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Sunday, September 25, 2016

14001 - The Samjhauta Express

Samjhauta Express

 The evening sky looked gorgeous displaying a beautiful shade of Orange and Red. It looked unusual for me. There was something peculiar about the sky pattern. I rubbed my eyes and sprawled my legs. Looking at the sky shade indicated that it was evening. I looked around and saw that the train was empty.  There was no one in sight. It was dark.

I lolled on the train seat and wondered what had happened suddenly. The 14001 Samjhauta Express was a ray of hope to some people across the borders. I still remember that Kareem Chacha from Lahore used to regularly travel to India to meet his Khala who lived in Kanpur. Baljit Uncle from Amritsar used to travel to Pakistan using this train to meet his  best friend  Ahmad Khan who lived in Islamabad. The train was a breeding ground for so many amazing stories. I fondly remember the good old days where people used to chit chat with each other and talk about their Indo-Pakistan memories.  The Samjhauta Express displayed the friendship between people from both the nations. It was the government of the two countries that had a poor relationship but not the people. It's on this train where I and few of my friends used to steal Delicious Biryani from Nafeesa Chachi's food bag and consume  scrumptious Aloo Parathas from Amrit Kaur Aunty. That was our way of adventure. But they embraced us with an open heart, at least we felt so. I slowly walked inside the bogey to check if anyone was there. Alas! the train was empty. It was waiting at the Attari Station. 

Strolling inside the train, took me back to the memory lane. I reminisced the wonderful bygone days where I used to listen to the India-Pakistan partition stories narrated by older passengers travelling in the Samjhauta Express. I used to narrate those stories to my parents and even they used to wonder about the bond. There is no hatred between the people of these two countries but like I said earlier, its the government that's sowing seeds of hatred. 

" Motherfuckers! Not even a single fucking person on this train." I yelled at the top of my voice.
Devastated and Disappointed, I returned back to my seat.
That was when I eavesdrop on a discussion between two Indian railway officials. They were standing outside the train.
"I don't understand when will these Pakistani's stop killing Indian soldiers." The first guy said to the other.
The second person took a sip of the chai and said, "I heard the Pakistani Militants had killed 9 Indian sepoys."
"True. And I don't understand till when will India remain silent on such issues and keep condemning such attacks." The first person said to the other.
I listened to the conversation with complete alacrity.
"I think it's high time India should drop a nuclear bomb on Pakistan and regain it's lost territory." The second person replied.

"Holy Fuck! War is not a cake! It will kill innocent people." I murmured.
I moved my head and turned around to see if I could get hold of someone. But the train was still empty and these guys were talking about wars.
"I actually see no meaning of this train running too and fro between Lahore and New Delhi." The first person said and continued,"  There is no Samjhauta between our two countries."
"The train name is an irony. " The second person said and laughed.
"That's why this train is lying here like an orphan at this border town." The guy said.
I almost freaked out.  "What!!" 

As per the discussion, it seemed that the Indian government had decided to discontinue the Samjhauta Express train running between India and Pakistan.
Sad, I sat on my seat, resting my chin on my hand. I am definitely going to miss the wonderful stories between the two countries, I thought.

By now, the evening Sun had almost vanished. The moon, full and bright looked mesmerising.
My eyes aimlessly wandered around as I looked for those two guys outside. They were not to be seen. 
I walked towards the footboard. I stood there and spotted those guys again. Their political discussions were never ending. 

"Oye Sukhwinder, sunne,  just got the news from our station master," The first person said to the other.
"What news, Boobinder?" The second person asked.
"That our government is planning to reuse this train for some other route,"he said and continued, "We need to clean it and make it ready." 

I keenly listened to whatever they were talking.
"Oh Wait, Sukhwinder!" Boobinder, the second person  looked at me.
I freaked out once again. I soon ran and hid  beneath the seat.
"Let me get that Black HIT right away." he continued, " they are such a menace."
He got vexed after he spotted me. He angrily walked to the Office to get the Black HIT.
Once I got to know his future action, I kept running. My life now was in my hand. I had to save myself. I kept running for my life. As I ran, I saw the virtual images of Ahmad Chacha, Kuldeep Uncle, Shana Begum and many other passengers.  How beautiful this train once used to be!
But now ,the train was empty! And I kept running to save my life from Boobinder!

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors
Image Source

Whenever there is a discussion involving India and Pakistan then there has to be growing animosity between the people from the two countries which basically transforms into a heated argument. I have recently noticed that the Times Of India Facebook page consists of more Pakistani users than Indians. The increasing rise of Keyboard warriors totally gives a different perspective. 

Who are Keyboard Warriors?
 Keyboard Warriors are basically netizens who spent most of their time online expressing their views on topics that need much attention. It may be economics, finance, terrorism, politics and god knows what not! The increase in the population of Keyboard warriors only reveals the power of the Internet and social media. Social Media plays a major role and majority of the younger generation can be found expressing their views and thoughts on the Social Media. They are the ones who readily give advises without a proper research or citing relevant sources. The outcome of frustrated Keyboard Warriors results in trends such as #KamjorIndia #BuzdilPakistan #FreeKashmirFromIndia #CowardIndia and such trends. Their involvement in such kinds of twitter trends is phenomenal.

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors

The inability of Pakistan to control terrorism  is disappointing and it is serving as a breeding ground for Terrorism. The recent infiltration attempts by the Pakistani militants and the attacks on the Indian army men only strengthens the point that Pakistan is a major player when it comes to Terrorism. It is the primary reason for the growing tension between the two nations. The blame game between India and Pakistan is never ending and won't cease  to exist. That is because  of the sentiments and emotions attached with the two countrymen. In India, whatever Pakistan is doing is wrong and India needs to pay attention to it. Similarly on the other side of the border, people there have similar views about India. Let's come to the main discussion about the Keyboard warriors from across the border. The Indian and the Pakistani Social Media soldiers are actually smart because each of them knows how to respond well. Not to forget the numerous abuses that are hurled during the process.  You might get a clear image when you read the comment section of the Times Of India Facebook Page. That serves as the best example. Every time when I bump it, I am flabbergasted. So many views  and some of them are legitimate and valid. That is the speciality of the keyboard warriors. They give good suggestions and advises to the Government and help them in the decision-making only if someone actually pays heed to their words. Recently the  Nawaz Sharif speech at the UNGA attracted many eyeballs across the nations. Most of the speech seem to have been dictated by the Pakistani Army because it only had the Kashmir issue described in details. That was expected out of Pakistan because it always played the victim at international level and would stoop any low to bring India down. In response, the Indian diplomat's counter speech was brilliant. But again that actually was a food to many Indian news channels. Arnab Goswami went ahead with his own set of Ex-Generals and Ex-diplomats and did his best to defame the other country. Well, that's obvious. Wrong is Wrong and Wrong cannot be Right. That's the policy I follow. The growing battle between the twitterati's from both countries in Twitter gives so many views to the topic. That itself is an Indo Pak war in itself - The Great Indo Pak Twitter War!

The recent URI Attack provoked many Indian minds and put the keyboard warriors to work.  Their desperate attempts to bring each other down is commendable. Only if they put so many efforts in real world  non-trivial things then they would have risen in ranks and positions in their life. But sadly expressing views in Twitter is not going to do good to them. So, after the attack that snatched 18 Indian lives, many of us got angry on PM Modi. Many even labelled him as weak and loose canon. Because most of them wanted a war against Pakistan. Indian Government was hinting at tackling it diplomatically by isolating Pakistan at the international arena. War is never going to happen because if it happens then it would be a destruction of both India and Pakistan. Both are nuclear powers and we all are aware of what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki many years back. An India-Pakistan nuclear war could take as many as 18 million human lives.  Pakistan could disappear from the world map. Also not to forget the impact it would create on the environment because of the radioactive elements. It would destroy the children for the next 40 years to come. Keyboard warriors should never get emotional without thinking about the outcomes of a war. Firstly ,understand the meaning of a war in its true context.  It is easy to ask the country to go for a war without thinking about its consequences. Think Rationally. 

A senior IAS officer threw a poll for the same that attracted users from both the countries. It was whether India and Pakistan should go for a war. He has been creating too many polls related to the present issues. . His poll creation spree seems never ending. His recent poll is related to the Indus Water Treaty. That is how certain Keyboard Warriors are showing their presence. 

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors

After Keyboard Warrior's anger subsided, they started  a discussion about  the possibility of blocking the Indus Waters. It is to be noted that Indus is known as the lifeline of Pakistan as it is the major water source of Pakistan. Blocking the Indus water will create famines and droughts in Pakistan thereby killing many million Pakistani's.  This will be more dangerous than a war but in either case, it is the innocent civilians who would be losing their lives.  It could be seen as a Humanitarian issue and could bring a bad name for India at the Global stage because Pakistan would play a victim again. So after that, we took the issue of  liberation of Balochistan.

There is a secession movement happening in Pakistan where Balochistan wants to establish itself as an independend country. Many of the Indian Keyboard warriors believe that Balochistan will be the next Bangladesh. And India will help in its freedom. The same views are snapped by many Pakistani Keyboard warriors. 

 Then came the issue of  not giving opportunities to Pakistani artists. Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, Rahat Ali Khan , Atif Aslam are few known Pakistani artists  who have been performing in India. The recent Uri Attacks made many warriors think why these actors didn't condemn the attack. So , there are many tweets and blogs that talk about this. 

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors

Dear Keyboard Warriors, we all have an important role here. It falls in the Media sector so it's our job to ensure not to spread hatred and false information through the social media channels.  I clearly understand that the people from both the countries are bounded by emotions. Who will like it when your army guards are killed. Any country would think twice when there is a threat to the country. And it would not be wise to get emotional under such circumstances.

There are many Keyboard Warriors who have been planting false stories.  Let the government do the job. They are our voice. PM Modi better understands what is the best - be it a war or cutting Indus waters or diplomatically isolating Pakistan. Let the government take its stance. It will do the best and we as citizens of this wonderful nation should abide by it. Because our leaders job is to ensure that our nation and its people are safe. If any external force happens to destroy the peace and people of our country, then the government would take stern actions.

I am quoting my friend Padmanabh's Facebook status here. His status inspired me to write about this. 

"Dear Governments of India and Pakistan, you may be aware of  the rising Keyboard warriors from both the nations. who are desperate to fight it out against each other and prove their worth. They understand terrorism,  defence, politics and economics very well.  Please get a social media survey done ASAP, provide uniforms to these unsung heroes. Do not allow them to go waste. In fact, you could consider some of them for the Government Portfolios as well since they claim to understand in depth about Government and policies. And above all , replying to opinions with Abusive Language is one of their USP's. Make sure even this talent gets its due credit" 

His words clearly explained  the role of Keyboard Warriors.  Let's be good and respect each other's view. Let's have a constructive discussion instead of abusing each other and being rude. And here is a nice War Game idea if you guys are interested ;)

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sharma ji, Kapoor Sahab aur Wo Char Log

Very often we come across Indians who often talk about the world and society when it comes to personal issues. They associate most of the things by thinking what the society would think  and treat them. This hurts them the most when they come to know what others would think of them.  Like Sharma ji ka beta scored 97 and you have scored 90. Why? The answer to this why should be asked to Sharma ji.  How many of you have spend your childhood listening to tantrums thrown at you by your parents?  Few commonly used phrases are - "Sharma Ji  kya kahega ? Kapoor Sahab kya sochenge and wo Chaar log." It is rightly said that "Log kya Kahege" has killed more dreams than anything else in the world.

Parents should find ways to motivate and encourage their children. People should put their family first before anyone. But unfortunately in India, most families are destroyed because of these so called Sharma Ji, Kapoor and wo chaar log. People should stop thinking about the society. But sadly we give so much importance to others. We have so much time to think about others but can't think about our loved ones. Sometimes we fail to understand that  it might hurt them. So through this post, I want to convey that stop thinking about others. Keep your family  and closed ones first. Let Sharma, Kapoor and the other big guys in society think whatever they want to. Stop creating an invisible web of unwanted imaginary people.  

Spare your loved ones. Again, stop giving importance and mileage to the society. You live for your family. You are confined to the four walls where the people who live together form your world. Birds with same feather fly together. That's how life is! So stop fretting about the world. Live and Let others life. Dear Indian families, stop getting obsessed over Sharma, Kapoor, Verma and the other guys.  Peace! 

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to Identify an Anti-National in India?

anti national, India
Image source
India has seen a lot of intolerance - tolerance and national - antinational debate over the last few months. This division has caused a rift and this resulted in a birth of new species called anti-nationals.  So , if you say anything against the sentiment of the country , then behold you might be tagged as an anti-national by a group of sadhu's , saints and chamcha's of the cow loving party of India. Everyone has a special place for their country in their heart. Of course, the nation comes first to anyone. But for an anti-national, India comes at last on their priority list. Their love for their nation eventually  declines at some point in time. So , let us see how to identify an anti-national.

1. Rational 

Image Source

They are self-proclaimed Rationalists.  They tend to be logical and will take you down in any discussion by providing facts and statistics. Stay away from these guys. They will kill it with logics and make you less patriotic.

2. Liberal

Anti-nationals are liberals. They are fondly called as Libtards. Are you one?

3. Secularism

Image Source

Secularism might be a fabric of India. But  there is some group of them who want to remove this word from the Indian constitution. Anti-Nationals are those who are seculars and talk about rights of individuals from all communities in India. 

4. Aren't religious

Image Source Okay , he is an Anti-National

Their religious sentiments are held loose. Anti-Nationals are least bothered about different kinds of rituals and they keep individuals ahead of religion. They don't believe in Gods!

5. They eat Beef

Image Source

Anti-Nationals consume beef. The  cow is our  mother and how dare they consume beef. It's like hurting Bharat Maa. They deliberately arrange beef eating festivals in order to hurt Indian sentiments.

6. Never believe in the power of Goumutra

Image Source

Once our great baba Ramdev said that Goumutra is the best form of disinfectant and cures many  diseases. So, if you are an anti-national then you won't believe in the power of Goumutra.

7. A non-believer of ancient Indian inventions

You would gain animosity if you admit that you don't believe in ancient Indian inventions. Believe it or not, it was an Indian who invented the Airplane before the Wright brothers. Us Indians are the minds behind the first head transplant of Lord Ganesha. Pythagoras cried because of us Indians. If you don't believe it, then you are an anti-national.

8. Enemies of Bhakts

Anti-Nationals hate this lovely family- Image Source

Anti-Nationals are the greatest enemies of Bhakts, a new species of Indians who came into existence after Modi Ji came into power. It's the war that can go strong because both of them are good at arguing and their skills can be put to a test. Do you hate Bhakts? You are an anti-national!

9. Modi Haters

Image Source
All the Modi haters can be labelled as anti-nationals. Modi Ji is the symbol of patriotism. Never ever, ever, never question Modi Ji's love for the country. Anti-Nationals always tend to question about Modi's role in the 2002 Gujarat Riots. They never forget 2002. 

10. Follow Anti-National Facebook Pages

Image Source

Like Anti-National , Like Anti-National Pages. These are the people who follow Anti-National Pages on Facebook like - Unofficial - Subramaniam Swamy, Beef Janata Party, Logical India, Unofficial Narendra Modi and so on. They never fail to share their anti-national posts.

11. Frustrated Indian

They are the ones who post rational comments on national posts on the Frustrated Indian Facebook Page adding to the frustration Quotient (FQ) of the Frustrated Indian.

12. Question about Modi Ji's degree

Modi Ji glaring when an anti-national asks for his degree. Source

Anti-Nationals are often found questioning about Modi Ji's degree. They are keen on finding his degrees because they think that Modi Ji never went to school.

13. Keen on finding Modi Ji's customers 

Image Source

They want to know about  people who were Modi Ji's customers who drank Chai made by Modi during his childhood. They post memes and share jokes on Modi Ji's childhood.

14. Don't appreciate Modi Ji

Image Source

They never appreciate Modi Ji. Recently Modi Ji received some 50 claps and standing ovations. But Anti-Nationals would snap it and  post facts about previous PM's who got similar standing ovations.

15.  Never believe in Acts of God's 

Image Source

They won't call disasters that happen because of man  as acts of God. According to Modian philosophy, if your state is ruled by a bad administrator and if any non-natural disaster happens , then that is an act of God.  Anti-Nationals won't buy this theory.

16. Would call BJP's pre-election campaigns as conspiracy to POLARIZE votes by causing communal tensions.

Image Source

According to them, BJP's pre-election campaigns are a conspiracy to Polarise votes by causing drifts and conflicts between the Hindus and the Muslims.

17. Hate Anupam Kher, Pahlaj Nihlani, Gajendran, Subramanian Swamy et al

Anupam Ji shocked after hearing that anti-national hate him:( Image Source

They  detest Anupam Kher, Pahlaj Nihlani, Gajendran, Subramanian Swamy who are pro-BJP and support all the policies of the ruling party.

18. Baba, Sadhu and Sadhvi haters

Image Source

Anti-Nationals hate Baba's , Sadhu's and Sadhvi's who share their thoughts about peace and unity in our country. This Cake is a lie , Okay? 

19. Questions BJP Corruption but not Congress's

Modi Ji asking why  to anti-national. Image Source

Anti-Nationals emphasise more on BJP scams like Vyapam ,Chikki and lot more. They keep their mouth shut when it comes to Congress scams. They defend Nehruvian and Gandhian ideologies and question about RSS and right principles.

20. Non-Supporter of BJP

Image Source

Anti-Nationals never support BJP or Right ideology.  If you never support BJP, then you are outright Anti-National.

Modi Ji is upset because of Anti-Nationals :( Source

So, see now I taught you how to identify an anti-national. Be good and don't fight okay? 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Zealand Annihilates India at Nagpur. Bowled out for 79

New Zealand would have thought a little that they would claim victory at Nagpur and that too against the Numero Uno T20 side at the World T20 in India. New Zealand was jolted down for a low total of 126.  Luke Ronchi's cameo blitzkrieg and Cory Anderson's slow and steady 34 facilitated the black caps to put down a decent total of 126. The Indian bowlers were good as usual.  Martin Guptill's first ball Sixer followed by his wicket made the game interesting. Due credit must be given to the Indian bowlers.They have been continuing their form since the Asia Cup and the Sri Lanka Series at home. 

Image Source
With a small total on the board, Indian batters came down to chase glory. Sad they succumbed to pressure from the first over itself. The Men in Blue had never defeated the Black Caps in all their T20 encounters and even today they couldn't. The Nagpur pitch helped the Kiwi Spinners. New Zealand planned a Spin attack for India.  The Spin Trio of Mitchell Santner,  Nathan McCullum and Ish Sodhi annihilated India. The Indian batters just came and went. No one seemed  to show interest in staying there at the crease.  Kohli's presence gave some boost to the Indian fans but soon he left. A nick to the bowling of Ish Sodhi and he gave a simple catch to Luke Ronchi. He was out for 23 but the batsmen who followed simply threw their wickets.  Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja, gave a simple catch to the Kiwi fielders of the bowling of Sodhi, Santner and McCullum. Now all hopes were laid on our captain cool Mahindra Singh Dhoni but he couldn't do much.  The Spin trap set by the New Zealanders  put India to the back foot. The Indians could manage only 79  in pursuit of 126 and got humbled. Spinners proved vital at such a surface.  The Indian Origin Ish Sodhi proved to be a Kiwi champion and claimed 3 wickets. Nathan McCullum got 2 wickets and Mitchell Santner knocked 4 wickets just for 11 runs. The Indian batsmen certainly have disappointed the Indian fans but the tournament is still young and there are plenty of matches to go. 

Image Source
Having drawn in a difficult group comprising of teams such as New Zeland, Australia, Pakistan and Bangladesh,  India is certainly going to face the music. They need to come back hard and win their upcoming games.  The battle of supremacy has just begun with New Zeland defeating India at their own backyard.  Mitchell Santner received the player of the match award for his well deserved 4 for 11.
Image Source
Such a performance would definitely hurt the morale of any team. With arch rival Pakistan up next and the Mauka ads doing rounds across the channels, all eyes would be on India's preparation for their next games. Today, our middle order got exposed to the Spin attack and Pakistan may plan a similar strategy in their game. With Bangladesh looking strong after their recent successfully performance in the Asia Cup where they defeated UAE, Pakistan and Srilanka, a lot would be expected from them.  Certainly tough days for Indian Cricket Team after losing the Tournament Opener. You can Visit this blog for  the World Cup News. #India #WorldT20 #WT20

Best of Luck Team India for the Epic battle on 19th March 2016.
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Diwali - Gharwali Diwali

This blog post is written for and Pepsico's Ghar ki Diwali -

Flashing Sparkles - Image taken from,uk

Our heart brims with joy and rejoices with happiness whenever someone wishes us 'Happy Diwali'. My heart dances with mirth as the flash of the crackers, its crackling sound  and the gleam of the diya's make me wait impatiently for that  part of the year when I get to meet my loved one's.This is the only festival across the country that binds all Indians together. Be it from  North to South, West to East and North East, everyone celebrates this festival  with love and care. My home alone days  in New Delhi were often spend  with the Dan Browns and the Paulo Choelo's.  I would read books to erase the disappointment of not being at home where cousins and other  family members enjoyed the festival of light. I must have mentally hurled several abuses at my boss for  rejecting my leave plea! But when he approved later, the railway ticket website refused to budge, further hiking my animosity. Nevertheless they made me go hulk angry at times. I bet many must have faced such issues during festival days when we desperately want to be at home.  Such experiences actually constitute the memory book that is an integral part of your life! All the pages of that book means something. It hosts several precious, happy and sour memories. I too have a load of special memories associated on my memory book. 

As my mind goes for a virtual stroll, I travel down the memory lane, thinking how Diwali left a scar on my back during my  crawling days of my life. Those days mother used to visit her parents house quite often and Diwali was just another reason for her meet her parents. I was very young then, probably about 32 months old. All my cousins would assemble at my maternal grand parent's place. My elder cousins , who were senior to me by 3 to 6 years used to treat me as  their pet. I soon became their favorite  toy and they all adorned me. They would be broken whenever mother took me away from them for nursing me. Such was the amount of love that they generated for me! Even now when we stand tall on our feet's, earning  manifolds, our bond still stays strong and our love has never ceased!  Every year Diwali symbolizes unity and happiness for all of us. This festival conveys us an important lesson of educing  all kinds of sorrows and cultivate the seeds of happiness. Let our sorrows fade away in the light of the crackers. Aforementioned the crawling days of Diwali  left a scar on my back.  Mother and Aunty were busy treating the guests and the kids of the house were playing with the fire crackers. Some one had failed to dispose the sparkler and I  unfortunately sat over it. At 1.5 years  old, even sparklers were as fascinating as  a toy. The butt pained terribly  but when the pain stopped, it left behind a stamp on it in form of a long scar reminding of the glorious Diwali.  That was just a page of my memory book!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Be the Voice of Change - Wake up!

voice of change
Last few days haven't been good as far as Delhi is concerned. Delhi is lately turning out to be the rape capital of India. Last Sunday an innocent 23 yr oldgirl was brutally raped by a group of 6 men. Her male friend was thrashed on his head with an iron rod and poor guy couldn’t be of much help to her. I condemn this heinous act by those heartless men who ruined this girl’s life. Little did she know that many unexpected events were going to be unfolded during that day. What is wrong with the men of this nation that they perform such ruthless act? I am afraid to announce that Delhi may not be the safest place for women to live. I am sure every woman who walks on the Delhi Street would be having some sort of fear. India is a nation where we have several female goddesses and idols and we all worship them. But sadly even if we did it from our heart, we would have at least 10% respect for women. The Sunday incident shocked me and the entire nation. Later on when I learned about the developments, I realized that this was a tragic event in the girl’s life. I mean I should tell you that entire she is indeed a brave girl. The doctors have been constantly monitoring her and giving positive feedbacks about her health although she is critical. Most of her intestines have been removed and she is under life support and ventilator. This incident is not the first rape incident in this country. This serves as an alarm for the people of India. The severity and the intensity of this incidence is high. Doctors are shocked and speechless after seeing the injuries and the physical damages borne by the woman. She was brutally raped to such an extent that even if she survives it would be difficult for her to lead a normal life. What has the poor thing done to those groups of goons? The media has been instrumental in reaching the mass and public outrage is increasing day by day.

mass movements

 I want to ask the people just one question. Where did you disappear when such incident occurred in front of your eyes?. I am not highlighting the Delhi gang rape incident. Even in the Delhi gang rape thing, when the semi naked bodies of the victims were thrown out of the bus, there were people standing who were busy watching. I hate this behaviour of people who can't never really do something but finally strive to be the voice of change. This is one of the few countries where women are physically abused and mouthing bad words related to females are considered great sign of masculinity. This is the dark side of our nation. Over lakhs of women are physically exploited and abused every day. Luckily this Delhi incident surfaced and we all came to know about this. We aren't even aware of how many rapes happen every day. It is estimated that in India every 20 min a girl is being raped and every 9 seconds a girl is physically abused. What about those girls?. We get outraged once in a while when something of this intensity happens? . We are aware of the Aruna Shaunbag case, a practising nurse who was brutally raped by the compounder. The accused was released after being jailed for 7 yrs. But do we know what is the condition of the woman who suffered this cruel act. Even after 37 years she is in a 'vegetative State ' and same is the case with other girls who are fighting for justice. The scars of hurt won't heal fast and remember that they do remind about the incident forever in their lifetime.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Country that cries Gold!

 !My take on the Olympic games.

The title itself must have suggested you that we are going to talk about the performances of the Indian athletes at the London games. Although the good thing is that we are winning at least one medal since 1996 Atlanta games. But my question is simple. Why should we crave and pray for Gold everytime our country participates in the Olympics?. Indians form 18% of the world population. I agree that it wouldn't be easy to say as to perform. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the mighty Chinese. I won't compare the Chinese with the Indians. Offcourse, they have tried to dominate the entire sporting arena and for them it’s a matter of pride. Every time they falter at the highest level, they plan and strategize for the next games. So, every time they enter the games, they have some count in their mind and they try their level best to achieve the numbers.Even in 2012, they have dominated the medals tally. They deal in gold’s and silvers. It’s just because their government has encouraged and does its best to meet all their athletes’ needs.They have provided them with the best of resources in form of coaches, facilities and arrangements to keep their players happy. That is China for us which has been top at every level. It’s high time we have to learn and get inspired from them.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Honour Killing - No Honour in Killing!

I read a shocking article  today regarding Honour Killing.I was browsing through the Indian Express and came across a disturbing story. In Britain ,there are 25 women who are killed every year in name of honour killing for causing shame to their family. Where on Earth is this act justified?. Killing your loved ones for tarnishing the family image is pathetic and is a serious crime. In this era where we talk about technology and scientific advancements, there exist certain group of people who still believe in all this. This is 21st century and I believe that people should live in sync with the current period. This is the story of a Pakistani family, of  parents who killed their own  daughter for getting inspired from the west. Getting inspired from the Western world is not bad and I don't think that it would tarnish the family image.Thats why I always keep telling that get to learn the good things from the Westen world.I agree that Islam follows some strict rules and these rules are only set for peaceful and better purposes, no where in Quran it mentions about honour killing. It doesn't preaches to kill your own children.

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