Sunday, February 21, 2016

An Open Letter to the Indian Media!

Dear Indian Media,

How are you? I assume that you must be super excited after the surge in the channel TRP's.  Well, I'm a bit worried. Ah! don't assume that I'm worried because of your TRP's. Well I don't really give a damn about it. I am writing this letter to make you aware of your importance in a society, in a democracy. You are one of the pillars of democracy but your juvenile behavior looks like you represent democrazy - the crazy media! 

I have always believed that a media should be responsible. You are grown up and you must be aware of your responsibilities. I'm just a citizen of this country but my blood boils when I see some of you in form of news channels that play with people's mind. Don't you think my anger is justified?  Don't manipulate! Whenever some serious issue arises, the first thing that you want is to increase your show TRP's. You come up with a twitter hashtag and your intention is to trend it.Is TRP above human feelings? You very well know that there are mixed breeds of people in our nation. The JNU incident  just proved the point that Indian Media is  TRP hungry. Do you know Western media mocks at us. You are the one's who interview a dying man after a bomb blast and ask him - "How does it feels being bombed?" 

Well, that's not an exaggeration! That's how reporting is done. These days media is such that it spews venom into the minds of the audiences. And the poor audience blindly believes what you show. The Rational being is disappearing. Media plays an important role in the life of an individual. People blindly believe what is shown in media. Few years back when a certain News channel  reported about spotting of an UFO, everyone believed  that oh yeah there is UFO in India! Really? Or just another farce! Oh Yes DeshBhakt Indian UFO!

Some of you are so biased and pro government that you fail to unleash the other side of the story. Media should be unbiased and should be like an aggressive bull ready to fight when anything is wrong. But these days it is observed that certain news channel doctored a video clip of the JNU students President Kanaiyah Kumar who happens to be charged with Sedition. Do you understand what Sedition is? How can you judge a person even before the Supreme court gives its verdict. You showed doctored video clips and later when few other media channels clarified that it was a fake video then you fell down to another extreme level to prove that with another doctored video. Has journalism fallen to this low in this country?  Journalists are like the pilot of a plane full of people. You drive them. They trust you. They blindly believe  you. How dare you take advantage of this and play with all of them. 

Ok, now you went on to tarnish the image of a student who happens to be from a  poor family. A sedition charge is slapped on him and suppose after few days when the court finds him innocent and releases him, what will be his life like? You can go to an extreme degree to prove that Kanhaiyya was chanting anti national slogans by faking video clips. Now what will be his future? Will you apologize for ruining someone's life? You are earning big by sitting on the shows and gaining TRP's. Ever thought how life would be like for the guy whose career has been destroyed by you guys. Well, Kanhaiyya's case would be one of the example 

Let me narrate an incident that happened recently in New Delhi. A girl called Jasleen Kaur came up with a story where she claimed that a guy eve teased her on a road junction and abused her.  She was called upon by a reputed news channel for a debate. That channel is also known as Debate TV by some and the news anchor is notorious for screaming and yelling at their participants. It is also believed that he doesn't allows his panelist complete their statements and views. Okay, this girl Jasleen was called upon by this anchor for a debate. The girl cried on the show and narrated stories about how she tackled the guy. And then our hero anchor, the chief justice of Indian Journalism tagged her as the bravest girl of India and what not. She trended that evening on Twitter. A group of news anchors then interviewed the guy. They couldn't even respect what his views were and we not even ready to buy his points. It seems they already rated him as a cheap eve teaser. But then came the twist. Jasleen Kaur's version of story as fake and Indian media had already caused damage to the guys image. He was sacked from his job and looked upon as if he was the nation's biggest criminal alive. Check this news article Jasleen Kaur exposed: The eve-teasing incident that wasn't and the twisted truth.

Now tell me, will Indian media apologize to someone for destroying the guys image. The same is happening with Kanhaiyya and the other students charged with sedition. Don't jump into the lake without researching about it. There might be a big crocodile inside ready to hunt you. Shame on Indian media for being irresponsible. The Jasleen Kaur incident was one such example.

When there is a dearth of news then you come up with a cooked  story like that of the UFO spotting seen at a garden in Uttar Pradesh and what not. And when  there are no news left , then you fall prey to Internet trolls. There was a photo doing rounds recently the same day when the  Odd -Even traffic rules was implemented  in New Delhi. It was a photo taken few years back and that went viral and some people believed it and blindly shared it on social media. Some News channels crossed the limits and showed it as news.

And then some news channels came up with tweets stating that it was an old photo that was doing rounds. 

Such kind of Journalism will not take you anywhere. Please grow up! Ah TRP's! 

These are just few examples. I could write a book on the lies told by Indian media. But I live in a time boxed world and got no time to entertain such things. Why don't you understand your responsibilities? It's because of few of you , the entire media fraternity is looked down! There are some honest people too. It raises a serious question on your credibility. 

Your role is that to highlight certain topics and fetch news from across the country. You don't have the rights to judge someone. No one gave you the permission to give verdicts. The court Judges are well qualified to give verdicts.  So please be responsible. 

This  'chief justice of Indian Journalism' anchor who happens to conduct a TV debate show should take care of his throat. How about a throat insurance? I'm certainly quite sure that in the long run it is going to affect his throat.  You damage our ears, dude! And at times , we feel like shutting down the TV. Please be good to all. Let all speak. Indian  media, please be responsible. Do you know what some people say? They call few of you as government stooge and want you to officially join the ruling political party instead of showing pro government news.  Well, is this what you want to hear? I see tweets every day. Please realize your importance! 

It's because of you guys that my Indian brothers and sisters are categorized and they indulge in name callings. They call each other as Tolerant, Intolerant, National, Anti National, Bhakts, Congress Agent, Aaptards and what not. Lets remember the fact that we all are Indians first , so lets live together like Indians and India is known for its unity in diversity. Keep aside the differences. And Media should play a pivotal role in that and support. Media , please show facts. Don't just jump into conclusions and damage anyone. And if you damage anyone's image  then please ensure that you apologize on your channel. I'm sure you won't do that. I believe you but the TRP word scares me. After all , its the game of TRP's! 

And yes, to the  Chief Justice of  Indian Journalism , don't say 'The Nation wants to know!' 

The nation doesn't wants to know anything. You are not the Chowkidhar of the nation. So ask on your behalf! 

Be responsible Indian media! It's a humble request!

An Indian

These are my personal views. Let me know what you think about it by commenting on the comment section.

PS - Unedited article

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Open letter to the Ex Boyfriend!

Taken from Here

Dear Ex,

I hope you must be fine and dandy!  Of course you must be!  Only if I could wish, then all your happiness may get ruined for once. I never knew what tears were until you made me cry.

How do I tell you how much I loved you? I did everything that you wanted, ordered and demanded. It’s sad to know that I had acquiesced to all your never ending demands. I never been a submissive type but for you I changed myself. I think that was the biggest flub that I ever committed. When you befriended me, you were so sweet; you were such a sweet talker, a charmer to be precise. Maybe I failed to read your real face. You had been showing me dreams all these days and like a fool I'd been living in that fantasy tale of yours. Your lies have hurt me! I have always mentioned you that I hate liars but you never listened to me. All you could do is to lie on my face and constantly hurt me. Perhaps you are good at hurting women! I know that! Right now, I'm broken into shards! I don't have energy left within me and more than that my tears glands have dried! I have turned ashen and fragile!

Its often said that relationships build on lies don't last long. But for you I adjusted myself just because my feelings for you were true! But you could never reciprocate the same. I have got the prize for trusting you blindly. Trust is a word too strong, after you betrayed my trust, I stopped trusting people. I changed my definition and opinion about love only after meeting you, but now I regret meeting you. All these years I had been dreaming and thinking about only you but it’s sad that you had many other priorities. Everyone who falls in love often tastes hurt at some point of time but in my case I never thought that I would get to taste it early. Such is my plight! All those upon whom I bestowed true love and showered too much care only forsaked me. It’s completely fine! You have taken me for granted - my words, my love, my care, my time, everything! Tears well in my eyes as I type this letter just to know that I'd fallen for a wrong man. When you talk about other girls, it just turns me off. Do I really deserve all these shit? I have made up my mind.  Never forget this day, you son of a bitch! You will have to answer me. I bloody did everything you said. I surrendered my body and soul both to you! I gave you all the happiness in your life, is it unfair on my part to expect the same from you? I always had time for you. I remembered you every single moment. You have made me weak! I'm turning feeble! It seems the sky is falling down on me to intensify my hurt but I will never give up. I will live my life once again. Bygone days are bygone! Never ever I'm going to talk to you. I have erased this chapter of love from my book. Days from now on will be filled with happiness. I just hope you realize your mistakes. I just request you to stop hurting girls like me. It’s wrong to hurt people who truly love you.

My heart is already mauled and your hurt has only aggravated the pain and left behind a deep scar that constantly reminds me of the hurt caused by you. It’s strange that this heart which is enclosed with arteries and veins also has feelings and emotions. But sadly this beating monster of mine is not used to getting hurt but since that now it has got hurt, the damage has already been done. You know I have been spending sleepless nights and I have drenched my bed with tears. How easy it is for you to play with the feelings of a girl. Right now I feel ashamed of myself for falling for someone like you who is just a liar and a disloyal bastard. Good bye for the last time.I shall recant my feelings for you from this moment itself. Right now I feel jettisoned. I remember it was the month of August when I met you for the first time. Did I know about the true face of yours I would have refrained meeting and talking to you. Now I ask myself why I even met you. Today, I'm doing what my heart ordered me to do!

You surely know how to impress and flatter a girl. You too applied the same trick on me. Right now I'm going to work on my dreams, ambitions and my career. You controlled me both mentally and physically and that too for a long time. I have now lost the patience. You could have simply told me if you don't like me instead of lying and passing obsequious comments on me. Don't you know every time I feel insecure when you talk about the other girls with me? I should have realized it that moment itself. I’d been trying my best to save this relationship and now it’s all over. I valued you and our bond very much but you constantly disappointed me every day and now you deserve this treatment. I'm now a free bird and I am going to color my dreams. I would try to forget you and those sour moments spend with you. I wish I could erase all the moments spend with you. Never come back to me with all those lies and fake apologies like every time you do. I no longer need your apologies for you have lost all the rights to apologize. I wish you all the luck to you. I’m happy to have got rid of this broken bond.

Your Ex, 

PS - This story is  inspired from a dear friend of mine!  I dedicate to all the girls who have been hurt by their boyfriend! Be Strong, move on! Life never stops here! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

An Open letter to a depressed friend!


I hope you are doing fabulous.  I have to deliberately ask you this after speaking to you last month and after reading through your mind, I’m upset about you. You are not the same anymore. I still remember how I used to scold you for bombing my Facebook timelines with too many status messages and funny meme’s. Do the good old days disappear when melancholy strikes?

I have no words to say what I feel right now. My piece of advice for you at this point of time is to be strong. My intention of writing this letter is not to preach. I’m not a priest to give you sermons.  Every single day when I talk to you, I have this constant fear gripping me – the fear of you not acknowledging me!  Don’t you remember the days we used to talk to each other – for hours!  I’m simply not amazed at the fact that you have caused yourself in a troublesome situation by alienating from the world.  If that helps then I would not stop you but if that makes you stronger then I will encourage you. Disappointment haunts me every time I type a hello to you on Whatsapp messenger. What if you never reply me?  Isn't failure an attribute of successful people?  You may disapprove of this but most successful people have tasted failures during their early days of life. They toiled hard and they have reached the milestones only after struggling. Why don’t you seek inspiration from them? Is that too much an ask? There are various stories that speak about this. Dropping a year is not okay to many. Similar is the case with you.  I understand that you are quite young. At this age, people talk about ambitions and aspirations. I’m quite sure you must have dreamt a lot about your future too. People will  be there to talk behind your back. Let them talk whatever they want to! It's their job to bring others down. They might do their job. Never let the negative feelings grip you. People will come and go in your life and say many things about you. They  talk behind your back because they fear facing you. Everyone has a different perspectives. Extract the positives from what they say and ignore the negatives. Ignorance is a bliss and you very well know that.  Welcome to life! That is how life is! Failures knock our door when we least expect it. Today I would narrate you my story on how I landed to   Noida alienating myself from my loved ones. I can’t tell you how much hurt I must have caused myself taking the life changing decision of my life! I had too many regrets then.

“Each decision brings its own delays and days are lost lamenting over the lost days.”   A dear friend of mine would often remind me of this quote. Every one tagged me as a cribber. I had no one to cheer me up and make me stronger. But today you have me. I am only doing my bit to mold you into a stronger person.  The sky will not always be blue.  The birds would stop crooning someday.  It’s okay to well your eyes with tears. Our cheeks do need to experience what tears feel like! But let’s not make it a daily routine- even they won’t like it. It’s OK to cry but remember that you have to mold yourself into a stronger individual. You have lost your smile these days.  Don’t you know how much I used to adore your smile?

 I don’t see the loquacious you anymore. I fear that if you continue doing this then you will only hurt yourself.  An old adage speaks – “The journey in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.” I can cite several quotes for you just to motivate you. At this point, it’s important for me to make you understand that failure is not something that brings you down. Don’t remain submerged in it. I too sailed a similar boat that you are travelling now. So, I can understand your pain. Your pain might be higher in intensity than mine but its okay!

“Often in life, we forget the things we should remember, and remember the things we should forget.” And you are just doing the latter! You should come out of the depression and instill joy in your life.  My attempts to motivate might turn futile or may turn fruitful. It depends on how you take it.  I’m quite sure your dreams will materialize soon.  Stay positive, be positive, and think positive! And lastly read this line carefully,
“Never back down. Life is like a bull; you have to take it by the horns, even if you’re thrown around, get up and go again!”



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