Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An eMail from a Mother

Dear Son,

Its disheartening to see you struggling  at your new place.I understand that it is important for you to shape your career and you left home for your job.We completely  appreciate your decision.We never stopped you but we were happy that you become responsible. You don't know how much we miss you and we are proud of you. Everytime we talk to you I hear discomfort in your voice. You tried not to break but you broke.You cried cause of your own plight and you were distressed too.

Its quite saddening to see your sufferings.I just don't want you to be shattered. As you know ,life is full of opportunities. It is full of lessons and every decision that we make and every things that we do does teaches us a great lesson.It is this lesson that we take ahead in life.It is all about learning ,moving ahead and never looking back.I want you to be strong and I don't want my sweety to be feeble and low.It is not your nemesis but its just a bad phase in your life. Why don't you realize this? . When you left us you sought blessings from me and your daddy. Perhaps you never saw your dad's face at that moment.It was filled with pride and you won't know how happy he was for you. You never realized how much your sister Priyanka misses you. Priyu would everytime ask me about your vacations and when would you come back.Son, I understand your importance at your work place.But I want you to concentrate on your health too.Without a proper health ,you won't be able to concentrate on your work and your life would become unstable.

You might be missing the Sunday Brunches at our home.Those special dishes which I used to make for you.You were the only reason why I made such delicious food.But today ,I almost cried when you told me that you  never had breakfasts since the day you left home.Is work that important to you?.Money is secondary .Spend money on everything that you need.Eat anything that you like.Your daddy never knows that you are struggling there.If he comes to know this then he would  come to take you back. Priyanka has passed her board exams with flying colors and she loved the Fastrack watch that you send her on her birthday.You never knew how excited she was.She would show her watch to everyone like crazy that her brother had send this watch for her all the way from California.You are the only reason why we all are here .Today is Mothers day.Last year you took us out and  It was a joyous moment for me being a mother.I still remember that day when you and Priu both gifted me a Kanchivaram Saree.That May was the best moment of my life.May is full of surprises to our family.Our Anniversary May17th is the day when you would never forget.It is going to be our 25th wedding anniversary this year and we all would be missing you this time .You would remember that day even in your faintest memory and I am damn sure about this.I'm proud to be your mother because you never cease to make us happy.Come back soon. We all love you. Health first and then rest.We all love you.I'm not strong son and I would break into tears on Skype video call.This is the reason why I;m writing this email to  you. Hope to see you soon.

Love ,

Written for Sunday Scribbling->May
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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

For her...

She is a part of one's life and she serves different roles in an individuals life. She is somebody’s daughter,mother,sister,wife and so on. She has many different roles to play in her life. She easily  fulfills all the roles that she is put into. As a mother she takes care of her kids.As a sister ,she guides her siblings and parents in the household work. As a wife ,she performs daily household chores. As a teacher ,she imbues knowledge into her student. Life is a playground for her and she assumes the role of different actress in this movie of life.

This post ,I dedicate to the females out here. This goes to the moms,sisters,teachers,girlfriends,female colleagues  and every female out here in blog world. A woman has an important role in a men’s life. She nurtures him since the first minute of his life. She cares for him in form of being a good guardian and monitors him.A mother takes 20 years to make a men out of her boy and it takes just 20 minutes for another woman to make a fool out of him. Such is the impact of life in modern era. It takes  long time to make name and gem of a character but it hardly takes a minute to ruin the good work and the  appreciations. Mother is like the nucleus in an atom. She is like the sun which provides us with light and a source of energy. Maa,as we may call her is someone who is our support structure. For ages I have drenched my pillows with tears missing my mother. I wish she sat next to me and gave me some courageous words. Never mess with a your mother  ,she watches you and knows each minute details about you. This post comes as a dedication to  Woman’s day last month. Sister is like your spine. You never know her worth until she moves away to her husband’s place. That is the day when  you emotionally feel her absence. She is naughty at  times and fights with you everyday and night and makes you know that you have someone who constantly remembers you.
Sister makes  you feel that you are not alone in this world and she is always there for you to encourage and motivate you in your hardtimes. Woman have this important role in every men’s life. She should be respected and honored in every aspect of life. Look at her with pride and treat them equally.
Honour every woman you meet in your life. You might not know the worth of each one of them. Never be harsh to your wife. Support her in the good deeds.Teach manners and great values to your daughters. Respect and educate them. Throughout my life I have come across many such females and I have many female rolemodels. I am not attached to my Momma a lot but I can say that she is the best mother one would ever get. I won't say that my sister is the prettiest girl on Earth ,but she is an angel to us. There are little things in life that matters the most.These are the things which  differentiates us. Finally before   winding up ,I dedicate these wonderful lines for my very good friend whom I admire. For some silly cute Idiot friend of mine  who is very kind and yeah she is a woman too.  :)

"Little things you do for me and nobody else makes me feel Good..that's why  I like to sit next to you and share  my mad stories which I know that are not true"

PPS: I'm not promoting Vodafone :P but i do use a Vodafone though

This goes to all females out here.... \m/