Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Forgotten hero!

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The world changed upside down within no time. I jostled against the tide of time. Now nothing is left in this journey of life just that everything now seems bland to me. I am racing against time struggling and fighting. No one could ever understand my plight. I had lost everything - money, happiness and love.  The great economic recession transformed me into a pauper and  I lost all my happiness. My beloved darling Emily left me all alone. Emily, my only love whom I discovered through a social networking site kicked me out of her life. I couldn't believe that I am on the street within no time.  They say everyone is born with a purpose. Today, I fail to realize the purpose of my life. I walk along the deserted streets of Marine drive. Its 3.15 AM. The entire city of dreams was snoring to glory and I was all alone walking down the lane. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I decided to take a stroll at the beautiful side of the city for the last time. I wanted to plunge deep into the ocean of life and freed myself from all kinds of melancholy. 

I walked slowly, taking one step at a time. I stood there firm for a minute and sat on the seat. A cold breeze brushed my hair and it was a complete state of joy, a transient feeling amid my frustrations. I stood facing the sea and started walking towards it. I could feel the cold waves kissing my feet every time I stepped ahead seawards. 

"So, going to commit suicide, huh?" I heard a voice from behind.
I remained stunned and for a while I realized that I was the only one present at that place.
I stood there contemplating for a while. There was a deafening silence for a minute.  I didn't hear any voice for a while.
"Generally how long do you take to reply?"  I had the same voice again.
I cleared my throat and said, "Who are you?"
"Well, I am the forgotten hero!" the person said.
"At least prove me you are a person." I said.
"I failed to prove myself and that’s why few people left me," the voice continued, "Not few ,I mean many."

"We both have similar stories." I quickly replied.
"Just that I am all alone like you. But my condition is better than yours. I got few loyal people who followed me during my early days of life." I heard a laughter sound.
I smiled at him. At least it was good to know that he had someone in his life unlike me. "That's good!" I said.
"So, why are you so sad? You never used to be sad when Emily was around, no?" the voice said.

"Well, things have moved on," I said and asked," Hey, how you know Emily?"
"I know many things about you."
"You scare me," I said and continued, "Please tell me who are you?"
I now started sweating profusely amid the cold breeze. "Dude, look at you sweating at this hour. You used to be a fun loving guy during 2004 when we met!" the voice said.
"What? We even met?!"  I replied.

"Yes, we did. You used to visit me every day and in fact the first time we met I had sent you an invitation to meet me. Dude, you forgot me so soon. Haw!" the voice said.
“You lost your first mobile phone to get an invite from me. Don't you remember?” the voice added.
"I introduced you to Parul, Priyanka, Eshita, Zainab, Tina, Lorita, Neha and many more girls. You met all of them through me. And you even met Emily through me," the voice said.
I was perplexed now. Those were the good old teen days where I chanced upon every single girl who had a beautiful picture on their profile and some people called that act as 'Orkutiya'.

"You are scaring me now. Don't get on my nerves dude?" I said.
"Why did you leave me? Why did you forsake me, dude?" the voice asked me.
"For god sake, tell me who are you?" I asked.
I was tired of my life and decided to finish everything that life had offered me. I never wanted a second chance for I knew that all my attempts to move on in life would eventually turn futile.
"You ran behind walls. I gave you the real platform to express your love but you ran behind walls and scribbled on it."
"I taught you how to like people but you preferred clicking a like button instead. I taught you to talk beyond walls but you decided a timeline for everything." The voice now turned aggressive.

"I introduced you to different communities in my network and even made you owner of few of my communities. Don't you remember  you even used to boast about how it feels to be a community owner?" the voice added.
"I gave you the freedom of expression, speech and space. But you preferred saying things in less than 140 characters and started following a stupid blue color birdie which took the world by storm." the voice continued.

"I am super vexed by your actions. I have craved for your presence. Every single minute I miss you and the million others who follow the wall culture of scribbling on walls instead of talking."  The voice turned aggressive once again. 

"Even people who never touched books during their life time started facing books. I am not like that book, wall or that stupid little birdie. I made people appreciate you through something called testimonials," the voice continued,” Do those jerks allow you to do this?"  I could hear a voice something similar to Batman wheezing.
"For heaven sake, tell me who you are?" I said," I beg you please. I assure you that we can be friends again." I said with a smile and started searching for the person behind me.
"It's late now. They have fixed the date, dude. Stop acting!" the voice said.
"What date?"I curiously asked.

"30th September, 2014." the voice said and appeared in front of me.
Tears rolled down my cheeks.  "Orkut!" I screeched loudly. I started sobbing. I couldn't control my tears.
"I love you, Orkut!" I said. He smiled at me and said,"I know that, dude!"
We both hugged each other tightly."I will miss you, Orkut!" I said.
"Pagle, abh rulayega kya!" Orkut said. "Now, I am only there for 1 month or so. So better relive your teen days before I go obsolete. And don't forget to download all the testimonials that the chicks wrote for you." Orkut said, winking at me. 

"I love you Orkut. You gave me all the happiness and I owe everything to you."
"God to hear that! Live your life once again! This life is precious. Enjoy it." Orkut said and within seconds it vanished.
"Ork...ku....tttttt!" I screamed at the top of my voice.
I sat on the slab and opened my mobile browser. I typed


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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Friend, Philosopher nd Guide!!!

My Friend, Philosopher nd  Guide!!!
I just called her few hours back and I told her that I would write something special for her.This person is some one whom I admire the most.So,here I dedicate this post to my Friend,Philosopher and my guide.

I met this person on 21st September two years ago in this social networking site called 'Orkut'.I know Orkut has done wonders and has played an important role in the building friendship between strangers.The result of this is that eventually strangers land up being good friends infact the best of friends.It was a random friends request.I just got through her orkut profile through a mutual friend who is no longer common to us.I was impressed with the way she managed her orkut profile."~~iT ()nly t@kes a sMiLe to stOp 1000 tEaRs~~" was written on her orkut profile. Now,don't click this link it will redirect to my Orkut profile and not hers:P. I promised her that I won't write her orkut link here. How thoughtful the line is?Just imagine, to stop some from feeling sad,upset and to stop their tears we just need a single smile.Trust me your Solitary Writer wasn't a blogger at that time.Probably few things like this forced me to write my own blog.This status message itself was enough and I got inspired.This instigated me to check her album.Believe me at that time there was no Photo lock like thing in Orkut and the photos that you upload was visible to everyone on Orkut.Perhaps this was the reason why Orkut came up with this photo lock thing.Ok,enough of recent development of Orkut.I would end up giving a seminar if I talk about it.
Well,her album didn't contained any of her picture.It was a mindblowing collections of thoughtful quotes ,images and cute baby pictures.Her about me was awesome.That was the reason why I send her an add request.Just read this.
I don't want 2 say anything
I don't want 2 put anything down
I don't want to smile or speak
U may find it funny and smile
U may find it weird and frown
I don't want 2 lie
I don't want 2 b true
So whatever u want 2 think
I leave up to u.........

How often do you see people with such About Me in your Orkut.I don't know why I send her friends request,just some real time response to stimulus after my brain decoded those beautiful lines.I was a bit skeptical that she won't add me for sure.I just checked my Orkut and yes she did add me .I was very happy that I atleast found a thoughtful person on my friendslist and believe me that was the time I was new to Orkut and didn't knew much about it.Now,the scenario is different.I just send her a scrap saying "thanks for adding me" and that was the day when our trsyt with "Thanks" started.Later on 'thanks' was accompanied by few other courteous words like 'sorry'.,'welcome' ,'forgive ' etc.I still wonder why girls like her say 'thanks' and 'sorry' often.She really gets pissed off when I call her an 'angel'.She refuses to accept it .She loves to be called a 'devil' or a 'frog' as I love calling her frog .Hey Mannat see I got a new nick for our best friend.Now,Stick to the tradition of calling her 'frog'.This nick perfectly matches her. I would definately say that she is a blessed person for she is surrounded by beautiful souls around her.Everytime I log in Orkut and I see loads of testimonials awaiting her from her friends .
She is a blessing in disguise to her parents,I mean not disguise but she is a blessing to her parents for sure. Such an attitude,just makes you wonder that this girl is not from our league.She is much more than an angel. I would like to write more about her,but I would do it some other day.I am pining for time as its my project presentation tommorow.I would like to show you the snippet of our convo few days back.
She: lame that i am
u r not
heheheh thanks 4 being so kind....its okie...
mujepata hai i'm lame its okie
even me lame no less.
acha....lame aise hote hai????????????mad???????????????
ur an angel and jaldi list de.
:pehli baat i'm nt an angel and coming 2 d list.....

1.u've always listened n taken my nonsense patiently...
2.there were tyms i behaved in a stuck up manner,hurt u always undrstood....n lt me be..n forgv me...
3.u always encouraged me fr thngs i nevr thought i cud do...
4....u wrote an artcle n a poem fr me....n gv me credit 4 things i dnt evn do
5. u always mk me feel remebered n special
6. u help me undrstand thngs...n try 2 improvise...evn though i show remote signs of improvmnt
7.u nevr complain n accept me d way i'm..evn though i'm a frog...
8. u nevr broke my trust...n gv me r friendship wich i cherrish
9. u nevr force thngs on me
10.n most imp 4 being wt u r....
She: i cn jus go on nd guess..this much shud satisfy u 4 now.

I am amazed by the amount of love and respect she has for her parents and her brother.She is a perfect example of an ideal friend.I still miss those late night chats from 10pm-2am during April-May 2008.That was the most memorable days of our friendship where we fought,irritated each other.I was going through the bad phase of my life with fractured limbs and Pneumonia struck,I wondered if everything would be fine.There has been many days when I had drenched my bed with tears because of those bad times of my life.This was the period when I met this angel who seems to be so kind and helpful.I cherish your friendship and for days to come.We both will serve as a perfect example of best friends.Thanks a lot you have done for me,Parzz.
Thanks a lot my 'Frog','Angel' sorry 'Devil'. :P

She is my BEST friend.

Post inspired from Shweta for My Friend,Philosopher n Guide @WL