Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Ultimate gift of Life

The Ultimate gift of Life
For years, I craved for the purest form of love. Love, to me, was the name of a place that I had never heard of! When she stepped into my life, I was confused for a definite phase thinking her to be another random stranger who would eventually bid adieu to me some day after showering me with love. But that never happened. Her love for me was what money to Donald Trump and Camera to Narendra Modi. She loved me crazily and somehow when I reflect back I realise that it was the same love that I actually pined for since ages. She filled the void left in my life by my mother whom I admired the most.

Her unconditional love inspired me in a lot of ways.  Her love spoke of bonds that stick together. Birds of same feathers flock together and I thought that we both belonged to the same breed. We both were made for each other. I still think of those amazing moments when I held her hands and walked down the street where I met her for the first time. It was a flea market at Town side where she was arguing with a vendor. Her voice instantly attracted me. I was buying gifts for my friend's daughter. This was new to me. I was never allowed to walk out of my house for shopping or even to enjoy life to the fullest. Papa feared that there was a constant threat to my life. But after Papa's assassination life veered out drastically.  Mother kept me away from the party men who desperately wanted to get me into our party.  I was never fond of politics.  

But the day I saw this pretty damsel, I fell in love with her instantly.  I liked the way she walked, she talked and her every single gesture inclined me towards her. At a closer glance, I realised that she was a pretty woman.  Maybe the Lord himself had sent her into my life.  I was drawn closer to her. Her eyes were the most riveting feature of her face. Eyes adorned by beautiful eyelashes mesmerised me.  An arched eyebrow sat over her mascara cladden eyes. Every time she blinked her eyes, my heart skipped a beat. Her perfect arched eyebrows looked like the bow of an archer as if it was ready to pierce my heart any moment. Her long haughty nose spoke highly of elegance. Her rich looks, her rosy lips and the milky smooth skin attracted me. It was then I realised what people often call as Love at the first sight.  Love to me was something too trivial for me until she stepped into my life. One day I gathered enough courage and expressed what my heart had ordered me to say.  She hesitated at first and even refused to accept me as a part of her life. But somehow she realised that I was made for her.  She never knew about my background. Being the ex-Home Ministers son never gave me any kind of happiness in my life just that I was guarded by security men and police officers everywhere I went.  I asked her out and that day she promised me that we could be friends. But later, the friendship bloomed into love and love turned into something that defined my life.  She stormed into my life and I gave her everything that she wished for.  I gave her my share of happiness into her life. I painted her life with beautiful colours. She was the ultimate gift of my life that I'd ever received. For someone who craved the purest form of love, life became too generous and fulfilled all my wishes. Living a life together with her was my only dream.  But that dream was short lived.

Now, tears copiously roll down my cheeks after  I see her walking along the footpath after finishing her jobs. Oh, Lord! Is this how you treat my precious Queen? I asked looking skywards. A melancholy struck into her life and the entire world turned upside down.  For once I had promised her that - 'even if the sky comes falling down, for you there is nothing in the world I wouldn't do!' But I remained there helplessly watching my lady love walking along the street. I soon follow her from behind. I wanted to tell her that I'm there to instil back the lost happiness. But sadly by then, our life that was filled with beautiful colours, the colours started fading away!  She rummaged through her handbag for the house keys.  She located it and managed to open the door. I quickly entered and followed her inside. She lolled on the couch and looked at our wedding photo.  Tears streamed down her cheeks as she touched the photo. 

"I'll not let tears invade your face !" I said this to her during the early days of our relationship and I helplessly stood there watching her cry.
'Oh lord, you can't do this to the ultimate gift of my life,' I said to myself.
It was the same time that my beloved lady's hands reached the Good Knight active plus vaporiser machine. She plugged it and switched it on.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.................." I screamed at the top of my voice.
I collided with the wall. During this process, my wings brushed against the wall. 
Her life had become a living hell since the day the goons from our own party jabbed the knife into my stomach and killed me.
"I love you...," I said and closed my eyes. My wings detached from my body as I lay there in a state of stasis.

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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Are you really Happy(?)

Are you really Happy(?)
The concept of Happiness sometimes amazes me.  The idea of Happiness isn't really about buying stuff that give you immense pleasure or being with someone whose company you cherish! If such was the idea of Happiness, then I should be the happiest man on earth. Happiness is all about being happy with the small thing that you possess. It may be something that triggers and rekindles all your special memories and makes you travel down the memory lane. 

The other day when I stopped at the junction, I saw a young girl, cheerfully smiling hovering around from one vehicle to the another. Though she sold flowers , there was something unique about her.  Happiness for her was different. And sadly the definition of Happiness for us is different. With changing lifestyles,  our life has changed too.  We no longer cherish the time that we spend with our loved ones. We are too busy with materialistic things that we fail to provide quality time for our own people. Remember that materialistic things are the most deceiving. The happiness behind owning a costly iPhone over  talking to your ageing grandma might be different. But again, it is really difficult to define it. It depends on the perspectives. 

So,I urge you all to be happy whenever possible. Real happiness comes in doing things that we love. I , for instance, love writing and writing transports me into a completely different world. That's what makes me happy!

So be happy! And tell me what is real happiness for you ? Are you really happy (?) 

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Live in the Present, Not Future

hugging family
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It was 5 on the clock and the appraisal letters had not yet arrived. It was the talk of the day as we all had anticipated the hike letter.  I was quite sure that the HR's mailbox would have been jammed with too many emails from the employees asking questions about the letter. I was foreseeing  a good hike this year   and had already made plans. Shoba, my wife had sacrificed her last few years for our twins.  Her own family disowned her as she considered me important than her family. Being from different castes, our parents didn't agreed to our marriage. She eloped with me at a time when she needed her family support the most. May be she trusted me a lot. She couldn't even continue with her education. Her folks declared  that they would not see or talk to Shoba again.   I had promised my sons Abhishek and Abhijit that I would take them to Disneyland this year.  I wanted to surprise my family.  The rented house that we were living in was not too good.  The Home loan gulped large portion of my Salary. Even  both my  boys were growing up and school fees these days are expensive.

"Ashutosh!" Monica, my  junior called me and I came out of my reverie.
"Guys, Check mail ASAP," Ankita Singhal from the Database team announced and we all launched the HR IDEAS Portal at the same time. 
"Shit ya! 4%!" Shriya said with a straight face. 
"Fuck! 2%,  Fucking peanuts," Gotham muttered.

My heart started pumping rapidly after seeing their initial reactions.  The Portal was still getting loaded. As the progress bar of the browser moved forward, I had my heart in my mouth. I was getting anxious with every passing minute. Finally, the web page opened. I clicked on the "Show my ratings" Link and I stood stunned. 
"B  - You meet your expectations!" I read.  I calculated and found that  an annual hike of 3 % was awarded to me.  I closed the browser and left for the  Tapri. I took a puff of the cigarette and got lost in my own train of thoughts.  I soon left for my Bay. That day I was disappointed with my appraisal hike. I just couldn't stop thinking about it. Everyone seemed depressed. 
I soon locked my desktop and left for the parking.  I inserted the key into  the ignition and started my Splendour. The security guard saluted me as I neared the gate. It was then I realized that I had forgotten my helmet on my desk.  I  gave him a pleasant smile and moved ahead.

As I was riding the bike,  several thoughts gripped my mind. My mind was invaded by negativity. What about Shoba? What about my twins? What about their education? What about my promise to them? What about the Home Loan?  I just couldn't focus on driving. 
I missed the signal and  rammed onto a Truck.  It wasn't the truck drivers fault. I lay drenched on a pool of blood.  My body lay there on a state of stasis as I felt my soul departing from my body. A mob  thronged into the scene and encircled me. My skull got ruptured  and I observed my bleeding brain.  People were talking amongst themselves. Few of the college going kids were shooting videos with their mobile phones. Police arrived in few minutes. They drew a chalk outline of my body and send my body to the Sion Hospital for a formal necropsy.  The Officials contacted my employer and  my wife Shoba through  the information available on my Office Identity Card.  

I was watching everything from sidelines. Shoba and my boys rushed to the Sion hospital. Tears streamed down her cheeks.  Abhishek and Abhijit were sobbing. I wanted to go down and embrace three of them. My entire team comprising of my Delivery Manager, Project Manager, my juniors and my close friends were present at the Hospital. My boss was providing solace to Shoba.  But tears just couldn't stop flowing from her eyes.  She hugged both my boys and sat in one corner in disbelief.  At that moment, I felt that I shouldn't have fret about the future. Days passed and Shoba and kids were asked to vacate the rented house by the Landlord. She pleaded and asked for time but the arrogant rascal refused to budge. I stayed close to three of them, watching every single action of theirs. I used to be the only source of income of the family. She was helpless. Initially, my organization and my team helped her but such kind of help are only subjected to a limited period of time.  If her parents hadn't disowned her she could have lived with them. But Shoba was a rebel. She could fend for herself and raise our kids. She started working in a house as a maid and my boys discontinued their education as they couldn't afford to pay more fees.  Her mistress  used to harass her.  I just couldn't face all that. 
After a long day at work, she sat down on the floor with the kids sleeping on her lap. I sat next to her. I saw the pain on her eyes. I  always loved her smile.  It was one of the most riveting parts of her body. She looked at my photograph and tears started rolling down her cheeks. 
"Shobha, don't cry!" I asked her not to cry. I just wanted to hug her tight. 
"Shoba, Please don't cry," I said but she ignored me. Maybe she would be ignoring me forever. But I would   mind dying once again to let her know how much I loved her. I so wanted to hug her one more time but that time would never come again.
She deserved a life of a  Queen and we would have happily lived  in our own little Kingdom. I wish I hadn't thought about our future. "Oh God! Save my family and give Strength to Shoba!"  I prayed to God. 
At the same time, I saw Shoba mixing the Rat poison to the food. 
"Shoba! Don't do that for God sake!" I screamed. But sadly all that I screamed or cried could be heard by none
"God save them...God, please stop her. " I screamed at the top of my voice. 
But by then  they all had consumed the food. 
"Shobaaaaa.........." I screeched. The incessant honks from the vehicles behind got me out of the dream. The Traffic Signal showed 3 seconds left. 

"Bhosidike! aage  jaa naa." An auto driver yelled at me.
I moved ahead and thanked Almighty that it was a dream. Dreams could be scary at times and they could tell you everything about your future. I lost my  family in that dream and even saw their sufferings. 

I stopped my bike near a Tapri and washed my face. 
"Never, ever,  Never... I will think about my future," I promised to myself.
My family needs me and I am their support structure.
"I will be there for them forever!" I said and started my bike.
After I reached our home, I hugged and kissed three of them. 
"I love you guys. You are my life!" I hugged them tight,  so tight that no one could separate us.

Dear Friends,
We all should understand that  our family and our loved ones matter the most to us.  It's our responsibility to support them and show that we care for them through our every words and action. Show that you love them! Live the moment! Don't worry or think too much about your future. It will hurt you and eventually hurt your family. 
Live the moment. 
Take Care

Saturday, December 26, 2015

She loved him, but he loved her only as a friend...

And then he played with her heart using it as a toy


Relationship is a very sensitive topic. And there is a lot more to it. But trust me if you are in a relationship then for it to be happy, you need to ensure that there are various factors that are considered. Trust is one such factor. You got to trust each other while in a relationship. We are living in the 21st century and things now have changed a lot. In this technology frenzy era, we  have failed to prioritize things that matter a lot to us. We fail to  value our relations. A bond is special by various means, but it survives only when two people respect and value it. 

Never take people for granted  especially those who love you and for whom your presence means something to them.  Do not fabricate your feelings for them and use their heart as a toy. Last night my friend pinged me on WhatsApp and recited me the latest happenings in her relationship. I used to have a strong crush on her during the early stages of our friendship but later that dried up and I moved on.  She informed me about this guy whom she liked and perhaps loved.  She had dreams of togetherness with him, but sadly things veered out drastically when the discussion between them heated. Being a relationship analyst, I told her not to trust such men easily. But again, not all men are same. She used to address men as dogs before she got serious. But she trusted him a lot. Trust isn't a one-sided way. He recently moved to the US and sooner the long distance relationship didn't seem to click. Also, it was known that he was having an affair with another woman there. And my poor friend wasted her time thinking of him. I feel upset  when I learned that she cried the entire night thinking of the incident. Love hurts for some!

My point here is   - Why show false hopes to someone when you don't mean anything? Why display fake feelings for someone when those feelings aren't real. Is it fun to break a woman's heart and use it as a toy to play with. Never play with a girls heart.  I got vexed when I learned about that yesterday that the guy was just playing and doing time pass with my friend. But in the end, whatever happens, happens for the good. I advised her to move on. It may sound easy to say but for someone who is reticent and kind and someone gave them the happiness of  their life through small gestures and deeds, moving on becomes a difficult task. She loved him so much, but he loved her only as a friend. 

My heart grieved in sadness when she asked me  - "What will he get by doing all this to me? You know he played with my feelings. I'm deeply hurt yar." 

I have always been saying that love is a sensitive issue. It works for many and for some it doesn't. Loyalty, Faithfulness, Commitment, Trust is something that defines a relationship.  But these words seem trivial these days. But still I would say- Love is a waste of time! 

It is sad that at times you feel affected by certain events that affect your friends. This is life! But for our near and dear ones our heart beats more! Open your heart for someone who really cares for you and who promises not to take you  and your emotions for granted. 

DO ensure you don't fall for a wrong person and hurt yourself!
I rest my case here!

What's your views on this?

Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Sometimes in life, we come across certain situations where unknowingly  we might hurt someone badly. For a matter of fact, you may have not done it deliberately but still  our tongue is powerful enough to break relationships. Relationships are like a tiny thread. It might break if not handled properly. Its like a glass to be precise. It is fragile and its often  said a clap is produced only through the participation of both the hands. One hand doesn't creates enough noise to qualify for a clap. In a relationship, understanding each other is an essential factor. Better understanding nurtures a relationship. I often come across bonds that break too easily. Don't fall for someone who often takes you for granted. Apology may sound like an ordinary word but it is one powerful word. An apology can mend a broken heart. Human heart is feeble and it is bounded and controlled by emotions. Due to this reason, it blindly believes what our eyes and ears perceive. May be that's the reason why it is also labelled as an emotional fool. Don't play with the one whose heart is fragile. Their affections and feelings for you might be true and honest feelings should always be acknowledged and appreciated.  A very few people in this world are lucky enough to taste pure love. At times of crisis when you are low and down, its only this love that binds us together. Respect the one whom you love! If you can't respect your loved one's then how can you respect the feelings and opinions of others. 

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Come what may! Lets honour the feelings and affections of our loved ones. For a matter of fact, even if its our mistake  let us not make it big. Almighty god never wanted us to be this way. He had made us to be intelligent and smart just like him.  Don't act on impulses. Do not react to situations hastily. Remember that relationship once lost is lost forever. I have been telling this from my personal experiences. Once I had a verbal skirmish with a dear friend of mine. The matter intensified and a lot of damage had already been done. Even damage control proved least effective! A bond of 4 years was  severely destroyed and all that was left was the shards of  disappointments and melancholy. Try to be an understanding partner. No one in this world will hate you. Be 'Apologetic'. Saying a simple sorry will cause you no harm. Everyone is fallible and everyone makes mistakes. It's a natural human tendency no? A man only learns from mistakes. But don't shy away. If you are wrong, then you deserve to say sorry.  Apologize! It won't cause you any harm. Sometimes even a small sorry can do wonders in a relationship. It is a glue that can be used during a crisis like situation in a relationship.

I messed up with a close friend of mine. Somehow office pressure reflected on my mood and she took it to be rude. Definitely, never would I ever show such attitude to a woman. But misconceptions had to be cleared. It took 1 hour to make things clear. Of course too many apologies did wonders! It does! Apologize!

With A for Apology, I mark my debut in the A to Z Blogging Challenge for the year 2015. 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Destiny’s Game!

Destiny’s Game!
Short story

It was September 29th 2012, an ordinary day in the life of an ordinary individual who knew nothing apart from work. I was busy engrossed in my Test Case designing task. I was going through the review comments that I had received from my onshore technical architect regarding few of the test cases that I had written. He wanted a walk-through review meeting and he assured me to close all the comments and he even informed me that he would give me additional scenarios.

I rested my head on the desk and looked at my workstation. I stared at it  wondering if lady luck would bring good fortunes in terms of good hikes and onsite opportunities. Every engineer craves for it! At the same time, Sheetal pinged me on Smart talk messenger, the one used in our office.

Sheetal – Dude, tomorrow there is a recruitment drive at JP Morgan.
Ravindu – What? Seriously?
Sheetal – Yes Ravin, I got to know from my friend who works there and they are looking for people with 3 plus years of experience.
Ravindu – Yes, we fit in well…Lets go for it.
Sheetal - :) Yo
Ravindu – Cafeteria in 2 minutes?
Sheetal – Okay... 2 minute starts now.
She locked her system and left for the cafeteria. I too locked my system and switched off my monitor screen. I silently walked towards the ODC gate so that no one gets hold of me.  I rushed to the cafeteria and by the time I reached, I saw Sheetal gorging on the wada pavs.

I ordered lemonade and sat next to her.
“Dude, not done... you are 5 minutes late,” she said, some part of the food she was eating was stuffed inside her mouth.
“Listen, I will meet you tomorrow at Malad railway station sharp at 9 am.” I said.
I took a sip of the lemonade I was drinking and said, “Will they give us 30 % hike?”
Sheetal gave me an ugly look and said, “Ravin, it’s a big organization dude. Expect at least 50%.”

We spoke for few minutes about different testing related concepts and got back to our respective floors.
I stopped doing my test case writing work and quickly opened and started searching for interview related questions.
“Difference between Regression testing and retesting?” I read the first question on that website.

I knew the answer. In fact I had been doing that since the day I joined the project.   Regression testing is testing the additional modules other than the impacted modules of software so as to find any bugs that got introduced as a part of a defect fix! Yes, I knew it! I said to myself and moved on to the next set of questions.  For 5 hours, I religiously googled for different testing interview questions. By the time I left for home, I had known most of the important interview questions.

The next morning was an important day for me. I was going to attend a job interview after 2 long years. It would be a great learning experience, I thought.  I had set an early morning alarm at 5 am. I revised few concepts. By the time the clock struck 7, my confidence level had grown strong. I decided to perform my daily morning rituals of brushing, shaving and showering.  Some say the first impression is the best impression. I had to look dapper and smart. I quickly gulped my breakfast that included an obligatory toast and coffee. Yes, I’m a coffee person!

I called Sheetal wanting to remind her of the job interview.  It occurred to me that she was still sleeping.  I realized that she was not taking the interview seriously. But even then I was already tired of advising her time and again. I anyhow wanted to grab the opportunity and get the job! All my attempts of calling her actually seemed futile. But anyhow I managed to inform her and she got ready too. As promised I met her at the Malad Railway station. Early morning almost all railway stations on the Western line are flooded with people. We both witnessed a sea of people and we had to struggle to reach the West side of the Malad Railway station.  We hailed an auto rickshaw to reach the Mind space office of JP Morgan. On my way, I called my Boss Mr. Khurana to inform him that I was not well and hence I couldn't come to office.

“Ravindu, say something,” Sheetal said.

“I’m sorry I didn’t pick your call,” she added.
“It’s okay!” I said and looked at my CV.  Sheetal was my best friend at office. Usually people don’t make best friends at their work place. But for me she was someone with whom I could share all my secrets. I couldn’t remain angry on her for a long time.
We reached the Mindspace office and filled in the form that was given to us by the receptionist. Sheetal gave me her friend Kanika’s Employee code that we were supposed to fill on the Referrer’s details. We waited for our turn and finally our call came. The interviewer arrived with his colleague to interview me.

He looked like a middle aged man of around 34 – 36 years old. He asked me about myself.  I answered him everything.  He asked me from requirement analysis to planning and from defects to execution.  The interview went on for 45 minutes. The HR asked me to wait.  My friend Sheetal’s interview went good too!  We both sat next to each other. She was to my left.  It seemed that we both had cleared our first round.  We both looked at each other and we experienced our initial Eureka moment!

“I’m so happy, Divya…Very happy,” I heard a voice next to me. It was a girl, a candidate like me and Sheetal. I stood there speechless for a while after I saw her. She was excited and it was clearly evident from the conversations she was having with her friend.  She sat next to me, towards the right and my nervousness grew more. She looked at me and smiled. My mouth refused to open up. I wanted to ask her about her interview and what all questions did they ask. It seemed my tongue was tied up.

She was too cute, I thought! I kept staring at her. From her discussions with her friend, I derived that she had cleared her 2nd round.  How could god make such pretty women? She looks so cute, I said to myself.

She had a neatly braided hair, middle partitioned. Her thick brows made her look good.  Her eyes, almond shaped, seraphic and magical hid the eternal universe. It was an Ocean of grace and one could plunge deep into it.  A cute nose, pink lips adorned her face. An attractive mole sat in between her lips and her nose that defined her beauty. It was the most riveting part of her face.   What was I doing there? Wasn’t I supposed to think about my interview? For once I completely forgot my interview. Sheetal was waiting for her next round. She wore a formal blue shirt and a trouser.  Her elegance won my heart and I had already started to like her without talking a single word.  She was neither a Queen nor a princess but yet looked like one! She was an ordinary looking girl like most girls. She wore no special make up – no mascara, no kohl’s.  If my eyes were a camera, I would have captured every single moment and preserve it forever. But unfortunately, my eyes were just made of tissues and blood vessels.

I mustered enough courage to talk to her and by the time I opened my mouth my friend Sheetal interrupted.
“Hey, what did they ask you?” Sheetal asked the girl.
“Just general testing questions. Priority, Severity, Smoke testing, Sanity and so on,” she said and smiled at my friend.
I loved the way she smiled. I had never seen a woman smile like that before.  No, not exaggerating!

My mouth was shut by my friend when she interrupted me and asked her that question. I too wanted to ask her the same.  The HR had come to call me for the second round. I was confident that I would talk to her after my 2nd round gets over.   My 2nd round was easy as compared to the first. But somehow my mind was strolling across the girl whom I saw for the first time.  I wanted to talk to her again and befriend her. But by the time, I came out from the cabin, my eyes hunted for the girl! I scanned across the reception and the waiting room. She was gone! May be destiny didn’t want her to be my friend. But I had liked her too much.

That night I couldn’t sleep. Whenever I closed my eyes, she appeared in front of me. If her name was known to me, I would have found her on Facebook and LinkedIn. But unfortunately I didn’t know any details about her.

Who was she? Why did she attend the interview on the same day as I did? Why did the thousand butterflies flutter inside my stomach when she sat next to me. I never knew her but still I had hots for her.  I had no reason to fall for a woman I had never met before but it was not love! It was instant attraction that grabbed my heart. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her face flashed in front of my eyes. Destiny had played a big game with me.  Days passed and I got back to my business of testing applications. Eventually her memories faded away. I shared everything to Sheetal .She asked me how was it possible to like a girl without knowing her. I had no reasons, no answers! May be she was a passing cloud in my life who entered my life, poured showers of happiness and quickly dispersed!

Three months later….

“Sheetal, it’s the same girl whom we met at the JP Morgan interview.” I pestered Sheetal to look at the girl whom we met at the interview.
“I don’t remember her face, Ravin,” she replied.
“Go and talk to her …Please, please, for me...” I joined both my hands and pleaded her. My lost happiness came back once again.
The girl looked behind and I realized that it was not the same girl. She was someone different.  The clouds of happiness receded away and disappointed haunted me once again.

I assured myself that someday I will meet her again, walk across the corridors and talk about the day when we met. Yes, I was very much sure about that!  And that day I will let her know how much I liked her! I plan to be a good friend to a woman I never knew!

It’s said that ghosts of past do haunt us in future. But in my case it was not the ghost, it was an angel!

( To be continued soon...)

Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Essence of Love!

“I thought love was only true in fairy tales
Meant for someone else but not for me.
Love was out to get me
that’s the way it seemed.
Disappointment haunted all my dreams.

Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
I'm in love, I'm a believer!
I couldn't leave her if I tried.”
-          I’m a Believer ( The Monkees)

And then I saw her face, I was a believer that love stories and love at the first sight do exists. Love for me had been a matter too trivial until I saw her for the first time. It seemed to me like that an angel from heaven had dawned to Earth to teach me what love was for I was too ignorant about that.  But to be frank, the first time I saw her, I realized that I had wanted to meet her and all the Gods had send her to fulfill my wishes. Such was her magic. Every day I yearned to converse with her. But somehow she realized that I had been following her everywhere she treaded. I collected almost every detail about her – her likes, dislikes! She was indeed beautiful and her simplicity attracted me! But one day, I had mustered enough courage to tell her what my heart ordered me to confess to her. For days I had been ignoring its feelings but that day I told everything I liked and loved about her. I had a strong feeling that even she liked me the way I liked her. She smiled at me. And we embarked on a new journey together! They say love stories don’t happen. But  love happened to me when I thought Love was not my cup of tea.


This Valentine’s day, I plan to let her know how special she is to me!  I wanted to let her know that it was she who made my life beautiful by coming into my life! A woman thinks a lot! A lot of things stroll through her mind. I would only know what she thinks about me by stepping into her shoes. If I had a super power, I would like to know what’s running through her mind. I would know what she thinks about me. I would change myself accordingly! I always wanted to make her happy and her happiness was on my top priority list! I would do things that would make her happy by knowing what’s running inside her mind.

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If I get unlimited powers, I would erase all the sad and sour memories associated with our relationship and only let the happy memories invade her mind. By this we will remain happy forever! I want to see her lips curve into a beautiful smile. She was a perfect woman. I would decorate her room with roses – red, yellows and the whites! Out of that red roses are her favorites. The Pink Orchids, she loved it! I would be her best friend and would be her shoulder to cry on! She is the most beautiful person that I had ever met. She had the most amazing smile.  A good man is the one who holds his girl close all through her rough and her happy times. The best gift that any man could give to his girl would be his time, importance and loyalty! I would take her to the beautiful garden where I met her for the first time. It was located near our college. It was where we spend most of our time together. Every girl demands attention from her beau and its quite natural.
I would take her to a place completely isolated, far away from the crowds where peace resides. We would walk holding hands along the path that would lead to the castle of love where we would spend some quality time together. Across it would be a garden where different colorful flowers of happiness would  bloom.


If I get unlimited powers, I would resuscitate Gabriel Garcia Marquez and will make my beloved meet him. I still remember those days where she spoke about his various books – Love in the time of cholera being his famous one! She would narrate me the entire story and that day she expressed his desire to meet this writer some day and tell him how much she loved him. But unfortunately he passed away last year because of an illness. The only way my beloved could meet him is by bringing him back to life. That could be possible only through the super powers. That would make her happy.


If I get unlimited powers, then I would transfer the culinary skills of the world’s best chef to me. I would cook delicious sumptuous meal for her. I know she loves butter chicken. I would cook it for her and serve her. I would strive hard to make her day and win her heart through my culinary skills (transferred from the world’s best chef). It would be a candle light dinner at home.  She blindfolded! When her eyes open, she would be a subjected to a wonderful surprise! I would want to see that priceless smile on her face. In the background, Enrique’s Hero song would be played.


I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away

Like I said before, the best thing that a man could give his woman would be his precious time, love, importance, value and loyalty. That would sum up to be a good day, a memorable day! That should not be just that single day. It should be every day. A Queen needs to be treated as a Queen every day. I will love her more and prove her that I really through my actions and not through words! That’s how I would be celebrating my Valentine’s day with my beloved and make her day memorable! 

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Do it now, Don't postpone!

Every morning when the sun rises, there’s a slim certainty that your day would shine as the young bright morning sun! That’s how almighty has designed! You have to struggle every day in order to earn bread and butter for your family. In this rat race to excellence and success, we often leave behind all the best people in our life and all that we get in return is a sense of satisfaction. What kind of satisfaction would that be when you listened to your mind instead of your heart? Your heart wants you to make use of a second opportunity that life has given you. It wants you to explore what life is and your mind goes the magical way!  Isn't that amusing? They both conflict with each other. There is someone who remembers you every day, constantly thinking about your wellness and good health! It’s high time you listen to your heart and betray your mind!

There are many things I crave for! But sometimes I wonder if life would give me a second chance. But sometimes I feel why should we wait for a second chance, why don’t we make use of what life has to offer us. If we keep waiting for it to give a second chance, then certainly you would have to wait till eternity. The wise is the one who identifies and makes use of opportunities. In this fast moving world, we all have been developing affinity towards material things. Money would give you everything but not happiness. You can’t buy happiness with your money! Do question yourself if you are happy with all your money? It will make your life robotic! What is the difference between a robot and a man who runs behind work to earn his bread and butter. There are many who earn so less but still are happy with whatever they have. It takes a big heart to do so! Gluttony kills! But more than that the happiness that could be measured from their face is priceless.  Money can’t buy love! Every day when you reach home, there is a soul missing you, wanting to hug you and talk to you. It could be your children, your parents, your siblings or your soul mate. They want to let you know that they love you more than you love them. Do make time for all that you do.  Aforementioned, I wondered if life could give me a second chance. Today, I’m saying that life will never give you a second chance.  You have to make use of it. You are rational enough to understand what is right and wrong. Victory comes to those who make use of chances. If you lose one chance then try again. Never give up. Keep trying! Keep trying till you succeed.


There was a time when I loved research work. I used to learn about new technologies and research about various innovations in Science and Physics. Till my second year, I was researching on the String theory in physics. That was something that amused me. The more I dug, the deeper I went! Everyday there was something new for me to learn. I was planning to write a research paper on the same. I had big plans and dreams in my eyes. But that dreams would take me no where! But only if I let ghosts of past and regret haunt me, I would certainly drench my cheeks with tears. With dreams in my eyes, I decided to go the other way for some personal reasons, the reasons that were close to me, the reasons that were unknown to many. But today I have a desire to wear my scientist shoe and again go back to the String theory that had amused me. Not many know about this theory of Quantum physics. I fell in love with Quantum science and perhaps there was a time when my mind had married this field of science. If only I didn't let my heart interfere, I would have been a scientist. If I could do something creative, I would certainly get back and wear my physics cap and bring back my lost glorious days back to my life. I had been trying to get back to those days sometime in future and today I realized that the time for String theory is back!


Art and an Artist are two inseparable entities.  My dalliance with art dates back to my young days where I grew up holding sketch pencils and paint brushes. Art doesn't flows in my blood. I do not belong to a creative family but I acquired the skills of an artist from nowhere. There was no one to inspire me and I was my own inspiration. I inspired myself and I considered my each art work  as my rival and each time I try to improve myself. May be I may have planned to get back to something that intrigued me. But today, this artist has never found time to romance his art, his treasure, his love for art!  Work will be hectic but still I would bring back my artist days and re live the artist life!  Today I want to draw again and I shall draw beautiful paintings and sketches!

Photography is something that I cherish! But as I entered IT, I realized that life comes with too many terms and conditions.  Like it won’t give you time once you enter work.  I had postponed my plans of several trips to eternity. But as they say, you have to find your own time. Similarly you have to find your own chance. Opportunity never knocks every day. Similarly time waits for none. If you have to take a break then take a break and do what you love. Go out on a long trip with friends or family, party hard, capture landscapes and picturesque views on your Camera and frame it. Visit more places quite often and capture photos as a souvenir and whenever you look at it, relive those days.  Life is short and we need to be extra smart to do all the things that our heart desires.  I shared all those things that I want to do again. Do not post pone things!  Do it right now! Because life doesn't always give a Second chance!

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Life is unpredictable!

This was a guest post for Sushmita  from - Welcome to my confused world on occasion of her 100th blog post celebrations.  You can find the guest post here - Life is unpredictable

It was a challenging night for me. An omnipresent feeling, a feeling of dissatisfaction constantly haunted me every single night. I bestirred myself with great difficulty after the alarm bloomed violently several times. All my attempts to shut it seemed futile and eventually I had to silence it. I sat on the bed, my legs sprawled. I looked at the wall clock as it struck 7 in the morning.  The crooning birds, eloquent early morning sky, winter reinstated the halcyon days of my life, just that sudden spells of melancholy dissolved the restored happiness at times. I performed my daily morning chores of brushing, showering and breakfast. I sat on the dining table that hosted a platter containing boiled eggs and brown bread.  I carefully consumed it and neatly washed the plate. Tears rolled down copiously on my cheeks as I reminisced the good old days with Anushka.  It was 8 AM. Anushka, the comely, elegant, gorgeous, beloved wife. My dalliance with her was short lived, though we vowed to live together for a lifetime.  Our love was nipped in the bud, actually in its incipient phase. Some say don't think too much about life.  I just did the opposite of what they said. A plethora of happiness and joy with my beloved is what I demanded from Almighty. Isn't Joy and Happiness a quintessential element for leading an amazing life? He proved me wrong and snatched my love away from me. She had an intensely mellifluous voice. I would listen to her for hours! I completed my days work and returned back to home. I had nothing to do apart from listening to the subordinates concerns and meetings with the Israeli delegates. It was my task to grill up the team for the upcoming InfoSec audit. It was 7 PM as I started back for home. I started the ignition and moved my car out of the parking area. 

Image Source  - Here

How could I forget that day? The ghosts of past still haunts me. It was a fine day - an important day for Anushka! She was at Guangzhou, China for an economic conclave.  It was tipped to be an assemblage of great economists across the globe. Anushka was to be honored in front of a large gathering! It was indeed a proud moment for both of us. She always made me proud. Few important business meetings made me busy and I couldn’t accompany her for the trip. She desperately wanted me go with her but she also knew of my plight. I was busy at London for an important business meeting while Anushka was at Guangzhou for the conference. An important news shattered me as I browsed through the news channels. I stood there speechless, not knowing what to do and how to react! An Earthquake of magnitude 7.4 on Richter scale gulped Anushka and 1200 others in China. Guangzhou was the epicenter of the earthquake.  Incessant honks got me out of the reverie. I shut my eyes for a brief period of time till the traffic signal light showed Red. Those were the best days of my life. Past days were indeed glorious with Anushka around me. Sometimes I wish I had a time machine so that I could time travel back to those days and prevent Anushka from travelling to Guangzhou. It was becoming hard for me to convince myself that Anushka had now become God’s favourite. But sadly I had to accept the reality. They say live in present and embrace what life gives but my life was inclined to my past. I embraced my past and Anushka was someone I loved more than anyone. She was my first love! Imagine the intensity of my love for her. I opened my eyes and looked around and observed a taxi in which a young man was voraciously kissing a young girl of his age - his girlfriend, probably! They both were completely charged up and making merry at the Saki Naka Junction. And I was stationed there in the heavy traffic, cursing Almighty!

I jabbed my lips against hers as she came closer to me. Unmindful and   unaware of people watching us, we voraciously kissed each other as if there was no tomorrow. The taxi driver could have found it difficult to concentrate on his driving. The sluggish traffic motivated us further. She dominated me – she ran her fingers inside my tee as the Taxi driver peeped at us from the front mirror.  He surely must have been riding a boner, I thought as I played with her lips. The traffic didn’t show any movement!
“Anushka!” I whispered.
“What babe?”
“Go slow!” I replied quickly.
 My eyes aimlessly strolled around as she went low. I ruffled her hair as she went deep further.                                                                                

Over dozen pair of eyes were glued on us as we made merry inside the Taxi.  The Saki Naka Traffic still didn't show any sign of movement. “I love you, babe!” I said.
“Me too!” she got up for once and said, looking straight into my eyes.
“Promise me you won’t leave me,” she said, smiling at me.
I ruffled her hair, slowly moving my fingers across her nape and said, “You don’t have to have that sort of question in your mind when you already  know my answer.”

She smiled at me.

Image Source - Here 

“I love you and I will never leave you!” I said and planted a kiss on her cheeks.
Life is a bitch. It fucks us so severely that we are left confused at times and at the crossroads of life , you are left wondering what future has in stores for us.  She rested her head on my shoulder as we waited for the travel signal to turn green. I looked around and saw a gentleman in a red Audi A6. He was emotionally taken back. He closed his eyes and tears streamed down his cheeks.  We both looked at him and confirmed that life was indeed a bitch! It fucks all, leaves no one, and rips everyone apart!
“Will you talk to Papa about our relationship?” Anushka asked.
“I want to. I seriously want to tell him how much I adore you.”
“My love for you is genuine and seriously I can’t think of a life without you after being in this relationship for 5 years. “ I added.
“Yes, I mean each and every word of it.”
“Yes, I endorse your thoughts and we will get married,” she said, “and we will have two beautiful kids.”
“And both of them will look pretty like you, Anushka,” I said and smiled at her.
“Shh! One will be like Papa and one will be like Momma!” she added.
She cleared her throat and said, “Both our kids would be a deadly combination of beauty and brains.”

I could see a glimpse of innocence on her face. I was still not sure if her family would embrace me. I had umpteen unanswered questions still running in my mind. For my heart was fragile to accept defeat.  And I never wanted to fall out of love after falling in for my lady love.  If I would wish something at this moment, then I would wish for a life full of togetherness with Anushka. I saw a twinkle on her eyes and I got the strength to face her family and convince them that Anushka would be happy with me.
“I love you, baby!”
The indicator on the Saki Naka Traffic signal eventually turned green. The Traffic Police waved his hands and gestured us to move. He helped in channelizing the traffic. The gentleman in the Audi seemed fine now and he too started his car.

A BEST   bus on the Andheri – Ghatkopar road lost control. All the attempts of the Traffic Police to control the traffic seemed ineffective. The Bus carrying around 40 passengers rammed into few vehicles and crashed them.
“News coming up – A bus collision kills 12 at the Saki Naka junction.” The Times Now news reporter said.
“Bus loses momentum and jams an Audi and a Taxi along with a few pedestrians.” Another news channel said.

Yes, Life is a bitch! Life is uncertain and unpredictable for you never know what happens next.  
Karma! Never think about your past for bygone days won’t come back. Avoid thinking too much about future for you don’t know what future has for you.  Life is like a roller coaster ride, you might be having fun today and when difficult days arrive then you might fall down drastically and flounder like a fish on the floor. So don’t think too much about past and future, live in the present and that’s the best present you could give for yourself. I reiterate – Life is unpredictable. It is a bitch! It fucks all, rips everyone apart!