Sunday, July 27, 2014

Experiencing Zest!

 Note - This is a blog post written for Tata Zest,

Loading Zest ....

One fine day as I was fidgeting with my iPad, I got a mail from Blogadda regarding the Zest Up your life Contest. Those were the difficult days of life where I had plunged deep into the ocean called work. Days passed and we all know that even time flies. Yes, they did! Now that I have been known as a regular defaulter, I tried not to be a defaulter  this time. After managing time from the tricky schedules and overcoming the timelines and deadlines, I  finally submitted the contest entry on the last day of the contest.  The very next day  my gorgeous blogger friend Ankita Singhal pinged me on  Whatsapp and congratulated me. I was stuck in the Saki Naka traffic and I was wondering why would she congratulate me just  like that! It was then she mentioned the news that I was one of the winner of the blogadda contest. Events quickly unfolded and sooner I found myself in Goa.

Keenly awaiting the Zest Moment
2% Zest-ified  - Loading Zest  in Progress

 The  Zest moment had just arrived and we were ready to get 'zestified' at Goa. We  were briefed about  the events  through emails. What next?  Sooner, I bumped into another blogger named Keyur who eventually turned out to my good friend. Having boarded the Goa bound Jet, I was curiously waiting for the jet to land at the Goa Airport. Yes, it did reach 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Pilots! You're incredible! We were transported to the hotel via a bus. I met few other bloggers at the airport and then few at the Hotel. We reached 'The Zuri' hotel  at 3 PM. We were greeted by the smiling faces of the blogadda team members. Hari, Ankita, Anand and Preeti - you guys were awesome! A beautiful lady  with  a smiling face applied a red tikka on every bloggers forehead. This is a traditional way of welcoming people in India especially the outsiders who visit India.

All set to consume Social media - Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter

8% Zest-ified - Loading Zest in Progress...

 So,till  this time you could experience partial Zest. So it was time to get Zesty! #ZestUpYourLife moment  had arrived as we stepped inside the Zuri! We were allotted rooms and I was put up in room number 165 with another stylish  travel blogger from Pune. The paper bag contained details about the agenda for the different activities that would take place over the weekend. After a quick power nap, I woke up to a warm greeting. "Hey hi!" I heard a voice. It was my room mate for the day. It was blogger Siddharth Joshi from Pune, a medical device designer by profession and a passionate travel blogger. Sharp at 5 PM,  we both left for the Unicorn Hall where most of the activities were supposed to take place. I was thrilled to see so many bloggers at a single place. It seemed like a blog festival  where bloggers from different platforms, niche  and places had arrived to grace the event.

Sun Set at the Varca beach

13% Zest-ified - Loading Zest in Progress...

I happened to meet my blogger friend  Sushmita from Delhi. It was actually a pleasant surprise to meet her especially after knowing her for almost 6 years. Ankita from Blogadda finally started the event and briefed about the entire activities that would take place over the weekend. I also happened to meet the ever smiling Harish from  the blogadda team whose smile invokes positivity.  After high tea was served, few of us decided to explore the Zuri and the beach nearby. We meandered all over the resort and tried to explore it as much as we could. Sid Joshi, Keyur, Deepak - a popular Travel blogger from Mumbai and me left for the beach. I felt blessed to be accompanied by two most popular photography bloggers  around me - Sid and Deepak.  Sushmita  joined us later. The main event started at around 7.30 PM where the greats of Tata motors and the masters behind the Tata Zest car gave an overview of their product. Oh! How could one forget the gorgeous  Miss Malini! She was the host for the evening.  We were shown few AV's regarding the making of the Tata Zest. Tata Motors Officials Sandeep, Minal, Anand and Rajdeep spoke about their product and most of the features they spoke were really impressive. Rajdeep resembled Steve Jobs. There was a  Tata  Zest Miniature Design version of the car placed  behind along with a Video game. Engineers and Designers from the Zest team were seated behind.  The Zest factor had increased a bit.

Santosh, Sandeep& Rajdeep from Tata Motors and Keyur
21% - Zest-ified. Loading Zest in Progress...

 I had a  chance to interact with Sandeep and Rajdeep about  the car. It proved out to be a fruitful discussion where I got to know many insightful stuffs about the automobile industry in general. Miraj from the Tata team explained us the 'ConnectNext' concept of the Zest Car. The infotainment system is amazing.  All these while I forgot to mention one guy who is also known as the fastest man  in India. It was Narain Karthikeyan who spoke about the Tata  offering. We all clicked a selfie with him, a group selfie! We then  head for the dinner. A sumptuous meal awaited us.  One thing I should  mention  here is the Food! The food was good! It rhymes! ;)Nothing could beat the food. Zest reloaded!

Ladies listening to the fastest man of India

29 % Zest-ified. Loading Zest in Progress...

Most of the bloggers clicked  pictures with Narain Karthikeyan while few were involved in discussions with fellow bloggers. Few of them spoke to the Tata officials just like I did. What kind of event would it be without alcohol?! Yes, there were alcohols too, even breezers and Real Fruit juices for the non alcoholics! It was fun to meet and interact with fellow bloggers whose blogs you have been reading since your young days. I remember reading and commenting on Shilpa Garg's blog during my younger days and that day I met her in person.I used to read the Indian Home Maker's blog too  and that day I had an opportunity to tell her that her blog posts were fabulous and she was a great source of inspiration.  I got an opportunity to interact with most of the bloggers from almost all backgrounds. I spoke to Ritu Lalit, a blogger turned Author. I met Santosh who knew me as TSW or the Solitary Writer. All these things already made me feel Zesty!

Santosh, Sid, Ste, Deepak and Keyur
 39% Zest-ified. Loading Zest in Progress...

The night sky was young as we returned back to our respective rooms. My roomie Sid Joshi wanted to explore the swimming pool which was outside our room. But unfortunately it wasn't allowed. 6 AM. We woke up and started packing our bags after getting refreshed. Sid was busy capturing the early morning scenes outside the room. It was nice knowing him and I found him nice too. I rediscovered blogging once again and this reminded me of my good old days and today I miss each one of them. We left for breakfast at the Waterfalls Cafe. A rich breakfast awaited us with lots of varieties. Such a Zesty early morning!
Yum Yum! From Sid's Camera

44% Zest-ified. Loading Zest in Progress...

After returning back from breakfast, Miss Malini briefed us about the morning activities. I was placed in group P1 along with  blogger Deepak and blogger Rekha Kakkar. At this point, I realized that  it was time to get Zesty in the Zest car. As we walked along the sloppy roads, I could witness a series of Zest cars parked one after the other. The officials were standing besides it. We sat on it and starting exploring the Car.  I had no driving licenses so I had to sit behind and watch my team mates drive the car. They both drove the car turn by turn at every Pitt stop. It was a  perfect Zest Moment as we drove through the solitary roads  where other vehicles were played a cameo. We were riding the Zesty drive of our life!

Bloggers Deepak and Rekha Kakkar

60% Zest-ified. Loading Zest in Progress...

Rekha and Deepak were driving the car and I was busy scanning the QR codes given to us at every Pitt stops. I clicked pictures of the mesmerizing scenaries. At every turn there were was a person with a board indicating the directions to facilitate us. Sooner we shuffled and got into the AMT Diesel Car. Uday from Tata Motors had warned us that the AMT diesel car could be a tough guy as it has no clutch and people with Manual car driving experience often mistaken the brakes to be the clutch and find themselves in a tricky situations. Yes, the AMT Diesel car was indeed tricky. We got a dose of it too! It was indeed an amazing experience. Such a Zesty drive!

Guy with 'Turn Left' board

89% Zest-ified. Loading Zest in Progress...

We were asked to blog about our experience and here I am blogging about it. I should admit that at this point of time I had a regret of not having a driving license. My first action item when I reach Mumbai would be to attend the Driving test on  the coming Friday and get my  driving License.  It was an amazing experience and it was fun once again interacting with few familiar faces and many new bloggers. And not to forget that I had a Autograph taken from Narain Karthikeyan, the fastest man of India. I hope to preserve it for a long period of time. So, it was 'Zestabulous', 'Zestifying','Zestendous', 'Zestiful' experience ( Thanks to Sandeep of the Tata Motors, one of them was coined by him and the remaining by me). I loved being a part of this event as a blogger. All the best to the Zest Team!

100% Zestified! 

A special thanks to the Blogadda team. The event was well organized. I am glad that even I was a part of this successful event. Thank you Harish and Ankita from the Blogadda Team. You guys Rock!

The Solitary Writer is a blog which started as a hobby.Here you will find stories, poems, satirical posts, humour, photography and almost everything. This blog is the alter ego of a Technical guy who loves to be called as the Solitary Writer. Others call him Ste. He works as a Senior Quality Analyst in a leading Organisation and loves to break the codes and he likes to  do things differently. Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fabulous 1.5 hours @ the Reliance Digital Store

This post is written for Reliance Digital and Indiblogger.

Reliance Digital Store banner
Courtesy Google Images!

6th July, 2013 was the day when I met few of my best blogger friends whom I am in touch with since last few years. We had met at ‘TGIF! at the Infinity Mall, Andheri West. It was a fun filled discussion where we discussed about lots of things related to blogs and lives. We then headed towards the Andheri Station. I work at Pune and hence I had to travel all the way from Pune for a rendezvous with my blog buddies – Renu, Sriram and Sud. I had particularly booked the 6th-7th July Slot for the Reliance Digital Experience Visit considering my Release activities at Office. So it all happened that fine Saturday when I travelled all the way from Pune to Andheri en route SantaCruz << where I live>>

After our meet, Sriram and Sud accompanied me for the Reliance Digital Store visit. It was a memorable experience I would say! We had fun and lots of new gadgets to explore at the Times Square building. We reached the East Side of Andheri with the help of a bus and later reached the Times Square Building via an Auto rickshaw. The building architecture gave me a different feeling as it was for the first time I was visiting this side of the city. As soon as I entered the Reliance Digital Store, it was a completely new environment. The atmosphere outside and inside was quite different. Sriram, Sud and I were greeted by smiling faces. The executive at the gate smiled and welcomed us inside the store. It was at 6 PM IST that we stepped into the store. I loved the hospitality and the way we were treated. I knew we had to flash the Indiblogger invitation copy to the store executive when we reach the store. Alas! I had misplaced the print out somewhere and had my IRCTC Tickets print out with me instead of the Indiblogger Invite. I was quite sure that we 3 would be kicked outside the store for not having carried the 'invite' with us. Sud came up with an idea and I quickly logged into Gmail from his mobile phone. I didn't carried my Samsung Smart phone with me as it had a memorable time getting drenched at the Malshej Ghats waterfall with its master Ste! The battery of my phone was completely drained off and hence I sought Sud's assistance in getting the e-invite << Yes! The unprinted version of the invite ;) >>

"Ste! We are in need of a green planet and we should try to go the E-way,"
Sud said to me and probably Sriram seconded his thoughts. The female execute at the reception directed us to another executive (probably the store manager) Suresh. We showed him the e-invitation (yes, name invented by us) which I had got through email from the Indiblogger folks.

"Sir! You need to provide us the hard copy of this mail," Executive Suresh said.
"I know but in haste I forgot to carry the copy and I am coming all the way from Pune!"
I said with a sad face.

Sriram's sharp eyes soon spotted a HP printer next to him.
"If you don't mind can you give a print of this mail," Sriram said. 

Executive Suresh thought for a while and finally agreed to get a print copy of my invitation. Sud mailed him the invite and the executive asked me to write my name and mobile number on the hard copy of the invitation. He instructed us to visit the store and take an experience. It was a very friendly environment. We first started with the first floor where there were variety of electronic gadgets and home appliances ranging from Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and electronic razors, Dry and Steamed Irons, Hair dryers etc. We quickly visited each section one by one starting with the refrigerators. Sriram inspected them one by one while Sud visited the Iron and the Razors section. His eyes scanned through the razors. Sriram and Sud discussed about the brands - its pros and cons while I fidgeted with the SLR's and the DSLR's.

"Sri and Sud! Guys check this out," I said to my friends as my eyes focussed on the Nikon D90.

"Such a beauty man,"I added further.

"Indeed!" Sriram and Sud said in unison. Sriram checked the Canon camera while Sud was fascinated with the looks of the Sony Cybershot cam. They checked the cam for the different specifications and talked about the lenses and technicalities. 
We then walked down to the ground floor.

"Can we click photograph's here?" I asked the Store manager.

"No Sir! Photography here is strictly prohibited," he replied back. 
As we walked down the stairs, an ensemble of store executives at the first floor smiled at us.

Ground floor hosted a series of mobile phone brands, Televisions and Game Consoles, microwave ovens and what not! There were at least one sales executive assigned to a particular section to assist and guide you. We first visited the mobile phone section where we witnessed the smart phones from the Nokia's, Samsung’s, Sony's, Intex's, Micromax's etc. It was sheer delight to the eyes to get a glance of all popular gadgets at a single venue. We checked the mobile phones one by one. Sriram started with Nokia Lumia as I tried to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Sud was busy searching for the IPhone 5 to demonstrate us the thumb slide feature of the Apple's latest offering in the mobile world. The sales representative explained us about the different technical stuffs of the phone. We then treaded to the Television category where we saw a wide gamut of TV’s ranging from different brands and costs. There were 3D LED TV's and we tried the 3D glasses to get experience of how the Television works. It was indeed sheer bliss!

"Such a delight to the eyes, Sri!" Sud said to us after he saw the Sony Television which looked like a beautiful painting on a canvas. 

"Chic and sheer elegance personified!" Sriram replied. 

Our eyes were fascinated and it took us time to move on to the next section. While going on to the Games Section where we saw several PS3 and PS2 game CD's of different Sports, Adventure and Racing games. 4 Televisions were installed with the Sony PS2 &3 and XBOX on a pillar so that the customers can get a hands-on experience and a look-feel of the product. Sud played the racing game on PS2 while I played tennis on PS3 connected on one of the Television with the help of a motion controller. It was easier for me to operate as I have PS3 at home. So I moved on to play Wrestlemania. It was fun. I had won the bout and then moved on to get a hands-on the XBOX. Sud got bored with racing and so he  decided to try the Wrestlemania game. The Reliance Digital Store Executive stood nearby and guided us to get a hands-on on the product. It was really difficult to adjust the Kinaesthetic settings on XBOX. I had to try several minutes to get myself clear. The Sales rep asked me to wave my hands wider so that the Sensor can identify my body positions. By then it was already 7.25 PM IST. Reliance Digital store had a variety of options ranging from different segments which hosted different products from different brands. It had home theatre segments, smart TV’s, Home Appliances, Mobile Zones and PlayStation zones where users could buy cost effective products. As time passed, we saw many customers entering the store to purchase their products. There were different offers and options you could try to buys products. Reliance Digital Gift cards was a brilliant option along with other options like
Cash-backs and EMI's. It was indeed a good experience at the Reliance Digital Store at the Times Square building at Andheri East. As we left the store, the store rep at the entrance smiled at us and said, "Do visit again!"

"Of course there is a reason to visit this store...a best experience all together!" I said and both my friends nodded in agreement. 

Sri left for Mulund. Sud and I were famished, so we decided to acknowledge our hunger by visiting the nearest MacDonald outlet outside the T-square building.
In short, a wonderful experience. Thanks to Indiblogger and Reliance for this fabulous 1.5 hours at the Reliance Digital store.

reliance digital - times square building
Image taken from Google Images!

Signing off,

The Solitary Writer is a blog which started as a hobby.Here you will find stories, poems, satirical posts, humour, photography and almost everything. This blog is the alter ego of a Technical guy who loves to be called as the Solitary Writer. Others call him Ste. He works as a Senior Quality Analyst in a leading Organisation and loves to break the codes and he likes to  do things differently. Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

23rd February to 27th February...

As everyone knows that 27th Februaury was an important day in my life.27th February was also associated with some direct or indirect link with 23rd and 24th of February.Now ,you must be wondering what this 23,24 and 27 means.Well ,let me brief you about 3 important days in my life in this year.Also ,20th February was an important day as it was the day where it all started.These dates were associated with my placement activities. The placements in my college started from the 20th of February.

20th February

It was a big day for us,indeed a special occasion for us.Infosys was visiting our campus.All students came well dressed.One could see Rahul Jaithwar with a handsome look and he was well dressed just like a professional Software Engineer.There were many other IT,Electronics and EXTC people as well who were just waiting outside the seminar hall where the test was to be conducted.We all gave our exams and at 2 pm results were declared.I didn’t had any intention of getting selected in Infosys.71 students cleared aptitude of which few of my good friends made a peak in interview like Prashant Pandey,Abhishek Dey,Subbu and many other students of ‘A’ division. From the 71 students ,51 were selected in Infosys which included my other friends like Sridhar Rao,Rahul Murkya,Sujeet Jose,Ravi Singh and Abhishek Dey.Prashant failed to clear the interview and he was out.Our TPO informed us that Accenture was supposed to conduct a joint campus selection on 23rd February,2008.My first reaction after Infosys failure was “What the f***?,I am not into those 71 people,shame on me,”.I just wanted to make use of the next opportunity.

23rd February

Finally, we arrived at the Pillay Institute of Technoloy,Panvel.It was Accenture this time.I was shocked to see many students .They were groups of Engineering students from colleges all over Navi Mumbai and Thane side. I could see friends from my college like Varun Iyer,Rahul Jaithwar, RD, Mayuresh Trivedi,Shankar,Dave,Anthony,Prashant Pandey,Mervin Salis and my school friend Deepak Chandrashekhar.The whole session wasn’t well organized and we gave our aptitude test at 1 pm despite of the stated time 10 am.We have to wait another 6 hours for the result.The results were declared at 6.30pm.My name was in the 11th group.”Yippie!!,’ was my first reaction.I then went on to clear my GD.GD was a piece of cake for me.My hr handed the card to me and invited me for the next 2 rounds which was to be held the other day.I finally reached home at around 12.35 am just to see that my Mom and my Sister were worried regarding me.My phone was out of charge as well. I just had 4 hours to prepare my self for the technical concepts.I brushed my concepts and went to the same college the next day.

24th February

I could see Hitesh,RD,Varun,Akeel and few of my other Extc friends from my college.I was placed in the same group along with my classmate Akeel.I successfully cleared my HR interview.The other groups had their Technical interview at first.I made many new friends like Vinit,Ashu and so.After a long wait for around 4 hours ,our technical interview started at around 4 pm.When Akeel came out,he was so displeased just to say that he couldn’t clear the technical.It was my turn ,I was nervous .I had taked my own time to adjust through .The interviewer asked me everything from C,C++,Java,Data Structures to HTML.He even didn’t spared mathematics.He asked me about Langrange’s Theorem.He finally asked me to write a program for matrix addition.I was not considerate about the time factor,but I explained the same to him.Later on the informer came to inform that I was rejected.It made my heart break into pieces,my hopes were shattered.I turned back for home.I switched off my cellphone.I could not see my granny’s hopes shattered.I just later on informed my maa that I wasn’t selected.Mom told me to stay cool and asked me to perform well in next companies.I worked hard for Techmahindra.I never went to college on 25th and 26th February.I was getting ready for the 27th .But Accenture had taught me a lesson on how to take steps in life.I was vexed that day and deeply hurt.I felt low and depressed.I was angry on myself and there was no one to support and provide me solace.My best friend Parul supported and encouraged me .She wished me luck and I consider myself to be very lucky for having a friend like her.I started working hard.

27th February

Once again,I could see Mayuresh Trivedi,Prashant ,Bhushan and Sandeep Repswal.This time Rahul Jaithwar was not on the scene.We had our presentation at 9 am and test started at 10.30am.It was an online test.The results were declared 5 minutes after our exams.I was selected.We were then asked to prepare ourself for Technical and HR interview.My code was TM50.I went for my interview.

She:welcome Stephen.
Me:Thank you madam.
She:So tell me about yourself.
Me: ( I told everything about me).
She: What do you know about Techmahindra?
Me: I told whatever I knew about techmahindra.
She: that’s good,tell me whats the difference between C and C++ ?
Me: (I told everything I knew.)
She:Tell me about your academic project.
Me: (I told her about my PCT project).
She: your resume says that you write stories,can u tell me any story of yours?
Me: ( I told her about the little Sam story that I wrote when I was 14, she was impressed )
She: Stephen,you are very creative.
Me:thank you mam.
She: do you have any questions?
Me:What type of jobs will be assigned to us?
She: ( she gave us all details)

And then I left.She was impressed with me.We then headed for our HR interview.It was really fun and a tensed moment there.I was interviewed by 2 HR’s .I will tell all the happenings in a separate post in few weeks time.Finally,at 5.30 pm,the results were about to be announced.We gathered in a classroom.Our Principal,HOD and our TPO could be seen in the picture. The HR Mr.Swapnil played a prank on us.He told us that only 2 of us were selected and he would announce the name of the rejected candidates first.He asked the rejected people to get seated on a separate row.I was shocked as the list contained my name.He said

“The following are the students who are not being selected

Sandeep Repswal,Jobin Jacob ,Stephen Anthony,Prashant Pandey,Mayuresh ,Ajay Bhondve,Omkar and so on.The above people are…….wwwwwilllllllll be joining us at TechMahindra next year.” We were all happy and we were overjoyed.Mayuresh was the happiest of all.We all embraced each other and wished each other.It was a special occasion for us.I soon informed my parents about my selection in Techmahindra.I was very happy that day.27th February was the day and now its 9 months gone.On 27th September ,it will be 9 months after getting place.

I felt sorry for Bhushan that day.I wished he would make it ,but he didn’t .But,recently he got selected in Cap Gemini.But I am sure that my other friends would get selected too.

Now ,I present Shruti,Valencia and Gauri with the following award called "I love your blog"

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Cricket Fiasco...

Well for the past two weeks ,I have had enough of Poems
and Tags. Now, I have decided to write something different. Few days ago I came across a friends blog, in which he mentioned about his cricket team doing well in the Ashok nagar championship tournament. Thank you Rajesh, now that has inspired me to write something about Cricket.Oh!! Gosh, not the good things about cricket, I mean the humiliating defeats that our team encountered during mine tenure as a captain.I mean it would be an insane thing as I was the captain just for 4 games.
By then, I was just a College going adolescent. I went to live at my uncle’s place during my summer vacations. At that time all youngsters were indulged in some sort of cricket tournament in Navi Mumbai. I asked a boy perhaps a guy of 21 about the cricket fever and he informed me that there some sort of cricket tournament was to be organized t in Navi Mumbai. I was really excited and I represented my Uncles Apartment team (say “nm” ,can’t say the real name).Through shear practice and hardwork I got selected in that team ,by then I never realized that I would be announced as the captain.
It was our first game and at the same time it was India Vs England match at Lords. It was our first game and our team was like the current Ireland team.We were rated as the underdogs .The stadium was too big and we were playing against a strong team which we could only dream of defeating them.The Captains walked in for the toss.I was the youngest captain of the tournament (just 17 then).I won the toss and we decided to field first.It was a 10 over match popularly called as T10 (similar to T20).We were excited when we entered the field.We had some discussions going on in the dressing room and our Coach Mr Shashikant asked us to play sensibly and not to give up at any circumstances. Here we go .The first game was a big source of inspiration for us as we got to learn many new things from the opposition which we eventually went on to lose by 48 runs. After that we really played well and went on to win 7 matches on a streak which ultimately booked a semi final berth for us.We were playing the champions XI in the semi finals. We decided to field first as previously we had won all the matches chasing scores. The game started and only then we realized that we were haunted and hammered for 4’s and 6’s all over the ground. I couldn’t think of anything ,that led us to pressure as one can’t afford to lose a semifinal game .It was the 9th over and by then I had used all my bowlers .I had no options and I decided to bowl the last over ,a similar sort of situation prevailed in the previous match and I went on to take a hat trick on that over .I bowled the first bowl of the 10th over and he pulled it over the square region for a six. He hit 5 consecutive sixes on my first 5 deliveries. I was nervous and I was confused for a while like where to bowl and last bowl he hit a four over long on.I gave away 34 runs in my only over of that match which led to the event of we chasing 139 for victory. Our players were very nervous and We made a good start ,but at one point their off spinner did the damage and we were bowled out for 68.A lot was expected from me ,but I failed although I was the top scorer for my team with 27 runs. That was the biggest defeat I ever experienced and I was upset of the fact that I was the leader .After that match I returned to my place and regular collegel lectures started. It was a big fiasco .
"Shame on you Stephen ,a feeble captain unable to put your team to victory",thats what my college friends used to say after that match .I never bothered to play after that as I didn’t wanted my studies to suffer .It was indeed a big cricket fiasco.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I went to college today....

Today, I went to my Junior college where I completed my fyjc and syjc.I would not forget GNK as it was the best place where I lived ... I mean the happiest season of my life which I wont even tend to forget.I went to my college to buy admission form for my sister who just passed out her SSC boards.So I had to go to my college all the way from Santacruz to Kings Circle.This was the first time I went to GNK after 3 years.I found many changes and I even reckoned that it wasn't the same anymore.At our time ,the cutoffs for Science was around 81.5% and now its even more,thank you teachers as its because of the quality of education.I'd been to the corridors where we used to stand outside and bunk lectures.I still remember Neeru mam ,who caught us outside the classroom and she didnt allowed to attend lectures for a week or so.I remember how Singh sir used to scold us and share jokes with us.It was all just for 2 years.Many friends are still associated wth GNK as they are doing their B.Sc Microbiology and some others are doing BMM.Today, I met Guha mam who taught us English when we were in 11th and 12th.It was a different experience for me.I went to the classroom where we had lectures,Room NO 201.The same class room where I met Prashant,Feroz ,Milap and Imran on the first day.I was in College for just 45 minutes and my presence in college made me happy as this was the place where I enjoyed life and exactly knew what life was supposed to be.I would see all the passed out kids with their parents standing on queue just waiting for the person in counter to give admission forms.I always wanted to be a part of this college ,but I couldn't and we were a group of 6 close friends who were popular at that time.It is rightly said that somethings Money can't buy and those were the days which I would miss the most.I would be back there in few weeks time ,just to see the cutoff marks,hope she makes it there.This is like our family college where 4 of my cousins have studied and if Anu makes it there ,then she would be the 6th person from our family to study in GNK.Although ,now I am in a different college doing my graduation (B.E),but I would still remember GNK .

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Look someone is attending lectures .......

Till my School days and junior college ,I was a very sincere student and imagine i always used to attend all lectures sincerely and i was a pet for almost all my teachers.Days have changed and so have people changed .No one expected me to bunk lectures and my friends used to tease me "common its of no use callin Steph coz he wont miss the lecture".But in Engineering the story is totally different .
Imagine I was in defaulters list in semester 3 and one should note that i actually attended just 1 lecture of maths
which I considered it to be my worst act coz that itself led to many heartbreaking events which finally affected my semester 3 marks .Initially in semester 2,I attened just 4 lectures of maths .After getting into Engineering,I was a good kid till end of semester 1 ....but as semester ended ,Steph changed and that too drastically.That year my term work constituted to 60% of my total semester marks which is as less as compared to students scoring 80% and more in term works.The same year my aggregate was just 61 % which was never expected from me as I scored more than 85% in my 10th and 12th class.But one has to work hard to get good marks.Engineering is not just blaah blaah and blaah...we are supposed to get going on.But later on semester 3 also led to the event of inclusion of my name in the defaulter list for the first time in my life.We were supposed to write 3 years University papers and that too suring submission period.Submission is an integral part of an Engineers life.Ask and Engineer ,what submission exactly means.Its the event which includes the submissions of all assignments and files written by students along with viva.This is the time when professors can exactly utilize or take revenge ,but not all professors are villains as there are few who are kind and gentle.Currently I am in semester 6 (3rd year ) and I am regularly attending all lectures as it awarded me god marks in my unit tests and same thing in semester 4 where I got 85% of term works.I was actually surprised to see my attendance in my college website because I was never expecting that figure ...alas its over 75%.I consider it to be my biggest achievement .Do check it guys,I cant believe this.After getting placed or getting recuited in a company students usually think of not attending lectures ,but stephens facing a different problem.Last month I got selected in MBT(or TechMahindra),I was really happy for that as I believed that I have achieved what i wanted .Lets see how much I get in this semester .Hopefully should get more that what I got last year.Hopes are still high .I dont know upto what extent I will keep attending lectures ,but I hope I should get going around with it.Hope you likes this post .Check out my attendace ,you will be surprised if you were steph seldom attends lecture :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

My first experience in a local train

My first experience in a local train
Well such things happens only in India .I wont be surprised if you guys know it before.Well I would utilise this section to write about my experience in Indian local trains where i used to access local trains to reach my college .Believe me its unusual experience for me. Since I was 14 I always used to travel with my mom in the ladies compartments, to be honest my school was at a walking distance from my home and moreover my dad used to leave me to school.It was like I was not aware of how to go by trains and imagine after my 12th I have to do my engineering studies from a place which takes nearly 1 hr to reach.It really feels boring.I remember the first day when i took a local second class ticket and in India,especially in mumbai people go to work at around 8 am in the morning ,so at that time the train really gets filled with people talkin their own local languages.It was my first experience in a local train coz this time I was travelling alone and imagine at that time i didnt had any friends to accompany me.I was about to board a 8 :23 belapur local ,so i was allset for the train to arrive and i was of the plan that i will get a seat to sit,but evrything was goes to vain.Unfortunately i never got an opportunity to get into the train and i was pushed out side of the crowded train .The same thing happened in the 8 :35 train and 8:48 train.I was like getting angry with my self and imagine finally I got through the 9 :05 train and i was like relieved at that time.I could not go into the train and get a secure seat and so I had to stand for 45 minutes till my destination arrived.I felt somewhat strange as people were unable to stand properly and fights and quarrels all around.And this continues ,but the thing is that now i get into the train with my friends and i board the 8 :23 train lol ...Some time I used to wonder wheter this happens only in India ..but let anything happen in India that was a good experience for me ....

A great Indian - struggle or despair?

A great Indian - struggle or despair?
Shared by my friend Chaitanya Tengshe, so thought of posting it here!

A young farmer 34 year old was sleeping on a barren land with an innocent smile that exhibited a disparity from his real life. As he enters his dream of a land, filled with green grass, cows and buffaloes all around him, and wheat fields are swaying with the breeze and flowers blooming facing the sun. He dreamt on and on about a lifestyle as grand as a rich farmer can afford to have. And than as he turned around in his sleep a thorn pricked his shoulders and the dream was shattered in a second and he saw acres and acres of barren land filled with dead grass that said “pick me up and throw me out”. He than slowly walks into his house made of same dead grass and sees his son suffering with a disease and wife trying to cure him with certain amount of fake hope.

The farmer then moves on with his wretched life and for next few years he tries his heart out in search of new hope on a barren land, but all his efforts were in vain. The curse of money lenders increasing and the cost of managing children going up with their rising health problems, the farmer was now into the motion of depression. And now even as he slept on the same old barren land the naive smile has extinguished like the dream itself. The thorns that pricked didn’t matter much, because the moment he wakes up he knows that he will feel the sadness all around him. Then came the day when he thought that he would shift to a new place, a new land ,a new dream, a new hope and like many others he decided to be in the milieu of urban lifestyle , thus he would be able to relive a new dream. But no sooner did he think of this, he saw the image of the moneylender in front of his eyes. Even if he sells all the gold he has, it wasn’t enough. But still he decided he would leave the village at night and go to the city with a fresh hope and in search of a new opportunity.
The curious old farmer enters the city with age against him and unhealthy children not old enough to earn their bread. As usual he stays in slums like many other of his colleagues. And than searching a new job, trying to find a school for children and trying to make his wife culturally able to live in the city were just few problems or challenges he now faced, but he believed that this was the safer way to live a life. Finally he saw his belief after many years was turning into reality and again he dreamt as he slept now on land right next to gutters which now smelled to him like a lake filled with lotus, but now he could dream again thinking of moving ahead. The job that he did was of a plumber started with a colleague and later was capable to do it on his own. Children went to Municipality School, found new friends, also could afford good medical facilities and life was flowing again and it seemed like the river will now reach its destination, but than came a block. The block of the Government itself, and on a bright beautiful afternoon he lost his dream house which was ideally located next to a lake filled with lotus. And now he was at crossroads, where to carry his family. The village was filled with money lenders, searching his whereabouts and the city has just hit him in the face.

I am sure this is not a true story of a particular person. But this is a story of thousand and thousands of Indians trying to find a solution to live a peaceful life. They just want a land of 100 sq.ft not much. But now where will this fellow citizens go, for some the struggle will end for some it will began whether to call it a struggle or despair is something I live to the readers.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Well I was in 5th std and I was among the elite students during my school days.I always used to score good marks in all my exams and used to be in top5.At those times we used to have a subject called morals where we were taught nice topics such as courtesy and things about god and all.I used to be the favourite of all teachers in my class and everyone used to know my name.
Our morals teacher gave a project which constituted 75% of our marks and told that this project would decide the marks in the final terminal exams .She told us to make a group of 5 students each and gave topics to each group.She gave topics such as patriotism,courtesy ,patience,anger,anxiety etc.The most dissappointing thing was that I was not present, the day when our teacher gave us the topic due to fever.As a result my friends were supposed to note the topics.The topic which we were supposed to work on was "patience" and my foolish friends noted it as "patient".Since i was absent that day , even i didnt realized that it was patience and even I thought that it was patient and we went on to make a project on patient. Friday was the deadline to submit our projects and teacher told us that late submissions would yield us a deduction of 20 marks which would result in marks loss.So we tried hard to complete the project within the stipulated time .
The next friday everyone was ready with the projects .We submitted our projects as well.The astonishing fact was that I was the group leader of my group .So our mam went through all our projects and she came through our project as well.After seeing it she was shocked for a while and called me .She said to me
"Stephen!!,I never expected this from you.You were supposed to make a project on patience I suppose and what is this"
without knowing I was stunned and I replied
"What??? patience friends told me it was patient"
she said this to evryone in the class and the news spread like a wildfire.This embarassed me to great extent.All my teachers were surprised as I used to a brilliant student.I asked my teacher to give me a chance ........after requesting she allowed me to make another project.
I wonder this was the funniest thing that happened in my life.I was embarassed for a while and this incident hurted me a lot.After this I decided that I wont indulge in any group activities for any projects and all and I would do my project works and home works by myself and I follow this till now.Thee thing is that no one in my family knows this till now .........its disguise and i wont tell my family members as well.