Sunday, November 11, 2018

Writing my heart out!

Writing my heart out!
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I can't write my heart out
Painful thoughts engulf my mind
I lay on the floor deeming my past
Bliss and joy so vast
Now, my mind threatens my heart 
My heart fails every day, every night
Thinking of the old days
My mind commands me to move on 
But I simply can't, no never
And heart won't forgive me 
And my mind yells at me
Asks me to direct my life
Where did you go? Why did you go?
I know you'll never forgive me
But I can't just think beyond
Like winds, ocean and time, 
I'm not inured to move on
Maybe I'm just like that 
Maybe I'm weak and tired 
I don't know to explain myself 
I don't even know how not to care
Ima gonna try, tell me to move on
Hate me or love me,
My mind urges me to move on
Maybe I should listen to it
Maybe I will try
Maybe I'll never
Maybe I'll just pretend
Maybe I don't deserve all this

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Death, be not proud

Death, be not proud
This is dedicated to people who've lost their loved ones and living a life in their absence.

death, be not proud

Death, be not proud
do you know what you have done?
great and Mighty, you claim to be
but you are nothing but a coward
who breaks the peace and ruins happiness
oh, sadistic soul, how can you be happy
by inflicting pain in others?
you quench your thirst with our tears
no, you'll never stay thirsty
in this life of ours as we mourn our love
we lost our precious, the light of our life,
that worth more than gold and diamond
you mock at us, as we screech in pain
this void in our heart will never get filled
for years and generations to come
oh Death, you better never be proud
for your achievements is someone's loss
drowning in the ocean of melancholia
we watch your smug face
do you know what we go through?
what do you gain,
through all our pain?
now, their absence, the void,
kills us more than their memories
memories fade away along with them
everything hurts, everything pains
oh, Death! What have you done to us
will our life be the same again?
where are the laughter, jokes, and all the good times
you replaced them with sorrow and sadness
but say us what have done,
to have earned your animosity and wrath
you may have sunken kingdoms and lives
your might can destroy universes and sink continents,
but why did you chose us?
you'll have to answer some day,
Oh, Death, you be not proud

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Let me not think of You!

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Let me not think of you
in the silence of the night
Let me not languish
the seasons gone by
Days that we spent together 
will never come back
Annihilate me with that million dollar smile
Smile that I would crave forever 
Let me not remember you
my heart shrieks with pain
Let me hug you for the last time
I doubt we would ever meet again
I started missing you
the moment you said goodbye
The Lane where we walked together
will never see us walk again
The flowers that once kissed the bee
The bee will never be the same
Bygone days will never return back
Your memories already began to haunt me
The void that you left behind
Will never be filled again
Even if it happens,
that will never be the same
What will the butterflies think
that fluttered within me
Every time you walked with me
I started missing you 
the moment you said goodbye

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Every time you smile..

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Every time you smile
my heart skips a beat
my mind wanders 
with thoughts about you
a life of togetherness
it dreams, it hopes

Every time you smile
I transform into a butterfly,
flying  from one flower to another
to find the best one for you
No flower stands even close 
to your beauty, your elegance,

Every time you smile,
I plunge deep into the ocean
the ocean of love
that embraces me when I see you
Smile often for me
I want to get drowned in it

Every time you smile,
an imaginary wings gets attached to me
I feel like a little bird
and garble around carelessly
Smile and make this bird
fly high in the sky

Every time you smile.
I find myself in it
Smile for me, 
your smile haunts me,
Arrests me.
get me caged in your life.

I will  die watching you smile!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Life your Life , the fullest!

Many things that Life offers,
some good, some bad
unexpected news arrive unexpectedly,
face up to the challenge,
part of life it is!

Why?  How? Questions do haunt,
useless things they are
live your life, the fullest
next what happens, no one knows
why worry about tomorrow?

Enjoy life, every minute, seconds,
for moments lost, never come back,
be happy, spread smiles
your life, You know it better,
live your life, the fullest!

This poem was actually written  by my younger sister! I  helped her in refining it!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Symphony of Love

This is for you dude! This shall pass too! 

Entering my life, like a storm she
snatched me  with her love,
beholder was I, admired her, 
days and nights, faraway,
Killing me with her looks she
tortured me with her smiles,
long braided hair swinged,
cascaded my heart away
I sing  the song of love,
the symphony that unites us,

Baby, why  did you do this?
For I wanted your smile, your love,
I lost you, dreams snatched,
Hopes killed, chasing memories,
Everything hurts, your thoughts haunts,
Miles away, with some other, 
you weave a story of togetherness,
Distance apart, here I nurse my mauled heart.
Training it to live in your absence,
Now that you're no more,
Happiness ceased to exist,
Tired of life, love hurts,
It Pains!

Falling and Failing in love is not new to many. But for someone who hasn't tasted failure, defeat is matter too big. Any kind of defeat is heart breaking and failure in love destroys the heart. Heart is so vulnerable. Beating monster not only  pumps blood but also binds emotions together. My friend recently fell in love with a girl and eventually fell out of it after he got to know that she stabbed his love.  Thinking about his past, he laughs hysterically , wondering if all that happened recently in his life was just a dream. But Alas! Truth is bitter and takes time to digest!

This is for you dude!  Be strong, move ahead in life.