Saturday, August 27, 2016

4 Major Tips to Plan a De-stressed Flight

4 Major Tips to Plan a De-stressed Flight

Going on a business trip isn’t an easy job. If you’ve already booked your flight with easyJet Contact Number and are all set to get your next promotion with a decent appraisal once you’re back from your business trip. Between planning for representations for meetings, sleeping on planes, constantly packing your luggage for the trip and staying glued to your mobile device- you can easily get grumpy and can also affect your routine drastically. However, by planning ahead, using best of technology, keeping your cool and learning from the experts, you can get ahead of the crowd and overcome the dreadful feeling of Jetlag and will arrive fresh and ready for business.

The Less, The Better:

Travel is no more a blissful and exciting experience when you’re worried about the lost luggage or being late to a meeting. Hence, the most important key to a stress-free flight is to bring only a carry-on, check in for your flight online and go straight to security at the airport. The best thing about this simple and sweet procedure is that, if you don’t check baggage, you won't have to wait for it when you land. It would also do well if you can carry a small bag that goes inside the main one with all you’ll need at your seat.

Charge Up:

You certainly don’t to experience the feeling of panic when you realize that you’ve bought the wrong adapter with you or worse you didn’t bring the adaptor at all and your mobile phone & laptop is drained of battery. Hence, don’t forget to charge up all your devices and your batteries before you start your journey and bring-in an all-purpose USB charger, just in case the adversities are at your side!

Loyalty Pays:

Make use of all your accumulated loyalty points and try to get substantial rewards in return of them. It’s indeed important for you to use your business-brain as you’re going on a business travel. Make sure that your credit cards as well as your flight company award your cashback points and use personal rewards to get some good discount on your air fares.

Cut the time in Security:

If you’ve the privilege to get into a premier line, use it! When you’re through the ID check and boarding procedure, ask the agent at the desk which queue would be fastest as per them and join the same. And, the most important tip is to join a line with more male solo business travelers as they’ve fewer accessories to discard and due to their hyper-competitive spirit, they tend to view the security line as a race and hence much lesser time for you.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vastu Shastra Tips to Make Your Home a Better Place

You could be travelling the world, seeing places, living the most exotic life. You might be out all day and all evening. But in the end, all you will be doing is returning home. All of us refer to our living place as home sweet home. But how many of us feel the way we call it? Home can be a direct reflection of the kind of person you are, the way you live and the way you connect with other individuals. It is very important for you to have a home that is surrounded by positive energy and has the powers to eliminate all the negative vibes away from it and in turn, away from your life. In short, the proceedings of your life heavily depend on the décor, design and the way you maintain your home. This is where Vastu Shastra becomes an integral part of setting up your home. While some people think it is just eye wash, a lot of people think that vastu is the dwelling or home of gods and humans.

Vastu originates from the energies that circulate around the home such as the solar energy from the sun, lunar energy, cosmetic energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy and thermal energy. If the house and its furniture and other décor objects are placed in alignment to these energies, the house can be an abode of happiness, peace and tranquility. Rajat Nayar, popular Vastu Consultant India, states that there is a bit of science, technology and a touch of experience to achieve spot on Vastu Shastra.

Home is where the heart is. Wouldn’t you want your heart to be at a place that is positive and healthy? In order to achieve this, you can take up Vastu Shastra to make it certain that your home will have no negative energy around it. Here are a few tips on how to make simple Vastu changes to your home to achieve the ultimate happy home:

1.       Always have a nameplate outside the house: This marks the ownership of the house to you and it welcomes new opportunities and new beginnings your way.

2.       Use lamps and diyas: Light from lamps and diyas are known to cleanse the home and avoid any kind of negative energy into the house.

3.       Kitchen placement: The kitchen should always be in the south-east corner of the house. If not, north-west can also be considered as an option. Irrespective of the placement of the kitchen, the placement of the stove should always be towards the south-east direction.

4.       Avoid keeping medicines in the kitchen: Keeping the medicines away from the kitchen means that you are healthy and happy whereas medicines in the kitchen can mean totally opposite, that is you are prone to being sick and unhappy.

5.       Put up some wind chimes: The noise generated can totally shoo off the negative energy in and around the house.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Importance Of Periodic Table In Chemistry Exam

What is Periodic Table?

A Periodic Table is a horizontal arrangement comprising of all the chemical elements that are present in the order of their atomic number, electronic configuration and persisting chemical properties.
This ordering represents periodic trends where one row consists of elements that are metals, located to the left of the table and nonmetals to the right. The columns of a table are termed groups, and the different rows are known to as periods. Dmitri Mendeleev developed it to emphasize the periodic trends in the properties of elements.
This table can also be used to determine relationships between various properties of elements and also anticipate the properties of elements that are still to be detected. One can find its application in numerous fields of chemistry and more areas in science. The table comprises of 118 parts as per 2016.
Every chemical element consists of a particular atomic number illustrating number of protons present within the nucleus. Most of the elements are isotopes. They are grouped under a single element, and they are never separated in the table.

Why is Periodic Table Important?

The Periodic Table is said to be the most important part of chemistry as it makes it. All the elements are arranged in an informative order. They are positioned in the order from left to right and also top to bottom in an increasing order of their atomic numbers. This order coincides with the increase in their atomic mass.
Before the discovery of all the elements, this periodic table was useful in the prediction of the physical and chemical properties of all the elements present in the gaps of the table. In today’s world, It is also helpful in predicting the properties of those elements which are not yet discovered. Anyway all these newer elements are said to be highly stable and radioactive and can break down into various similar elements instantly.
This table is even useful for all the students as well as scientists as it is helpful to predict all the kinds of the chemical reactions occurring within an element. The table gives you a clear picture of the figures and facts of every element rather memorizing it. A glance at the periodic table tells about the chemical reactivity of the element, like whether it conducts electricity, soft or hard and along with all its characteristics.

Why Learn Periodic Table?

Learning periodic table is more important as it is systematically arranged to give a lot of information about the elements and the way they relate each other in various ways. Moreover, chemistry is all more about the chemical elements. Hence a good understanding of the chemical elements will discover more about chemistry.
The table describes various properties as given below-
     It predicts the properties of different elements.
     The Columns called as groups and rows known as periods indicate the elemental characteristics.
     The table makes different trends with the properties of elements
     The table gives a piece of information as to how the chemical equations are balanced.

Standard Periodic Table

Mendeleev developed the standard or modern periodic table. Atomic number forms the basis of this periodic table. Elements are usually placed in the increasing order of an atomic number. In the modern periodic table, elements are set in 7 periods and 18 groups. In this chart, elements are categorized into four groups namely representative elements, transition elements, inner transition elements and noble gasses
In the Standard Periodic Table, the elements are indexed according to the increasing atomic number. A new row initially starts when a new electron shell possesses the first electron.
Groups:  are determined by an electronic configuration of an atom. The atomic radii of elements increase from top to bottom of the group. Groups are usually numbered from 1 to 8 starting from leftmost column to rightmost column.
Period: Elements present in the same period exhibits trends in electronegativity, ionization energy, atomic radius and electron affinity. Atomic radius decrease in a period from left to right which in turn causes an increase in ionization energy while moving from left to right across a period. It is produced due to the addition of electron and a proton to each consecutive elements causing an electron to move closer to the nucleus. Electron affinity also displays a slight trend across a period.
Blocks: It can be referred to a distinct region in a periodic table in perception to the sequence, where the shells of electrons are filled. The s - block consists of first 2 groups and p - blocks comprehend of last 6 groups, f- block do not contain any members of the panel and d-block consists from group 3 to 12.
Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids: Metals are a solid substance, shiny, fusible materials possessing excellent thermal conductivity. Nonmetals can either be colored or colorless. Metalloids exhibit transitional properties.

How Byju’s Interactive Periodic Table Will Help Students?

The learning methodology plays an important role while you are studying especially with the subjects like chemistry. It involves a heavy memorization of the elements, their origin, characteristics, properties, applications and the reactions. This is not so easy as it looks. Hence the Byju’s Interactive Periodic Table will give you a clear and proper understanding of all the elements in a systematic approach. The table has all the information regarding each and every element as per the modern periodic table.
Apart from this, there are also engaging video sessions and classes held from our experts, wherein an interactive way, each and every topic is explained in an effective manner so that every student understands the basic concept coming within. Know more about the Periodic table and the Organic Chemistry & Inorganic Chmeistry concepts on Byju’s.
Stay on top in every subject with Byju’s classes from India’s best teachers including Byju Raveendran, using state of the art technology for visualization. Understand and master all the concepts of your CBSE Syllabus by installing the Byju's – The Learning App, to your smartphones and tablets and bring the mentor one step closer to you.
For more details call 09243500460 and talk to educational experts for proper guidance.

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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Reading Childhood Books As An Adult

My first foray into the world of books and literature like many children was thanks to Fairy Tales. I found the concept of living happily ever after beautiful. I thought the Prince Charming really would come charging through on his white horse. A dream I kind of held on to till I was seventeen and then my world came crashing down because suddenly I was legally an adult.
(Big deal, though, here! Because you can be 18 and you can be 25 but here in India as long as you live at home you’re still kids. Kids who cannot stay outside past 8:30pm, kids who cannot go out to Friday night parties because disapproving parents will stay up to receive you and yell at you over your hangover. But mostly because you like this perfect image of yourself that has been crafted in front of your family and you’d rather not ruin that reputation of yours. But I digress.)
A long time ago, I was asked to write a guest post for The Solitary Writer and because of varying reasons and quite a handful of excuses, I hadn’t been able to get the work done that was until this evening, though. Suddenly nothing seems more important to me than sharing with you, certain books from my childhood and what I think about the books that had made up my whole Universe once upon a time!

      1.     Grimm’s Fairy Tales:
We were all fools once when we believed that every one of us got to live happily ever after in the end. Because now that we closely examine the story, we see that not everything ended with being neatly tied up in a bow. There are also so many gaping plot holes in some of the stories, that enthusiasts such as myself are willing to read up every single version of the stories known to man to know where I could possibly find the missing pieces! My way of thinking was pretty simple back when I was a child.

      2.     Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales
I am never going to understand why this man’s stories were called fairy tales. Because the Little Match Girl dies, The Mermaid dies, and even the Steadfast Tin Soldier falls into the fire before he can tell the ballerina he loves her! Exactly, how does anyone in his stories reach the promised ever after?

     3.     The Legends of Greece and Rome
The Gods are supposed to be great. The Goddess are supposed to be just and kind. But these legends paint them as merely human with the gift of immortality and power. Come to think of it, they are no better than vampires! Especially the ones which have come to greet us through our television screens now! If you look closely, every story in these legends is someone manipulating someone else. One person is the puppet, the other puppeteer. Suddenly, as adults we look past the thrill of adventure we felt as kids and realise that Gods could walk the Earth once upon a time. And they weren’t quite the saints we make them out to be.

     4.     The Little Prince

When you read this book as a child, you find it amusing and beautiful. You want to be best friends with The Little Prince. But when you go back to the book as an adult you finally realise what the book had been trying to tell you all along. The adult world is complicated. Children’s worlds are far better and far simpler. It was pretty heart breaking for me to realise what the real message of this book was.

      5.     Alice in Wonderland
Last but not the least, the tale of Alice who went down the rabbit hole! Those of us who grew up doting on this little girl and wonderland, now realise what the true meaning behind those seemingly childish words were.
“How long is forever?”
“Sometimes, just a second.”
And with that, I am going to end this blog post. It is quite nice to know that there is comfort in re-reading our childhood books even though we get the hidden messages. Most of all, we finally realize what this books have tried to tell us from the start: no matter what happens to you, no matter the pain and the heart breaks you suffer, and no matter how difficult it seems to get through the day, always remember that there’s something constant. That there’s something that will always wait for you. Your favourite childhood book! J

I am the author of When Our Worlds Collide, The Guitar Girl and The Secret Proposal. My short story ‘The Difference’ was featured in the anthology Voices: Old and New, and my other short story, ‘Time After Time’ is part of the anthology called ‘Curtain Call.’
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Sunday, November 01, 2015

How Is Media Affecting You?

Image Source

When I saw the popular Indian movie, Monsoon Wedding, I was impressed not only by the quality of the movie but also of the culture clash between modern and traditional values. While the women dressed conservatively, they used their cell phones in a scene that made you smile.  The culture clash does not end there, as trends in Indian media adopt some Western trends. 

One of the things that are affected in all cultures, due to media viewing, is fashion. You will notice that traditional cultural clothing traditions change and morph when people are exposed to high fashion and trendy clothes.  And it happens in all cultures.  Trends in Europe affect trends in the United States and those, in turn, cause shifts in Asian and Indian attire, when they have frequent access to American TV and movies. At times, the changes may seem inappropriate or too sharp a divide from the traditional dress, and can cause controversy in cultures and families. Dress is not the only trend affected by media; our behavior is especially affected by media exposure.

Another area that media influences is relationships. Dating behaviors and acceptable couples’ behaviors vary according to culture. And any time that you observe something that seems appealing, you may want to try it out.  But the likelihood that what you are seeing at the movies is how things really work in real life is slim.  Hollywood wants to entertain you and they do a spectacular job, but you should never assume that the way relationships work on TV or at the movies is typical of real life relationships.

This brings me to the effect of cell phones and IPads on real relationships.  When you are on your phone while with friends or a partner, you aren’t really present to listen to them.  You are more invested in checking out the latest post on e-mail of the Internet, and can’t make eye contact.  Without it, you are unlikely to be able to really connect to your friends. 

You may hardly exist separate from your devices. Whether it’s the weather, texts for business or personal schedules and updates, there are many things that are more difficult to do unless you have a digital connection.

But there is an intruder or third party in the relationship that comes between you. It’s called, “technoference.” And arguments over technoference cannot be resolved with technology: A study last year by Brigman Young University in the United States revealed that serious conversations and apologies do more harm than good when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship if they are done via text. And social skills don’t fully develop when you grow up text messaging because you don’t get to see the nuances of human behavior and don’t develop the healthiest emotional responses.  

Misunderstandings occur when you don’t have the full picture.

How to Stop Technoference

1.     The first and most obvious solution is to ask your partner for tech-free time and areas. “Put the phone away,” is the best advice, or put it on silent. If they fail, don’t criticize them, just talk about the consequences (“When you answer your phone when I am telling you about my day, it interrupts the flow of our conversation and I don’t want to talk anymore.)  Then ask for what you do want and see if your partner can agree.

2.      Deep and active listening is only possible if you are focused on your partner, not your device. You will hear and understand them more completely by giving undivided attention.

3.      Making eye contact allows for an even deeper understanding of what the other person is feeling and brings the couple closer together.

4.      Relationships become happier when you begin to be more present at the moment to become aware of body language, unspoken messages, moods, etc.

5.     Focus on sacred time together uninterrupted by outside influences, work or other people. It will make the relationship more fulfilling.

If you are feeling challenged in making these changes, think of a time when you had a successful experience with turning off your devices, maybe a time when it improved communication. Then think of a word that reminds you of that time of success, perhaps the name of a person or where you were.  When you feel challenged, use that word to remind you of your feeling of success so that you feel empowered to make a good decision in the present.
About the author
Nancy MramorKajuth, Ph.D., has been invited to more than 350 media placements in TV, radio and print, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS and many major magazines.  She has been an author, speaker, on-air expert, producer at a local PBS network and scriptwriter on topics involving news, pop culture, health, relationships, and parenting. The National Association of Professional Women, in the category of Pennsylvania Psychology, selected her as one of Western Pa’s Most Successful Women and Outstanding Woman of the Year 2013-14. Dr. MramorKajuth has been interviewed and referenced in many publications including Woman’s Health, Women’s World, Men’s Health, The New York Daily News and The Washington Post.She the author of the book Get Reel:  Produce Your Own Life, about how our media is affecting relationships, health, family and spending, and what you can do about it. Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life

Monday, October 26, 2015

Reasons why the locations of the properties really matter

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Location of any property plays the biggest role in the real estate market. The value of the property depends mainly on the location. That is why you will see that different houses in different localities have different price value. In the year 1926, The New York Times also highlighted “location, location, location” thrice. Houses are long term investments so choose a house and judge the location very well! A real estate agent also pushes and encourages their clients to buy a worst home at the best locality. The price of the property depends on where it is situated. If you want that your house value increases and the investment you make turn out to be a profitable one then go for the 5 finger rules discussed below:

A good neighborhood

Who wants to stay in an unsafe neighborhood? One wants to feel at ease in their homes. That is why we say "home sweet home sweet'! A good neighborhood will have an amicable and interactive neighbors, and safe outdoors. There will parks and playgrounds where you can walk and relax. Don't go for a locality where you hear the news of frequent burglary. In today's fast moving world, neighbors are becoming more strangers. Hardly, they know each other well. So choosing a rent house in Bangalore with good neighbors is the first criteria.

Water facility

If you are buying a house for the first time then you should check out whether the houses receive proper water facility. If the area suffers from water crisis then in the long run your property value will definitely go down. A tenant looking for a rental apartment or flat in Bangalore will also choose the one which gets proper water facility.

 Transportation facility

If you are buying a home, it is indeed a long run investment. Many people buy a home to settle down in their old age. So the houses should be connected well with proper transportation facilities. Many towns are still not well connected with buses or train routes. So buying a property in those places will incur you more cost. As you have to again invest in your car. So check out whether your house is connected with bus route at least within 20 minutes distance.

Good schools

If you have a kid or even if you are single, if the houses are located near good schools then you will see that the people are more social and the property also gains added value. While you are purchasing your own home think wisely and acts like a future seller. Why will a family with two kids buy your house if it is located far away from a school? Bottom line: Check out the school directory also!

Entertainment zones

Your house should be located near to shopping malls, hypermarkets so that you can reach out there for your daily consumption. In coastal areas, the houses located near sea beach have a higher value. You can also check out whether any clubs, restaurants are nearby or not. Also, keep in mind to check out whether any pharmacy or hospital is present in the adjacent place.

Location truly matters a lot. A location is the ultimate value setter of your property. Go for the best-located houses! Maybe a seaside viewing house or a house located near the most happening restaurant! Choose well if you are buying or looking for a rental accommodation in an Indian metro like Bangalore

Monday, October 19, 2015

Different Workspace environments to nurture Creativity

Different Workspace environments to nurture Creativity

Creativity is a spontaneous activity. Not everyone is creative or to frame in a better term, let's say that not everyone is creatively blessed. Sometimes there are different factors that invoke the creative being within us. And sometimes it is the environment that  exposes the creative part of us. There are various professions that demand their employees be creative. For instance editors and journalists who write editorials and innovate articles need to be creative and you need to focus and concentrate on the work. Writers, Scriptwriters, media personnel, Designers need to work in an environment  that needs to be calm  that can invoke your creative cells so that they can concentrate and focus more on their work. Sometimes our educational qualifications do not ensure that we go and do things by  going extra miles.  And a study reveals that the environment where we work directly affects our productivity.

So there is a need to design our work environment with utmost care and concern.  Gone are the days of the traditional workspace with a single chair and a workstation with a boring color pattern.  A work environment where a babble of voices constantly haunts us from behind coupled with dirt and  lack of comfort is a perfect No-No. 

本の部屋 : Modern study/office by FURUKAWA DESIGN OFFICE

For an environment to foster creativity, you need to be in your comfort zone.  Unless and until one is in their comfort zone, our mind will not be bombarded with too many ideas. Ideas do not strike our mind every time. And aforementioned, ideas  will stroll through your mind only when you  work in an ambiance  where you are comfortable.  The other factors include the nature of the work area and the type of the job. Designers and Creative professionals  need to work in an area that is rich and colorful. For one not to be creativity-challenged, one should ensure that the workspace that they work in is suitable to their need.

Minimalist study/office by Luiza Sadowska

Creative Professionals should be constantly motivated. A study had revealed that a room with light colors such as Yellow or sky Blue can induce effects on the minds of the individual. We need to develop a zone where we can work with complete freedom.  Small businesses are focusing  more on developing creative space designs so that their employees can be comfortable.

Workspaces should be colorful and well lit. It should be spacious and not cluttered. Some potted small plants should be installed near our desk to add freshness.  The environment should be cool and it should be adjustable by thermostats because warm temperature decreases productivity. Workspaces should be equipped with activity areas. Creative artifacts such as lamps and desks especially the fancy ones like the car bonnet types  so that the employees are motivated and energetic. Interesting and engaging work environments leads to no boredom and leads to productivity.

Beds & headboards by MUEBLES DUERO
Bookshelves, Dashboards etc could be placed near the workstation.  There are million decorative ideas that could be implemented, but it all depends on the mood of the environment created.

CASA RR8 : Modern study/office by Grupo Arsciniest

CASA RR8 by Christian López

There is a need for developing a creative environment at workplaces. Hence, organizations should start working on providing a suitable environment for their employees in order to increase their productivity as well as to obtain good Esat!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Top Ecotourism Spots in Kerala

The main reason why ecotourism is becoming more and more popular is because it represents a way of enjoying nature’s bounty in a way that it is preserved and sustained for the generations to come. This is achieved by focused and deliberate action that ensures minimal intrusion and destruction of the natural environment while supporting and sustaining the local cultures. Green tourism assumes a lot of involvement by both the tourists and the various service providers. It includes measures like recycling, water conservation and reuse, energy efficiency, and creation of livelihood opportunities for the local communities so that they can lessen their impact on the environment. Among the many states in India that are aggressively promoting ecotourism, Kerala is at the forefront with a number of wonderful destinations waiting to be explored. Here’s a glimpse of some of the best spots.

Kerala Backwaters

Quite unlike any other tourist attraction in the country, the backwaters of Kerala are famous for their unique charm and biodiversity. The best way of getting to know the attractions is to climb aboard a riverboat and take in the serene ambiance of the tranquil waters, the verdant greenery of the swaying coconut palms and lush paddy fields that abound on both sides of the river. Luxuriate in the gentle rhythm of a pastoral life of the natives that has virtually remained unchanged through centuries. As you glide on the waters, you can just imagine how life would have been when the waterways were the hub of trade and commerce with cargo boats transporting spices, coconuts, rice and a variety of other necessities to the settlements on the banks.


The favorite destination of eco-travelers, Munnar that is situated at an elevation of 1700 m, is so different from the backwaters that you would hardly believe that you were in the same state. It is a picturesque hill station covered with lush forests, orchards, tea gardens and grasslands that are the ideal habitat of a huge assortment of flora and fauna. If you have the patience, you can spot animals like the Grizzled Giant Squirrel, Nilgiri Tahr, gaur, elephant and birds such as Nilgiri Wood-pigeon, Orange-Crowned Warblers, Whistling Thrush, Scarlet Minivet, Nilgiri Pipit,Orange-Crowned Warbler and Broad-tailed Grassbird to mention a few. The drive is extremely scenic with numerous streams gushing through the dark and mysterious woods. Once you get down, take a stroll through the winding lakes to soak in the amazing atmosphere.


Thenmala, set majestically in the middle of lush evergreen forests in Kollam district is the country’s very first planned destination for ecotourism. Munnar offers amazingly scenic natural vistas and a unique bio-diversity that has proved to be extremely popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. There are numerous forest trails that are ideal for serious expeditions on foot and you can also set up camp in the middle of the forest if you feel like getting into a closer relationship with nature. For the more exploratory,an experience in a tree house can be very memorable while the rest can work up a lather biking, rock climbing or rappelling in the Adventure Zone. Work up an appetite walking up to the dam in the Leisure Zone and then visit the Culture Zone to have a taste of the wonderful Kerala cuisine.


Thodupuzha is most famous for being the gateway for a visit to the renowned Thommankuthu Waterfalls. It is situated in the Idukki district in the Western Ghats. The destination has become extremely popular with tourists ever since the seven-step waterfall was publicized by the legendary hunter, Thommachen Kuruvinakunnel after he discovered it in 1920. Ever since ecotourism has gained importance, the destination has been rated very high for its unspoiled rolling hills blanketed by evergreen forests.

Eravikulam National Park

Even though it is a relatively small National Park, it has proved to be among the more popular ecotourism destinations because of its immense natural beauty and the diverse flora and fauna. Situated at altitudes ranging from 1,200 meters to 2,700 meters, the park’s grasslands are crisscrossed by a number of perennial streams that ultimately merge to become the tributaries of Cauvery River, Periyar River, and Chalakudiyar River. One of the major attractions is the Lakkom Waterfalls on the Pampar River. Nature lovers adore the diversity of flora and fauna that can be observed here. Those who favor an adventurous and active lifestyle will love the opportunities for wildlife photography, walking on the mountain trails, and trekking.

Periyar National Park

Among the most-visited national parks in Southern India, the Periyar National Park stretches over a magnificent 350 sq. km. in the Pandalam Hills and Cardamom Hills in the southern portion of the Western Ghats. Apart from being home to tigers and elephants, the park is a dream come true for wildlife enthusiasts due to the presence of a great assortment of mammals, amphibians, insects, reptiles, and birds. The Periyar Lake attracts tourists because of the amazing sight of trees submerged in its waters.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is an architect by profession and a bio-conservationist by passion. She travels frequently across the world and has visited almost all the tiger resorts India.