves us, we love him too! If he wants us to look cool and stylish, we want him  to look cool and stylish too! 

So how does it looks? Is it cool enough for our dandy daddy!
And that's all about the #DandyDad and his kids! So what all did you plan for your father on Fathers day. has several fabulous things that your dad deserves to have it on his most special day. Why not make his day special? Or have you already  browsed through this ? ;) 


Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Song of Life!

Image Source 

It was a balmy Sunday evening. I was waiting outside the Mumbai International Airport to meet Monika, my beloved! She was returning back to India after 8 months. The furore grew more with a thousand butterflies fluttering within my stomach. 5 PM - My wrist watch displayed! We were not in talking terms  after our recent breakup. But through her friend Ayesha, I got to know that her flight would be landing sharp at 5.15 PM. Despairingly waiting outside the airport, I wished if she could  forgive me. My phone beeped with an email notification message – King Julian has commented on your post – ‘The Song of Life’

24th April 2011. How could I ever let this day slip from my memory? That day I interacted with Monika for the first time. Monika Juneja was a blogger who blogged at a blog called ‘The Song of Life’. Our first virtual encounter happened on a blogging website named  The Write Up Cafe!  The enigmatic world of blogging had mesmerized me. Monika was a popular blogger and had a huge fan following in the blog world.Coincidentally, that day I had logged into writeup cafe. I was randomly strolling through few blogs. During blog hop, one particular blog post touched me.

“Circumstances change people around us.  I’m feeling weak and broken. I feel a thousand invisible knives being jabbed on my soul by people close to me! Why do people change when someone trusts them blindly?  Perhaps, I feel blessed that I could identify such fiends under the label of friends! My blog is my new best friend right. Come sing with me  the song of life!” It was something intense and profound. Perhaps her life had been invaded by backstabbers. She had already started embracing melancholy, I thought!  I quickly typed a comment on her blog.

“Your post has touched me deep. Of course, life is all about identifying true people. Life would have been great if it lets us  to classify people whom we meet. Unfortunately things don't  happen as we wish. Maybe we should be smart enough to identify people. First time here, I loved this blog – The Song of Life”

Our initial interactions were through blog comments.

“ : ) Yes, it is easy to say but situations and things change everyone.  A big hello to you – Mr. Another Blogger!”  She had replied to my blog comment. I used to write by the name – Another Blogger!

Those days I used to spend my weekends reading her blog posts. I found most of her articles to be sad and dark. Sooner, I turned out to be her regular blog reader. I was growing into a big fan of hers!  Even she started reading my blogs. Days later we exchanged our email id’s and soon we even connected on Facebook.  Her display photo suggested me that she was beautiful. But looks can be deceiving in the social media frenzy world. I kept staring at her profile photo for a while. At the same time, she pinged me on Facebook chat.

Monika– Hey Mr. Blogger
Me - Hello Singer :P
Monika– You write so well.
Me – Not better than you. But Why gloomy and dark  posts?
Monika– I had been at the receiving end of something disastrous that happened in my life. Maybe I am not that great.
Me – Cheer up! You rock and you know that.
Monika- :) That’s so kind of you to think like that.

With our every single interactions, I got to know her minutely.  She  never hesitated sharing all her dark secrets with me. With each passing day, our friendship grew stronger. And that was when we decided to  exchange our phone numbers.One fine day, we mutually agreed upon to meet. 

It was a fine Saturday evening. I waited for her at a coffee shop in Vile Parle. Having booked a table for two, I incessantly poked my mobile phone and checked my blog for blog comments. She arrived two minutes later. Gorgeous, Elegant, Chic, Pretty and many more adjectives would define her.  She had a long hair that cascaded down her back. An arched eyebrow, long nose, and full red lips framed her face. In fact, she looked prettier in reality  than most of  her Facebook profile photos. We exchanged smiles and shook hands.

“Finally I see  the face behind the song of life ,” I said.

She laughed and said, "Same here Ankit!”

She looked reticent to me at first.

“What are you up to Mr. Blogger?”  Monika asked.
“All good, between we never formally introduced ourselves.  Why don’t we do that now?”
“Why not!” she replied and at the same time the waiter interrupted us, “What would you like to have?”
By then she had already surfed through the menu and it didn't took much time for us to decide on the order.

“One Choc√≥ frappe and One Cappuccino,” she said.
Monika Juneja,  the name is enough, you see,” she joked and added, “I am doing my final year Engineering and I have big dreams. I am an occasional short story writer unlike you and I love poetries.”

“So would you be singing a song too?” I joked.
“Excuse me?
“You write at the song of life, no?” I laughed.
“Bad joke!” she said, her voice terse.
“Ankit, what about you?” she said.
“I work as a software developer in an IT Company. There is nothing interesting to say about me. But for a fact I love writing short stories.”
“What genre?”  She asked.  The waiter arrived at the same time with a tray containing two cups.
He neatly transferred the coffee cups from the tray to the table.
“Mostly love relationships,” I said brusquely.
“I love writing poetries too but I am an amateur poet.”  I added.
“But any day I would fall for a man who writes cute poetries. I know some guys who write amazing poems you know,” she said.

We spoke for 1 hour and then we headed for Juhu beach. It was after a long time that I was hanging out with a girl, a beautiful girl to be precise. She sat and  rested her hands on my shoulder as I started my bike.  She held me tight as I rode the bike on the Juhu Tara road. The sun had slowly started to set and a sea of slow moving vehicles almost made it impossible to reach the Juhu beach in 15 minutes. I zig zagged my bike through the intense heavy traffic.  I parked my bike on the parking area and walked towards the beach.  The beach was crowded with people, mostly family and college students. As we walked, admiring the setting sun, we came across many young little kids constructing sand castles.  

“Isn’t childhood the best phase of our life, Ankit?” Monika asked.
“I second you!” I replied.
“You talk about childhood and I slowly start transforming into a little child.” I laughed and ran towards a little girl. I helped her in building her castle. She stood next to us and clicked a picture of us.
“Ankit, let’s go,” she said.

“Bye Bhaiyya.” The little girl bid me adieu as we walked further.
“This sea has no boundaries, Ankit,” she said and continued, “I wish even happiness had no limits and boundaries in life. But for me it was nipped in the bud!”

“I don’t even have someone whom I could call as my best friend. Guys entered my life only to break me into pieces.  That’s why I hesitate before trusting any man!” she continued, “I will be the happiest person in this world when I meet a guy who would love me unconditionally and accept me for what I am.”

“You are good at philosophy too!” I winked.  Philosophies do amuse me, but she had said something strange. How could she generalize all men?  I thought. For some reason, I felt that I  had all the qualities of being the man who would give her complete happiness.
“What are you thinking, Ankit?” she said.  She looked at me. At a closer glance, I realized that her eyes were the most riveting feature of her face. She again asked me. She got me out of my reverie.

“What did you ask?” I asked, calmly.
Nothing, forget,”  she said and we sat on the sand.  Out of blue, life started blooming flowers of happiness. Where was she all these days? I asked myself.
I wrapped my arms around her shoulder. She looked at me, perplexed!
“Life will be tough, Monika. It will give you bad experiences as well as good. We need to take forth the good ones and learn from the bad experiences.” I whispered.
She rested her head on my shoulder and asked, “What about rejections?”
“Rejection is fine. It is not the end of the world. People learn from it and move on!” I whispered again.  It didn’t look as if I we were meeting for the first time.

“Ankit, you know what?” she said and continued, “It doesn't seem like we are meeting for the first time.”
“I was thinking the same.”  She smiled back at me.
It was 7.30 pm. It was turning dark. The sun had completely set and the night sky displayed the bright moon and the multitude of twinkling stars. There was deafening silence for 10 minutes.

“It’s late! I think we should leave now,” she said and we got up.
“We should meet quite often.” I said to which she agreed.  I dropped her till the Santacruz Railway station.  
That night I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Like a fool, I was laughing without any reasons.  I rested the laptop on my lap and stared at her profile photo. She was not bad, I thought. Maybe I had conceded defeat in the game of love! My liking for her had transformed into love. Yes, I loved her!

At the same time, I got a ping from on Facebook.
Monika - It was nice meeting you! : )
Me - : )
I was writing a poem for her.

“Sadness gripped me hard,
Melancholy haunted me days and night,
But now, after you stormed into my life,
Life has given me a reason to smile again.
Will you be my reason to smile?
Will you sing a song with me?
The Song of Life!”

I posted the blog post under the name – The Song of Life and slept soon.
The next day when I woke up, I checked my blog and was amused to see Monika's comment. 
“Who is the lucky girl?” I read.
She had texted me the same message to which I replied, “You : )” I completed my daily morning rituals of shower, shaving and breakfast. By then I read two unread text messages on my phone.
“:-/ Let’s meet today at R City.”
My day at office went smooth. I didn’t have much work apart from training newcomers in my team. I did some Code Reviews and worked on the estimates. After that I left for the R City Mall where Monika was waiting for me. I saw her from a far distance and she was looking elegant.

“Hey Monika,”
“Hi, Ankit,” she said sans smile. We ordered our dinner and remained silent for a while.
“How was the poem?” I asked.
“Good. Was it for me?” she asked.
The dinner arrived and we never spoke much. I curiously waited for her reply.
“Let’s go!”  She said and I paid the bill. As we walked outside, I reminded her about my question. My heart started pulsating rapidly with every single minute. I could feel it.

She smiled at me and walked forward. I still didn’t understand anything and my heart was beating rapidly.

“What does your smile means?” I asked, curiously.
“Dumb! I will be the reason for your smile and let’s sing the song of life together.”

My heart skipped a beat. I had been successful in winning her trust and heart!
Months passed and our relationship was growing strong. We used to talk every day and meet every alternate day. We both had plunged deep into the ocean called Love. Relationships do have problems associated with it. Even we faced many problems and even fought several times. But those used to be petty ones. But I couldn't forget that day! I couldn't forgive myself. The day when my relationship crumbled into pieces. I never knew that Monika would leave me all alone. She wanted me to prioritize her and my work. Work gave me my bread and butter.  But she was the fuel to my life! She failed to realize that.

That day I had asked her to get ready and meet me at Grand Hyatt at 5 pm! It was our 2nd  anniversary.  We wanted to spend some quality  time together. I had informed about this to my boss earlier. He didn’t approve my leave, but he asked me to leave early. The clock struck 4 and it looked like there was a big mess at the office. The code failed in the production and the Telco guys were not happy. The company suffered a  loss of $ 125 million and being a senior, I was my Boss's rescue ranger. I requested him, but he refused to buy my point. Even my own phone betrayed me. It ran out of battery at a wrong time. Being surrounded by my boss and my teammates, I couldn't even  call Monika to inform her. It was already 5 PM. I worked on the fix, but it didn’t happen! I had to stay the entire night at the office. By the time I reached home, it was already 2 AM. I quickly charged my phone and tried calling Monika. All my attempts to talk to her failed. I quickly logged into Facebook and tried to ping her. But I realized  that she had already blocked me  though I got to read her message.

Monika– You know what? Like a fool I was waiting for you at the Grand Hyatt with a cake. I have never faced such embarrassment before in my life. I can’t explain you how I felt when people there stared at me. You didn’t even have the courtesy to call me. I tried calling you for 1 hour. I am sorry, Ankit! I give up! Have a great life!

Me – Pls try to understand me... You got it wrong!
You cannot message this contact. A message was displayed. 

She had blocked me from every medium from where connecting to her was possible.
The next day I visited her apartment. I saw Monika and her friend Ayesha standing outside. She refused to speak!
“I am sorry. Please understand that I was caught in an unavoidable situation,” I said.
“I need no explanation, Ankit,” she said, “I never asked for one.”
“I only wanted your happiness. The first time I saw you, I realized that you were going through a difficult phase. I wanted to be someone who would listen to you, heal all your wounds and instill joy again into your life!” I said, "But sadly all I had to offer you was hurt!”

She turned backwards.  “My love was true and everyone entered your life to hurt you and break you into shards and here I am pleading and requesting you to come back in my life again!” Ayesha looked at her, perplexed.

“You told me that you will be the reason for my smile and today I am the reason for your tears,” I said and observed that she wiped the tears rolling down her cheeks. 
"But I am hopeful that you would be back.” I said and left.  

We never met her again. I got to know through her friend Ayesha that she had gone to London for her MBA program.

My phone beeped again with another phone notification. “Serene Angel has commented on your blog post – The song of Life”

The notification message  got out of the reverie. I looked at my watch and it was 5.45 pm. 
I launched my inbox and read the comment.

“Hey did she say yes to you? That’s such a cute poetry! I hope she said yes to you. Awww!”

I smiled at her comment and I wished if I would narrate my entire story to her. Even she would feel pity on seeing my plight! ‘Times News’ was busy showing one news – British Airways A45 Jet collapses mid air. Infosol smells Al Kawida Links.”  I broke into a loud shrill I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. It was the same flight through which Monika was traveling as per her friend Ayesha. The  pain was unbearable! Dejected, not able to bear the loss, I sat on the promenade outside the airport. I turned around and saw Monika and Ayesha standing next to me.

“Real Men never cry!” Monika said and wiped the tears from my eyes. Ayesha was giggling at me.
“I missed the flight, Ankit!” She said and continued, “How can I leave someone who is the reason for my happiness and smile.”  My own eyes betrayed me for the second time within minutes.  Thank god she missed the flight and took the other one!

“I’m sorry, Monika,” I enunciated a sorry to which she cupped my mouth. She looked straight into my eyes. Our eyes met again and our lips locked.
“I am back, Ankit!" She said, “We are here to stay together.”

“We will sing the song of life together,” I said to which she nodded in agreement. We both hugged each other and Ayesha clapped!

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ingenious printing ideas

Ab Initio, I've been a keen admirer of Art and different kind of artworks. Creativity doesn't flows naturally in my family.  But I have developed deep interest towards different kinds of creative things. When I delve deep into such creative works related to sketching, drawing cartoons, paintings etc, I realize that the world is too big and if you try to explore it, it would be like an ocean that has no boundaries and I realize that I am just a small droplet that constitute this ocean of Art. But I’m content with the skills that I have acquired in all these years through thorough practices and efforts.  Be it sketching, drawing, making cartoons, writing lyrics, scripts, photography – each of these activities have inspired me and captured me deep within and everything that I do here is straight from my heart. My creativity is something that has been with me throughout these years. Today, I will try to highlight different ways in which you could give life to your printer. Printer is something that is a must have tool in this technology savvy era. It’s like giving wings to your concepts and creativity!  It comes handy during presentations. But there are many fun things that you could even do with a Printer.There also various printing ideas for marketing , business as well as for teen level.

Being a brother to Fashion Designer can be troublesome at times. Especially a tech savvy brother and a tech naive fashion designer sister duo can do wonders at times. But I’m proud of her. Her work inspires many.  Sometimes she has to put her exhibitions of her various artworks. In such a case, it is mandatory for her to display her works for the viewers.   Beauty might lie in the eye of the beholder but sometimes it’s even art that is in the eyes of the beholder. Saying things through photography is a skill and sometimes decorating your house with the photos that you have captured from your DSLR can embellish your home. You could find various embroidery works, Fashion Croquis, Dress design patterns if you browse through my sisters journals. A lot of hard work has gone into giving life to those artifacts. Of course, the brother dear has to get the paper print of those designs. In such a case it is handy to have a printer at home. Her journal cover contains picture of different kind of designs made by her. My creative sister printed most of her impressive artworks and made a nice book cover out of it. See, how all you could use your printer. It will kindle your creative cell!

Croquis made by  my sister

Let’s say you are organizing a birthday party for your baby boy and you got nothing worth to gift the children present. You could quickly take a print of different Cartoons - Batman, Spider man, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc. Imagine creating a cartoon network on your kid’s birthday party. Children’s love cartoons and such acts amaze and amuse them. And we all love our children; don’t we? Imagine a party with lots of kids wearing Spiderman, Batman, Donald Duck masks. That would add fun to the party. So planning of hosting a birthday party or any get-together? Implement this idea!

Printable Mask for kids party . From Google Images 

Let’s say you are bored and you don’t have anything constructive to do. Let not boredom kill you! Utilize your time in doing something. Play Snake-n-Ladder or Ludo? No worries, if your playing board is torn or not in a good state.  You could use your printer to create a new playing board. Not just Snake-n-Ladder or Ludo – You can create any board games. Just download the template from Internet and print it and Lo – a playing board is ready. Similarly you could print chess boards, monopoly boards, etc if you don’t want to go out to the stationery store and shell out money.  We once had a family get-together at my elder sister’s place and we printed few tambola sheets. And yes it worked well!

Are you a die-hard fan of any sports person or actor? Then you might wish to have their poster engraved on your wall. You could print big size posters and stick it on the walls of your room.  You could even get motivational quotes printed if you are not a great fan of any sports person or actor.

Printable playing boards. From Google Images 

Ever heard of fabric printing? I got to know it from my sister who has done that at her designing school. It’s like printing logos, art works such as paintings, sketches on different kind of fabrics such as cotton, linen etc. You could also print it on sling bags, pouches and handmade bags if you are into handicrafts. Such things instantly impress the customers and anything that delights a customer is good for the product owner.  Develop a Win-Win situation by applying creative ideas on your products. You could even print designs into napkins.  That’s certainly ingenious!
A product from a designer ...who happens to be my sister

Creating customized paper bags, calendars and post cards sounds creative, no?  There’s a great deal of creativity involved in things that are handmade. That’s where our human brain perceives different ideas and it implements the ideas and we come up with something fresh and creative. I have used printed materials on paper bags, calendars and post cards that I have made. These days many websites provide ready made templates for calendars. You could go one step further and customize it as per your requirements.  It indeed will make you smile after all it’s a product of your creative brain!

You could create customized calendars like this . Source - Google Images

When I was young, around 12, my elder sister made a greeting card for me and my sister for our birthday. Those days internet had just arrived in India and it costed a whooping ` 150 for an hour of internet usage in cyber cafes. She used to work in Visual Media at Zee Telefilms.  During her leisure time at office, she made greeting cards for us. And during the late 1990’s that used to be big for us. Sending personalized greeting cards were new during those days which is not the case now!  Everyone would like to see a smile on their loved one’s face and why not opt for personalized greetings to make them feel special.
You could festoon your house with beautiful designs during different festivals. Like if its Diwali , then you could get prints of firecrackers, diyas and stick it on your walls on the main room. If it’s Christmas, get into the Christmas mode by printing images of Santa Claus, Xmas tree etc. You get customize it as per your need and decorate accordingly.  My sister had decorated her hall with pictures of different Alphabets and fruits so that it would help her kids learn fast. A for Apple - An image of Letter A and fruit Apple! Such things at home could facilitate faster learning for your little kids.

Walls with designs printed on it..  Source - Google Images.
A personalized letter head with your face and your signature. That might sound a bit flashy but that’s something that can be done with your printer.

Ranveer Singh and Shoeflower moodboard made by my sister. All printed photos

My sister’s teacher once asked her to get a world map but unfortunately she had completely forgotten it and it occurred to her at early morning that she had to bring the world map. I quickly printed a world map from my computer and handed over to her.
 There are plenty of creative ideas that could be implemented and executed with your printer. You could create banners, enlarge your photos and get it printed, create posters etc. A creative mind doesn't need dictation. It perceives its own ideas and once ideas strike the mind it’s better to implement and execute it. 

Print of different accessories created by my sister

You can print nice cover pages for your journals, assignment book, text books etc with whatever that you prefer. See the image below. This is my sisters Tie and Dye Manual. She has printed a cover page for her journal as  displayed below.

Print Customized cover photo for your journals like how my sister did.

Like seen above, you would notice that a printer is a handy tool to be at home. For someone like designers it is essential to have a printer and if you ask me then this is a very important equipment that one should have at home. If you spend some time with yourself, you would realize that a lot of creative and fun things could be done with your printer only if you wish to do. Out of all the ideas that I mentioned above most of them have already been used by me. I could think these ideas. I’m sure you all could think more than these.

The HP Deskjet ink advantage 3545 all-in-one wireless printer is a very handy device. Through different facilities and features it provides a rich printing experience. With freely and easily available templates via its online web application, User is given the best printing experience he could ever  get! So, now printing is made more easier! 

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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Good Old Days!

 'This post is my entry for 'My College Diary' contest held by travel blog My Yatra Diary in collaboration with' 

Brain is an amazing organ in the human body. It is a functional unit that controls, processes  and records every actions and interactions! It has a special area allocated for storing memories. They say never forget your good old days as your tread forward in your life. We may grow up to be a successful person  but our old days are something that we cherished living. Virtually strolling online, my eyes attracted a tweet that spoke about scribbling your college memories on your blog. That moment itself I decided that I would write about my college days. I was humming some random song as I received a ping on Whatsapp messenger. It was Shef. It was the same girl - Shefali Sood, whose name was attached to me throughout my college days. Perhaps she was my virtual girlfriend, thanks to my amazing gang of boys!

Image Source - Google Images 

We were a group of boisterous young boys entering Engineering College from Higher Secondary School. Boisterous enough to create mayhem in class. Life had taken an adventurous turn as I stepped into the Engineering College. For someone  whose most  time was spend in studies and assignments, life had something different in stores. I met like minded guys - dudes, who soon turned out to be an integral  part of my life. I was the reticent kind in the group of garrulous ones.  Life was full of mirth and joy then!  Travelling from Western Suburb to Navi Mumbai was one of the things that I hated the most! Mother used to get tired of waking me up. Our usual lectures commenced sharp at 9 AM.  My eyes never opened before 8 AM before those days. But I had to train my mind to wake up before 8 so that I could get ready and attend the lectures.  It was few of those days when I started enjoying life. It was a new dawn in the life of a boring individual who started coloring his life with beautiful colors after entering Degree College.  It was one of those days where boarding a Panvel train from Kurla station was considered to be an adventurous activity. But we were daredevils. By hook or crook we used to get past the fat bellies, unbrushed men, foul smelling arm pits and disgracefully disgraceful men in the train. Life had never been so adventurous before and I was turning to be an adventure enthusiast.  After reaching Nerul station, I would run to attend my class just like the Subway Surfer who runs to glory! Standing within the college premises , my  mind would ask me  – whether to attend or not? Waiting near the door, I would ask my professor the permission to enter the class and I knew his obvious answer would be no.  That’s a known fact that no professor would allow a student to enter a class after only 5 minutes was left for the class to get over. He used to show me an Ugly face very often whenever I came late for his class. Dejected and disappointed, with face hung down, I would return back to the promenade only to see my gang of boys mocking me and making fun of me.

“Tujhe bhi baga di kya usne!”  used to be an instant line whenever I joined them late. We would then bunk the next class and head for Nerul Station. I have spent most of my Engineering days at the stair case on the Nerul Station. It was our favorite hangout corner.  We loved spending time there! We would sometimes write our assignments there, crack jokes, leer at girls and do many such things that usual College students did. It was during those days when I met Shefali Sood from the other division of Electronics batch. I liked her but never interacted much with her. Most of our conversations were limited to just hi’s and hello’s. Sooner, my group got to know the mystery behind Shef and they made a good story with me and her as the lead protagonist. Of course, they would motivate me to talk to her but my fragile heart was fragile enough to talk to a girl whom I liked. We all used to travel together and she used to accompany us while walking from the Railway station to the college. During one such day, co incidentally we both were walking next to each other and my group of friends started teasing me by her name. I flew away, with the fear of getting embarrassed in front of her.  Even now when Shef and I talk about it, we used to have a good laugh. She used to call me a ‘fattu’. I never minded such words coming from her mouth. She soon became the first girl in our group and our group turned out to be a notorious one. We used to attend various tech fests in different colleges and sometimes we used to win. College memories are like a novel containing different chapters. Each chapter is important as it holds some important moments of life that we would always love to cherish. I could narrate many such incidents about my good old glorious college days – Canteen masti, Accenture fiasco, Avalon tech fest, Zilch score in Exam, Copy Cat adventures and many more.  I bet everyone had awesome time during their college days.  Even when we move ahead in life in pursuit of excellence and success, we do look behind to remember the old days.  It’s an important phase of our life. You never get too many chances to live your college days.

Our group scattered across different parts of India and still we all are in touch and at times we do share our adventurous moments in our Whatsapp group. Life was indeed fun!  

Image Source - Google Images 

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