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Friday, November 02, 2012

Birds of a feather flock together!

 Disclaimer - Strictly Fiction!!

“I know you’re leaving in the morning when you wake up,
Leave me some kind of proof that it’s not a dream,
You are the only Exception……,”

My IPod nano played the Paramore song as I waited for the Delhi Rajdhani Express  at Bombay Central Railway station. It was not the first time Arush fought with me. We have been fighting like cats and dogs since the day we met each other at College. I was his sweetheart and he my life. I remember the day when he proposed me at our college cafeteria in front of our juniors. To some it looked like a melodrama and to some it looked like fairy tale story. But today things have veered out drastically. I looked around the railway platform and observed a Sikh family waiting for the Rajdhani Express just like me. Tears welled down my eyes as I stood there helplessly at platform number 1 of Bombay Central railway station. I wiped my tears as they involuntarily rolled down my cheeks. Some say that birds of same feathers always flock together.

‘Now that you’re busy in your office work, I ‘m sure that one day you would die in harness leaving me all alone. For all our dreams won’t materialize and I am quite sure about it,’
I browsed through my cell phone messages. That was the message which angered him. How could a man forget his wedding anniversary?. Priorities change and people change but it is said that true love never fails. I strolled through the railway platform till the train arrived. I anticipated a phone call from Arush.
I looked around as the train arrived like a serpent, slowly and steadily. I boarded the train and hopelessly looked outside the window to see if he arrived.
‘Beep…Beep,’ I received a text message. It was Arush.
‘Honey, where are you?. Tried calling you. Didn’t you know today was the last day to pay our electricity bills?,’
I read his text message. Two minutes later he tried calling me once again. I cut the phone. I was a rebel since my childhood days. Maa always had issues about me.
‘Still Angry Sweety?,’ I read his other text message.
‘I don’t want to talk,’ I replied him.
It was 17th September. It was our 5th wedding anniversary. It was a red letter day in our life. I was all alone watching the Saas – Bahu soaps on Sony TV and my beau was busy attending Client meetings at his office in Singapore. I never demanded anything from him. All that I expected was just a phone call. It is true that expectation always hurts. He came back home after a week. He seemed to have forgotten me.
‘You will be loyal to me naaa,’ I always used to pester him during our memorable college days.
‘Yes Tanya…I will be loyal to you and who else. I am all yours,’
He used to reply whenever he was confronted with such questions. It is painful to be stranded all alone at home on your wedding anniversary. I was extremely hurt. He woke up from sleep after jet lag and smiled at me. I glared at him in reply to his smile.
‘Whats wrong Honey?,’ He smiled and got close to me.
‘Nothing wrong…,’ I got back to kitchen.
‘There is something bothering you,’ He followed me to kitchen.
I wiped the tears from my eyes. ‘You have changed Arush,’ I sobbed.
‘Tanya… tell me what happened lovely?,’ He got serious for once.
‘Why don’t you marry your work and live with your boss?,’ I said as I washed my face.
‘Work is important and I am surprised to hear such things from you,’He replied.
‘Yes work is important, but I would like to remind you that I was important too,’ I added. ‘I used to be your life and you said you would be loyal and committed to me,’
Arush had a charming personality that attracted many girls. I was lucky that I got married to my sweetheart. I was feeling lonely as I saw love being educed out of my life. I soon started feeling as if I was deprived of love.
‘And…I am still the same and you are my only love,’ He retorted.
‘I am sorry to say that. Your priorities have changed. You’re no longer mine,’ I replied.
‘Dammit… give me some break. I am tired of justifying things. You can leave me if you want…,’ He got vexed and left.
Today was a different day. I was going to leave Arush and Mumbai for once. It was all over. The train commenced sharp at 4.35 pm.
‘Tell me where are you Tanya?,’ I received another text message from him.
‘You know that…I had texted you already,’ I replied.
‘What…When…I didn’t get any such text..Tell me where are you?,’ I received another text message from him.
I soon investigated my cell phone to check the message only to realize that the text message was not delivered. I was allotted a seat with a Parsi family. They amiable chatted with me and the journey was good. The old Parsi couples treated me as their own kin and made me feel comfortable. I enjoyed the scenic beauty of the mountains and rivers as the train moved. The train reached New Delhi Railway station at 8.30 am as per the scheduled time.
I carried my luggage and stepped outside. I saw Arush standing in front of me. He smiled at me to which I grimaced.
‘For some reasons, you look more gorgeous when you are angry,’ He smiled again and collected the luggage from me.
‘Maa told you about this?,’ I curiously asked him.
‘Yes…She  had called me  and informed me about your visit ,so we all wanted to surprise you,’
‘So it was all planned…you guys are so bad,’ I hugged him.
‘Of course darling. You are the same rebel kid Tanya,’ Maa told me as I observed my family members who came to pick me.
‘Love you guys..’ I hugged my mother.
‘Today I promise you that I won’t let work come in between you and me,’ He kissed me on my cheeks.
‘And if it comes then..,’ I winked.
‘Then you can expect me to be at this place…Promises are promises,’ He said.
‘Idiot..My love for you is true..How could you even think of leaving me?,’ He added.
‘I am so sorry Arush..I promise I won’t do that again..,’ I promised him.
‘We are going to Maldives…. so how excited are you? ,’ He asked me.
‘,’ I said and hugged him.
‘Jiju – Didi. 2nd Honeymoon..Ahem,’ my younger sister laughed. It’s true that true love triumphs and at the end of the day its true love never fails.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

225. Wake up sleeping beauty....

The crescent moon shined brightly  as the night sky exhibited its beautiful shades of darkness.It was a calm environment and there was no one in sight for miles.Birds were tired and returned back to their nests and the stars twinkled.The animals of the jungle retired to sleep and it was darkness all around. They both looked at the stars and pondered about its beauty.The ground was moist with the evening rainfalls and the smell of the mud was just inviting.It was a perfect night for Sid and Neha. It was a new beginning for both of them.  The jungles of the Vindya's were famous for the rattle snakes. It was said that any one who enters the jungle  never returns back.

He stared at her eyes and admired her body while she arranged the bed. The cottage was just near the outskirts of the jungle and was isolated.
"You are so hot," Sid said to his wife.
"Mmmmm!," she moaned.
"I am not surprised I fell for a beautiful lady like you," he said.
"I am glad I'd got some one like you," Neha nictated.

The night sky displayed a perfect formation of the sparkling stars.She felt a sudden rush of blood in her veins as their lips locked. He carressed her nape and her dark hairs.She felt a slight hesitation as Sid placed his hands over her bosoms. She surrendered herself to some one who she consider her life.He pulled her over his arms and completely undressed her as his fingers wildely ran across her  hairs.With a swift movement,he moved his arms close to her body and held her tightly. She was panting heavily as he firmly hugged her.
"Do you  love  you?," she said playing with his fingers .
"Yes, I dooo," he replied.

Her bare bosoms touched his hairy chest as she humped over him.A thousand butterflies were fluttering inside her stomach . The joy and the excitement were soon replaced by long moans. She fluttered her eyes as he kissed her.Her clothes were lying besides her as his fingers  gently stroked her hairs.
"Hey beauty! what do you think about me?," Sid asked her.
"You are just too good," she replied.
"I can't imagine a life without you," she added.
They both got married 3 days before they travelled to Pune. He learnt the faith she had in him. They both  travelled all the way from Amritsar to traverse the beautiful jungles of Vindya despite the presence of toxic snakes . It was the land of rattle snakes.

"You know there is a rattle snake beneath our bed," Sid said to his wife.
"Shut up,you're scaring me," she got scared for once.
"I'm just testing how brave you are," he winked.
"You are just too bad Sid," she said.
"Oh I was just kidding, there are no snakes ," he hugged her.

"I love you baby," he said.
"Good night!," she said and they both slept.
The soothing chirps of the birds and the early morning sky was a sight to see. Sid woke up early and prepared tea for his wife.
"Wake up sleeping beauty," he said.
"Wake up sleeping beauty,its time to rise and shine..," he nudged her.
He shuddered her body as she failed to respond.
"Oh god! Neha wake up ,wake up please," he screeched.
Little did he know that there was indeed a rattle snake hiding beneath their bed. The serpent had marked its presence by putting her to rest forever.
The sleeping beauty had finally slept till eternity.


Friday, April 24, 2009

In Search of the Ratican

Wrote for Tell a Tale

"Andrew,focus the camera near the lake please," I urged our camera man to turn the camera near the oaks.
We were a group of 5 researchers and we all worked for "Adventure Channel". Jane,Nicole,Andrew,Richard were the other 4 from my group.We all have been roaming across the Amazon aimlessly for about a week in search of the worlds most dangerous snake called "Ratican".The name may sound strange but its highly poisonous and has the tendency of killing a person within 5 seconds.When we approached the locals for help,hardly anyone offered us any guidance.Finally we all took it as an assignment and left for the biggest snake hunt ever. The Ratican is a colorful snake and has a length of about 8 meters.
"Damn,Steve,where the hell is that limbless creature hiding?" Nicole was pissed off after the 12 hours journey.
"Nicole,girl its our profession dear,ACTV pays us for this and we have to work,"I said to Nicole.
"Ok Chief,"She winked.

We wandered the Amazon like homeless vagabonds.Somehow I had a strong intuition that we had taken a wrong path.I checked the map once again for verification.
"Sir,look this isn't the Berkenstien's path,some one fooled us,we are lost ," Jane was scared and afraid.
"Oh! dear no one has fooled us,lets check,"I soothed Jane.
"Andrew, guess we came across this lake,didn't we?"I asked my team mate and camera man Andrew if we came through that path.

"I guess yes,wait let me check the video camera,"Andrew played his video camera to trace the path.
"Yes,Steve,thats the path ,"Andrew added.
"Then how come we don't see this place on our map,"Now we all were confused.
"Sir, we have to do something,lets leave,"Richard and Jane said in unision.
"No, friends,we have to explore the Ratican on our channel and perhaps it would make us famous,got it," I smiled at both of them.
"Sir,we are hungry,and our food packets are empty,what will we do now?,"Nicole was famished.
"Lets go fishing and search for some nice big fleshy fishes from that lake,"Richard was drooling.

We 5 soon headed for the lake.Fortunately we were able to catch 12 fleshy fishes and Andrews contribution was handy as he caught 8 of those.We never knew the name of the creature that we were eating,but it was delicious.
"Jane,you cook well,"I patted Jane's back.
She smiled in return.
"Jane,you are awesome,"Richard winked at her.
"Umm!Yummy!" Andrew and Nicole said in Unison.

We were in the quest of the great Ratican ,the killer snake who got us into a spot.Ratican is an amphibious snake and belonged to the family of King Cobra and the rattle snake. A big Ratican has the ability to swallow a giant sized rabbit.

"Steve,what next?,"Andrew asked me.
"Lets take some rest,"I said and we slept under the giant Redwoods for a while.
We all dozed off for a while.When we got up after 3hrs,we got the biggest shock and we remained stunned.Richard was lying unconcious and his body had turned blue .His face was swollen.When I checked his pulse,everything was over.He was dead.
His eyes had turned pink and this itself suggested that the Ratican was some where around us. Richard was perhaps the youngest from our group and an enthusiast for adventure activities.
"Steve ,we have to leave now,"Jane was afraid after the Raticans curse.
"Chill,Jane!,"Andrew hugged her.
Somehow my guess was correct and the Ratican was one step away from us.We were a step away from exploring the Ratican.
"Oh!Jerk!"Nicole mumbled.

"We've lost our friend,comrade and don't want to lose anyone now,"She added.
"Nico,it would be nice gift for our Richard,"I said and we searched for the dreadliest snake on earth.
My eyes soon spotted a long snake with black and red stripes separated by a golden fringe.
"Andrew,get the camera near it,"I asked Andrew.
"Is it Ratican?,"Andrew asked.
"Hurray!!We have found the Ratican,"I yelled and screamed.
Nicole and Jane smiled and we all were happy.We carefully picked it and placed it on the box and left for America.
"Hip Hip Hurray,"we 4 shouted and had a group hug.
We remembered Richard at this hour of excitement and we were sure that he would be happy for it .
"Finally our mission is accomplished,"I smiled back at Jane,Nicole and Andrew.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

6:30 PM

It was 5:59 pm as I stared my watch. The diamonds on the dial sparkled as it struck 6.It was not the first time, I was waiting for her. She was my wife Nikita. Nikita was pregnant when I left her. She expected me to come back home, but I was blinded. But now I miss her and my daughter. I want them back. Ketu may be one of the unluckiest souls on earth who had never seen her dad. I wanted to see Ketu.I called Nikita again to inform her that I was waiting for her, but no reply. I was waiting for her at the same place where I proposed her. It was near the escalator of a shopping mall that our lips locked for the first time with hundred souls watching us. Since then we never had time to interact due to our busy schedule. This was one reason why we broke up. I was happy as I was going to see my daughter for the first time. But maybe I wouldn’t be lucky enough as I believed that Nikita was still angry on me.
”Will she permit me to see my daughter Ketu?" , the question buzzed my ears.
I called Nikita once again as it was getting late. I almost left the place. “Daddy wait,” a soft voice beheld me.It was 6:30 pm and I could see Nikita and Ketu on the escalator.

Friday, April 17, 2009

An Evening by the Lake...

The night sky was tinged with purple and speckled red shades . As the daylight faded,the sun was setting below the lake. The sky was showing a stunning display of shades of purple, pink orange and red, a few dark spots and a bit of yellow reflections in the water.
They both lied on the green grasses. They looked at the sun.
"Do you remember this place honey?," he said to his wife.
"Umm!!,you proposed me near this lake," She said.
They sealed their love with a kiss near the lake. There was no one in sight for miles to see them.They both were isolated in the outskirts of the city.
They recollected their past where they both used to walk along the shores.He caressed her nape tenderly and firmly held her on his arms.With his elbows resting on the green grasses,he stared at her eyes. Those were the blue eyes that attracted him.
"there is no one here,"he said to his wife.
"Shh!! Umm!!,No honey,not now," she replied.
"Why?," he said.
"Cuz I feel we should go home now," she said.
"I Love you ,"he winked.
"So do I," she smiled.
They went closer to each other and kissed till no one was watching them.
"Umm!!No," She stopped her husband as he was getting naughty.
They both soon got up and walked along the shores.They looked at the sun which by then completely disappeared.
"I have a wish,"she said.
"I'm here to fulfill your dreams and wishes ,"he said to his wife.
"I want our new house to be located at this place, where I could see this beautiful lake and the sunset forever," she said.
"Anything for you,honey," he replied.
They splashed water over each other .
"Ehh!!!Reminiscing your past," their 8 year old daughter came running towards them.
"No,dear,"they both said in unison.They both smiled at each other when their little girl came up with a call.
The one hour by the lake rejuvenated them.
"Its too late," the wife said to her husband and her little daughter and they left.
The mother held her daughter s soft arm firmly while the father held her other arm and they left for their car


Friday, January 02, 2009

Say no to Alcohol.....

Balanov was amongst the richest man in western Moscow.He was rich enough to satisfy all his needs and his wants and all that his heart desired.He was a stakeholder in Moscow telecoms.His wife and his two daughters were proud of him.He started working since he was 15 years old owing to poverty.He was the only son to his parents.Since, he started working from a very young age,he was deprived of basic education.During those days to freed himself from family tensions ,he started drinking liquor.Now,he is 45 and is addicted to alcohol.Although he was rich, he had his own personal problems.

The economic crisis had badly affected the European markets as well.As a result of this Lehman bro, Merylynch, ING Vysya had suffered great losses.Moscow Telecom was on the verge of a collaspe.He lost all his wealth in the event of regaining his company.The company was shut down.He could feel the pressure and his alcohol consumption increased.He started hating his wife and children.Few days later ,the Russian bank seized his house and froze his accounts.He was forced to live in streets.Now ,the king became a pauper in less than one days time.Now, he never cared for everyone.He purchased bottles of Whisky,Vodka and Rum everyday and drank it at once.

Few days later he had no money left with him.He forced his wife and children to work and get him liquor everyday.The Economic crisis had badly affected him.He went to depression.Now all that he wanted was alcohol.He wanted Whisky and Rum."Whiskyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!," he screeched .
The wife and his children were helpless and could not see their loved one in pain.
One day,he was left alone in his new home.He could not find the bottle anywhere in his house.He didn't had enough money to get himself a drink.Now he was addicted very badly and he was unaware of what was happening around him.He was busy searching for few Rubles.A bottle of Whisky would cost him 155 Rubles ,but he just had 16 Roubles with him.He eventually turned on to be a chronic drinker

His eyes grabbed attention of a perfume bottle that was lying on the table.He checked for the contents and soon spotted 68% Alcohol written on the perfume cap.He removed the lid and consumed entire bottle.

He was addicted to such an extent that he failed to understand difference between alcohol and alcohol in perfume with different contents.Few minutes later he could feel the effects.He could feel the burning sensation of his lungs.He was already suffering from Liver Cirrhosis due to excessive consumption of alcohol.He slept for a while and within no time he gave his life.

Alcohol consumption means consumption of liqour in the form of Vodka,Rum,Whisky,Brandy etc.Alcohol addiction is a type of addiction that will not only affect you by creating various disorders,but also affects your family.Alcohol is not the only solution to it.

Balonov coudn't resist and hence he consumed the perfume bottle.

Pour in your views?? I am waiting to hear it from you.

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