Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Tag - Mistakes happen!

Disclaimer - Strictly Fiction!.Not intended to hurt anyone or any group of people!!

“Oh hurry up girl!,” Priyanka said to her best friend Zarine as they were walking towards the main gate of FCC College. It was a special day for them. After 3 years of togetherness, friendship, love and fun, their college journey was coming to an end. It was their farewell party. 

“Hang up girl, I have to wear this red lipstick, baby,” Zarine retorted.
“Oh dearie...we are already late,"
"Oh it’s still 4.25... We have to reach by 5," Zarine said and removed her red Lakme lipstick and started applying on her lips. 

"Darling!! Won’t you take my pic," She winked at her. Priyanka had a Nikon cool pix with her. It was said that she had stolen her brother's camera while he was at home for vacations. He never knew that his own younger sister had taken his camera.  He had to buy a new Sony Cyber shot - an expensive one.  Priyanka always carried her Nikon cool pix and her Blackberry curve with her. She was techsavy. All the photos captured on her camera would definitely make an entry to her Facebook profile.
It was already 4.55 pm and finally Zarine had worked on her looks and they clicked 68 photos focussing her lips and face.

"Oh God! We have already taken 68 photos and our party has not yet started," Priyanka said as she browsed through the photos on her camera.
"Don't I look gorgeous?," Zarine said as they both looked at their pictures.
It was sharp 5 pm and everyone assembled at the auditorium. It was the same auditorium where Zarine and Priyanka had gone for a singing audition but sadly they were not selected. Everyone gathered at the auditorium and sat on their seats along with their gangs.

The Principal and the faculty members of various departments were seated at the stage.
"Good Evening Everyone!," said Sharda Waghmare, the Principal of FCC College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kholipada.
"May we get in mam," Priyanka and Zarine said in unison. “You girls can never be on time, huh," Prof Sharda said.

"It is your last day at FCC and it’s disappointing. When will you girls learn?," The professor said to which everyone present at the auditorium started laughing.
“Oh Pri.. She started again..This is so embarrassing," Zarine whispered to her best friend. "You may enter," The Professor allowed both the girls inside.
They both walked ceremoniously as if they both were walking on the ramp of a fashion show. Zarine hunted for a seat but she could only see an ensemble of students seated and as a result her eyes failed to spot vacant seats.
"Oh Zarine...come here, " Priyanka called her best friend as she located two empty seats at the front row.

“Oh no ...front row.. You nuts or what," Zarine uttered. Finally they both got settled. "That’s why I always asked you to be on time," Priyanka glared at her.
"Oh whatever," Zarine adjusted her hair and looked at her Galaxy S3 front camera to see if she was looking fine. 

Everyone tried their best to look good as it was their last day.  The professors gave their speech and then the party started.
"We have a DJ party and dinner arranged for you, " Professor Sharda announced.
"Have fun and don't misbehave. It’s show time guys!!, " She said and the professors left for the staff room.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Follow me!!

So Facebook asks "Whats on your mind?" and Twitter asks "Whats happening?". Social media is trying to be a boon to some people but for some its just waste of precious time.So tell me how many of you spend some quality time on internet. The good old days of internet has vanished where people used to come online seldom as the cafe would charge 40 bucks for 1 hour and only richmen could provide such facility to their children.But that was some 5 years ago.Considering today's scenario one can say that  even a common man can afford internet.You get internet on your mobile and there are twitter and facebook which are compatible and optimized for  mobile users. These days I see that lots of celebrities are  showing active interest in Twitter.I admit Twitter is fun. But its sometimes cool to read those tweets. Amitabh Bachhan who is a legendary actor tweets about Rajnikanth who is another Superstar in South India.The Anna Hazare anti corruption campaign proved successful and enormous support was gathered through this social media. Sachin Tendulkar is now India's Twitter king as he has more than 10 million followers. I take this opportunity to wish master a very happy birthday .Happy birthday Sachin "GOD" Tendulkar.

So by writing whats happening and whats on your mind ,don't you feel that you are exposing your real life to the virtual world. Now a days popularity is measured on the basis of the followers you have on these social media's.God Damn I have some 275 followers in Twitter and 330 in blogger ,so does it means I am not popular?.Well this is not the case.So whats all this fuss about Follow me!!.
There used to be a time when two friends  who meet after a long period of time would say
"hey add me in Orkut!" Forget Orkut,its dead now.
It was soon replaced by "Hey,Are you in Facebook? then add me!!" .

Facebook these days represents our virtual world .It indicates our virtual  reality.How virtual are we? Facebook says I am 80% virtual. How I get it is based on some stupid ,absurd application which claims to measure your virtual quotient. So the one thing which is popular now is this.

"ok Follow me on Twitter ,Ok?" 
How easy is life? Just click on follow and you get the updates from your friends in form of Tweets.

A Girl asks her boyfriend to follow her.This boyfriend of hers is not techsavy unlike her.So he thinks his job is to follow her anywhere and everywhere she goes. So there she goes to the washroom and she is shocked to see her boyfriend in the Ladies washroom.

"Hey ,what the fuck are you doing here ?" she says
"you just asked me to follow you,so I'm following you," he replies.
"Idiot,Following me doesn't ,means that you follow me everywhere.I asked you to follow me on Twitter," she gets vexed for once and throws him out of the washroom.

Creepy Ehhh!!

Nevermind  and hey I forgot to tell you that you can Follow me too ;) My Twitter handle is @Crazy_geniusS

So now I hope you won't be knocking my door to follow me. :P .Take care and have fun and you can follow me on my blog if you like my writings. I am planning to write a short story after a long time.
God bless and hope to be back with sometimes and I take this opportunity to welcome my new readers.