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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Roasted Turkey or Roasted in Turkey?


Mr. Watson, my boss had invited our team for a Thanksgiving dinner at his place. This meeting was to decide the fate of a few of our outstanding employees who shall be posted to our company's different overseas location.
Few of them included Syria, Turkey, Iran, UAE,  Somalia, Ethiopia, and many North African countries. Well, seeing the list, you might have realized my feelings.
I had prayed to multiple gods that week as my heart didn't desire to go outside of America. I love the USA! At least I could say so after seeing the opportunities in those countries.
So we all gathered around the dining table.  I smacked my lips as I saw the different Thanksgiving dishes Mrs. Watson had cooked for us. My boss was discussing the employee placement plan and I was busy staring at the roasted turkey that was neatly dressed on a large platter. My eyes couldn't resist that sight and it was tempting. 
"So, I will now inform you what the management has decided." The boss said, " I just need a confirmation from you once I inform you your new work location." 
My ears bypassed what he said all those time that actually made me regret.
He pointed towards me and said, "Turkey!"  I was busy drooling at the roasted turkey.
"Yes, turkey!" I told him. "Are you sure?" he asked to confirm.
"Yes, of course," I said and the rats inside my stomach were busy rumbling. My mind failed to process the context of the topic and my boss had sent the confirmation to the management. The rest of my teammates had declined the offer and I was the only one who said yes. 
I was busy gorging on the roasted turkey while few of my teammates came and sat next to me.
"I admit you are indeed a brave man, Steve," Andrea said to me. 
"I second you, Andy," Greg said brusquely.
"I mean how could you think of Turkey," Matt said, " You must be a legend. Look at the extreme conditions there and the ISIS threat."
"How could you think of moving to Turkey?" Jeff joined in. 
"Turkey." I stood perplexed. It was a late realization. The oven roasted turkey had blinded me for a moment that my company decided to parcel me to Turkey.
Because of roasted Turkey, I was sure of getting roasted in Turkey.
"Nooooooo....." I screamed at the top of my voice while my teammates were busy appreciating my courage. 

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Saturday, November 05, 2011

All I need is just 2 hours to get Creative & Innovative.

How simple could life get when you start using your thinking caps instead of wasting some precious time. My Company has been seriously promoting and advocating their associates to get innovative and creative.Very less people have actually taken those corporate mailers seriously.Often those mailers would go into their Deleted Items folder. But If one really has to ponder on such topics then I guess it would pay some value to his skill. My organisation has been shelling up few lakhs of amount as a gift prize for the most innovative and creative ideas that an Individual comes up with. Your skill sets doesn't needs to be improved or updated. So all these days I've been wondering I wish I had 2 extra hours to do all those stuffs.

I know I'm very much creative.Some say I call myself as a self proclaimed writer although I am in the process of writing my story book. But it takes lots of efforts to be creative and innovative. All these while I have been emphasizing on Creativity and Innovation. Why don't we think that Innovation could actually change our life. It will make the process smoother. It not only applies to Corporate Organisation but also to our daily lives. Object Oriented Programming has a concept known as 'Polymorphism' which states that there are more ways to do a same thing. Offcourse it is not the exact statement I have modified it.Well  if one thing can be done in many ways then why can't we think on those lines too.During my Personal Review Discussion my boss asked me about my contribution  in terms of Creativity,Innovation and Automation.I was completely taken aback when he asked me this question.I was simply blank and I mentioned him about the Knowledge repository website which I had created for my Team which is actually our teams training site which would benifit new joinees.It would help them get a complete glance of the Project and the System Processes. So he then gave me a wonderful example of Innovation in terms of an oil bottle.

At first there manufacturers used Glass bottle to deliver oil. Later on they innovated and worked upon it and glass bottles got replaced by plastic bottles. This got improvised and they used Packets and Sachets.This served as the best example. So I came across this contest.So What if I had 2 hours extra in a day?. I would be thinking in terms of Innovation and Creativity.Creativity offcourse makes wonders.It is said that a Creative person can actually bring smartness into work.I always learnt from my previous boss that a person should try to do smart work instead of hardwork. A manual handling work can take upto 9 hours but instead some innovation and creativity of the same work with help of some coding and automation can increase efficiency and productivity. It can reduce your time efforts by many hours.So firstly some algorithms and procedures can be written and then some high level designing and then it could be coded and properly implemented.The Oil Bottle served as the best example to illustrate Innovation.Creativity on other hand can bring life to your work.A boring day at work is not all which we would ask for.There are certain elements and groups at work which plan to bring some fun at work.This can be rated as the best outcome of Creativity. Innovation can be implemented in our daily day to day activities too. During my stay in Delhi at a friends place, I learned something new for breakfast. We used Maggi noodles and tried blending it with some other food item and it turned out to be tasty. Like wise Electric cooker,Solar cooker etc have been quite useful these days especially during the days of  increasing Gas Cylinder prices. So they can be a good alternative too. If I could list then I can produce a big long record of such examples. But sadly I thought something different while writing this. I firmly believe that I've achieved what I intended to convey the readers. But I would like to emphasize on Creativity and Innovation because they save time and improves our thinking process. If you don't think ,then you can't be a smart worker.Smart working implies Innovation and Creativity. So in either cases these two plays an important role in any individuals performance. So if I had 2 extra hours a day then I would thinking  on these lines. No matter I would be spending some time with my dear and loved ones too.

So I would love to dedicate my extra 2 hours to become Creative and Innovative. Creativity  redefines work  and Innovation enhances work. So be Creative and Innovative.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

230.Bla,Bla & Blah

I was watching SuperMan returns and for some reasons I was feeling weird and strange.I am talking about the scene where Superman saves a jet which was about to crash.Certain things are possible only when Superman and Rajnikant interferes.Great things happen when such superheroes come to rescue people from dangers and evade them from all certainty of any possible attack.Like this a country would be free from any kind of threats or likely threats.See,I am gone crazy and stupid behind such fantasy stories.I want to write something but  I am too lazy to write. Asked one of my new colleagues to read my When we Met story in company emp blog and felt great to get a honest review of the same.Its been really long since I actually wrote something meaningful.Its  non sense and bhakwas all these days.Instead of cribbing and whining ,I am actually planning to do something constructive. LoL,I didn't get hired by a construction company :P .I brought a Sony Cybershot to enhance my photography skills but unfortunately I haven't really had enough time for all that.All these days I have been really busy in work and I'm afraid that one day I would turn into a workoholic.My thirst for working late nights and completing my works has turned me into an insomniac. But lately  I could see a lots of change. I don't feel sleepy at nights and I watch POGO and CN like a little kid and record TV shows like MAD and Saas-Bahu soaps.My technical skills have completely swallowed my creativity and art.Now when I look back and open my blog and read the stories,it enlightens me completely.Went for 'Dil toh bachha hai ji' last week with a female friend of mine and thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoyed the movie  offcourse.I'm no longer the same flirtu Ste and I seem to lost all my charms and sparks  of making friends easily within a blink of a second.

 Life changes..true,it does. My Social life circle seems to be depleted and I talk to my best-ie Harneet Kaur all these days for advises and suggestions.Weirdo that I'm. Thoughts of my ITP Crush Neha W haunts me these days and I'm getting weird dreams these days.I get dreams about things like  a jet plane crashing upside down like a blue whale and a train flying and me getting tested under a lie detector. GOD some one please save me :P :P .

For your kind info,we won the DCL cricket tournament,Tug of War and  we lost the Valentines day Bay decoration.I am sharing few pictures of the BAY decoration event held at TechM.
haasta la vista Readers for time being..Hope to return back ,but by when that i can't assure.Tata.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

220.Clean screen & clear desk policy ;-)

I have been quite irregular in blogworld for last 8 months or so .Thanks to my job....Oh god I hope
 A-A-TM  guys aren't reading this post.Every year we have a security audit and each year we have auditiors  from Israel who interview us.The amount of hype this audit had created was  immensible. All the managers were busy  involved in clearing the mess and the employees were the poor victims.We used to have periodic  meetings scheduled to discuss this issue.Umm, while going through some random blogs ,I came to know about this Sunday Scribbling.I remember taking part  in previous prompts of the same site.I don't remember the topic though.So I have decided to write about this episode which took place at my office.
Security audits are generally  strict and stringent actions were supposed to be taken against people who were caught.Every day we would be getting mails and pointers to be noted like keep your desks locked before  you leave for home,lock your screen and so on. And it was during one of those sessions that we came to know about the clean screen and clear desk policy. Many people had different interpretations about the same.Some used to mess up with the clean screen and data encryption pointer.This all took place two weeks prior to our audit.This all had made things miserable.Our teams audit was supposed to take place on  friday.But sometimes it would be funny and the environment would be different at the floor.Every one would go outside the office and drink chai and smoke. They would wait for hours outside until the audit is over .Once its done ,then they would enter the floor like champions with constant smile on their face. To be honest even I was  not present during the audit  ,thanks to my CIA test which I had to give. So coming back to clean screen and clear desk policy, clean screen means locking your screen before leaving your cubicle and clear desk policy means locking your desk before leaving the cubicle.Isn't that cool? .I am glad they didn't had something like clean cubicle policy otherwise we would end up cleaning out cubicle.. Hahaha I can't stop laughing after experiencing all that .... hahaa
PS: Google chrome isn't allowing users to open my website.. So try opening in internet explorer or mozilla... ;) are you guys? .Long time ...hope to be regular. Love yaaaa

Friday, May 14, 2010

210.Very happy today!!!! :D

Hmm!!Long time .How are you ?.I could never imagine that I would leave blogworld for once.Now ,I am glad that I am being able to update my blog from some where.Trust me I am doing the same sitting from my cubicle B117 :P .I’ve a great team out here and wonderful friends.Its contrary that I used to crib during initial days ,but now its fine.My previous post was just a vent out of my thoughts and now that its clear I am enjoying this place.

Well, there are many reasons for the same.Hmm today we had our IDU award ceremony and we all were present.It was like awarding the performers and the best participants from different project teams.Our team grabbed 5 awards and we won the best team for the year award.Amazing na. Hmm! WEST is BEST. :P

Our team name is WEST,as we deliver service to the west regions of the United States.It was fun and I am really happy to be a part of this event and I am glad that our team won it.We have a lot of deserving candidates and inclusion of me makes it more special for me.

Its just that I am missing my folks and my loved ones.I am waiting for my other friends to come and once they come then it would be bliss and bang bang all around.Yipppie! I’m so happy.And yes I got a virtual sister although I don’t wanted her to my sister.Will write about my virtual sister on my next post.Till then give me some time.I hope to be regular atleast I can promise you.Love you all Getting late for home.Don’t know what to do this weekend.Suggest me .Love you mom,dad and anu....Miss you and love you three a lot ...muaaaaaaaah!


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