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Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Modified Software Bug Cycle

The other day I and my friends were discussing a bug that stormed into the application and didn't plan to leave it soon. So during the spare time at tea,  we decided to haunt the regular bug cycle. How about altering it and just have some fun. Let's tweak in the Agile Testing Process.
It goes like ...
Tester Logs a  High severity , High priority Bug - 
"Bug 999 - Exception occurs and Application hangs on clicking Submit button at SEZ 1 location at Tea Time."
The Bug goes through a series of procedures like the Review Cycle where a group of senior Pundits from the Agile and the Product Development team review the defect. The defect gets a clean chit and it goes to the Product Development team Lead's plate.
The Dev Lead assigns the Bug to the Developer. 
The Developer investigates the bug. That seems to be the most challenging bug. The entire team brainstorms and indicate that it requires a high-level design change. The Design Lead and the Product Owners are roped into the scene. They all work together and come up with a plan. 
The Developer fixes the issue as per the new design. 
He updates the defect with the below comment.
"Issue fixed. For the Impacted Areas, the bug should be tested at Lunch time and Dinner time  and from Sez 1 and Sez 2. Testing at Onsite should be taken care by them once they face the issue.This bug also needs to be tested during Work From Home and during National Holidays."
The Project Manager updates the defect.
"Testing to be done from onshore too. The Onsite QA Team is notified about this defect."
Two days later the Onsite QA Lead comments on the bug.
"Defect is invalid. Who works at tea time? We never work at tea time."
Another QA from the defect logger's team   consults the developer and asks him why breakfast time is not mentioned in the Impact Analysis testing.
"You guys come at 1 PM for stand up and who will test it for the breakfast scenario," The developer replies angrily.
"But still," the QA snaps.
"No But, no If's. Who will come early to test that ?" The developer retorts and displays his animosity by rapidly typing serialisation code that he was working on. He had spent several nights at the office working on this defect. His frustration and anger were visible.
Angrily, he bangs his hand on his desk and glares at the QA.
He then updates the defect and assigns it to the QA who logged the defect.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

219. Remembering my good old ITP Days @Manikchand,Pune

Life had completely changed for once after we got our joining dates some 8 months ago.Now,its too difficult to relive the same moments today.Each and every days of ITP was special .Starting from the behavioural training till the Generic pack.Life was simply awesome.The location and the place where we took our training was so grand and super.I just wish to go back to those old days .Life is so short and I am so sure that such auspicious occasions are just once.A room named after Chanakya the great.32 souls from different colleges of Mumbai were taught various skills and trainings were given to them.Their only intention was to clear ITP training.

Behavioral training was indeed awesome.Neha Maa'm had came to take our trainings and so were the other mentors.The first day of training was so fun.We 5 out of the total 7 roomies were in same classroom.Chanakya was the only name that we knew.We were asked to introduce ourselves.Shy Sandeep's,Proudy Prashant's,Animal Ajay's,Rowdy Rajkumar's and Smart Shraddha's had introduced themselves.Everyone was asked to continue the chain by adding an adjective before their name.We were taught basic behavioural skills .We had an awesome trainer who had taught us English grammer and the ex tempos where we were given random topics and asked to talk about the same.As days passed ,the bonding between each one of us grew stronger and stronger.We were made to work in groups and for each activity the groups used to change and it would be shuffled.First week of behavioural training was so fun.We wished and longed to see another session of behavioural training.But it was dominated by the Foundation pack,which was supposed to be followed by Generic training.It all happened in the early months of the year 2010.Sivakumar sir who was our trainer for SQL had made our session more easier for us.Trainings used to be conducted till 5.30 pm followed by assignments and practice sessions.Manikchand ,Pune is really special for me.I also got to meet many new friends from Hinjewadi and Gigaspace who were in touch with me through Orkut and FB.Finally the day had arrived which was utmost important to us.Tests used to be conducted by TechMahindra after completion of every session.There would be a gap of a week before we had any tests.SQL paper was not expected to be tough but it was indeed difficult.Siva sir had tried his best to help us,but wwe were helpless.TechM's rigorous trainings showed its true color from day1 itself.We friends had planned for a movie "My name is Khan"  after our exam.But the environment was not cheerful.Prashant was very upset since his paper went very bad.Even our paper was very difficult.We only had 3 retests which was like 3 lifeline's to us.Then we had our SE,VVT and Unix sessions.Unix was interesting but vast.I flunked in my Unix paper and it was not a delightful sight for me.Days passed by and we concentrated more on our studies.Who cares but we also had our fun quotient high.All thanks to Rajkumar Tiwari,the Raavan of our TechM's Ramayan.
We had our friends who used to sit in front of us.They were engaged and we indirectly used to address them as Ram and Sita.Ramayan @Spark was so fun.Spark messenger was the only means through which we used to chat with our other friends.I am sad that we don't have access to Spark messenger here as we work for AT&T and Q messenger is everything for us.I was given the role of Hanuman,Ajay as sugreev and Rohit as Laxman.The last bench was called as Lanka since the entire Ramayan crew sat on the last bench.We used to roleplay Ramayan characters everytime.Such instances comes only once in life time.Those days were shortlived. The difficulty level of our papers were high as days went by.After every paper we used to get a hint about our presence in Techmahindra.It was during those time when I met Neha W , a charming beautiful girl who used to come to our location for training.I had written  about her in my old blog post.She had an improvement in Unix.I befriended her during those cruel days when our fate was to be decided by the complexity of the exams conducted by Techm.I wanted to meet Neha again.I never knew that I would meet her and I felt sad as I got allocated to Delhi.Deepika who was my best friend had left techmahindra as she failed to clear the eligibility criteria.I know how much I helped her and we both worked hard for Unix.I didn't wanted her to leave techm and I helped her as much I could.I had no other options apart from accepting the project from Noida.I was put in a fix when I got this news and to continue or not was the question which would come in my mind.For once I'd decided to leave for Noida.I soon started missing my friends from ITP.We seemed to be scattered across Pune,Mumbai and Delhi although only 2 of us were put up in Delhi.I lost touch with my friends.I desperately wanted to go back to them and wanted to rejoin my ITP batch.Not everything happens the way you think.I started missing Momma,Appa and Anu a lot.During one fine morning,I wrote a mail to Neha and she gave me a news which almost got tears on my eyes.She had left TechM.I wanted to talk to her.She was someone who was so special.Her smiles,her cute dimples and everything was so perfect.She was a girl with no attitude and I wanted to meet her but sadly I coudln't.There are many episodes of ITP life which I would like to share.It was a display of wide gamut of emotions,friendship,bonding etc.Dhaval's nose punch,Deepika's exit,Ajay's frown,Rajkumar and mine constant disputes,Neha's entry were some of the highlights of my ITP life.I forgot to mention about Ajay whom I knew from my college.We were so upset after we gave out Unix paper that we had decided to go for a drink.I remember the entire things that happened that day

Swapnali,Roshan,Komal,Vishal,Pooja,Zoha,Pakeezah,Dhaval,Jobin,Atul,Deepika,Neha,Navjit,Mrinal,Ryan and many others had completed our training together.Each one of you are special to me..

I would also like to mention my new friends Abhishek,Prothit,Emilie,Angira,Ayantika,Prasenjit,
Shagun,Amber,Manoj,Digvijay,Ratika,Kamlendre,Nikhil,Vinati,Neha Chandok,Himanshu,Richa and many more who came to be a part of my life.I don't miss my family since I have you guys.Love you a lot.I want to go back to my ITP days and most importantly to my home.It doesn't means that I am homesick :) .It just means that I love you guys.ITP Days were really fun filled.Each days meant a lot to me.Got a new experience from it.Loved it to the core..Love you guys a lot.

The Solitary Writer

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

168. Farmers Day Out!!

"You are fit to be a farmer!"

this is what my Mom used to say when I flunked in my exams or didn't studied.But I sometimes used to think and even ponder on these lines.Why can't I be a farmer?.As of now my forefathers were sowing rice and Wheat in TN and SriLanka few decades ago and I could do the same.I soon realized the importance of being a farmer.Wow! farming is fun for people who are really interested to explore this art.Yes my dear readers farming is an art.It is the primary occupation of people in our nation.Ages ago I had learned during my school days that around 71% of people in India are directly or indirectly depended on agriculture.Even urban population depends on agriculture. I mean the food that we obtain is something which is due to the hardworks of farmers.I can see my readers yawning. I warn you guys as I am not responsible if you change your occupation after reading this post.Any way my last post was dated October 9 and its 28 today.I 'm back after 2 long weeks.Did you miss me? Hope SML post was useful and made sense .Any way lets start with the discussion for todays topic.Yes my dear bloggers, I am going to talk about one thing which is becoming the centre of attraction.FARMVILLE is becoming popular these days.It can be considered as one of the best application which Zynga has produced. Zynga has always suceeded in creating these kind of applications which can constantly trouble young souls.I can proudly or rather shamelessly say that more than one fourth of the world population is practicing virtual farming using Facebook.Shamelessly just because that I am wasting my precious time farming online.I am going to talk about online farming and few important things related to the same.Before doing that I would like to say few things about my beloved sister who is a popular farmer in facebook.But before introducing her to you I would like to name few popular bloggers in blogsville who have left their impression in farmville.They have been seriously following online farming like anything.To name few we have Americanising Desi,Nushu,Nabs,Shifoo,Anurag and many others.Esther is growing into a strong farmer day by day.She is currently farming at level 32.Freelancer is currently farming at level 28.But people here adore this application.Any way I have a surprise for few female farmers out here in blogworld.Well the guest for this post is none other than my beloved sister and a blogger friend Meow. Meow loves facebook and to be honest she loves farmville. We will go tete a tete with her sooner or later.When I joined facebook there was nothing really fascinating.It had some really insane quizzes(the insanity now has increased),poking features and status updates.I was pining for something like Mafia wars.I disliked Mafia wars initially when it was launched as I was finding it to be difficult and complicated.But since I was craving for it,I had to learn it step by step.Ohoo! I can hear snores and can predict that few of you are actually sleeping.Sorry for this.Farmville is a place where you can perform farming in a browser window using flash. .Well let me tell you the advantages of farmville as compared to traditional farming.
(click image to enlarge)

Advantages of farmville.
1.There is no need for rain in farmville.
2.Crops can grow within hours in farmville which takes more time in real life.
3.You don't need to feed your pets in farmville and they will produce things automatically
4.You don't need to go to market and toil hard in sun.Money will get automatically added during harvesting.
5.No weather problems in farmville.In real farming different parameters like climatic conditions are considered for farming.
6.In farmville you can sow anything .
7.Soil quality is not a big constraint in case of farmville.In real world soil quality is different for different crops.
A big advantage of farmville is that we could sit comfortably in our bed room and farm easily.
So it is not at all something which is really sophisticated.I will post you few pictures of my sisters farm.Now I am going to talk about few irritating farmers.

ABC: hey do you play farmville?
Solli: yes I do.
ABC: then please add me as your neighbour dude.

Well Meow shamelessly asked me to be her neighbour in farmville.It seems she wants to expand her farm and my intelligent sister found an innocent victim in from of Solli. .Well this is really annoying at times.Another annoying thing is about the gift requests. I am posting this picture just because I found it as a good example for this post.Infact I wouldn't get anything better than this.This is a girl who presents a list to me.She wants me to gift her those items.Everyone knows me as a lazy bum and imagine me gifting people.I had around 85 gift requests in farmville.I ignored all of them..Here is the much awaited pics.Please don't even try to guess the hidden person.

Farmville farmers would clear mess from others farm or shoo off crows or sparrows in others farm to earn bonus.It is also seen that some farmers have started harassing their loved ones to harvest crops in their absense by giving them their password.Silly!! is the first word which comes to my mind.People are getting addicted to this application or game to be precise.We have real men toiling hard under the sun and here we are wasting our precious time.
Its a rumour that president Barack Obama is maintaining his own farm in Facebook.Infact he was caught sowing rice by one of his officials. Even famous European leaders like Nicolas Sarcozy and others have decided to follow Obama's foot steps and they have created their own farm in Farmville.

Well Meow will kill me after reading these lines as shez a real time fan of FV. so here we go one on one with Meow.
Solli: Hi meow!
Meow: Hello!
Solli: Why farming?
Meow: coz timepass after a monotonous day at office
Solli:Why do you prefer online farming?
Meow:its so easy than real farming..crops will grow so fast... than in real farm where it takes so many months..moreover there is no need for rain here i need not commit suicide if there is no rain unlike real farmers do..
Solli:what kind of crops do you cultivate?describe ur farm in short
Meow:if i've work or am busy..i put crops which takes 2 to 3 days to grow like in weekdays i sow them and if it is a weekend i sow crops which can grow in 2 to 3 hrsso that i can make quick money
Solli:Now that was an insight to all Farmville farmers.Thank you Meow!
Meow:Thanks and do check my farm pictures.
So here I post some fabulous creation of our very own Meow.Please I request you not to laugh .I can see few of you smiling
(Click image to enlarge)

Here is the farmer chick award for the beautiful ladies.I proudly present the farmer chick award to Meow,Americanising Desi,Esther and all those female farmers who send me gift requests .
I would like to thank my fellow blogger Miss Sarah Flinders for the "Creative Blogger" award that she presented me.Thanks a lot Sarah.
So to conclude this post with a happy note I asked Taylor Swift to write a song for my post.

I don't care what my parents say,
I wanna be a super farmer.,
i will sow some seeds,,
nd harvest them day after tommorow.
My farm will shine like a star
nd smile like a see..

Crap.... let me admit ..this poem is my creativity Forbid me Taylor.Between I am in with Taylor Swift .. Even she accepted my proposal ..believe it or not blaaah!!!!
I am actually in a big mess right now.I am not being able to write or read anyones blog but I promise to be back Asap.Thanks a lot for taking your time and coming here.I you all.
Signing off.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

160.She or He!!!

"Are we high,"Sandeeep asked Ste.
"Are we?,"Ste replied back.

"I guess we are," Sandeep said.
"How?,"Ste asked him.
"Guess Guess,"Sandeep grinned.
"Tell me naa bhai,"Ste got vexed.

"We both are drinking Beer,"Sandeep said.
"So,we are high ehh,"Ste said.
"No," Sandeep said.
"We are at the 17th floor now,"Sandeep winked.
"You and your jokes,"Ste kicked Sandeep.

After 5 more pegs Sandeep lost his control.
"Ste Kanna!!,"Sandeep said.
"What??,"Ste grimaced

"Look 'shez' hot?,"Sandeep said.
"Ehh,you touched and 'shez' not!," Ste replied back.

"She smiled at me ,bhaii!!,"Sandeep was excited.
"'She didn't?,"Ste said.

"Abhey and just look at her man,"Sandeep asked Ste to look at the person.
"No,No," Ste said.
"Dumb,just see her ,"Sandeep got annoyed.
"Yep,I know you are drunk ," Ste said to Sandeep.
"What?,"Sandeep asked.

After 3 more pegs of Vodka.
"Bro,look at the chick,"Sandeep said.

"Oh !Despo!!its not 'She' ,"Ste said.

"What?,"Sandeep wiped his eyes.
"Its 'him',thats a guy,"Ste laughed.
Sandeep was now confused and asked for the bill


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

157.Sir,I wan a Lattery!!

PreScript: Arjun , who is a student of Sandeep Sir's Acting School comes to meet Sandeep Sir.

Arjun : Aye! Saar ,I won a lottery.
Sandeep: Ahh! What will you do with this money ,Son?
Arjun:Saar,I will help poor people and provide monetory support to all needy people .
Sandeep:I am very proud of you, Son.
Arjun: Saar,I will also marry a poor girl and take care of her Saar.
Sandeep: God Bless you, Son.
Arjun: Thanks Saar.
Sandeep:So how much money did you win?
Arjun: 35 Rs ka Saar

**After few days **
Arjun: Saar,I won a lottery yet again.
Sandeep:Huh!! and how much Rupees this time?
Arjun:5000Rs Saar! and I wish to give you a share.
*Sandeep Sir voraciously look s at his student Arjun as he removed the money from his pocket.
Arjun: Saar!Take this money .
Sandeep:What is this son?You give me a share of just 10 Rs,you fool?
Arjun: Saar,with the remaining amount from your share,I took your girlfriend for a date,Saar ;-)

156.A game of Cricket

Ste: Dad! Look what I got?
Dad: What is it, son?
Ste: Appa! I got the CD of “The Greatest Cricket Match Ever!”
Dad: Wow! Son…let’s see it right now. What a day!
Ste: Right away Appa.
*Ste inserts the CD into the player and waits for it to load. The CD starts with a steamy scene and things keep getting steamier*
Dad: What on earth is this in the name of cricket?
Ste: *embarassed* Aiyoo. I think someone fooled me.
*One tight slap*
Ste (trying desperately to brighten the mood): April fool dad. April fool! Ha ha
*One tighter slap again*
Ste: What was this for, Appa?
Dad: It’s April 3 today!

****His friend Sandeep visits him ****

Sandeep : See, I got the CD of “The Greatest Cricket Match Ever” just for you
Ste:(Looks angrily at Sandeep after his dad slapped him) Dikha mujhe.
Sandeep:Its a very famous cricket video,you see.
*Ste slaps Sandeep as he believed that it was an adult movie CD.*
Sandeep:Why you slapped me? (Inserts the CD on the player )
Ste: Omg!! This is really a Cricket match (gets scared)
Sandeep:Why did you slap me?
Ste: April fool !! hehehe
Sandeep: (grimaces and gives a threatening look at him)Today is 3rd April
Ste:Belated April fool Sandeep :P


Monday, July 13, 2009

Hey honey this is Tanya here!!

**This is a work of fiction based purely on the Writers Imagination.

Umm!!! The word Tanya reminds me of the gorgeous chick who studied with us during our Junior college days at Shrirams.She was not a superstar, not even a supergirl,but she had a big fan club. Just imagine normal girls like her have fan clubs then what will happen to filmstars in future.We could concieve her as the next Miss World during those times.She was the heartthrob of almost everyone.I still remember Kishore running behind her like mad on the Valentines day. He was our senior.Our Student Counsellor,General Secretary,Prefect and every one was on the queue.

"Yaar,Apna number kabh aayega," Krystofaar,my room mate used to ask me. I still have vivid memories of Krystofaar chasing Tanya when she was tramping alone at Chandi Chowk. Tanya was unaware of Krystofaar chasing her since long. Perhaps she had never seen him in our class as she was amongst the 'out'standing student and even I was a part of this great fame league.This was how I befriended Tanya.On the other hand Krystofaar used to attend all lectures. That night when the street seemed to be isolated from normal crowded region of Delhi, Krystofaar was chasing Tanya. Finally after few hours they paused.They both were panting heavily.
"Hangon dude!why the fuck are you chasing me?," She asked him with a cruel look on her face.

"Please for god sake don't use the F word again,it is bad," Krystofaar replied.
"Whatever?," she was losing her temper.
"Actually I wanted to say that you look beautiful today !,"He added.
"Who are you silly?you ratface,"She said .
"Ratface," he winked at her.
"Ok fine dude,thanks ,shall we go for a coffee,"She said to him.
"Hainnn!!! Coffee, Hanjii," He said.
Soon they both left for CCD.Little they knew that some one was following them from sidelines and the spy was none other than me.

I'd seen entered the coffee shop like Agent Bond as if Tanya's dad had asked me to follow her activity.After watching both of them it was for the first time I noticed that Krystofaar could actually blush.

"Damn! Sala" I said.
Finally the waiter arrived with the bill.Tanya was a typical 21st century girl who relied on the guys to pay her bills.Our college student chairman Rishi was paying her phone bills for few months which was replaced by Nishikanth,our GS. Our principal's son was taking care of her make up and other accessories.
Krystofaar never had the habit of carrying Wallets.
"165 Rs Madam," the waiter said.
"Can't you see,Sir will pay," She pointed towards Krystofaar.
Krystofaar pretended as if he was carrying his wallet and he forgot.So he asked Tanya to pay the bill.
"Damn!Ratface,"She was vexed.
"Waiter jiii please can you wait for few minutes till I get my money," He said to the waiter.
"Chalo tum dono Bhartan gisso abh!," the waiter replied.

"Bhartan and me,my foot,"Tanya said.
It was then the time for me to exhibit my hero giri.I entered the scene like a superhero.
"Hey Tanya," I said.
"Hi Shravan," she replied.
"What are you doing with Krystofaar?," I curiously asked her.
"Well you know this Ratface?," she said.
"Yup he is from our class,didn't you know?," I asked her.
Krystofaar was feeling sheepish for his behaviour.

Finally the problem was solved as I settled the bill amount.
Krystofaar ,me and Tanya went on to become good friends during the course of our junior college days. I had a strong intuition that Krystofaar had a crush on her.Krystofaar and me went on to crack IITentrance and we both studied in the same class once again. Tanya was doing her BMS from some reputed institution. We never had Tanya's new phone number . It was after 4 years that I again decided to play a prank on Krystofaar.Few days ago,I actually came across a TV commercial Ad where few girls ask the viewers to call them. The devil in my mind started working. I noted the number on my mobile phone and saved it. It was 09987333333.
I tried to call her for fun.
"Hey honey this is Tanya here, how are you sexy ?," the person said.
I soon realized that it was a computer recorded message and the name 'TANYA' once again tickled my brain.
I asked Krystofaar to call her saying that it was Tanya's new number.
Soon outright he dialled the number without any second thought.
"Hey honey this is Tanya here, how are you sexy ?," the person said.
"Tell her that you love her ," I said.
"Hi Tanya, I love you so much," Krystofaar said.
"What will you do if I say I am feeling cold?," the voice said.
"Will you give me a hug or not?," it said.
"Yes,I will hug you and even kiss you," Krystofaar grinned.
I could not control my laughter.
"Press 1 if you say yes or press 2 for no,"she said.
"yaar seems she is playing number games with me," he blushed.
"Hey sweety,I will give you morning call tommorow, chillax!," and the phone got cut.
Krystofaar was overwhelmed and excited. Every day he used to get up early because of the computer generated Tanya.
Poor Krystofaar never knew that it was a recored voice.
Later on when he came to know this,he got vexed.
He never spoke to us for few weeks until some one actually came to meet him.
"Hey Ratface! won't you talk to me,"some girl said.
Krystofaar thought that it was me who was impersonating Tanya.
Later on it was Tanya who was in the city for vacations.It was me who asked her to meet our cute champu.
"Oh Ratface!!," she said again.
"Oh my god! Tanya," Krystofaar came running towards her like the 1970's Indian hero.
Krystofaar confessed his love to Tanya.Tanya accepted it happily and Krystofaar was allset to become her 75th boyfriend. Any idea who was her 5th boyfriend!!:P

Monday, March 02, 2009

One Night with a beautiful Witch!! ....

** This is an exclusive fiction work.All characters are imaginary.

"Damn, you bitch ,I hate you," I screamed loudly standing near the gate.
"Get lost dude, Nano is sleeping," she wryly smiled at me.
"Beware ! if he gets up ,then he will pull out a chunk of your flesh ," she winked at me.

"You and your bloody Pug," I felt like abusing her ,but I couldn't as I was scared of Nano.Nano was a full sized Pug and the only dog to gorge over chicken and mutton . It was already 1.45 am and I was once again kicked out of my girlfriends house. This was not the first time it happened. I am used to it. Without any second thought I left for the Lovers park at Kentsburry. I was new to New South Wales and this place was different from Perth. "Damn!," I said and I left for once.

Last year ,I wintered at Perth with my parents . But ,this year its a different scenario. I usually never ventured outside my house after 12 pm. I was wearing a scarf and a monkey cap. I also had my winter jackets on ,but I was still feeling cold. As I was walking along the fence of the Lovers park ,I could hear someone singing a song with full volume.
"Listening to music at 2 am ," I perplexed.

I'm standing on a bridge
I'm waiting in the dark
I thought that you'd be here by now

There's nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but there's no sound

Isn't anyone trying to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home

It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Wont you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new

I don't know who you are
But I... I'm with you
I'm with you.

I'm looking for a place

Searching for a face

Is anybody here I know

'Cause nothing's going right

And everythings a mess
And no one likes to be alone.

I could see a young lady of around 23 with her legs sprawled. It was a sight to see. She was singing Avril Lavigne's song.I felt like starting a convo with her.
"Hey wait," I took a step back.
"Who knows she might be a Bimbo?," the neurons of my brain was active even at 2 am.

I soon went close to her. She was wearing a white gown with her blonde hairs tied with a band. She gave a sweet smile when I went closer to her.
"Hey ,what are you doing?," I asked her.

"Just chilling bloke," she replied.
"I am Element Stepster from Perth," I believed that she won't mind a quick intro.
"Umm, Chelsea Stepteee from Kentsbury ," she said.

"We both are Steps ...I mean both our last name starts with Steps," I thought I had cracked a joke.
But she didn't laughed though. " How bad it feels when some one close to you hurts you," she grimaced.

"Yeah it does feels bad Chels," I quickly replied.

Now ,I thought of dumping Lizzie and befriend Chelsea." Wowwiee," I exclaimed .
"Has some one close to you annoyed you or hurt you that eventually depressed you?," she was anxiously awaiting an answer from me .
"Yes my girlfriend Lizzie thrashed me out of her house for misbehaving ," she could see the frown on my face.

"I had a boyfriend, who loved me ,but few bad things in our life and our dreams got shattered ," she cried.
"I want someone to kiss me right on my cheeks," she said expecting some one to soothe her. I realized that she would sing a song for this too and yes she did sing .

Kiss me.
out of the bearded barly
beside the green green grass.
swing swing (swing swing).
swing the spinning step
you wear those shoes and
i will wear that dress.

beneath the milky twilight
lead me.
out on the moonlit floor,
lift your open hand
strike up the band and
make the fog lights dance
silver moon sparkling.
So, kiss me.

Once ,again it was Avril's song. I was getting goosebumps. I went close to kiss her and provide her solace. As I went close to her mouth,I could smell onions and garlics."Yuck, don't you brush your teeth," I said to her for once.

"I last brushed my teeth 3 years ago," she said with a straight face.
"Ohh!! thats bad Chelsea," I said.
"Guess,you are poor farmers daughter ," I grinned.
"Common give me your fingers she said," she pointed her fingers to a tall building.
"Do you see that tall building?," she asked me to look at the 65 storey building.

"Isn't that a skycraper?," I asked her.
"Yes,it is," she said.
"What happened to that place?," I keenly asked her.
"My boyfriend pushed me down from that building," she asserted.
"Oh,Should I believe this ," I felt that she was playing a prank on me.
"You should dear,"she said.
"Please satisfy my unsatiable soul ,umm ," she sounded desperate.
Now ,I was scared and I was terrified. I started stuttering and my voice went low for once.
"You mean you are a ......," I stammered.
"Yes ,you mean it ," she laughed.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA ," her voice echoed till the 4th harmonics .
"Leave me ,Leave me ," I pleaded for help. She twined my fingers and kissed it like mad.

"Leave me ,Mummy help me!!!!," I screamed and I opened my eyes for once. My face turned blanched.

"Oh !!! Shh Shh get away , stop it," I said as I could see Nano licking my fingers .

"Don't scold Nano," Lizzie said for once.

"Ahh!! finally it was a dream," I heaved a sigh of relief.

"I love you Lizzie and I promise I won't ever leave you," I kissed my girlfriend.

She wondered what happened to me. "Love you too honey," she kissed me back.


**I am busy these days and not able to read every ones work.So will read your posts soon.This is my first post after 2 weeks. Take care and enjoy.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The guy in the Lingerie Store.......

He was 21 years old and he was very popular in his college.He was doing his final year Engineering .He was a spoilt brat and a big time jester who amused people with his stupid jokes.There can't even be a single soul who didn't laughed at his jokes.The " young lady with the orange carrot" was one of his very famous jokes. I won't write about that joke as the contents of the same are inappropriate for certain readers .This was said by the same person infact he was the one who was involved in this story which I am going to narrate. We laughed when he told this to us for the first time.We all laughed like mad. Ok ,now its time for the story.

There was a guy who wanted to live life differently.He was 6'1" tall and was looking handsome and smart. Despite of such a physique,he failed to impress even a single girl. Some times he used to get upset .It was the biggest fiasco of his life and he could not bear it any longer.For once ,he decided that he would propose a girl before valentines day.He started roaming across roads and colleges in search of a good looking girl. It was evening and he was standing near his car.He was peeping out of the window as if a greedy man was looking at the stack of currency notes.But, our hero was looking out of the window in search of girls.He scanned the entire place and was dissappointed once again.He believed that it was his fate and bad luck that prevents him.He once again scanned the place in search of a girl.He was not a despo ,but some times a despo .Yeah,its confusing , but what to do read its my narration .

He got a glance of a young girl smiling at him.He looked behind to confirm that she was smiling at him. Now he was assured that she was smiling at him .He soon turned towards his car and combed his hairs and adjusted his dress. He soon removed his spectacles.He then headed towards the girl. Every one knew that he was color blind and without his glasses he could not see an image with proper clarity. He entered the store to meet the girl. As he entered ,every one started staring at him.He winked his eyes again and again in search of the girl. But ,he could only see womens all around .There was not even a single male around him. He didn't realized that he had entered the "My Heart Lingerie store".

"What is this guy doing in a lingerie store?" was the million dollar question to be asked at that time. He started walking towards the girl . She smiled at him once again.
"What do you want ,Sir? ", she asked him.
He soon pointed his finger towards a panty . He imagined it to be a male undergarment as he had removed his glasses.But in reality , it was a female undergarment or a panty in short.
"For your girlfriend sir,"she asked with a gentle smile.

"No,its for me," he said winking his eyes.
"Whatt??," the sales girl believed that our hero swinged the other way.

He was standing near the semi nude statues that were revealing the store's undergarments. He looked at the statue as he was feeling shy . Now ,the girl was really confused. She was wondering what the hell was wrong with this guy.
"140Rs, sir," she gave the bill to our hero.

He spoke to her and eventually they went on to become good friends.They also exchanged their phone number. At last our "Lonely hero" got a girlfriend.When he returned home,he was immersed in some thoughts.He was thinking of ways to propose her. He soon removed the undergarment pack which he presumed to be a male undergarment . He was shocked and stunned for a while. "Oh My God,"was his first reaction. He asked for a panty instead of an underwear. He was embarassed and was dumbstood. After few while ,he was laughing at himself. Now,he had an idea .He was allset to propose the sales girl of "My Heart Lingerie store" who smiled at him. He was excited that he will propose the girl on Valentines day. "Yays," he shouted.

He was thinking of some different gift for the girl.He was planning it to be a special gift.

hey guys,can you tell me what the gift would be ? Think of some funny ideas and write it on the comment section.

Will be back with the climax part of this story on 14th February.


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