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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Jungle Book (Hindi) - Movie Review

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Adrenaline rush is what we all experienced at the cinema theater when the ferocious Sher Khan chased Mowgli in the Jungle. Indian kids from the 90's would fondly remember Mowgli for many reasons. But the Nostalgia factor after watching the Disney's Jungle Book  wouldn't be a great connect. The entire theme of the Jungle Book that played on the Doordarshan was different. Baghera and Baloo, Mowgli's favourite had a crucial role in the movie  with Baghera playing Mowgli's mentor, advicemaven while Baloo, a good trustworthy friend.  The Jungle Book will be a visual delight to everyone who watches the movie. Never hesitate to shell out some money and watch it on the big screen. If you don't then you are missing a lot!

Raised by the Wolves in the Jungle, Mowgli is threatened by the mighty Tiger Sher Khan, the self proclaimed King of the Jungle. An adventurous encounter with a human leaves Sher Khan hurt and a scar on his face that reminds him of his past. This increases his animosity for humans. Knowing about Mowgli's presence in the wolf packs annoys him and he warns the wolves to hand over Mowgli to him. In this adventurous story of the Jungle Book, its the Sher Khan versus Mowgli et al. Baghera advises Mowgli to leave the jungle and settle with humans. The Story revolves around the adventures and misadventures of Mowgli. And who wins in the penultimate fight between Sher Khan and Mowgli is something that should be watched. The VFX team should be appluaded for their efforts. They have given life to the movie. Every scenary of the movie is picturesque. The  early scenes of Mowgli escaping Sher Khan's attack where he lands among the group of Buffalo's  and the Bandar-Log scene is indeed mindblowing.  It's a visual treat to the Jungle Book fans.  The director Jon Favrea  gets the brownie points. Full score to the new comer - Neel Sethi. He has just lived up as Mowgli in all the scenes.  Suncity, Vile Parle, the cinema house where I went to watch this movie was filled with mixed audiences from kids to elders. They all seemed to enjoy almost every scenes. Laughter erupted on the scenes where Baloo featured. The Bear necessities song was a cute addition to the magnificent movie. Of course the Hindi version of it ;-) 

I watched the Hindi edition of the Jungle Book. It comes up with an ensemble cast of Nana Patekar ( Sher Khan), Priyanka Chopra ( Kaa), Shefali Shah (Raksha Ma), Irrfan Khan ( Baloo), Om Puri ( Baghera)  and Jasleen Singh(Mowgli) added colors of  joy to the exciting movie.  Kaa's cameo was disappointing. We did expect much more from Kaa. But the scenes featuring Kaa did evoke silence.

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Baloo's Punjabi Hindi is hilarious. Irrfan Khan ruled the movie as Baloo. This was the most entertaining character of the movie and one of my favourite. The Live action 3D movie does a good job in engaging the audiences. It will make you connect with the characters. Mowgli's adventures, misadventures and his rendezvous with Baloo will drag a smile on your face. I have seen King Loui's appearance in the Trailer but the Hindi version was a big disappointment. The English version suggested me that he would be a good potrayal but sadly I didn't feel the same in the Hindi Edition. King Loui's Goan Hindi didn't amuse me, honestly. 

This movie is for all age groups.  This movie is  one time  watch over the weekend. It will invoke your old memories of the Jungle book. This is the primary factor that will make it a must watch for many.  The Jungle book has stayed for a long time in our mind and has ruled our childhood days. It becomes natural for us to enjoy and have a good time  watching this movie.

Disney's Jungle Book is a visual delight and my full marks to the Graphics team.  I give 3.5/5 to the movie for an entertaining 2 hours. 

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Talvar - A Movie Review


Mysteries never cease to amaze me. For people who have known me for a long time would have realized this by now. My fondness for mystery movies is quite evident from my huge collection of crime and thriller movies. So I could say that I have a special liking for such movies. After having received a special invite for the Talvar movie screening, I was happy and thrilled at the same time for I was going to watch the film version of a murder case that made me think a lot. Yes, sometimes whenever I had free time at office, I would Google for mystery cases in India and during one such occasion my mind got fixed on the Noida Double Murder case of 2008 that not only shocked the nation but also raised questions about the inability and capability of the Officers who probed this case  as it got dragged  for so long without providing much resolution.

Talvar is a film adaptation of this Noida double Murder mystery played by few elite actors such as Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Tabu and many others. The film had an emotional connect to it as it dealt with the people closely attached to the deceased who was brutally murdered.  After having read about the case and the theories attached to it many times, I could see all those happening in front of my eyes.  Talvar made me wonder and ponder on various aspects and elements of life.  For once, when the destiny betrays and puts you in a fix, that’s when you feel jinxed.  It is a game of fate where other factors such as media, politics, professional ego, conspiracy can alter and influence justice. The cinematography is just perfect. I could see the characters walk in front of my eyes. Each version of the story seems convincing and every time you think, it will make you wonder what could have gone wrong that night when the girl got murdered.  The movie will wake up the Sherlock Holmes sleeping inside you and you would step into the shoes of the investigating officers. I personally felt so.  I could also feel the emotions of the family and what must have gone through their mind when they faced the stressful situation.  While each protagonist of the movie constructed their own versions of their story, my mind too came up with several thoughts about the murder. Such is the impact that the director has created on the minds of the viewers. That itself is a victory by itself. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and it’s few of those movies that would make you think about the judicial system of the country. If you are a great fan of murder mysteries and crime thrillers, then I strongly recommend this movie for you. It will be  a perfect delight for you guys!

Watch the Trailer below


Sunday, June 07, 2015

Kaaka Muttai - Review

Movie - Kaaka Muttai ( Crow's egg) 
Director - Manikandan
Cast- Ramesh, Vignesh,Aishwarya Rajesh, RJ Ramesh, Yogi Babu
Genre - Drama
Release Year - 2015

A story about the lives of two young slum kids who get tempted by Pizza  offered at a Pizza joint opened near their slum. The story describes emotions and dreams of these two kids and wonderfully portrays their cravings to get a taste of the delicious pizza and what all they do to collect money for buying it. So what actually happens when they have the money to buy it? Well that's Kaaka Muttai!
Centered around a slum in Chennai , the story describes how a pizza joint changes the life of two  young kids who live in the slum. The story begins with a small plot of land being sold for the purpose of construction of  a pizza joint.  This ground happens to be the playground for the slum kids. The pizza joint is inaugurated by Simbu and the sight of the pizza tempts the kids at that moment itself. These two kids earn the nick name of Chinna Kaaka Muttai and Periya Kaaka Muttai due to their inability to afford normal eggs that makes them  resort to drinking crows egg. Their mother (played by Aishwarya Rajesh)  has a difficult task of managing the home and shuffles between home and the lawyers office to get her husband out of jail. The grandmother character is as important as the mother and the two kids. The combination of the four have ruled the first half. The burning desire to get a taste of Pizza grows intense and they resort to different activities such as stealing coals from the railway yard ,ferrying drunkards from the bar to their homes, distributing pamphlets and so on. After collecting the required amount , they  are thrown away by the Pizza joint watchmen who calls them as 'Kuppathu Pasanga' ( Slum boys). Their friend Palarasam, the railway lineman who also allows them to take(steal) coals from the railway yard informs them that they need to buy new clothes to enter the joint. After arranging the necessary amount and the clothes, they arrive back at the pizza shop only to be thrown out again and this time they are deeply humiliated and beaten by the shop manager. The incident is recorded on a mobile phone and somehow two small time rogues or mischief mongers to be precise (played by RJ Ramesh and Yogi Babu) get hold of this video. They  etch a good plan to bring down the pizza joint by planning to get a ransom from the pizza owners.  A series of events take place that includes the two boys disappearance, their search, their grandmothers sudden death and a protest plan. But what happens when the guys are found is something that would drag a smile on your face. This is a heartwarming story that is not only intriguing but also will make you ponder. It will melt your heart and make you feel for such innocent kids who don't have much in their life but dreams. Yes dreams don't come up with a price tag.

Aishwarya Rajesh who plays the mothers role has lived it up. She has clearly justified the role of a mother. The railway linesman role is an important character that added another feather to the plot. In short Manikandan has managed to put up a very good show with not so well known actors. The ending is interesting and it will make you smile. You will laugh at several instances such as the scene where the grandmother tries to cook a pizza out of dosa and places where the kids try to sell a stray pet dog for 25 grands. Another important role was that played by RJ Ramesh and Yogi Babu. I would see a Senthil and Goudamani out of the two. Their chemistry glowed perfectly and  of course not to mention the two little boys who did their task neatly and flawlessly.  Chinna Kaaka Muttai was too cute. I should say that!  Not to forget the music by GV Prakash - so pleasant to the ears, adding the value add to the team. An awesome team to be honest!

This movie gives a strong  and a meaningful message to the world. Generally people do  not have a very good perception about those living in slums. We should remember that even they are humans and they have the right to wish . That may be beyond their reach but everyone has the right to dream. The boys almost give up on their dreams of getting to taste the pizza but for that they toiled hard. If you have dreams on your eyes then no one can stop you from reaching it. This movie gives an insight about the life of people who live in the slums in  adverse conditions, their struggles , quest for existence and survival! 

I give 4.5/5 for Kaaka Muttai for the marvellous story. This is refreshing and the characters will stay on your minds forever. At least they made me smile! The movie has been screened at several movie festival and it has won the following awards till now. 

Here is the trailer for the National Award winning movie - Kaaka Muttai.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

I - Movie Review, a Perfect Revenge Thriller

Movie  - I (ஐ)
Director - Shankar
Producer - Aascar V Ravichandran

Music - AR Rahman
Cinematography - PC Shreeram
Released in - Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi
Release date  - 14th January 2015 (Pongal Release) 

The movie starts with a monster looking hunchback kidnapping Diya (Played by Amy Jackson) on her wedding day. She is held captive in a derelict bungalow. The story then flashbacks to a charming young Mr. India aspirant Lingesan (Played by Vikram). After becoming Mr. Tamil Nadu, Lingesan gains the animosity of body builder Ravi who thinks that Lingesan had ruined his body building career. His passion for body building was intense and his love for super model Diya was even more intense. She was his heartthrob. His craze for her was such that he would buy all the female products that she endorsed.

Being a super model, Diya faces several challenges in her professional career. John (Played by Upen Patel) a well known male model misbehaves with her and constantly nags her to sleep with him.  Upon Diya's refusal, he threatens her to blacklist her and ruin her career.  To stop Johns advancements and to strengthen her professional career she joins hands with Lingesan who was known to her at a shoot location. She cajoles him to work with her for an ad assignment in China that could be a life changing assignment for both of them . Her uncle Dr. Vasudevan (Played by Suresh Gopi) , also a trusted friend of Lingesan endorses Diya's views. Finally Lingesan acquiesces to her requests and sacrifices his Mr. India competition that was to be held in Belguim the same month. During this journey to China, Diya introduces Lingesan to transgender makeup artist Osma, who later develops hots for Lingesan. Diya rechristens Lingesan to Lee in the ad world who later gains appreciation from top guns and grows famous. Initially he struggles to perform well in the shoot and the chemistry between the duo simple fails. The Ad director suggests Diya to love Lee and the later does it for her professional gains. Lee floats cloud Nine when Diya talks about love. But eventually Diya confesses to him that she doesn't love him. Lee is disappointed and feels dejected. In the mean while Osma gets intimate with Lingesan and Osma gets hurt when Lingesan disapproves of her love. Lee (Lingesan) grows to be a famous ad model and the ad guru Indra Kumar ( Played by Ramkumar Ganesan)  appreciates him. The egoistic ad guru feels offended when Lee refuses to do his Drinks ad due to presence of pesticide content in the drinks owing to which he gains animosity of the ad guru.

In his journey from rags to riches, he goes on to make few enemies. Body builder Ravi - who feels that Lingesan snatched his career, John - model who feels that Lingesan had taken away his job, egoistic ad guru whom he hurt with his principles, and a transgender makeup artist whose love he refused to accept! They all plan to take revenge by planning his downfall.  They all team up along with their fifth partner. This fifth person would come up as a surprise element for you.  It’s this villain whose idea changes Lingesan’s life forever. All of them take revenge on Lingesan by transforming him into an ugly unrecognizable monster looking hunchback by injecting an Influenza virus into him. Monster looking hunchback Lingesan starts hating himself and wants to take revenge. He wants to give the same treatment to those who stole his looks.

The story moves on how Lingesan takes his revenges and how successful he is in achieving it is something you could watch for! This is a perfect revenge thriller and I highly recommend this movie. Vikram has done justice to the role of Lingesan by shedding and gaining kilos. He is such a perfectionist. The Vikram Shankar Duo is pairing up again after Anniyan/Aparichit and this duo has clicked again. AR Rehman's music is a cherry on the cake. The Mersalayaiten song is tipped to be the most expensive song in the history of Indian cinema where the actress transforms into soap bubbles, mobile phone, and motor bike and so on. It is a fresh and a different take of Shankar and I loved the way Vikram transformed himself into the monster looking hunchback.  He will mesmerize you with all his looks – be the romantic Lingesan, hunchback monster, or the beast. A lot of things could be said about his acting skills - Of course positive. He scores my points there. Amy Jackson was indeed gorgeous and beautiful. I could hear whistles in the theater during most of her scenes especially the Ladio song. But a little bit of body language and home work from her side could have been proved good.  Santhanam gives the most important comic treat. Brownie points to PC Shreeram for his cinematography – especially the scenes shot in China. Shankar’s direction is well known to the world.

 The story sails slow like a cruise on the ocean and later on as many twists and mysteries unfold, it speeds up like an express train. This is a fresh story line. Although I felt that inclusion of extra character like Power star was totally uncalled for. But still I loved the way the movie ended. I do not intend to write more of the Post interval bit as it may reveal too many crucial elements.  The movie
But I highly and strongly recommend this movie for a weekend treat. It’s definitely a onetime watch.

I would give it a 3/5 ratings on basis of direction, characterization and acting skills of the actors. Vikram ruled the show!  Of course not to forget the climax.

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Monday, October 06, 2014

Kashmiri Dolls - Short Film Review

Tom Thomas has never ceased to amaze me and this time his new Malayalam Short movie seems ambitious. It has got a good blend of suspese, thriller, humour  and Tom has played an anchor role in this short film. The film opens to the scene where Mathukutty, a key ingredient in a drama crew wakes up following a dream. His roomie Jojo, also a part of his drama crew expresses his displeasure because of Mathukutty's lackadaisical attitude. He is never serious most of the time when Jojo talks about the drama. Cyriac and Gouri, couples, also a part of this drama crew had to be trained vigorously by Jojo as they were new. Jojo tries  his best to assemble his crew and get the most of them. But aforementioned Mathukutty's carelessness annoys Jojo to some extent but he takes it easily. Ammu is the little daughter of Cyriac and Gouri. All hell breaks loose when Ammu calls for Papa one day and shows her doll to him. One leg of the doll called as 'Kashmiri Doll' is torn.  Doting Papa Cyriac asks his beloved daughter to say the truth if it was her who did it deliberately to make fun of mom and dad.  But she blatantly refuses.  Mathukutty also present at that time starts investigating the matter like an Agent.  According to Mathukutty, Kashmiri dolls are signs of bad omen! It was Ammu's uncle Tony who once brought the Kashmiri dolls from a local market  at a discount of buy 2 get 2 free. One after the another , the dolls get severed leading to utter confusion at home. Seena, who is Cyriac's younger sister  and also Tony's sibling plays an important role in this short film. These ancillary characters have  helped in building the suspense element. Mathukutty, played by Tom Thomas does a Dr. Saravana of Chandramukhi or rather  does a Sherlock Holmes, in order to unviel the hidden mystery. All eyes roll around Seena, Tony, Gouri, Cyriac and even Jojo on who was the culprit  after Mathukutty shares his findings with his crew. He winds up his investigation by  exposing the culprits who were also a part of that very family. The movie ends with the characters introspecting over their mistakes. Pin pointing and blame game comes into picture too! But later the cuprits realize their mistakes. Tom has done an incredible job as a movie maker.  I some how fail to understand the logic behind Kashmiri Dolls being a bad omen. And then everyone starts talking about knowing something about Kashmiri dolls. That didn't crack me up!  The suspense could have been better especially  at the scene where Mathukutty plans to reveal his investigation findings. The actors could have shown a little bit of seriousness especially in that scene as a viewer I could very well realize the importance of that scene. I was a bit disappointed here. The actors  had done justice to their roles. They performed it well especially Cyriac seemed to me like a professional actor. There is a thin line between amateur acting and mature acting. Even Jojo played by Sreyas Narayan's acting seemed natural to me. Tom's earlier short film Password was theme wise natural and execution wise dramatic. But the brain behind Kashmiri dolls states that  this film was theme wise dramatic and execution wise natural. No doubt the theme is fresh and new, but I expected a little more after watching his previous film PASSWORD! 

In a casual  tete-a-tete with Tom on Whatsapp, he revealed some insights about the team that worked in Kashmiri Dolls. It seemed that most of the actors in this film were new and Tom had a great opportunity to train and guide them. Isn't that amazing to be a mentor to the actors?

I would still give a 3 star rating to the Kashmiri Dolls. 3 refers to 'Interesting and could have been better'
Watch this or the Dolls will come in your dreams to haunt you ;) 

Signing off,

Watch the movie here. Just in case if you are a non Malayali like me then you may like to turn on the English subtitles for the same. It's available in this video!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Password - Short Movie Review

Password - is a Malayalam short story written, acted and directed by Tom Thomas who blogs at 'Vanity Moments'. Password is the story of an individual Albert Samson whose world revolves around social media. This is the story of a man who lives in the virtual web whose life is smitten by Social Media. The script is intriguing and that’s the reason which instigated me to write a review for this short story.
The story starts with Sona, played by Jinu Anna who is a very close friend of Albert Samson - played by Tom, talking about her friend Albert whom she thinks is unique and a rare in this Universe. She is an outgoing person and is anti-socializing especially when it comes to Social Networking through Internet. She tells Albert time and again to see things from the real world point of view. Albert and friends have a group called 'Sugar Corner' in which is for like-minded Keralites from different fields. Deepak, Indu, Jithu, Ajmal and Albert are the integral and the founder member of the group. They hangout and meet frequently. During one of those days, a new entrant to Sugar Corner - Rose Bella fascinates Albert. He befriends her and talks to her through Facebook chat messenger. Albert maintained a separate sheet which contained all his social networking, bank and confidential credentials.  I tell you that it is a long list and DO NOT GET INSPIRED BY THIS CAUSE THIS MIGHT LAND YOU INTO TROUBLE ;) :P
Coming back to the story, Sona enters Albert's room one day while he was taking bath. She discovers his password list and discretely changes his FB password. Later Albert is astonished and shocked at the same time when he knows that his FB was hacked. This is the part of the movie which I loved the most where his friends from Sugar Corner talk about certain catastrophic events that could take place with all his accounts. Albert is disappointed and upset but a ray of hope arises when Sona admits changing his password and returns back the password sheet. He continues talking to Rose Bella (BAU). His friends from Sugar Corner urge him to meet Rose Bella in person but he refuses. Albert insists that he can't meet Rose as he prefers virtual world and there is no reality in REAL world. Later on when Rose too asks him the same, Albert mulls over for a while and plans to meet her and this change marks the beginning of a blissful life. The story ends here.
Password is the story of every individual whose life see-saws in the mysterious world of Internet. I am not surprised that Tom has dedicated this movie to his blogger and virtual friends who inspired him through every possible mean. I would like to appreciate Tom for all his investments he has put in for PASSWORD - in terms of money, time, efforts etc. Password is a decent attempt in highlighting the core reality of life which engrips the life of the young lot of our nation. Rammohan's acting skills has to be appreciated and it was professional. The dialogues are crisp and neat. The subtitles could have been made crisp, considering the fact that this is not an English movie I won't talk much about it.
Bottom-line - a crisp, innovative, intriguing story of an Individual facing the brunt of virtual reality.
Ratings - I give 3/5 stars for this where 3 - refers to 'Interesting and could have been better'
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Balak Palak(BP) - Movie Review!

Balak Palak movie review
Cast- Rohit Phalke, Madan Deodhar, Prathamesh Parab, Bhagyashree Shankpal,Shashwati Pimplikar, Sai Tamhankar, Kishor Kadam
Director- Ravi Jadhav
Language - Marathi
BP - Balak Palak, is a story of 4 friends , who entered their teenage. The movie starts with Avya thrashing his 11 yr old son as he catches him red handed with Porn DVD’s. It then takes us to the flashback , where we witness the mis-adventurous life of  4 friends - Avya, Bhagya, Dolly and Chiu.
They are best friends who are inseparable. In their colony, they learn about a friend, Jyoti Tai's sudden exit as she brought disgrace to her family. Dolly is shocked as she observes her Jyoti tai being ousted from their colony. She informs her other three friends about this incident and they all strive hard to decipher the reality behind that. They ask their parents about the same and everyone gets thrashed when they ask the  Marathi idiom 'Shen Khane' which means 'Eating Dung'. This term is used to describe someone  who brings shame to her family. When they ask this to their parents, everyone gets vexed. Bhagya then takes the others to a friend Vishu. Vishu ,a flamboyant character of the movie brings light to the group and is solely responsible for spoiling and ruining the innocence of the kids. Vishu, played by Prathamesh Parab has done justice to his role of a mischief monger. Vishu guides them and enlightens them about his knowledge on blue films. He believes that to know  about sex , one needs to read, observe and  perform ,if needed to know the true meaning of Sex. He knew the meaning and explains them and further supplies them adult story books.
The kids seem to like the adult erotic novels  and read them with alacrity. Their inept mind, fails to reason the right and the wrong ;finally they get addicted to it, blame the hormones. Meantime, there is a young girl called Neha in the neighbourhood who is friendly to everyone and the 4 call fondly addressed her as – Neha Tai. Tai is a Marathi word which means 'Sister'. Vishu ,then advises them to watch porn movies instead owing to which the guys visit a Video Parlour to buy Porn VCD's. Initially , I felt odd and weird when I saw the scene where all  5 of them, Bhagya, Chui, Avya, Dolly and Vishu see the Porn movie. I appreciate the directors brazen attempts  to highlight this particular scene. The emotions and expressions exhibited by the actors were awesome. Life totally changes after this particular episode. Bhagya  seems to be smitten by the VCD and his avarice to see more leads to a conflict amongst the friends. Dolly and Chiu protest that it was wrong and they should refrain from that. But Bhagya went way too ahead. He likes Neha Tai and once he falls for her. He dresses like the 80's Bollywood hero, sporting colourful full sleeves shirt and trousers. While trying to impress her, he falls from the bicycle and injures himself. Neha, soon rushes to his rescue and applies medicine to his injury. As she bends, Bhagya could observe her cleavage. I would like to give full score to the director for capturing this emotions. He proposes her at a temple and runs away. There is an old man in the colony who is fondly called as - Kadam Kaka by everyone. Neha, played by  gorgeous Sai Tamhankar, informs Kadam Kaka about Bhagya's behavior. Kadam Kaka played by veteran actor Kishor Kadam, is upset and plans to tell his father about the same. That night he explains this to  Bhagya's father. He was a fun loving person, also a playwright. He tells Kaka that this was a good script for a play. Kaka wants him to talk to Bhagya but he fails in the attempt of explaining him. He further plans to explain the kids. He devises a plan with Neha; invites all the 5 including Vishu at Neha's room. He  explains them about their age and its importance. I love the way Kaka tries to explain them. Finally he is successful in his attempt. The story then comes  back to present, where we see Avya talking to his wife Dolly. They decide that it was the right time to talk to their son about such things. The songs are too good and meaningful.
This story brings a strong message with it. Parents do have an important role in every individuals life and as our children grow old, they tend to know many unwanted things. There is  Vishu in every group, who plays an important role in spoiling our children as they plunge through adolescence. As a parent, take responsibility to talk to kids and explain them. There is a need for sex education and parents should take the responsibility to educate their kids in such sensitive matters. I personally felt that the cinematography could have been better. The story had everything in it. It gives a very strong message and is a must watch for everyone although it comes up with U/A rating.
I would give it a 3 star.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Naan Ee/Eega/Makhi - The Movie Review.

Director - SS Rajamouli.
Cast - Sudeep, Samantha, Naveen,Santhanam

Before I start ,I would like to inform you guys that few months ago I was in Chennai for some reasons. While roaming  through the Chennai streets with my camera ,I came across a poster which grabbed my attention. This was the poster of a movie called 'Naan EE' . When I looked at it for the first time ,I was feeling weird and funny at the same time. It was rather unusual and kiddish. It showed a house fly as the protagonist. After watching this movie ,I take my words back. This is a movie of true class and its a master peice.

 This movie features Kannada actor Sudeep, Naani /Naveen and South Indian beauty Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Sudeep is a womanizer and a famous business icon who seems to be a babe magnet. Girls fall for him easily because of his fame and name. He is a rogue who married a woman because of her wealth and eventually kills her. When his partner asks him the reason for this particular charm,then he narrates the story of his wife. Samantha (Bindu) is a micro artist who runs an NGO called PROJECT 511. It is a group of  youngsters who help young school kids for their basic necessities such as notebooks ,pencils etc. Our hero Naveen (Nani) is the next door neighbour of Bindu who sets up fire crackers. Nani admires Bindu and follows her like crazy for 2 years. He watches her from sidelines but Bindu teases him.One such day Nani  as usual gives Project 511 a monthly donation of  Rs 15. Bindu's sister-in-law informs him about Sudeep consturctions and asks her to talk to them for donation. Following her Sister-in-Laws words, Bindu meets Sudeep, the womanizer. The music which plays during their meet is fabulous and breath taking. Bindu asks him for donation for her NGO and Sudeep without thinking hands her a cheque of 15 Lakhs. Sudeep insists that he wants to observe their NGO activities and he tries to befriend Bindu. Nani follows Bindu like crazy and never misses a chance to observe her. Bindu ignores him everytime Nani talks to him. They both talk to each other through text messages while they know each other.The music score is soothing and full of peace.
Sudeep calls Bindu for a lunch. Nani is seen there setting up fire crackers for the hotel .Bindu stares at him and Nani indirectly talks to Bindu through the waiters and the managers. Bindu ignores Sudeep and stares Nani which angers Sudeep. Once for all Sudeep comes to know that she is watching Nani. This hurts him intensely and Bindu is completely unaware of what Sudeep told him. Sudeep targets Nani and  stabs him to death. It is the same day when Bindu proposes Nani, but our hero is already dead. She calls him and  informs him that she teased him for 2 years whenever he followed her and she loves him. The next day she gets the biggest shock of her life when she comes to know about Nani's accident ( made up story by Sudeep and co).
 Nani is reincarnated as a house fly. The efforts he takes to get adapted to his new life is commendable and it just takes you to a beautiful ride.The fly is too cute and adorable. The way it amuses you is speechless. Nani (as a fly) targets Sudeep. He harrasses him and Sudeep soon turns into a paranoid. He is mentally unstable to such an extent that he roams around with   HIT spray. He messes up with the investors and all his wealth is set ablaze by the house fly. One day the house fly observes tears on Bindu's eyes and takes this opportunity to inform her that he is Nani reincarnated as a house fly. He writes that with the help of her tears. This is completely emotional and made me  feel sad.Once again all credits to the back ground score.Now both Bindu and Nani partner with each other and plan to kill  Sudeep.A tantric informs Sudeep about Nani's incarnation as fly and asks him to do a 'Homa' to get rid of the fly.The tantric gets killed in a short circut while performing the Homa. Later on Sudeep comes to know that Bindu and Nani are partners in crime who planned to kill him.He plans to kill both of them and  the chops the wing of the fly. Nani ( as a fly) sacrifices  his life for his love by jumping through a lighted match stick,inflaming itself into a loaded cannon which kills Sudeep. Bindu griefs the fly's death using the remainder of Nani  which was the wing. While Bindu goes to work , an eve teaser abuses her. He is soon attacked by a  fly. This fly is none other than  Nani who is reincarnated again as a fly.Santhanam's entry as Potthu Govindan is a treat and he manages to tickle our funny bone.

There is a scene where Sudeep asks his workers if 'Flies' take revenges.This will make you  laugh like anything. This is a complete roller coaster ride for kids. Our King Khan SRK himself has recommended this movie. Sudeep has done  justice to the role. Samantha is cute especially with her smiles.A very Jovial Nani played by Naveen  is too good. I loved this movie and I am damn sure that you would love it too. The animation is too good and the songs are awesome as usual and this is a treat.

The movie is released in Tamil as 'Naan Ee' , telugu as 'Eega' and Hindi as 'Makhi'

So its time for the verdict. I give this movie a  4 star for the feel good  factor and I never got bored through out this movie. This was fun and will watch it again.
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Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Dictator - Movie Review

Starring – Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris,Ben Kingsley,Jason Mantzoukas,
Directed by – Larry Charles
Music By – Erran Baron Cohen.
Budget - $65 Million.
Released on – 16th May 2012

Tagline - The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.

The Dictator is the 4th movie of British Actor Sacha Baron Cohen who has once again never ceased to tickle our funny bone. I would definitely rate the movie between ‘Borat’ and slightly above ‘Bruno’. In this movie Sacha takes on the dictators as he plays the role of Admiral Hafaz Aladeen. ‘Admiral Aladeen’ is the dictator of the Uranium rich North African Nation of Wadiya. The movie has a promising start which talks about the dictator’s childhood. The movie starts with the news reader giving insight about the mounting tensions in Wadiya. Admiral had changed over 300 Wadiyan words to Aladeen including words such as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. A doctor informs one of his patients that he was HIV Aladeen owing to which he gives mixed emotions of happiness and sorrow as he is confused. It also shows the birth of Baby Aladeen with his trademark beard and pubic hair. The Supreme Leader ‘Aladeen’ also organized his own Olympic games and claimed to have won 14 gold medals. The movie is promising enough to make you laugh, thanks to DAN the MAN Sacha Baron Cohen aka ‘The Dictator’. The accent with which he speaks is amusing and his looks and behaviour resemble Late Mohd Gaddafi of Libya especially the female bodyguards. The film starts with a special dedication to North Korean dictator Late ‘Kim Jong II’.

The Supreme leader delivers a speech while addressing the Wadiyan people and boasts about the uranium rich country and informs them about using those resources only for clean purposes like for  medical and research and giggles. The world nations are worried about the dictator and they want him to address the United Nations. He expresses his desire to make his country a Nuclear power nation and comes hunting for his nuclear scientist ‘Nadal’. He argues about the shape of the missile with the nuclear scientist and wants the missile to be pointy. The dialogues are too hilarious especially between the scientist and the Admiral where the admiral claims to have seen a research which the scientist objects it to be a cartoon. The dictator wants him to be executed as the scientist disagrees with him. Ben Kingsley plays a crucial role in this film as ‘Tamir’ who is the dictator’s uncle and aide. The dictator is concerned about his life and has too many body doubles so that if someone tries to assassinate him the body double is killed. Tamir eyes the Uranium and wants to sell all those to his friends who are the head of other Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Tamir makes a plan and sets a trap for the admiral. Unfortunately the dictator falls prey to it. He uses the admirals body double who is mentally challenged (Efwadth)  to address the UN.The security person shaves the ‘original’ admiral’s trademark beards. Helplessly he watches him and feels sad at his own plight. On the D-day, the admiral is supposed to address the UN and sign an agreement stating that Wadiya would soon turn into a Democratic country. 

The ‘original’ Admiral waits outside the Lancaster Building watching all the funny and weird actions by the ‘body double’ admiral.The body double aka Efwadth urinates on a jar and pours over the Israeli delegates as he is mentally retarded. The 'Original' Dictator  yells ‘He is not the legitimate leader’ at Efwadth and the entire mob chant the same slogan. The ‘original’ dictator without beard objects the body double’s speech and doesn’t want democracy in Wadiya. He runs towards the building where he is beaten. During this event he encounters woman activist Zoey (Anna Farris) who offers him a job in her store. The dictator introduces himself as ‘Alison Burger’ to Zoey. He initially refuses the offer and moves on to NY’s ‘Little Wadiya’ which is populated by the Wadiyan refugees. There he encounters his nuclear scientist ‘Nuclear Nadal’ who works as Mac expert in an Apple store. Nadal explains that Wadiyan rebels infiltrated his intelligence unit, sending into exile all the people he had ordered to be killed. Nadal and Aladeen plan to destroy Tamir’s plot where the Nadal urges the dictator to make him as the head of the Wadiyan Nuclear Program. Aladeen(Alison) accepts Zoey’s offer as she is catering at the Lancaster Hotel where signing was supposed to take place. Both Nadal and Aladeen make a plan and unfortunately their plan fails to materialize. Aladeen (Alison) helps Zoey in improving her struggling business with his strict rules on employees and schedules.With the help of a beard taken from a corpse ,Aladeen infiltrates into the hotel where ‘Efwadth’,his body double lived.He incapacitates him and enters the signing ceremony.He tears of Tamirs document to form a democratic government and gives a  speech praising the virtues of dictatorship and urges USA to move to dictatorship.His heart melts when he observes Zoey in the hotel and expresses his love to her. The dialogues which he uses to explain democracy are unusual and it is too good.He vows to democratize his nation and open oil fields for business but in a way where  people will benefit.He also promises to hold fair elections in his country.

A year later, Wadiya holds its first democratic elections, although Aladeen wins it by a huge margin. Afterwards, he marries Zoey, but is shocked when she crushes a glass and reveals herself to be Jewish. The end scenes however shows  Aladeen's convoy with  eco-friendly cars instead of the previous  gold one , visiting a reinstated Nadal, and later Zoey revealing in a television interview that she is pregnant with the couple's first child. Aladeen responds to the news by asking if Zoey is having a "boy or an abortion". The movie itself is a laughter riot and I am sure you will like it. In the ‘Death to Aladeen’ restaurant at Little Wadiya , Admiral meets his country men whom he  ordered to be executed. I completely loved this entire scene where he converses with a guy revealing his name. The guy asks for his name and he comes up with names such as ‘Alison Burger’, ‘Ladis Washe Rum’,’Emp lye must wash hands’ and ‘Max imum occu pancy 120’ etc. Check out this scene on the LINK

The films will make you laugh like anything. Ana Faris has done a commendable job but the dictator takes away all the charm.I believe that Ben Kingsley should have been given more role but sadly its not the case. Larry  Charles ,the director of the movie  has proved himself once again. The child birth scene might  look offensive to many of you.The helicopter scene is equally hilarious. Megan Fox does a cameo for the film.The following scene is funny where the admiral sticks his picture with Megan on the wall along with other celebrities where he is found semi naked with Hally Berry,Hillary Swan,Arnold Schwarzenegger etc. Some might feel this movie as offensive and some might think it as racist.
1.Aladeen- Megan, you were worth every penny. I trust everything is in there as your manager requested?
Megan Fox- What’s this, a ruby? Is that a joke? What am I, a Kardashian?
Aladeen- No, of course not. You’re much less hairy.

2.Hotel Manager- …I am here for your protection, but I have to say, I hate Arabs.
Aladeen- I’m not an Arab.
Hotel Manager-You’re all Arabs to me: The blacks, the Jews…those blue, tree-hugging queers in Avatar…

3.Zoey – Alison, could you please take your hands off my breast.
Aladeen (Alison) – Breasts??. I thought you were a boy.

4.Aladeen(Alison) - We love it when women go to school.Its like seeing a monkey on a roller skate .It means nothing to them but so adorable to us. 

5.Aladeen - I am executing myself.I am nice.I am like mushroom,hard and fake from outside but soft and mushy from inside.
Nadal - you are not like mushroom but like Onion but a '*******' and within it there are 10 layers of '*****'

 I enjoyed the movie although I was expecting more as I am a very big fan of Sacha. I am not disappointed but I felt that it could be better. I give 2.5 stars out of 5.

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