Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Mobile Phone and the Charger

The Mobile Phone and the Charger

100% Charged

"Today is the last day to pay your Hathway Internet bill. Kindly pay 2995/- on or before 12th June 2016 to avoid uninterrupted services. Ignore if already paid."

18 Notifications.
"Five of your friends are celebrating their birthday today. Would you like to help them celebrate ?"

92% Charged
"Will you friendship me?"
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85% Charged

125 Notifications
25 Favourites
"Hello Tweeples!"

79% Charged
10 New Friends
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75 % Charged


4 New Messages

65% Charged

"I want all of you tonight. Give me everything tonight like there is no tomorrow..."
"Hum tere bin nahi reh nahi sakte tere bina kya wajood mera..."
"Pray for me brother...Lalallaaa..Pray for me sister.."
"Phoolon ka taara sa sabka kehna hai..ek hazaaro mei.."
"I had a dream the other night.. about how we all get only one life..."
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51 % Charged


251 New Messages.

50 % Charged...


Game of Thrones

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4 new views
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Still buffering....

35% Charged..

Angry Birds

Stick Cricket

Candy Crush

Farm Heroes


Only 15 % Charge left. Please connect your charger......



New comment

Added in 2 new groups

5 % Charged..

Only 5 % Charge left. Please connect your charger......


2 % charge left

Discharging in 30 seconds

Discharging in 20 seconds

Mobile - Hey Charger....

Charger - I'm your love charger baby.

Mobile - Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte. Tere bina kya wajood mera . Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge. Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge ... Kyunki tum hi ho...tum hi ho..

Charger - I'm like an angel... Man kinds angel
My heart is like a rose..

At 10 pm, the Charger and the Mobile unite with other. This union instills the electrons into the phone and fills it with instant energy. Without the charger, nothing would have been possible.

Now Charging....

 This post is written for IndiSpire by #LoveChallenge
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

That Day

That Day
That Day
How can I forget that day?
It was the day when it all happened.  I never believed in love till I met her. The day I met her, I realized that love was supreme. For a man who wasn't determined to fall in love, fell for that gorgeous beauty. Who was she? For weeks,  her thoughts strolled inside my mind. With each passing day, my urge to meet her grew strong and stronger.  You might tag me a lunatic! But I  wouldn't mind being called that.  If she was a goddess I would have prayed to her every day.  I never met her again. Her thoughts started fading away. Cursing my luck, I got back to my regular work - Marketing. Being a Marketing Manager, my primary task was to visit various companies and promote our products. 

During one such visit, I met her. She was the one whom I was supposed to meet. She was the Product Manager at Fuji Labs.   We discussed in details about our product but at that moment, I couldn't describe what I was going through. I felt as if a gazillion butterflies were fluttering inside my stomach. Days passed and I thought that the Almighty had listened to all my prayers and I got to know her close.  With each passing day, we  got to know each other better. One day I spilled the beans and told her everything. I emptied the content of my heart that stored memories  and thoughts only about her.  She remained stunned for a while and there was a deafening silence! This silence haunted me for days. But she never replied me. Things had changed for me. I couldn't sleep properly.  What if  she rejected me?  I was getting bizarre thoughts on my mind. My love for her was pure! She called me that very night to confirm that she even felt the same. I could never believe my ears. 

We lived together happily for years. Like every bond, even we had our ups and downs. I couldn't live up to her expectations and she believed that she was not my priority. I had zillion reasons to tell her what she meant to me only if she agreed to listen to it. None of my words could translate into actions and she believed that I had taken her for granted. But sadly she never respected my feelings. She wanted to discuss and asked to move on. She asked me if we could be friends and nothing more. I was shattered. If being busy  in life can question someone's priority and interest in a relationship then it was the most absurd thing that I came across. I begged, pleaded, urged and requested but none of my methods to get her back worked.  I had lost hopes by then. I knew that she was a stubborn woman. I was upset and saw her leaving my life silently. 

That Day! 
How could I forget that day?
It was 17th May 2011 when I met her and 17th May 2015 when I lost her. 

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Written for IndiSpire

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Frankly Speaking with God!

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The other night I was thinking about various things that bothered me at that moment that included things like sorrow, wars, extremist activities, natural calamities and so on. I was wondering if God  popped in front of me what all questions I could throw  at him! But yes he did!

"Hey God!" 

"Hello Son!" 

"I was just thinking about you and for a moment I think I am hallucinating."

"No not at all. I am here to answer your questions." 

"Yes, I have too many questions to ask you and I wish you had answers for that."

"I am all ears ,dear."

"Here is my first question for you. Why do you test people who love you?" 

"First of all let me tell you that I don't test people who love me or don't love me. This world is my creation and everyone who is born in this planet belongs to my family. You all are my children, son! How can a father test his children? Can he?"

"No God! A father doesn't tests his children! You are right!" 

"Yes see, you too agree with me! " God said  with a smile.

"I don't test them. I just give them a dose of difficulty. Its an ingredient for life.   Life should be equally composed! It should be like a perfect song. I subject them to difficult situations so that my children become strong and gain more strength to address such situations. Its all about sustainability. I love you all! Trust me! How can I detest you? "

I calmly looked at him and smiled. 

"Even if I test them. I want them to pass the test with flying colors." He winked at me to which I smiled.

"My second question for you. It's generally said that people only remember you when they deep drowned in extreme sorrow. What do you feel about it?"

"Yes. I do feel bad. As I said before, we all belong to one big family. If you remember me in your  bad time and days of struggle and hardships, you should also remember me in your days of happiness. Shouldn't I deserve to be a part of your happiness too? Don't I need my share of happiness in your life? I do need."

I looked at him and smiled. 

"You are kind!" 

"Just like you are!" He said and continued, "I would like to  answer your next question."

"My next question for you is - some people generally believe that you bring sorrow to their life and you betray them? Whats your take on this?"

"Well. Let me ask them why I do that. If I push them in a dark room full of sorrow and melancholy I do that wish some purpose. There is no hidden agenda on it. But they should also know that if  I give them pain, I give them happiness too! They are deep immersed in sorrow and fail to realize that I have constructed a door on the other wall. But they are only concerned about their sorrow that blindfolds them. And their problems seem huge to them that they fail to see the other door. I want them to find a solution. And that solution lies on the other side of the room. If they open the door, there they will see the bright light, the happiness! In fact happiness that will bring back the lost  joy back to their life and shoo away all the melancholy. I love my children."

"And some say that there is no God. Whats your view on that?

"Then who am I?" He winked at me. 

"I need to rush now. I got to listen to few prayers tonight. I will get back to you soon. It was nice talking to you, Son!"

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