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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Voice of Silence

Voice of Silence! Such a paradoxical phrase it is! You might be wondering how can silence have a voice. Yes, that's true! Silence does not have a voice and if you believe this then there can be no fool other than you.
voice of sin screaming hands mouth

Our system functions in such a way that it will honor your request only if you raise a concern. No one would ever come to know if something is bothering you. We all have an option of raising our voice but we chose to remain silent. Raising our opinions and voices are the greatest gift that we humans can ever be given. Democracy is the greatest gift for people of any country because our views are heard. Us Indians are risk averse individuals and we think about the different risks before commiting to something. We think thrice before making a decision. But in this process, we fail to understand that we let failure leak through the system and thus making it more corrupt. 

Many years back while I was studying in college, I saw a man bickering with a traffic police for breaking the rules. It was a clear felony. Instead of writing a ticket, the police was finalizing deals with him on the amount of money that the man needs to bribe him with.  There were many people who stood there and watched this melodrama as mere bystanders. It was a win-win for the police and the man but ultimately we all who stood and watched the scene were the real losers. And that's how we lose and keep losing several battles. We let corruption seep through our system. We need to clean ourself before raising fingers at others.  Looking at this scene, even other bikers may offer to bribe the policeman when caught! This is how it starts.  I was very young then and perhaps never wanted to seek inspiration from that event. It disturbed me to the core. 

And then I realized that it was how things worked. We were creating a corrupt culture that may affect the future generation. And then at some point in time, you will come across a scenario where you would find no honest person! 
We need to raise our voice if something wrong happens in front of our eyes. We have to try our level best to prevent such occurrences.  Don't be a sheep!
I am not sure if you know the story of a camel that used to eat thorns when it was hungry.  It used to taste its own blood and satisfy its hunger. Eventually, we all are going to be like this camel if we don't voice our opinions or remain silent.  

Consider the case of an office scenario. Generally, I avoid office politics and trust me sometimes office politics are entertaining. We get to see the true colors of many people whom we work with! A colleague whom we work with could be verbally abusive and aggressive at times.  You may have reported it but others may have not though they might face the same too! Because not everyone likes to open their mouth when it comes to things that matter the most.  When we don't report such issues, then the management thinks that the issue has been addressed and resolved.  You will be a loss here! 
Our leaders can't know how to fix problems unless they know about it.  But the challenge here is to find leaders that want to fix things and have the power and knowledge to do so! But sadly its a seldom sight! 

No one loses anything by embracing silence because you might think why should I raise my opinion when I can get the things to work through some other means but ultimately you are losing a lot! You are indirectly hurting many through this gesture of yours for your personal gains. Trust me, we all need to put collective efforts to fight against the corrupt system. And for this, the prerequisite is that we need to be vocal and voice our opinions about anything that is wrong. That's a must for a progressive system else watch your country going into the corrupt and the wrong hands. Silence is NOT golden! Never!
Speak up if you see something wrong happening or silently be a part of the wrongdoings! JUST SPEAK UP

This article is written for the prompt at the Indispire

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Saturday, May 05, 2018

The Rewind button

I wish life had a rewind button

To be honest, the past few months have been disturbing for my family and my loved ones because of the passing of my sister at a very tender age.  A rare lung disease invaded her life at a time when she had big dreams in her eyes. She aspired to be a famous fashion designer but she had something else in her fate. Maybe the almighty had designed her life in such a way she only had to spend 24 years of her life with her family and rest with her almighty father, the Lord himself. 
I never had any ambitions or hopes of getting back to writing. Just that writing was a good outlet for me to express my emotions and expressions. I never felt like writing in all these days after the tragedy. But somewhere in my heart, I had decided to get back to writing because I understand that it is the one that will heal my wound and sooth the pain that I am suffering since the past few months. 
I saw this below topic in the Indiblogger Blogger's community and this instantly affected me. I am not sure what the guy was thinking while he suggesting this topic but he did a good job for me and provided me with an opportunity to get back to regular writing. This is the topic.

For people who have been regularly reading my blog since its early stages would have known about my love and affection for my little sister. She was the tiny little world for me and my parents. She was my adorable princess and a doting little daughter to my beloved parents. We had done a lot for her happiness.  She wanted to study and we let her study whatever she wanted even with such a health condition. Her enthusiasm for studies and creativity was very much high. Maybe almighty detested this and snatched her away from us. I have written many blog posts about her. 
I remember it was 2010 when she got the first symptoms of black-outs and how the disease hid and showed up two years hence. We went to all the specialists but each one of them had to suffer and struggle to find the root cause of these symptoms and our heart grew weak when we were informed that she has a disease that had no cure in Medical science. She was shattered, discouraged, heart broke when she came to know about this. After reading the scary stuff on the internet, she was assured that she will never live a long life and she can't live a quality life. 
If I had a rewind button, I would go back to those days and completely erase this disease from her body if I had a superpower. You never know much I am missing my little sister. I feel like having lost a part of my own self. Such was the love I had for my beloved sister.  I am very sure she is doing well in the heaven under the observation and care of the almighty but no love can defeat a mothers love. I shall use the rewind button and keep my sister with me and erase all the melancholia from our life that followed after 2010. 
Life is harsh and I already experienced it.  I hope to be regular on this blog. But I can't promise though! Take care everyone and be good! 
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Saturday, September 23, 2017

It's all because of blogging!

I agree that blogging has got in lots of significance in my life. Of course, it helped me in making my life less boring. I started blogging at a time when people didn't know the definition or perhaps the idea of a blog. In fact, when someone asked me about my hobby, I would smirk and find out ways to get rid of this question. Blogging was my hobby. I would research during my leisure time and find interesting stuff to read. It was during one of those leisure time that I discovered the idea of blogging. I agree it was no fun but yes I saw the emergence of new blogging communities that tried to build up a model conceptualizing blogs. Of course, many of these communities grew big and minting good money. For once, I never thought that blogging would be a good business for many in future. I come across people compiling stuff from multiple websites, changing the verbiage and constructing a brand new post out of it.  That is the new world of blogging. Some tag it plagiarism. Originality is something that has gone for a toss. No longer people love original stuff. 

Talking about the good old days, I really didn't know how and why I started this blog. This question perturbs me even after 11 glorious years of blogging. WHY? I had no intentions of making money out of it nor I did want to impress people or may be transform into a big writer or make a living out of blogging. No, I had no such plans but still why I chose to blog?  It was a random experiment. Just that I was good at writing essays during my school days and kids (my schoolmates) used to nag me to write compositions and essays. Since childhood, I never had this habit of saying NO. I am learning to say NO but I simply can't. That is one of the strength that I mention during my interviews when the Interviewer asks about my strength.  Well, the idea is simple. I write for myself. I love it, so I do. Isn't that simple enough?!

By the time I stepped into my final year,  I saw an unusual trend. People who used to mock at the very idea of blogging started creating blogs and I even know many who are successful at it. Brands started approaching these so-called Online Blogging communities and started paying them big to make the bloggers write about topics.  I somehow believe that the blogging started to get commercialized during this period. I witnessed a healthy rise in the number of active blogger participation in these contests. Some of them even crossed boundaries and limits to ensure they won the contest. I remember the days where whenever I logged into Facebook, I would get chat messages on the messenger asking me to write nice comments on their blog posts and share them on my profile.  I admit I did this for some but eventually, I got irked. It was during that time that I, with my two other friends started an online community blog named 'The Writers Lounge' that advocated collaborative writing and it was created for the love of writing. People who loved writing and reading good articles were always welcomed. Our doors were always opened for them and Sandeep Balan and Asbah Alaena played a vital role in it.  We grew up into a good team but as they say that everything has an end. Our dearest Lounge faded too quick. I have many fond memories associated with that web space. Be it the creation of Sandeep Malan or the StepMan, a spoof series based out of co-founders Sandeep Balan and yours truly (StepMan for Ste) or be it Excellence in Writing or any other creative writing, we loved it all. I would find the opportunity to come online and visit that place even if I had a limited internet access.  Oh, Wait! there was fun too. 

But I started abhorring the idea of writing for brands then. It felt like dictating terms and conditions but yes, I stay guilty too. Even I have participated in many of those contests and even won some. My first even blogging victory was some Surf Excel contest where I won a consolation prize of a wireless mouse that I still have! The idea of genuinely writing comments on blogs dimmed. I gradually started growing into a butterfly from a caterpillar as I stepped into the corporate life that welcomed me with lots of challenges. I understood that this was a different world and to make most of it, I had to focus less on blogging. But still, whenever I had an opportunity, I did write and made the most of it. With each passing day, I started getting more chat pings on Facebook, with people asking me to write comments, like and vote for them. Some would even tag me on their facebook posts. Many unknown strangers would send friend requests on Facebook and the very next moment they would send invitation to like their Facebook Blog page. Amazing, Isn't it? Some would get more creative and tag a bulk of bloggers on Twitter. Thanks to Twitter for lifting the character limitations on images and some bloggers make good use of it. Some bloggers do have their own Bloggers broadcast list on Whatsapp where they would regularly update by sending messages whenever they posted a new blog story.  I should agree that bloggers get more creative. We, as bloggers, should learn to explore opportunities whenever available. 

The entire essence of blogging as an area of improvement for writing has collapsed. Blogging may fit into a category of media but remember that blogging is something that is going to be the best thing in future. Brands will keep flooding, looking for bloggers, shelling out money. That's how blogging has evolved from the early 2000's till now!
Never stop pinging me to like your blog posts or read it, I admit I'm busy these days but that doesn't stop me from reading your stuff.  When I look behind, I laugh at myself that something I started as a random experiment has earned a lot for me in these years. I have met the best of people, best of writers, earned great contacts, made best friends and what not.  It's all because of blogging!

Written as part of Indispire
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Saare Jahaan Se Achha. NOT

Us Indians get deeply patriotic when anything comes to our country. We are divided amongst each other but when it comes to Pakistan and China, we stay united. Internally we fight against each other in the name of political parties, castes, religions, eating habits and what not but we get goosebumps when we hear our national anthem being played! 

I remember writing about Indianness when I was young. It was a tender age at which I realized what Indianness was! But as I grew up and my mind matured, I realized that there is not like that. It's just that we all are fighting an imaginary war against each other. Indianness in its true sense is the feeling of being an Indian. It involves focussing on key issues that our nation needs to address in order to prosper and working together as a single force. At the end of the day religion, castes, and politics matter the least. These are the forces that tend to destroy a growing nation. Our country will over take China as the most populous country in the world. That isn't something worth bragging! Despite being the most populous country, China has attained several feats that we would still take ages to reach! In order to replicate those feats, India needs to focus on key factors affecting growth. PM Modi has been trying his best in focussing on such factors and addressing key issues. But what are we doing as Indians? The talented Indian lot has flown out of the country while the rest of the talented lot are busy focusing on their personal goals. Quite Selfish! But who is there to worry about the nation. All that is left are the Hate Mongers and greedy politicians who don't leave any opportunity to divide people. 
Firstly, we need to unite internally and not just when we are provoked by Pakistan or China. We have lots of internal enemies and problems that we need to tackle first.  Various sectors such as Education and Healthcare needs to be reformed and revived. Every Indian should have a right to free education and healthcare. The government should focus more on research programs and offer incentives to students expressing interests in programs that will make the country proud. At the end of the day its the country that is important to us. 

It is stupid to say that Sarei Jahaan se achha ... No, we don't even stand close to that. There are many small countries that have seen enormous growth. Japan in 1945, Singapore in the 1950s and other European countries have made massive progress over the years and it is never ending.  On the other hand, we are just growing population wise. Many might disagree with me but at the end of the day yes that's the truth. 

 This post is written for IndiSpire
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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Mobile Phone and the Charger

100% Charged

"Today is the last day to pay your Hathway Internet bill. Kindly pay 2995/- on or before 12th June 2016 to avoid uninterrupted services. Ignore if already paid."

18 Notifications.
"Five of your friends are celebrating their birthday today. Would you like to help them celebrate ?"

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"I want all of you tonight. Give me everything tonight like there is no tomorrow..."
"Hum tere bin nahi reh nahi sakte tere bina kya wajood mera..."
"Pray for me brother...Lalallaaa..Pray for me sister.."
"Phoolon ka taara sa sabka kehna hai..ek hazaaro mei.."
"I had a dream the other night.. about how we all get only one life..."
Thumbs up
Add to playlist

51 % Charged


251 New Messages.

50 % Charged...


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Only 15 % Charge left. Please connect your charger......



New comment

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5 % Charged..

Only 5 % Charge left. Please connect your charger......


2 % charge left

Discharging in 30 seconds

Discharging in 20 seconds

Mobile - Hey Charger....

Charger - I'm your love charger baby.

Mobile - Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte. Tere bina kya wajood mera . Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge. Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge ... Kyunki tum hi ho...tum hi ho..

Charger - I'm like an angel... Man kinds angel
My heart is like a rose..

At 10 pm, the Charger and the Mobile unite with other. This union instills the electrons into the phone and fills it with instant energy. Without the charger, nothing would have been possible.

Now Charging....

 This post is written for IndiSpire by #LoveChallenge
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

That Day

That Day
How can I forget that day?
It was the day when it all happened.  I never believed in love till I met her. The day I met her, I realized that love was supreme. For a man who wasn't determined to fall in love, fell for that gorgeous beauty. Who was she? For weeks,  her thoughts strolled inside my mind. With each passing day, my urge to meet her grew strong and stronger.  You might tag me a lunatic! But I  wouldn't mind being called that.  If she was a goddess I would have prayed to her every day.  I never met her again. Her thoughts started fading away. Cursing my luck, I got back to my regular work - Marketing. Being a Marketing Manager, my primary task was to visit various companies and promote our products. 

During one such visit, I met her. She was the one whom I was supposed to meet. She was the Product Manager at Fuji Labs.   We discussed in details about our product but at that moment, I couldn't describe what I was going through. I felt as if a gazillion butterflies were fluttering inside my stomach. Days passed and I thought that the Almighty had listened to all my prayers and I got to know her close.  With each passing day, we  got to know each other better. One day I spilled the beans and told her everything. I emptied the content of my heart that stored memories  and thoughts only about her.  She remained stunned for a while and there was a deafening silence! This silence haunted me for days. But she never replied me. Things had changed for me. I couldn't sleep properly.  What if  she rejected me?  I was getting bizarre thoughts on my mind. My love for her was pure! She called me that very night to confirm that she even felt the same. I could never believe my ears. 

We lived together happily for years. Like every bond, even we had our ups and downs. I couldn't live up to her expectations and she believed that she was not my priority. I had zillion reasons to tell her what she meant to me only if she agreed to listen to it. None of my words could translate into actions and she believed that I had taken her for granted. But sadly she never respected my feelings. She wanted to discuss and asked to move on. She asked me if we could be friends and nothing more. I was shattered. If being busy  in life can question someone's priority and interest in a relationship then it was the most absurd thing that I came across. I begged, pleaded, urged and requested but none of my methods to get her back worked.  I had lost hopes by then. I knew that she was a stubborn woman. I was upset and saw her leaving my life silently. 

That Day! 
How could I forget that day?
It was 17th May 2011 when I met her and 17th May 2015 when I lost her. 

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Written for IndiSpire

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Frankly Speaking with God!

Image source 

The other night I was thinking about various things that bothered me at that moment that included things like sorrow, wars, extremist activities, natural calamities and so on. I was wondering if God  popped in front of me what all questions I could throw  at him! But yes he did!

"Hey God!" 

"Hello Son!" 

"I was just thinking about you and for a moment I think I am hallucinating."

"No not at all. I am here to answer your questions." 

"Yes, I have too many questions to ask you and I wish you had answers for that."

"I am all ears ,dear."

"Here is my first question for you. Why do you test people who love you?" 

"First of all let me tell you that I don't test people who love me or don't love me. This world is my creation and everyone who is born in this planet belongs to my family. You all are my children, son! How can a father test his children? Can he?"

"No God! A father doesn't tests his children! You are right!" 

"Yes see, you too agree with me! " God said  with a smile.

"I don't test them. I just give them a dose of difficulty. Its an ingredient for life.   Life should be equally composed! It should be like a perfect song. I subject them to difficult situations so that my children become strong and gain more strength to address such situations. Its all about sustainability. I love you all! Trust me! How can I detest you? "

I calmly looked at him and smiled. 

"Even if I test them. I want them to pass the test with flying colors." He winked at me to which I smiled.

"My second question for you. It's generally said that people only remember you when they deep drowned in extreme sorrow. What do you feel about it?"

"Yes. I do feel bad. As I said before, we all belong to one big family. If you remember me in your  bad time and days of struggle and hardships, you should also remember me in your days of happiness. Shouldn't I deserve to be a part of your happiness too? Don't I need my share of happiness in your life? I do need."

I looked at him and smiled. 

"You are kind!" 

"Just like you are!" He said and continued, "I would like to  answer your next question."

"My next question for you is - some people generally believe that you bring sorrow to their life and you betray them? Whats your take on this?"

"Well. Let me ask them why I do that. If I push them in a dark room full of sorrow and melancholy I do that wish some purpose. There is no hidden agenda on it. But they should also know that if  I give them pain, I give them happiness too! They are deep immersed in sorrow and fail to realize that I have constructed a door on the other wall. But they are only concerned about their sorrow that blindfolds them. And their problems seem huge to them that they fail to see the other door. I want them to find a solution. And that solution lies on the other side of the room. If they open the door, there they will see the bright light, the happiness! In fact happiness that will bring back the lost  joy back to their life and shoo away all the melancholy. I love my children."

"And some say that there is no God. Whats your view on that?

"Then who am I?" He winked at me. 

"I need to rush now. I got to listen to few prayers tonight. I will get back to you soon. It was nice talking to you, Son!"

This is my first post for IndiSpire!


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