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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Heart-ing & Hurt-ing

Lies are dangerous! Agree? If you agree with me you might also be knowing that Lies are so strong that they have the power to break bonds. I have seen several relationships going strong over 5 plus years getting broken because of petty issues. Human mind always pulls itself to the other direction when it is involved in a conflicting situation with the heart.  Today I am going to narrate you a story of a boy and a girl. I would like my dear readers to give me the solution to the issue raised below.
Once upon a time in Bangalore, there lived a guy and a girl. The guy was senior to the girl by 3 years. They became friends through a social networking sites. They started chatting, texting and talking through phone. As each day passed, the boy and the girl got closer to each other. Months passed and the girl was addicted to the boy. The boy was a self proclaimed flirt who had many female fan followings and friends. The girl always taunted him by accentuating his female associations. She always had a bad impression of him. She is confident that she can't fall for a guy like him. But few months hence, she sends him a text.**The bomb is planted.Love Blossoms** She falls for him. The guy is put to a test. "Oh! no...what the hell is wrong with this person?" The guy never had any such intentions in his mind about the girl. It actually wasn't his fault to get closer to her as he was a friendly person. He was just playing the role of a good friend. But, there was a flaw somewhere. The boy was a liar. He lied a lot to the girl. Then one day, the girl introspects about the text messages and informs him that  that act of hers was out of affection and addiction.
The guy would call her every day and would text almost every other night. They say addiction is dangerous. When the human heart identifies someone special, it very well registers that persons minute details in the mind. The mind and the heart indulge in a win win communication and co operate with each other. Little do they know that emotions are even bound by actions. Fights and Verbal (Read Text) wars are parts and parcels of a relationship. The girl turned  back to  normal mode and she would taunt the guy  and associate and link him with his other female friends. She would irritate him to such an extent that they both land up fighting every other day.  But somewhere deep, the guy knew that he loved her.  She demanded loyalty and commitment from the guy. Relationship work on 3 basic principles or parameters if I could say so - Loyalty, commitment and Trust. Trust is an important factor in a relationship. People these days indulge in infidelity and somewhere trust is betrayed. I tell you today that  Trust is an important  element in life. It breaks heart and hurts people. The person may have immense trust on you but one day when you break their trust on you , then it naturally affects the bond. There is no point in adopting a damage control plan when damage is already done. But the damages which I am referring here are critical. After spending hours and days and years together with some like minded person, you find that there is something which is going wrong. It may be wrong from your end or your partners end but whatever is happening isn't right! The bond would naturally weaken when trust is broken. And all that remains is tears and hurt. Very Often I have come across people who  fall in love and fall out of it because of lack of trust.  I have always been accentuating on the fact that relationship build on lies are like thread or a string to be precise. They may hold good for few days but after few days it may not be like it is. Then Happiness would be overshadowed by melancholy and gloomy times would follow. No one would like to confront such a situation in life. That's why I warn people that never betray someone who trust you. The day you take some one for granted and hurt them by failing their trust test, then that day would be the end of everything. All that remains would be tears,hurt and guilt ( of course from the other end).
Loyalty is another important parameter for maintaining a strong bond. If you love someone why would you run behind some other person when your heart is fixed towards someone else. Trust me, a disloyal person is the most decieving being in this planet. They might appear good to you and behind you they might appear as a different person.  Coming back to our story. Our hero gradually fell in love with the girl. It was the same affection and addiction which made him fall for her. But this time the girl was clear! She made it clear that her feelings were just mere affection and addiction and nothing else. She didn't believe in tagging relationship by names. The boy proposed her one day and wanted her to be his girlfriend. She blatantly refused citing friendship as a prime reason. She was a gem but the boy loved her. Days passed and late night chit chats, gupshups continued as usual. Business AS USUAL! Aforementioned, the guy was a big liar. His lies were harmless  because he knew  the value of relationship. He would tell her the magic letters - I love you - every now and then. She masquearaded her feelings for him by citing friendship as a reason. Somewhere deep inside she loved him too. One day, the guy  mentioned her about his past relationship. She got to know  that guy loved his ex-girlfriend even now. But still he lied all these days. She hated him since then as he always lied to her by citing the magic words. Doomsday! World breaks into two equal halves for the boy! The happiness in his life is hijacked by the hurt caused by the girl whose words weren't soothing. She had given him several chances to improve and stop lying. But she tagged him as Mr.Harmless Lies and stated that he was a fool whose job was to fool women by making them fall for him. He couldn't handle this dilemma for he knew that what he had for that girl were true feelings.  The girl kicked him out of her life although she was the active partner in this relationship ( or friendship).
When Trust, Loyalty and Commitment fails, a bond breaks! What Else?

So my lovely  Readers - My question for you is simple. What would you have done if you were the girl and the boy? Cause its wisely said that relationship build on lies won't work but when it is rectified and lessons have been learned, shouldn't they be forgived?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love & Lies 8 - Final Part

 Disclaimer - All characters in this story are fictitious. 

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I was feeling dejected and low.I have never cried in my life before but after falling in love with Afreen,I realized that even I am an emotional person. Love and breakups are quite common these days.People do come in our life as Afreen once told me.These are the ones who mark their presence in our life,leave some special memories and finally leave us.I pondered over for a while and learned that what I was doing was not wrong.However it would be like hurting myself.You can never fall in love with everyone.Its these special,like minded souls  who attracts you.My feelings for Afreen were intense and real.
That night I could not sleep.Lately I realized that I was turning  into an insomniac.I woke up at 9 am.Mother had cooked Puri Bhaji for breakfast.My face was pale after the events which happened  during night.
'Good Morning Rahul!!,' My father greeted me.
'Morning all set for work today,' I smiled at my dad.
'Yes dear...make sure you attend all your management classes and don't bunk ,' He laughed and  left for office.
It was after many years that I'd seen a smile on my fathers face.I loved him . He was my first hero like all dads in  this world.
'Bye Papa...,' I bid good bye to my father.
'Mom...4 puri is enough..,' I said to my mother.
'No, should have 2 more are a young will you  get enough strength,' Mother caressed my hair.
'Ma..thats okay..I think I should leave for classes now,' I flipped my mobile flap to check if I'd received any  text messages.I could see 1 unread message from Afreen.

'Good morning dear :) . I think I should be extremely sorry for what happened yesterday night.I know you must have been hurt badly.Even I like you,I am sorry I could not accept you.I belong to a Muslim family.In Islam,we can't marry a non muslim guy.I'm a religious person and I have to follow it. And I can't do anything against my family and religion. I love them and I can't break their trust.I hope you understand and you are a nice person.Please lets be good friends,' I read a long text from her.

'Good Morning.Its fine. :) ,' I texted her back.

I wore my shoes and by the time I left my house,I received a phone call from an unknown number.
'hello,' I greeted.
'Hallo are you? Remember me aaa?,' The caller said to me.I believed that I had spoken to this person before.
'Hey I know you...your name is.......,' I said.

'Hahaha...Ganesh ...Muthu Ganesh,' He laughed.
'Oh my god..Ganesh...where were you so long man.. got your teeth fixed?,' I asked him.
'Yes ..the doctor fixed my teeth...Now I look more smart,' He laughed.
'Haha...Competition for Rajni Haan..,' I replied him.

'No sir..Rajni is can you compare me with him,' He said.
'What the hell is Saami?,' I curiously asked him.

'Saami means God ...I called you to ask about the girl,' He said in his typical South Indian accent.
'Which Girl?,' I asked him.
'That girl... Abhran..or Abriiin something,' He told.
'Oh Afreen..well she broke my heart  man..she hates me.She hurted me very badly and now I am nursing my broken heart,' I said to him.

'Ayyo Paawam!! Don't be sad Rahul. Just think that the girl doesn't deserves such a wonderful guy like you,' He said. The discussion turned serious.

'If your feelings for her was true and you  really loved her,then no matter what she will come back to you very soon. True love is precious and has a special meaning.She will be back ..don't worry,' He added.
'Lets see...thanks Ganesh ..I feel better talking to you,' I smiled.
'I wish you good luck...But I advise you to take wise decisions because this is related to your life and love is a special feeling which seldom happens,' He said.
'God Bless you dear :) ,' said Ganesh and hung the phone. Its true that when you meet like minded people you tend to follow them. Ganesh was a gentleman. For some reasons I admired him. He pretended to be a jester but somewhere in my heart I knew that he was a kind man. He was not preaching philosophy to me but those were true facts of life.

Days passed.Time flew. In this journey of life,I have met many people and each of them are special to me.I  was busy engrossed with my assignment works . Afreen used to call me.I used to see her missed calls quite often.At one point of time ,it happened that we seldom spoke. I was feeling better without memories of Afreen.But somewhere deep in my heart I knew that I still had feelings for her. I was getting busier as days passed.I seldom used to go online and check and Most of my time were spend in research work and assignments.I never replied  to Afreen's text message nor I entertained her calls. I didn't want to hurt myself by talking to her.I never wanted to fall in love with her once again.Once bitten ,Twice Shy.

"When You truely care for somone,
 their mistakes never change our feelings coz,
Its the mind that gets angry,
but the heart still loves !
I guess I urgently need to talk to you.Call me wn u r free" read the text message which Afreen had texted me.

I was working on the Marketing Project when I recieved her text.
"K ," I replied her back.

Finally I got time to call her.I called her at around 9 pm.
'Am I talking to Miss Afreen Shaikh?,' I courteously asked.
'Hey..what happened to you..why no texts and calls?,' She said.
'Don't you know people turn busier these days? I have lots of work and deadlines kill me,' I asserted.

'But you promised me we both would be friends...I miss you Rahul,' She said with a low voice.

'k..,' I replied.

'Rahul...we used to talk daily before like crazy..why don't we talk these days...I used to be glued to you,' said Afreen.
'Well..I told you that I am busy these days and once you told me that when either of us turn busy then we won't feel the same way.,' I replied her.

'Okay fine..I have to tell you something important,' With her voice turning low each time she spoke.
'What is that?,' I replied.

'I think I love you,' She smiled.
'Crazy can you love me..I don't have time for such silly things,' I was sounding a bit rude.

'Well seriously I love you..Now I feel like I can't live without you,' She said  while arranging her journals.
'I can't should know that we both are online friends. We have not met each other in real and we don't know each other'.
'How Strange and Weird. Today you realize that we don't each other ,haven't met and stuff. You should have realized that before you  send me an add request on Facebook. You have shown me dreams and you can't break my heart at this point of time,' She said.I had a feeling that she was about to cry.

'You are a religious person dear.Moreover you can't marry a Non Muslim guy.You love your family and  you can't break their trust.Its better we stop talking ,' I said with a straight face.

'What happened to you Rahul.You can't do this to me ...please understand me,' She cried.

I never wanted to hurt her.I never wanted to show her fake dreams and betray her.She loved her parents  and her siblings.Her family is her world.Her life revolves around her family.She can't do anything against her will.Infact I didn't want her to leave her family and come with me.She was  mature enough to understand complex things in life. I just want her to understand the facts of life.

'Why do you say all this Rahul?,' She was weeping.
'Honestly speaking I never loved you Afreen,' I said.

'The biggest lie which I ever told you was that I LOVE YOU, I'm sorry Afreen,' Teardrops  rolled down my cheeks as I said things which I didn't meant.I had to tell her purposely so that she could concentrate on her life and move on.Again I never wanted to hurt her.There was complete silent for 2 minutes.

'Afreen,Afreen...' I was worried.
'I am hating you because  you're hurting me .Good Bye Rahul Meher...Good Bye forever,' My words angered her and she threw her cellphone out of the window..

 My sincere thanks to all those who followed this story. Please provide your feedback about this story. I would love to hear from you all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love & Lies 7

 Disclaimer - All characters in this story are fictitious. 

' Oh Ankita Sharma ..,' I said .
'I mean your best friend ....Ankiti didi..,' Afreen said.

'Oh yeah..I am sure  she might be doing good..,' I failed to understand why she asked me about Ankita.The mental state of my mind seemed to be distracted. Life was so good all these while when we both spoke about each other.But as soon as she triggered discussion about Ankita,I started getting a bad feeling once again.For days I have been asking myself and I found myself guilty for Ankita's present situation.I wanted to apologise to her and explain her that I am not  the one meant for her.

'I will call you tomorrow...I am sorry..I really need to hurry up,' I said and cut the phone call. I had to lie to her for obvious reasons. Afreen was getting closer to me as each day passed.Our discussions sometimes would involve serious topics mostly related to philosophy.I could not live with the guilt of hurting Ankita. I'd been spending sleepless night  for I really cared about her feelings. I never wanted to hurt her feelings.

Morning lectures were good. Professor Mani had explained us about Marketing principles.He taught us the 7 different principles of marketing and how effective marketing can do wonders to your sales and product. I studied to be a manager and things seemed interesting day by day. My feelings for Afreen grew stronger each day.It was just affection or infatuation but I really fell in love with her.College lectures got over by 5.30 as usual . I hanged out with my friends at Connaught Place, which used to be our usual hangout corner. It was 7.30 pm.

'Hey Afreen...howdy girl,' I called her.
'Hello Mr.Meher..,'
'I hope you are doing great...,' I said.
'Yes..sirji...I am doing perfectly fine..Whats new?,' She asked me

'Well nothings new..The other night I was thinking about you?,'
'Thinking about me...What were you thinking about me,' She said.

'Thinking about how things have changed drastically after you'd entered my've been so kind and good to me ,' I smiled.
' talk to over thousand girls and flirt with over hundred girls,..its not new for you though,' She laughed.
'I am not kidding...I'm beginning to like you less because I am starting to love you more,' I said to her.

'Oh Flirty guy...not again please...tell such flowery words to some other girl..she might fall for you..I like my flirtu Rahul,' She said.

'After knowing that you are a Sagitarian guy, I would not love to make a Sagitarian can't be love ,' She continued.

'Hmm but for me its lots of love and I am not lying,' I said.
'Off course ,then it must be little of love and lots of lies,' She laughed.
'Hey, I have to complete my research journal ..I will text you at night,' I said to her and cut the phone.

I had completely fallen in love with the online girl. I never knew how she looked and what kind of girl she was. Its rightly said that love is blind. I reached home and had my dinner. Mother had made Aalu Parantha for me. Dad as usual was busy engrossed with his work. Pri was staying at her best friend Jessica's home for a combine group study. My folks never knew my online life. Infact I refrained from adding my Sister and Mom in my Facebook.I didn't wanted to invite problems for me. I logged into to check mails. At the same time I received a chat pop up.

SexyAnkita90 -Hello Rahul Good Evening :-) 
I realized that this was the right opportunity for me to explain her what I felt about her.
Raul4you- Hi dear ...long time...forgot me naa?
SexyAnkita90 - Hey nothing like that dear..How can I even forget you? :) You were instrumental in changing my life yar..Thank you for that.
Raul4you- I'm sorry about that day Anki.
SexyAnkita90 - Its perfectly fine Rahul..Thats not a problem at all.
Raul4you - You seem so serious dear..I've never seen you like this before..
Raul4you- I just want to tell you that I am not your kinds.Infact I am not worth for you. You will get someone more better than me yar.
SexyAnkita90- Oh Common yar...I understand and I even forgot that.Lately  I realized that it was infatuation. May be your affection attracted me.But we should remain good friends .
Raul4you- Oh why good friends friends toh we are .
SexyAnkita90- Hahaha :P :P
Raul4you- So whats new at your side?
SexyAnkita90 - There is a  marriage proposal for me.Father had called me to inform me this.His close friend Khanna Uncle's son is interested to marry me.
Raul4you - Hoye Oye! Now this is a good news Ankit. What does he do?
SexyAnkita90 - Well Rishabh works as a Brand Manager in Idea Cellulars.
Raul4you- Oye oye..Rishabh ..I am very happy for you.What did you tell them?
SexyAnkita90 - I told them yes. :) :) My Parents desperately want me to get married to him.
Raul5you- I'm really happy for you dear. I'd been trying several times to call you but now I know why your phone was busy.huh :P
SexyAnkita90- Hehe Rishabh would call me and talk to me for hours.He is so caring ,you know
Raul4you - I am happy for you re...chal I will call you soon.Bye.
SexyAnkita90 - Sure dear..goodbye :)

I was extremely delighted to know that Ankita was getting married.I was happy that Ankita realized that it was her infatuation and not love.It had made me guilty for some period of time. I utilized 2 hours for working on my project. I have this habit of listening to songs late night.

'I love you so much,' I send Afreen a text message.
'Haha..Joke of the year..but stop it now Argrrrr,' She replied to my text.
'No I am serious,' I typed her.
'But Why me? Whats so special about me? If this turns out to be another prank then  I swear I won't talk to you again in my life,' I received her text after 2 minutes.
'Birds of the same feather flocks together. I have rejoiced every moment talking to you and found out that you are a very good friend,guide and a philosopher. I want our relationship to go to the next level...Every time I think about you,' I texted her.

'Honestly I don't love you.I talked to you and spoke to you every time and shared many things with you. This was because I liked talking to you.But I never knew that love would come in between and spoil all the happy relations :( ,' she texted me.

'I can't think of a life without you.Please don't hurt me Afreen :(,'
'Thats why I always told you and warned you let not love come in between.My intentions are not to hurt you,' She replied to my sms.
' :( :( ,' I texted her a sad emoticon.
'May be we should not talk for some weeks or so...then you will automatically be fine :) :) ,' she texted me and it was 2 am.

'Forget it ..I better fade away from your life..I can't stop thinking of you every moment..I will stop talking to you forever.It would be difficult initially but I will manage.I can't waste my life thinking of you...for I love you,' I texted her.

'Fade? What? Are you serious ? This is not done ..You make me cry Dodo,'I received a text message from her.
'Yes ,Somethings happens for a reason ,' I texted her back.

'You made me cry :'( Is it my mistake that I was good 2 u.I never told you to fall in love with me.Can you leave me? You might have many friends like me but I don't have many friends like you.You are special and I value our relation,' She texted.

'i don't know how important relations are for you,but for me my relations are important.So like that you are important for me too.And what good will it do by breaking off this relationship would do?,' I received another text message within 1 min. My eyes were moist with tears. I seriously fell in love with her.

'It will help me to forgot you dear,' I replied her.

'Call me ,' I received her sms.It was 3 am. I was in my room . It was quite unusual to call a girl at night.Afreen always used to tell me that she never attends any phone call after 11 pm.I went to the balcony and dialed her number.

'Whats wrong with you haaan?,' She was furious.
'How can you even say that you are leaving me?,' She said.

'Yaar but I can't really help myself..I am confused right now and It would be good if we move away,' I said to her with low voice.
'Pretty interesting life I've got. People come in my life only to leave me and I like a fool cry and watch them go. Great.Go away..Who am I to Stop you?,' She was weeping.
'Afreen..don't cry..please...Where are you?,' I asked her.
'In my room..Go away..u don't want to talk to me naa...this is the importance you give to my friendship naa...go away..,' She said controlling her tears.

'Mad..don't cry..I promise you that I won't leave you..please stop crying for god sake..what will happen if someone from your house wakes up..,' I asked her to stop crying.

'Promise won't do this ever again,' She said.
'yes I do promise you..,' I assured her.
'Okay fine..Lets talk through texts then,' She cut the phone call.

'You know i felt very bad...very very bad..but I know you can't leave me.Now you have even  promised me.So how can you even think of breaking such a wonderful relation,' I received her text after 2 min.

'Yes..I agree,' I replied her.
'And one more are a wonderful person and I realize your worth or would I be talking to you at  3 am:) :) ,' She texted.

'I am sorry yar,'  I replied her.
'Why sorry? Ok fine I forgive you :) . We are friends forever. We like irritating each other so much that our  day can't be complete without  that..I really wish I could say I love you...Because as  friend I always do :) :) and abh so jaaieye,' She replied me.

':) Good night' I replied her. I never knew what to reply her.But she asked me not to talk to her for few weeks or so.I knew that it was difficult but I really had to control my emotions .

'Tujhe bhula diya, oh Phir kyun teri yaadon ne..Mujhe rula diya.. oh..Mujhe rula diya,' My Music player was playing a sad song from a Bollywood movie.

(to be continued..)


I dedicate this song to Rahul Meher in this story and for all those unlucky souls sad broken in love. Next Part would be the last and the final part of the Love & Lies series.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Love & Lies 6

 Disclaimer - All characters in this story are fictitious.
'Afreen,this ain't good ,' I was disappointed.
'Can't help buddy,' She texted me back.

With my entry to home, my folks glowed with happiness.Mother was extremely delighted to see me back after many years.All these days we had been listening to each other,talking on phone.I have never missed my mother and father just because of the fact that I'm used to living this way. I can adapt to places very easily and quickly.This is what which differentiates me from other people.

'Maa, the porridge is just sweet like you are,'
I embraced my mother.
'Love you beta..and look your daddy is not here to welcome you,' Mother has always been a whiner as far as I know.Her experiments with new food was something which got praises for her but she found it difficult to manage my father.Father,on contrary was a busy man for whom office was more important than family.

'I had a word with Papa,..'
I retorted.
'Papa has always been like this Maa...don't think you can change him..,' said.

'Nevermind..I am tired of telling him...,' She got vexed.

'Hey Delhi boy..had lunch?,' A text from Afreen was received at 1 PM.
'Oh yes..just now.. :) ,' I send her a reply.

'Bhaiyya...see what i got for you..,' Priyanka came running towards me. She has always been the hearthrob of our house. We all adored and loved her.Pri was daddy's favourite.

' sweety ..,' I hugged her.
'See bhaiyya..I got this Frankie for it..I know you love it,'My little sister said to me. It gave me immense pleasure to talk to my sister in real after a long time.I always knew that there was one girl who would always miss my presence and that girl would be my sister.I spoke to my mother and Priyanka for sometime and left for my room. The entire day was spend meeting old friends,teachers,neighbours and cousins.I planned to return back by evening but I had an important work. I had to go to FMS to submit few documents.Family and Friends are two important entities in our life which one should not miss.One should perhaps cherish every moment of his life while he is with his family and friends.You can be relocated or may be time would drag you to some other city where you would be all alone craving to meet your loved ones.Thats why I always believed in the principle of enjoy life as it comes  by.I had submitted my documents and left for home at around 6 pm.

I received Afreen's call.I was surprised to see her call.I could not believe my eyes as I picked up. For once she told me that she won't talk to me again. Was it my charisma which impelled her to call me.

'Hello MAdame...'
I greeted her.
'Yo Sir..Whatsup..,'
'Nothing much ..dark sky..I guess it would rain her any moment...'I joked.

' seem happy today ..Whats the matter Rahul?,'She asked me.
'Nothing much...I'm just tired and trying to go home..Delhi traffic...huh,' I was fully exhausted.
'Hahaha...I knew that was tell me how is my voice,' She said. I always admired her voice. The very first time when I spoke to her I'd realized that she had a mature voice.It was a voice which was old enough for her.She could do wonders with this asset of hers.It was something special,a gift.

'I love it buddy..Do you even know what..I am planning to call you everyday just to hear your voice.. such a magic you are ..i mean your voice is,'
I laughed.
'Idiot..stop making fun of me,..or may be you are flirting  dude..,' She got vexed.

'Flirting...Haha..Yes may be..I'm not sure,' I asserted.
'Perhaps I can sense the sweet things said by you..its guys old tricks Rahul..Are you a Sagitarian by any chance?,' She curiously asked me. 
Yes,I was a Sagitarian and perhaps its this characteristic of a Sagitarian which makes people think that they are sinister' s.Flirting is an art.Sagitarians never know that they are actually flirting untill someone pinpoints them.

'Yes..I'm a Sagitarian..and what about you,' I smiled.

'Well not thats what makes you a perfect Flirt buddy...God..I can't believe I'm even talking to you...a Flirtu,'
She seemed shocked for a while.
'Cheer up buddy..I don't flirt ok...and When is your birthday?,' I asked.

'Well I am an Arian girl.10th April is my birthday....Quite disciplined girl that I am,'
She laughed.

'Oh are so funny..Anyways I've reached my home now...Can I give you a call back soon ,'
I said to Afreen.
'Sure Rahul.,' She said and cut the phone.

Soon I received a message from her. ' :) ' I could see only one smile emoticon in that text.
'Its always a pleasure talking to you Sweetheart,' I replied to her text. Days passed and we both used to talk for hours and hours on phone. We would talk about random things. Sometimes she would bore me with her Medical stuffs. I can't cease to understand why do girls have to talk about their studies and stuffs when an interesting person calls them.

My Classes at FMS had begun and it was a new experience. A transition from an Engineering student to a Management student was going to happen. This transition itself was something  which could change my life completely.I would talk to Afreen daily for 1 hour. I fail to realize that by doing so I might really fall in love with Afreen.I had never been in love before and as days passed this feeling was growing stronger.We used to talk to each other like a boyfriend and girlfriend although we weren't one.

'Hey Sweety..whatsup..,'
I 'd called her sharp at 7.30 pm. I would call her daily at 7.30 pm.
'Don't you have any better words words I mean..,' She said.

'New words..Jaanu will do?,'
'Jaanu belongs to the 1980's era..something creative and innovative..,' she said.
'Baby...please do not test me..You make me fall in love with you ..every time I call you to hear your voice and I fall in love with you...,' I laughed.

'Oh Common!! try this with some other girl..she might fall for you..but not to  me,' She got angry.
' know what happened today..That stupid Anatomy viva was very bad.. the mam was sweet but the Sir was too bad.He asked me things which I never knew,' She said.

'Oh thats too cruel of him.I had send him 2 bags of cash,' I said.
'Whaat cash..stupid,'
'Cash to ask you simple and easy questions and make you pass,' I joked.
' are so bad na, making fun of my pathetic situation...I seriously hate you...,'She said.

'But I unhate you..,'
I said.
'UnHate...Hahaha,..does such word exists in Thesaurus,' She laughed.

'I mean..I love you..,'
'Oh Not again..please..why do you love me? Tell me,' She asked.

'Well because you are someone whom I am looking forward in my life,...a guide,companion , are the twinkling star which i am waiting for..I love you sweety,'
'See I proposed you right now...,'
I continued.

'Haha, this is not called proposing... its should be like ,' She said.

'If Stars could speak..even they would give the testimony of my love for you,' She continued.

'Wow..That was good dear,'
I said to her.

'We are constantly talking since few months and I warn you up hand..don't fall for me ok?,' She said.

'Don't...Love just happens just happens..its un controllable,'
I said.

'But..ok fine.don't you think we both talk a lot? If this continues then we would seriously get addicted to each other...,' She said and I completely agreed to each word of hers.

'Its not called Addiction..Its friendship..,' I said.

'But we can't tell...It makes people dependent on each other and then separation at some-point of time hurts...people may become busy and we can't always expect to talk like this yaar,'
She added.

'It is good  or bad,'

'No it is not good..Addiction of any kind is bad..,'
She turned into a serious mode.

'Well should not think too much okay,'
'I'm not your jaanu,' She got angry.

'Okay, Darling we should be friends and we already know that our friendship is growing stronger and someday we might be best friends,'
I said.

'I'm my own best friend Rahul.In such friendship there is lots of responsibilities and expectation.If we fail we eventually get betrayed and hurt.I already have a bad experience of betrayal and getting hurt.I don't want to get hurt again ,' She said.

'What happened re,'I asked her.

'No..I had a best friend from school. We were so close and we were like soul sisters.Some misunderstandings and she stopped talking to me.ITs the worst thing which happened in my life. You don't know how much I miss talking to her...People come in my life ..mark their presence and leave my life without telling me..,' She said.

'Well that happens should learn to cope up with life...I'm damn sure I might fall in love with you some day...I'm quite sure about it..,' I smiled.

'I already knew this was coming..and thats why I warn you,' She warned.

'Lets see...
'I said.

'Are you in touch with Ankita Didi?
,' Afreen asked me. Hearing Ankita's name made me think about the day when  Ankita had proposed me.All these while I was feeling good but for some reason I started feeling weird.

'Ankita....,' I said.

(To be continued...)

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