Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Change Your Life With a Trip

Change Your Life With a Trip
Change Your Life With a Trip
If there was something about your life that you could change, what would it be? Would you want a better job, a healthy relationship, to recover mentally and physically, to live in a new location? You can probably list several things you’d like to improve, but as most know, change isn’t something that comes easily. When you’re bogged down by the daily pressures of life, stuck in routines, and tied to your obligations, advancing your life doesn’t come easy. Taking a break from “reality”, and going on a trip is exactly what you need to find new inspiration.

Improve Your Health
Trying to lose weight? Having trouble meeting your health and fitness goals? Planning a trip to improve your health is quickly becoming a popular option for travelers. Wellness retreats, for instance, provide visitors with the opportunity to focus on their health. Held at a luxury hotel and resort chains across the country, participants get an all-access pass to the program's tools and resources. There are exercise programs, diet and meal prep courses, group activities, and therapeutic solutions like massage therapy and meditation to help improve your health.

Kick Bad Habits
There are some bad habits that can ruin your life if you continue to indulge in them - like doing drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that impacts a person’s physical and emotional well-being and ruins families, relationships, careers, finances, and more. For someone who recognizes the consequences of addiction, sometimes traveling to kick the bad habit for good is necessary.
Going to a medically supported detox far away from where you live increases your chances of completing the program. Many rehab centers and sober living facilities are located in nice destinations with impressive views and luxury accommodations. The idea is to take the person outside of their environment and away from their triggers and place them in an environment where they can be at peace and really heal.

Find a New Start
Feeling like where you are isn’t where you want to be? Are you living in a town where the cost of living is too high, there aren’t many career opportunities, or you’ve simply got a bad past from? Well, traveling can be the tool you need to make a new start for yourself. If you’re thinking about relocating it is recommended that you travel first, get acquainted with the area, and then find a permanent place to live.
Taking a trip to a new city, state or country can give you a better look at the opportunities out there. You can check out neighborhoods, visit local restaurants and shopping centers, talk with residents who’ve lived there forever, visit schools, experience the culture, and get a wealth of information that can later be used to determine where you’ll make your fresh start.

Spark Creativity
If your profession requires you to regularly come up with consistent and creative new ideas, staying glued to the desk or in the office can stunt your creative abilities. All work and no play can also drain you cognitively making it hard for you to be productive. A week-long trip to another country, for example, can ignite that fire once again. The time alone by itself is enough to clear the fog and clutter from your mind.

Trying new things, seeing new sites, and making new connections through travel is immensely instrumental in helping the creative mind. It can be just the experience to spark a new blog entry for a writer, the right scene to capture new pictures for a photographer, or the right connection to give an entrepreneur a new idea.

Living a perfect life, as you know, isn’t possible. Yet, making positive change and progress is imperative to your happiness and longevity. If there are things about your life that you wish to change, but can’t seem to do in the environment you’re in or with the obligations you have, take a trip. It may seem strange how impactful a few days or weeks can be to one’s life, but the truth is a vacation can be life-altering. Whether you’re trying to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, kick bad habits that are tearing your family apart, find a new place to start life, or looking to spark new ideas you can accomplish many of these things through travel.

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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Life is like a Ceiling Fan!

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The basic difference between Humans and animals is that as humans we are hedged by feelings and emotions. It's these emotions that at times controls us. Yes, they are a highly powerful elements that can even control the human heart.  Science perceives the human heart as just another vital organ that pumps purified blood to the other organs but this heart is a beating monster. Ever  fallen in love? You will know how crucial the role of a heart is when it comes to expressing and showing love for someone who is close to us.  It is a beating monster that not just pumps blood but also pumps emotions and controls it. And that's why it is an important organ. The heart has a reason that reason knows nothing of! 

In 2010, when I was posted in New Delhi, I had turned reclusive.  It was a difficult phase of life.  The office was something that made me happy and I turned into a workaholic. Weekends are bliss for people who live with their friends and family but for someone sequestered, life  indeed seems miserable. That was the time I decided to overcome the boredom by writing a story that would eventually be a part of my first book. It was the story of an Afghanistani girl.   We have been reading a lot about the atrocities faced by women in the Taliban regime. I had something in mind to connect those atrocities and India. I had plans of creating a connect between the Afghan girl and the Indian culture. That was something that helped me to overcome the difficulties in life during that phase. I created and worked on imaginary characters for my story. I had done with Ten Thousand words  but soon Delhi started embracing me. I had become gregarious  and by then the dream of writing a book faded away. Such a selfish me! I was highly creative then.  That phase of my life taught me something that I will never forget. Difficult days may come and go and difficulties will  be a part of life. However difficult life may turn out to be, it will give you ways to overcome it. It is like God may close all the doors for you but he keeps one door open for you. It's a challenge to find out that door. For some, it may turn out to be an invisible door and that's when they give up. 
While writing this story of Zarafshan, the Afghan girl, I derived some inspiration from the ceiling fan.   I had written something about this on my diary way back in 2011.  Here is an excerpt from that story.

"Oh my! Now this is getting crazier," I placed the bag on the kitchen slab. I washed my hands with soap. I looked outside the window see if the weather settled back to normal. It had turned even darker. The afternoon sky resembled night. Only the Moon and the stars were missing. I had nothing constructive to do. Disappointed with the weather, I  lay on the bed looking at the slow movement of the fan. The fan regulator was located next to my bed and hence I could easily access it while lying. I controlled the speed using the regulator. I initially increased it to the maximum speed. The blades of the ceiling fan moved violently at a faster speed. I  reduced the velocity and observed that there was a drastic reduction in the speed and hence it circulated less wind. Life is like a ceiling fan. Its blades represent the sadness that encompasses our life. We should regulate the worries and sadness in our life by reducing  or controlling it. Life is too short and we cannot afford to fret about it. I felt a sudden cold breeze gushing through the window. It was comforting and appeasing. It drizzled that afternoon. That was the time I realized that the news reporter was right.It rained!

Life is indeed like a ceiling fan. It teaches us great lessons. Sometimes, things around us teach us valuable lessons. It becomes obvious to learn from everything  that teaches us. That's life! It teaches us through many ways and through various mediums.  We all have that regulator in our life similar to the regulator of the fan that controls us. It's with us. We can control it! We can regulate our sorrows. 

So turn the regulator left for reducing the sorrow and turn into right for increasing the joy! Yes now don't ask me where is it. It's our heart!  Beating Monster, Remember? 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Isolated in between!

Being a useful value addition to her family, she assisted her mother in most of her household chores. Being a mathematics graduate she also taught maths to most school kids and her younger siblings.Things changed gradually and a drastic change awaited her that eventually changed her. Being raised in an orthodox Tamil family where girls seldom spoke to any strangers, she  starting talking to unknown boys - strangers to be precise! Her life drastically veered and things never looked the same now. She was now a free bird, life without fears and struggles. Her parent's fault was that they brought her a mobile phone as she was going to live with her aunt in a totally different city.

Her cousins considered her as their own sibling. She got a good job in a reputed organization under the recommendation of her older cousin who also lives in Mumbai with her family.  Her cousins knew about her, every single secrets of hers were known to their cousins. Every morning she used to be greeted via text messages from random unknown guys. She used to constantly fidget her mobile phone. But  her Aunty and Uncle never knew what she was up to. Apparently , she didn't even thank her cousin who got her a job in this city of dreams. She  once used to do all house hold jobs, but here she  behaved as he she never worked at home. She watched as her Aunt and her cousins would do the daily house cleaning job. Her attitude and her behavior changed. Everyone was noticing this change. She was notorious for many reasons but her true colors were coming to light. How many influences and changes people, no?  A girl who never used to wear costly make ups and clothes now started  running behind branded clothes.  She would recharge her phone every day.

Slowly she started alienating herself from others. Even her uncle and aunt noticed this change. They were in fact surprised to see this change.  Now, she was isolated in between!

Monday, December 01, 2014

My Best Friend

My best friend - he strolled places with a DSLR camera hanging around his neck. Photography was his passion. Born in an affluent family in Kerala, he migrated to the city of dreams with dreams in his eyes. His father acrued enough wealth for him to sit and eat in his whole life. But my friend had a vision. He want to be the best photographer in the world. He wanted to win awards and accolades. During his initial days in Mumbai, he struggled a lot. Language barrier was a key contributer to his struggles. Wherever he went, people showered him with unpleasant comments and labelled him with words such as Madrassi, Kaalia, Anna, Lungi wala and so on. But he was defiant! He was rebel and you very well know that rebels don't give easily. It was during the winters of 2009 that we both met each other. I was born in Mumbai. We both turned out to be good friends and later on we both shared apartments too! I am going to narrate you the story of my best friend.


"Life would have been different if it wasn't him. I love you, bro!" I thought as I reclined on the bed. My best friend sat next to me. He was tired after his days work. He transferred the photos on his laptop and shared with me. I was watching the EPL football match between Arsenal and Manchester United.

"Isn't this amazing?" he often used to ask me whenever he showed me his work.
Well how do I tell him that he was the most talented person that I had ever met in my life.

He put his arms around my shoulder and asked, "Brother, thanks for entering my life." 

Such an amazing friend he was! I was very young to him but he didn't let the age difference cause any harm to our friendship. 

At times at night when he used to sleep, I used to look at him and thank Almighty for giving me this amazing friend. Yes, I would proudly call him as my best friend. 

"You know what, I am planning to take you along with me for a job assignment,"  he said.

I almost jumped out of the bed and started celebrating. I always wanted to know what kind of work he does! Yes, the day would be awesome, I thought as I went to the breakfast table. 

He locked the room as I waited for him outside the apartment.  We were going to travel to Khargar to cover  the picturesque views of the mesmerizing mountains and the greenary around.  Travelling in the harbour line was a big pain. I could never imagine my friend travelling  all the way from Borivali to Kharghar every day for his bread and butter. I'm sure his father must have been an unhappy man. Being an orphan, I very well understand how much it hurts to live without parents and lo my friend had left his family to pursue his dreams. We sat on the promenade outside the Kharghar Railway station for a while. It was 5 in the evening. It was a  Thursday!  We walked for a while. As we walked, we saw a group of thugs chasing a young girl. 

The guys cornered her. For a moment, Kharghar seemed like a deserted place. There was no one in sight for miles. She fell down. They started passing derogatory comments on her. We both hid behind a tree and monitored all that was happening.  The man with thick mustaches caught the girl by her shoulder and tore off her dress. The girl was constantly weeping. The other guy was recording a video with his smart phone. My blood boiled as I saw the barbaric act in front of us.  My friend asked me to remain silent as it would be dangerous to attack those guys.  My friend was clicking photographs so that he could  make a story out it. I was perplexed. Man,its about the safety of a girl! A lot has been said about woman safety in this part of the country. But such a gesture from my friend made me upset. As he clicked a picture, one of the guy found us hiding behind the tree. They chased us as  we had a crucial evidence that could land them in jail. We both started running.  In this process, I fell down drastically and hurt myself. My friend was running.  Finally the goons caught my friend and snatched his camera. I lay down helplessly looking at my friend. My friend was pleading and requesting those guys to leave him. My heart skipped a beat when I saw one of them removing a knife. I mustered enough courage and started running towards them. I had to save my friend. I chased them and got close to my friend. It was an unpleasant sight to see my friend plead for mercy. The guys were clicking random photos with my friend's DSLR camera and started laughing  at my friend. I stood in front of them like a maverick. They started making funny gestures at us. I got furious! I soon pounced over one of them and dug deep into his belly with my canine teeth.  He tried freeding himself from me but I was a rebel too! I bit him on some important areas of his body and glared at him. The others dropped the DSLR and ran away without even looking back. I turned aside and looked at my friend! He smiled at me and hugged me. 

"You are my  best friend!" he said and ruffled my hair.

"Thanks brother!" he said to which  I licked his cheeks and obediently sat next to him.  Yes, he always addressed me as a brother.

"Baaun Baaun!" I barked

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Even your Ex can ruin your life.


This is the story about a girl from modern India who believed in the power of free spirit. She was a modern girl who could fend for herself. She didn’t have to support her family as she was the youngest child of the family and she had 3 elder brothers to look after her. She had lived away from her family most of the life. As a result of this, she fell prey to bad company of friends and bad habits. She smoked as well as consumed alcohol. This is the story of Nikita Iyer, a Telecom Engineer from Teleca India Ltd.

Nikita was born and brought up in Mumbai, the city of dreams. She was the youngest and the most pampered kid in her family since her childhood. When she was young everyone used to bring her presents every time they visited her house. She moved away from her family as she turned 17 in order to pursue B.E. She lived in a hostel and studied in Premier College of Engineering and Technology which is located at New Delhi. She used to get in touch with her family members through phone and Internet. She used to party every Saturday night with her friends. It was during her 2nd year of Engineering that she got addicted to Cigarettes and Hookah. Every day after college she would lounge at the Hookah Club of Delhi. She made a boyfriend during one such visit to the Club. The first time she saw him, she fell for him. They both spoke their heart out. He was tall and smart, just like any girl would wish for. He impressed her on their first meet itself. Strange that we sometimes get close to strangers and the greatest irony is that at some point of time the Stranger forms an integral part of our life.  Although she was a spoilt brat, she jelled well with her friends and studied well. For her family she was a gem. But the core reality would disgust them when they would come to know about their daughter’s discipline. She gradually completed her studies and got placed in Teleca India its, a famous Telecom company. She joined the company as a Telecom Engineer. As every coin has two sides, she had a bad habit of accessing Facebook.com anywhere and everywhere. She had all her closed friends and family members on her Facebook profile. Facebook was emerging as a popular social networking site. She had a regret in her life, the deepest regret. Her association with the Punjabi guy, her boyfriend broke abruptly as she found him hanging out with other girls. She felt that he was not loyal to her and citing this as a reason, she broke up with him. During her relationship of 4 years with him, she had a very wonderful and intimate moment with him .Even he was added as a friend on her Facebook profile but no one knew about their relationship. He was outraged by her decision of breaking up with him. He wanted to take revenge. It was during that time when she was assigned a new job role where she had an onsite task for 1 year. She accepted the new role as she was desperately waiting for a change after the sour moment of her life. She happily bid bye to her family as she left for Finland, the headquarters of Teleca. She turned busier in life as she had to explore the new job profile. At times she would also get in touch through her parents through Skype and Yahoo Messenger. Little did she know that a major shock awaited her in form of her troubled ex boyfriend who was charged up to spoil her life. During her relationship, they had clicked pictures together. He had few of her intimate photos with him. He uploaded all the photos to Facebook where the couples were found kissing, smooching and cuddling with each other. 

The updates reached her entire network of friends. Some of her best and close friends even unfriended her as they found that offensive. No one actually could believe this part of her. They could not accept it. Her cousin brother called Nikita's family as he discovered her photos on Internet and Porn websites. Her entire family was completely shocked as they saw the photos. They had never dreamt about this even in their wildest dream. They called her and asked her to connect through Skype. Later that night, Nikita came to know about all this. She sobbed and cried like anything for having trusted the Punjabi guy who was hell bent to ruin her life. Her love for him was true but infidelity factor changed her mind. She never wanted to give him a second chance but that proved her costly. She report abused the photos to facebook.com and removed her ex boyfriend from her Facebook friends list. She was clearly upset because of all these happenings and believed that lately her life was caught in a funk. Her parents forced her to return to India. She could not convince them and also could not explain them. She cried at her own plight. It was a Facebook tag which actually made her life miserable. She came back to India. She was persuaded to get married. She realized that she was wrong and the biggest mistake of her life was to trust someone whom she loved. A tear drop rolled down her cheeks as she agreed to get married. She had a dream, a dream to earn lots of money and become someone famous. She saw her dream in trouble as it was nipped in the bud. Each day she spent a sleepless night thinking of her future. She deactivated her Facebook profile for it destroyed out all the happiness from her life. She got married to a Tamil Brahmin guy who worked as a Software Engineer in some MNC at Chennai.

Moral - Always trust someone in your life who can wipe out the tears from your face. Never trust someone who will make you cry. Life is too short and it should not be spend trusting rogues who could not think anything better than destroying your happiness. Love someone who will show you happiness and promises to be together in this journey of life. So identify someone who will live for you and love the same person who will make you happy. Never commit the same mistake which Nikita did, of trusting a wrong person.

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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Once Again.

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The sky was blue, exhibiting a bright tinge of Orange and Red. The moon slowly faded away welcoming the sun. A flock of birds cheerfully warbled. My Mother chivvied me to walk, but she was disappointed as I stumbled down as a 14 month old baby. I got up, adjusted myself and walked. This time I didn’t fall but I was steady. It was the first time I realized someone's expectation on you. As a 14 month baby, I saw my mother anticipating me to walk. After a series of disappointment, once again I tried walking and this time I stood firm and walked to glory. One has to muster the confidence within, it will help. Think you can do, you will do. Dream about something, the dream will materialize very soon. This dream nurtures your destiny. This destiny beholds you and it’s a never ending process. I looked at my mother’s eyes, how proud she was. She held me and kissed me on my  pink cheeks displaying her happiness. Days passed, walking turned into running and soon I developed other skills such as writing, reading and each time her expectation grew more. But I never disappoint her. I saw myself growing into a strong individual with principle characteristics and the values that my family taught me. I realized life was all about looking upto others, you try your best and stand for yourself. A mother knows you better, a father reads you better. They two define your world.

The sky was blue. The sun shone brightly upon me. The birds cheered each other. Days passed and I grew stronger. I developed a deep interest for Mathematics.  I performed well. I studied hard, harder and each time my insatiable thirst for excellence didn't cease. Confidence grew to a higher level as exams neared.  I wrote, but I didn't score. Life was caught in a funk, it was jinxed. I let them down. Them - my parents, my teachers and the one who  admired me. They lost confidence in me. I saw my mother nod her head in disgrace as she came to  know my score. That was when I realized that the world will stop to appreciate or look upon you as you let them down. I did a bachelor in Engineering. I tackled Maths once again. But this time I didn't commit the same mistake once again. I learned that people who once looked upon you and admired you will not always be the same. They supported me once but gradually they lost interest in you. I realized that over confidence can hamper you and your performance. Confidence is good, but over confidence is bad. A group of bulls can defeat a wild lion.

The sky turned dark as the the sun bid bye. The moon peeped in once again. The birds flew to their nests. I fell for a girl as I grew into a strong man, handsome and smart. She confined me to her world, personal and secret. She loved me, made me feel loved. She cared for me every time I expected something from her. She kissed me, kissed me again. We made love on a lonely night. I realized that she was turning possessive on me. Each time her expectation began to rise. I failed as  lover,broke her heart. Her love came out as a tantrum to me. I saw her moving out of my life.  That was when I realized that life is all about meeting someone’s expectation,fulfilling dreams and  living upto them. All that she wanted was me, but I misjudged her. It was my biggest mistake that I let her go. It hurts when you see your loved ones move out of your life. The one, who makes you special, leaves you forever. I nurse my wound and the scars which she left behind in form me love. Her love was special. Once again, I fell for a girl. This time I promised I won't do the same mistake and will live upto her expectation .But the world shrunk and I failed once again.

The sky is not always blue. The sun will not necessarily shine at you. The birds will die one day. So its fine to fall, but we just need to keep ourselves motivated. It’s OK if you cry but crying should be transient. Pour everything out. Let your heart mourn, until it can never get hurt. Extract the sorrows out of your life. Stand up, Rise and Shine, dry up the tears and live once again. Then you see how it will mould you into a stronger you. Live life with a free spirit. You always have a chance once again. Once again you get an opportunity to correct things. Once again you get to express your love to someone. Once again you get a chance to make someone proud. So life revolves around the circle. Throw a boomerang and it will come back to you.

-Inspired from a friends status message on Facebook.com

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Monday, April 02, 2012

Life Teaches

  I  reminisced my old memories from past to know that my last few years have been a learning experience for me. I had learned what life actually was. I experienced life. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon and a golden bracelet. A pampered kid ,learned to live life staying alone. I had to make the decision of my life only to know that  I had to survive through  extremities. I realized the worth of my family when I started staying away from them. I understood the importance of our loved ones. For they are the one with whom you celebrate the important events in your life,but without them I lived to celebrate things alone.I learned the important lesson of my life where I had to compromise between love and work. I had to travel to a different city for earning bread and butter.I saw my love fading away from my life as I moved away.During the last few years, I learned and my insatiable thirst for knowledge and excellence only grew more. Work became my second life. Weekends seemed to have been occupied with work. For a person who was known as a networking king failed to socialize. Client interaction was the only interaction which I knew. For people only said that I earned and enjoyed life without family,but little do they know how much I struggled to survive. Every single minute seemed eternal for me. I survived through the extreme weather and harsher climates. I witnessed the scorching heat and the shivering cold. I saw my hands trembling during the winters as temperature decreased as days passed.When I really felt I was in a wrong place, I was forced to live life in that place. I was assured a home ticket ,but that promise took time to materialize.As a result ,the wound spread more and it left behind the scars of disappointment and sadness.In this materialistic world, people suffer to gather something which diminishes with time.The world only sees the outer pleasure ,but no one realized the pain and  the sufferings within. Everyone talks about how you achieved and no one is interested in counting what I have achieved. I have learned lesson, an important lesson of life.In this event I learned the importance of family and friends. I made lots of contacts in the corporate world. I saw myself transforming into a butterfly from an helpless caterpillar.My last 2 years doesn't reflects the sad phase of my life, it only displays the learning moments of my life. Life teaches!

 A write up for Sunday Scribblings

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If Men were from Venus!

Different Psychologists across the world have been trying hard  to reveal the key to human behaviour. What is that particular 'entity' which makes people react to different situations differently? It's obvious that a rational mind would see things differently when they are confronted with some unavoidable circumstances or situations. Hence, I call the human behaviour to be an enigma. I rate it as one of the biggest mystery and scientists have been researching hard to uncover this. Due to recent improvements and advancements in technology and different modern techniques, many behavioural scientists have been trying hard to discover the truth behind human behaviour. What is that makes women and men react to different situations differently? Strangely we cannot blame the gray cells. Not everyone has the same intelligence quotient. I am talking about real time scenarios. How difficult is it to understand women? The greatest mystery in this universe is how to understand women. It is not a hypothetical question. It does makes sense. I have been personally touched by this topic. A group of Behavioural scientists in Madrid conducted experiments and studied behaviour pattern of certain group of men and women. They simulated an environment where men could experience what it is likely to be a woman by stepping into a virtual body in their experiments. It really took them one step closer and they made certain researches. It got the men to understand or feel the woman as per their current mindset and it produced different emotions related to the subject. I found this experiment quite amusing and I believe that to understand woman one should try to step into their shoes. Have we ever wondered why there are differences in an argument between men and women? Why are those conflicts? What is that which makes them argue for pretty issues? Obviously there is a lag or a gap and understanding alone helps in bridging the gap. I admit that women are beautiful daughters of the great Almighty and we as human should learn to respect them. There are certain times where we just give up and go mad behind those innocent souls. We need to decrypt the mystery. Why? Why is the question which bothers me. There are indifferences because Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. We can't really change this? Arguments are part and parcel of life. The greatest mystery that stands still are why woman behave the way they do? Ever thought of that. If no, I request you to think about it.

I would want to see things from a woman's point of view. I want to perceive things from her side. By doing this, I would get an insight towards female behaviour when subjected to different circumstances. I would love to know what’s running on her mind. Whenever there is a tiff between a man and a woman, we just succumb to the situation leaving no mercy on her. That’s why she is labelled as the weaker sex. We have made her weak just because we can't accept her behaviour at times. We could label it as we can't understand her well. If I would step into her shoes then I could very well know what made her behave like that or say that particular thing. This could help in issue resolving. We just know her as a cribber, whimper, whiner or a cry baby. But do we really know what makes her cry. Its just because her inability to react to men because men are stern. He can never accept failure. Because he was made like that. That’s why it is said that men never cry. Its the feeble sex which always have to be the sufferer. Some say they over exhibit their emotions at time. Ever been in a relationship? If yes then you would get to know a woman closer. Especially why she is demanding and possessive. She considers her man to be her everything and he is the one whom she can rely on. Its this man who supports her during her lifetime. Mutual understanding is essential for a perfect happy relation. So when confronted with a situation, women behaves on her own way. This way may be positive or negative. Positive one gladdens us and the negative one hurts us. So to know her better, I should be her. By being her I would know her better. I would understand her better and what she wants in her true sense. So if I were her, I would know her every action and I could also reason her reaction. As men we don't really know what women go through. There are many things which men can never be. Only women are the ones who know those things. Consider a mother. It is a feeling apart. A mother knows you 9 months more than anyone in this world.A man can never feel  what it means to be a mother.Have you ever wondered what makes a women cry and why they cry?

A woman weaves in lots of beautiful dreams during her childhood days. She imagines herself as a Princess and thinks about her Prince charming who will provide her with the love of her life. She gets matured and soon starts understanding things. She understands the true 'way of life'.  She realizes that she has to make lots of compromises in life in form of responsibilities, relations and love. The worst thing is that because of those sacrifices and compromises she is labelled as weak and easy. She does it because she can't afford to lose the special people of her life and she has to live up to their expectations as daughter, wife and mother. Never take her for granted because she loves you for who you are, sacrifices her life for her children’s and still loves you the same. She adds beautiful colors in the life of a man, but men don't seem to understand her .She suppresses her feelings and sorrows only for our happiness. She prefers to be silent only because men can’t understand her. We laugh over when it comes to understanding women. First try to know that if women can understand men so well, then why we can’t men at least try to understand them. Why should they always expect a woman to do that? For understanding all these we need to step into her shoes. And that is what I would love to do. At this point of time, I want to change the attitude towards women. They are considered weak, but I want to prove you all wrong that she is weak. She is the strongest creature on Earth. God bestowed upon her the seeds of wisdom, knowledge and of course the ability to understand men. This would connect the disconnect between men and women in term of understanding and bridge the barrier between them. The only option available is to understand each other, empathize with each other and step into her shoes. This would make me stronger in understanding them and in this process my relationship with a woman would bond stronger if I understand her well. Most of the relationships today do not survive because there is a constant mismatch of expectations. We cannot live up to each others expectation. If our frequencies do not match, then there would be lots of problems in life in form of tensions and break ups.So its necessary to understand her. I would like to change the perception towards woman, change the myth that she is weak.For I believe that women are strong. I wish if men were from Venus.

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Found myself!

She loves me..She loves me not.Definitely she loves me not.Nevertheless the number of days ,the amount of time I missed her is invaluable.The moments I shared with her were just pricesless although I've spoken to her just  for a while. She plays a cameo role in my life for some obvious reasons. You  get to meet someone during your training days in your  company ,you try to impress her but fail drastically in the process. And that is time when you try to derive something out of your past experience. Never  imagined that I would ever  talk to her again after moving to New Delhi but I do talk to her these days.

You may call her my spine for her support in those wonderful days . For someone who treated me as a best comrade,a priceless chivalrous knight  who is always there for her as a wonderful friend.Different people  have different roles in your life but the amount of impact the person creates is something that has to be watched. My early days in the capital city was  miserable.  During those  days  I realized that tears are something which are beyond emotions . Tears and emotions are uncontrollable and the amount of pain and those struggles would not suffice. You may look back at those  moments in your life and might wonder if life was different. Not everyones life is blissful,but it doesn't makes sense that you have achieved everything in life without any drawbacks.During those cribbing days of my life, I realized the worth of family and best friends. That was the time when transistion took place, maturity level grew up and responsiblity seem to be showing signs and the final product was a software Engineer. For one first priority has always been his family and love and for me it was the same. My parents asked me to give up if I didn't want to stay. But that was the time when judging the right and the wrong became difficult. I imagined myself in a state of dilemma,an illusion,struggle etc. I'd even pack my bags for my home journey, but didn't had the strength to compromise with my life. I would drench my bed with tears like  feeble and would refuse to talk to my loved ones for I didn't had the courage to see tears from their eyes . She may not have been with me for a long period of time,but she made me realize the worth of life.

There are somethings in life which play an important role. Family,Friends,Money,Career,Happiness and so are the other key pillars of life which are significant in our life. I would talk to her all night and crib about  my state of mind. I was caught in  a fix with life. She would  advise me  about the good and the bad and the right and the wrong. This made me stronger and I would definitely thank her for the same. Without her I would be feeble spineless person and thanks a lot for this best friend.
I would thank almighty for bestowing this priceless gift upon me. She was a messenger for me,an angel of God who gives strong messages and conveys it through her. Now I am happily living in NDelhi with lots of friends. Pune and Mumbai friends seems to be replaced by Noida and Delhi friends. But all that I want to say is that I would count my Delhi days as one of my best days of my life. Trust me these words are coming straight from my heart.I will tell you that I've found myself
Love you for this :)

Prompted at Sunday Scribblings: Messenger