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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Quanfun Cotton Wrist Sweatbands

Quanfun cotton sports sweat wristbands sweatbands are high-quality Terry cotton material, comfortable and durable.  Absorbs sweat. It's very lightweight.  Sweatbands are a must for sports person who is subjected to extreme and harsh conditions. Well, what to do when you sweat? Well, Quanfun is a super material designed especially keeping in mind the life of sportspersons. I believe it is also useful for common people. Trust me I am using this product for last few weeks and I loved it. Its always there on your wrist waiting to wipe your sweats. As you toil hard and perspire, the all-new Qunfun is there to wipe those. 

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Corseca DM5810BT is a Bluetooth Headset with high-quality Stereo Output and inbuilt Microphone for clear voice calls. It is integrated with an MP3 Player that can be invoked through buttons available on the headset. There is  a charging slot and a chip slow where the MicroSD card can be inserted.The neckband is elegant and stylish. The material quality is not bad. The finish seems to be good and an advantage about the product is its light weight. It is easy to handle.
Now, let's see it's product specification before I tell you what I feel about this product.

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Technical Specification

  • It supports Bluetooth Version v4.1.
  • Supports Headset profile, Hands-free.
  • A2DP and AVRCP.
  • Bluetooth Class 2
  • 430 Mah Lithium Polymer Battery with a Charge time of 2 hours per Charge Port
  • Mirco USB 5 pin Bluetooth Mode.
  • Talk time of 20 hours.
  • Music Time up to 18 hours.
  • Standby time up to 70 hours
  • For Media Player, Music Time is up to 6.5 hours, Standby Time up to 16 hours
  • Size 155 x 115 x 25mm
  • Weight 73g
  • Operating Temperature - -10 to 50 deg Celsius
  • Storage Temperature- -20 to 80 deg Celsius

Now it's time to review it.
I was pretty much excited when I ordered this product from
My friend had informed me about this Bluetooth Headphone and last month she had purchased one. But that was a different Corseca Product. I asked her for a recommendation and she informed me about this DM5810BT version that comes up with a memory card slot that supports music player.  I was impressed after I  saw the product. I quickly ordered it and it got delivered in 3 days. To be honest, when I unboxed the product, I had struggled for about 45 minutes on how to pair the headset with the headphone.

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Dejected, I gave up and decided to experiment the next day. Even it's user guide  couldn't help me much. It was clearly mentioned but somehow my phone got messed up. Then I realised that a Philips Bluetooth speaker was already paired with my phone. I removed it and paired the new Bluetooth headset with it. It got paired and I was too excited to know how it performs. I quickly connected my music player to it and it played loud and better.
I then watched some videos on youtube. I even watched a movie using the JioCinema app and I didn't see any performance degradation. It was perfect. At the same time, my friend Ankit had called me, I spoke using this headset and I somehow realised that the volume was a bit low in case of phone calls. The voice quality is not good. Rest all was good. Even the music via the SD card was good. The charging doesn't take much time. It comes up with a nice beautiful case. 

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

The user guide has some 18 instructions on how to use the buttons provided on the headset. It has a center call button along with a volume adjustment button that allows you to lower or raise the volume.

Overall, I am happy with the product and impressed with it.
I highly recommend you guys to try this awesome Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset.

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Saturday, June 06, 2015

OYO Rooms Review - My OYOxperience

PS - This is   my  review post consisting of my OYO Rooms stay experience. OYOxperience - I call it. All the images in this post has been clicked by me. (c) ingeniousty

Most of us love travelling! Don't we? If given a chance I would stroll across the breadth and length of this country and I would also love to stroll across different cities across different countries. Unfortunately my job doesn't permits me to meander across places. I am no vagabond! Of course, if you belong to that league of people who have to travel across various cities  then this post would definitely provide you insights about places where you could stay during your voyage. This could be a trip - business, meeting or anything.  Every one wants to cool their heels at a place that would give them peace. You just need the best for the money that you shell. Yes, I am talking about the location - hotels to be precise. The hotel should be affordable and should take care of several factors such as hygiene, cleanliness, service, food etc. Recently I came across something called as OYO Rooms. The concept fascinated me. I researched about it and further on I would be posting the review of OYO rooms and  my OYO experience.  OYO Experience - Yes, you heard it right. 

But without much ado, let me  say few things about OYO rooms. 
It is  the fastest growing branded network of budget hotels. It was founded in 2013  and has more than 350 hotels under its brand.  It  has grown from a single 11 room hotel in Gurgaon in May 2013 to  4000 plus rooms across 350 + hotels in various cities of India.  I recenty had the opportunity to visit the OYO room at Hotel Atlantic at Juhu Tara road in Mumbai. I, along with 9 other bloggers from Mumbai were greeted by the OYO representative Nijish. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Virtually strolling through

People often call me as a connoisseur of Art.  I love art work. I’m glad to be an artist. Anything, everything from the work of Art amazes me – be is sketching, designing, movies, songs etc.  This is something that I love to do as it helps me to explore the creative side of my brain.  The more I plunge deep into the ocean of creativity; there are high chances that I might land up doing something different and new.  Today I’m going to take you to a virtual tour of

Engrave, as the name suggests offers you a variety of products exhibiting engraved art – things etched on different types of products of different varieties. Its tagline reads – memories etched forever! Of course. I have always endorsed niche sites. Niche sites are creative outlets that allow you to choose different products that are based on someone’s creativity.  Engraved is one such niche based website. Let’s talk about the usability of this website. The home screen and the different pages of this website will give you a notion of a photography blog because of the tiled grids featuring different kinds of images.  This gives a soothing effect to the eyes and the different products instantly attract the eye balls.

There is a seachbox that sits on a top navigation bar in the centre of website basically allowing the user to search for various products.  On the left of it rests the elegant logo of website.  There are different sections - Plaques, Canvas Prints, Name Plates, More, Collections, Gift Ideas and what’s New. Each section hosts products related to those categories. For instances, the Name Plates sections offers a  variety of name plates  based on different designs, sizes, types etc. It is appealing to the eyes and looks chic. For the user’s convenience, they also list different types in form of link buttons above like – Engraved Wooden Plates, Game plates, Teak Float Name plates, Kids room door signs etc.  Similarly it is implemented for the other section. A one suggestion here could be to highlight the navigation item color while hovering on it.  It would look gorgeous! You need to explore the website thoroughly and who knows you could find some amazing products. All these are engraved art works!  I checked out an engraved Clock from the website and after delivery I realized that it was too good.  You could check the product below.  Also, at places you could find that different awesome descriptions of the products that would make you smile.  Enough said why don’t you check out the website?

In the Image below you could see the items that I discussed above. The navigation link opens a sub menu with more details. The tile Grid layout makes it more appealing.

 You could see a neat bar that rests at the footer section which also hosts several other links - information, customer service, my Accounts. It also has a help window which allows to interact with the product owner i.e

Aforementioned, see the screenshot of the name plates section that hosts different types of Name plates designs.

And this is the Canvas Prints section. 

The Plaques section also offers different varieties of designs.

And from  all the product listed in the website , one that grabbed my eye ball was  the elegant , artistic wall clock.  It was basically a circular plywood  neatly painted with different colors formed to create a beautiful wall clock. 

This is a window in my main room - the divider between our kitchen and the main room. I just placed it on the window slab.

Or you could make your Teddy's day!

Or Perhaps a red purple background would do good too.

And its the darkness!

I  strongly recommend that you visit this site. If you have to gift a birthday  present to someone close then you could try varieties of options from this  niche based website. Do visit it guys!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Virtually strolling through

The e-tailer market in India has moved to a completely different level over the last  few years. We have seen the emergence of new players in this particular sector who have improvised a lot over these years. Few of them have established a good customer base while few have grabbed the attention of online shoppers. With various coupons, discounts and exciting offers, few online shopping sites are doing their best to keep an eye on the customers. Indeed! This is very good news.  People are shifting from offline mode of shopping to online mode – thanks to the online shopping model. We are seeing a new player every month, each with its own niche. There are sites that offer only electronic products, few offer babies wears and few exclusively offer books etc. Today I would be providing a review of one such site that has grown to be a next big player in the e-tail sector. It is  I just saw the TV commercial for the Jabong ad and it impressed me.

Two weeks ago, my sister was nagging me for a Rakshabandhan gift.  Like any other Indian brother, I gifted the  Cadbury celebrations box to her. But this time, she insisted that she wanted something better. I asked her to check online for anything she likes so that I could buy that for her. She quickly started browsing Internet and googled random products like ‘black kurtis’. She quickly jumped on to the URL that she encountered first. She was novice to all this, so I was her only resort when it came to Internet. She came across this site called ‘’. I watched her as she neatly explored the website.  The home page of the site like every other website had a welcome page that allows user to shop on the basis of their needs. Two buttons were placed on the screen namely ‘Shop Women’ and ‘Shop Men’.  An advantage of displaying these buttons could be to save the shopping time for quick shoppers. Below that were different sections like ‘Do not miss’, ‘Buzz’, ‘Recommendations’ etc. Such sections basically enable the user to search for what they are looking for. A user might be looking for a watch and the section for watches on the home screen might just benefit them. The same can be achieved via accessing the tabs on the navigation menu but as humans we always prefer short cuts ;) see here 

The right sidebar displayed a section for various blog posts. The blogs provided useful information to the users – most of them were related to the entertainment world.  There were tabs at the top of the page demarcated on the basic of users, availability etc. New, Men, Women, Kids, Designers, Sports, Sale were few of the tabs. Clicking on each of the tab flashed submenu’s that provided a variety of options for a user to select. You could rather observe lots of stuffs related to a particular gender. Like if you are looking for clothing accessories for a man then you could see Shoes, watches, sun glasses, ethnic wears, winter wears etc. You should perhaps go and visit the site to experience what I am saying.
The usability of the website is too good. As a user I was too happy shopping with this site. The website also allows users to filter the search results on the basis of their requirements. You might be thinking that this is not news. Yes! This is not new but this has got lots of options. You could filter the products on the basis of brands, fabric types, price, size, types, fits, offers, colors etc. Isn't this amazing? 

The payment facility is simple indeed. You have a variety of payment options and you can choose one of them to complete the order. I personally loved Jabong and I recommend everyone to try this website at least once. If you try it once, then you would never stop visiting that online store.
I have always endorsed products that make life easier. So from my personal experience, I would like to say that this is a very good product. Just that Jabong needs to work on their logistic partners. You should try this site and I found this virtual stroll too good!

  Note - At the actual shopping , I had not taken any images, so ideally the above images should have been a kurti instead of trousers ;)  Note that I have marked the important features of this website using a box in the image above!
A Quality Analyst by day and a dynamic blogger by night, Ste is an out-of-the-Box thinker whose thinking cap is never on the resting mode. The real feather on his thinking cap is his creativity which you can see in all his works, be it short stories, poems or sketches. He is a very big fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Most of his short stories are inspired from real life and things that fascinates him. His blog "The Solitary Writer" is a central repository of his entire creative spear."  Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fabulous 2 hours @ the Univercell Sync Store

This post  is written for Univercell Sync and

Univercell Sync, Causeway, Colaba

Weekends are bliss for people who love to explore new places. For people like me, who are used to extract their brain to think about logics and algorithm often have many thing to say! I have been a fun loving person throughout my life and the best thing one could ever gift themselves would be to spend some quality time with friends. Their role in your life is beyond words!

Last weekend Indi blogger and Univercell Sync gave bloggers an opportunity to experience what it feels like to be at their Sync Store. This event was held at three different locations across Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. I boarded a Churchgate local in this journey to experience the Sync! I met my blog buddy Ankit on the way to the venue. After we got down at the Churchgate station, we legged towards the Taxi stand and hailed a taxi to reach the Regal Cinemas. It was the first time that I was visiting this part of the city. My eyes aimlessly strolled around as the taxi took pace, admiring the beauty of this part of the city. It was called the Causeway. We got down and we quickly hunted for the Univercell Sync store. My friend pointed his fingers and that was it! It was the beginning of a new quality experience at the Sync store.  I saw a huge board with a sky-blue background. A text' Univercell Sync' was affixed to it, above it was a board stating some inaugural offer for customers. As I entered the store, I could see few familiar faces trying out the fancy photo frames and few others exploring the mobile phones. A representative with a smiling face greeted and welcomed us! Anyone would be pleased when greeted in such a fashion! A smile has great powers, it does wonders! I quickly scanned the store and it was awesome. 

Some amazing things that I discovered at the Univercell Sync!

"Guys, Can we have a quick group picture?" I heard a familiar voice from behind. It was Swati and Vineet from the Indiblogger team. We clicked a groupie and the exploration had begun! As I walked around the store, I observed the store representatives clad in smart sky blue Polo T-shirt and Jeans, all with smiling faces. The store was neatly organized with different sections; looking at the walls and the interiors it seemed that a lot of efforts were put to make it neat. I was checking the tablets as I got hold of a representative. 

"I have been to Chennai Univercell before. But I am hearing Univercell in Mumbai for the first time," I said to Saleem, the representative.

"No sir, we have our presence in Mumbai since last 1.5 years and we have 9 outlets in Mumbai," he said, his lips curved into a pleasant smile.

"And how many outlets do you have overall across India?" I enquired. I acknowledged him back with a smile.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Zest Drive - Car Review!

The Zest Drive

Recently I got a chance to 'Zest' drive the new Zest car, I mean Test drive the Zest. The Zest is a compact sedan from the Tata Motors. It looks decent and the exteriors look elegant. A lot has to be said about the interiors. It provides adequate space unlike other Tata offerings. The dashboard is compact and amazing. The Infotainment system is something which grabbed my attention. I will come to that  part a bit later. I rate this car as a comeback by Tata motors and this could pose as a big threat to other compact sedans currently in market as it offers much more attractive features. It is being said that Zest can give a tough fight to its other competitors. Zest offers a Revetron 1.2 L turbocharged MPFi Petrol Engine which is powerful. It provides a maximum torque upto 90 PS which is  good for any car. It comes in 3 multi drive modes which includes - City, ports and Eco. This modes can be selected by  the click of a button located near the gear box. The gearbox is smooth and easy.  The Sports mode is simply amazing. In this mode you could witness a sharp sound similar to that of the F1 cars. It could be said that these different modes can be used in different conditions. Zest sails smoothly on the road just like a boat sailing over the ocean. Its extremely smooth and the turns are sharp. In short, its a good performer. Zest also offers 1.3 L Quadrajet engine with  Ftronic AMT Diesel version car which is the 1st  AMT in diesel. It provides the convenience of Automatic along with shift assisted manual gears. The diesel version is similar to the petrol version. It provides good mileage too. It’s a bonus! A general practice should be followed  while driving Automatic transmission cars that the left foot should seldom be used. Most of us are used to driving manual cars and hence there is high chance that we may press the brakes thinking it to be the clutch. Zest follows its 3 pillars - DesignNext, DrivenNext and ConnectNext. 

This  basically deals with the design of the car. Some of its features are the new signature grille, power bulge, strong shoulder lines, read sling shot, layers, driver centric dashboard , projector head lamps, day light running lights, LED tail lamps and chunky alloy wheels. All these adds to the cars look which indeeds make it look stylish

This implies the central kernel of the Zest, the driving force which includes Revetron 1.2T turbocharged engine, multi drive modes,AMT Diesel, Hard baked steel,rear passenger protection, Dual path suspension etc. It also offers  a high class AC.

This is basically the infotainment system of the car. The touchscreen music system is developed by Harman which provides a variety of options.It offers smart phone integrations. Through bluetooth pairing , you could actually  access most of your phone functionalities on your car. You could call  someone, also  let the system read your SMS'es. It has a voice recognition system which is  designed to accept Indian accents.  The system works on voice commands which could be used for some functionalities such as AC temperature control, fan speed control, phone accessibility, Play songs by selecting artists, album or song names or tune into a FM channel.The volume increases by speeding the car. It has a very good touch screen. Its said that it could also provide provision for adding applications.

I personally loved it. Tata Motor’s efforts have finally paid off.  Over 2 years of hardwork will surely bring in some good news for them through the Zest.  The rear of the car is beautiful and Tata has got its winner in Zest. Zest has got some fabulous features and I bet that this could be a game changer for Tata Motors. I am keeping my eyes on this car. This car has impressed me!

The Solitary Writer is a blog which started as a hobby.Here you will find stories, poems, satirical posts, humour, photography and almost everything. This blog is the alter ego of a Technical guy who loves to be called as the Solitary Writer. Others call him Ste. He works as a Senior Quality Analyst in a leading Organisation and loves to break the codes and he likes to  do things differently. Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment

Saturday, November 30, 2013

And I sniffed!

Note - This post is a product review post written for Ambipur Air effects and

 Researchers and Scientists across the globe have all the time in the world to perform their researches in order to accomplish new theories which could change human lives or may be find in depth details about certain things. As per one such theory , scientists believe that humans could smell 10 different kinds of smells. The Olfactory lobes of the human brain is skillful enough to differentiate different kinds of smells. The neuron receptors  could probably be playing a good role. So from popcorn's to mints to fruits to dirts to flowers to dusts to  sweets to different kinds of aromas! Our talented brain could perform so many functions just like some  ambidextrous folks!

But why are we even talking and discussing about smells? Behold! I will unveil the reason for the same. Last few months I had been tied in my Analysis work which I had been doing for my project. Some times certain circumstances would demand my presence till late night. Of course  staying late night isn't my cup of tea but sometimes staying back late was the only feasible option for me. During those days Indiblogger came up with a contest - Smelly Air to Smiley Air!  But due to paucity of time I couldn't participate in that contest. But I had applied for the Ambipur Air effect product. I received the product in a months time. It was a Lavender Vanilla and Comfort air effects. The courier guy had called me,inquiring me for a landmark. By then I had completely forgotten about this product as I was occupied with too many stuffs during those days. As usual I came home late at around 11 p.m. It wasn't unusual for me as I was used to it. As we go out we often tend to get prone to unwanted agents inform of germs and different types of pollutants which contribute to other kinds of pollutions. These agents do reach our home along with us. So like a possessive girlfriend, they too would always be with you adding to your frustrations, contributing to mood swings and tiredness. And I would just transport my office frustrations from office to home. Day long  work would make me feel weak and tired.  So as and when I reach home, my first thing would be to go to my bed room and lay on my bed for some time. It was a part of my daily routine. But sometimes too much frustrations at office would irk you and you would lose your cool at home and take it upon your folks. Trust me even I am a victim of mood swings. So that day was different. As I entered my house with a frown , I felt something different in fact I smelt something different . I felt like I had entered a different home altogether. For the first time I sat on the main room as I saw my younger sister offered me a cup of coffee.  I smiled at her. She was surprised as she saw smile on my face after I reached home from work. SURPRISE!

Breathe In - Breathe Out - Breathe In - Breath Out! I was feeling  good . It  was so fresh! The fragrance was inviting and it almost transferred my tiredness into happiness! The fresh air only helped in keeping our home better. I loved the fragrance at the first instance itself!

Okay thats me holding the new Ambipur Air effects - Lavender Vanilla & Comfort.!

I should say that the fragrance of the air freshener  had imbued in  a new feeling inside the house. I asked my mother about this and she revealed the new Ambipur Air effects freshener. It was like   a long forgotten story which had knocked my mind once again to rewrite new chapters in this book of life.Sigh! Certain feelings couldn't be expressed in mere words but this brought good change. I no longer rushed inside my room to recoup all the energy lost in the days work. I would feel rejuvenated and fresh! Since then there has been no foul odour. Ambipur Air effect was there to tackle all kinds of smells that cropped in - whether it be fish, dusts, dirts etc. We religiously used Ambipur Air effects everyday. It was a good experience all together! It eliminated bad odour and freshened the air. So your fan won't be circulating stale air any more. It will snatch all the smells from your home and make you feel fresh just like it keeps the air around you fresh! and then it there will be smiles all around your home!

Last week  elder sister visited our place for the first time after her marriage. She was amazed and surprised and  kept nagging mother. I informed her that it Ambipur Air Effect  and nothing else. Such was the magic cast upon by Ambipur Air effect on all those who visited our home. Soon I gifted her the same.  Fresh air circulated within the home and the sweet fragrance would virtually transport us to a completely different world - a world full of happiness and nothing else. So why fret about smells when you have Ambipur air effects?  Try it and you too would find it amazing just like me!

The Solitary Writer is a blog which started as a hobby.Here you will find stories, poems, satirical posts, humour, photography and almost everything. This blog is the alter ego of a Technical guy who loves to be called as the Solitary Writer. Others call him Ste. He works as a Senior Quality Analyst in a leading Organisation and loves to break the codes and he likes to  do things differently. Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fabulous 1.5 hours @ the Reliance Digital Store

This post is written for Reliance Digital and Indiblogger.

Reliance Digital Store banner
Courtesy Google Images!

6th July, 2013 was the day when I met few of my best blogger friends whom I am in touch with since last few years. We had met at ‘TGIF! at the Infinity Mall, Andheri West. It was a fun filled discussion where we discussed about lots of things related to blogs and lives. We then headed towards the Andheri Station. I work at Pune and hence I had to travel all the way from Pune for a rendezvous with my blog buddies – Renu, Sriram and Sud. I had particularly booked the 6th-7th July Slot for the Reliance Digital Experience Visit considering my Release activities at Office. So it all happened that fine Saturday when I travelled all the way from Pune to Andheri en route SantaCruz << where I live>>

After our meet, Sriram and Sud accompanied me for the Reliance Digital Store visit. It was a memorable experience I would say! We had fun and lots of new gadgets to explore at the Times Square building. We reached the East Side of Andheri with the help of a bus and later reached the Times Square Building via an Auto rickshaw. The building architecture gave me a different feeling as it was for the first time I was visiting this side of the city. As soon as I entered the Reliance Digital Store, it was a completely new environment. The atmosphere outside and inside was quite different. Sriram, Sud and I were greeted by smiling faces. The executive at the gate smiled and welcomed us inside the store. It was at 6 PM IST that we stepped into the store. I loved the hospitality and the way we were treated. I knew we had to flash the Indiblogger invitation copy to the store executive when we reach the store. Alas! I had misplaced the print out somewhere and had my IRCTC Tickets print out with me instead of the Indiblogger Invite. I was quite sure that we 3 would be kicked outside the store for not having carried the 'invite' with us. Sud came up with an idea and I quickly logged into Gmail from his mobile phone. I didn't carried my Samsung Smart phone with me as it had a memorable time getting drenched at the Malshej Ghats waterfall with its master Ste! The battery of my phone was completely drained off and hence I sought Sud's assistance in getting the e-invite << Yes! The unprinted version of the invite ;) >>

"Ste! We are in need of a green planet and we should try to go the E-way,"
Sud said to me and probably Sriram seconded his thoughts. The female execute at the reception directed us to another executive (probably the store manager) Suresh. We showed him the e-invitation (yes, name invented by us) which I had got through email from the Indiblogger folks.

"Sir! You need to provide us the hard copy of this mail," Executive Suresh said.
"I know but in haste I forgot to carry the copy and I am coming all the way from Pune!"
I said with a sad face.

Sriram's sharp eyes soon spotted a HP printer next to him.
"If you don't mind can you give a print of this mail," Sriram said. 

Executive Suresh thought for a while and finally agreed to get a print copy of my invitation. Sud mailed him the invite and the executive asked me to write my name and mobile number on the hard copy of the invitation. He instructed us to visit the store and take an experience. It was a very friendly environment. We first started with the first floor where there were variety of electronic gadgets and home appliances ranging from Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and electronic razors, Dry and Steamed Irons, Hair dryers etc. We quickly visited each section one by one starting with the refrigerators. Sriram inspected them one by one while Sud visited the Iron and the Razors section. His eyes scanned through the razors. Sriram and Sud discussed about the brands - its pros and cons while I fidgeted with the SLR's and the DSLR's.

"Sri and Sud! Guys check this out," I said to my friends as my eyes focussed on the Nikon D90.

"Such a beauty man,"I added further.

"Indeed!" Sriram and Sud said in unison. Sriram checked the Canon camera while Sud was fascinated with the looks of the Sony Cybershot cam. They checked the cam for the different specifications and talked about the lenses and technicalities. 
We then walked down to the ground floor.

"Can we click photograph's here?" I asked the Store manager.

"No Sir! Photography here is strictly prohibited," he replied back. 
As we walked down the stairs, an ensemble of store executives at the first floor smiled at us.

Ground floor hosted a series of mobile phone brands, Televisions and Game Consoles, microwave ovens and what not! There were at least one sales executive assigned to a particular section to assist and guide you. We first visited the mobile phone section where we witnessed the smart phones from the Nokia's, Samsung’s, Sony's, Intex's, Micromax's etc. It was sheer delight to the eyes to get a glance of all popular gadgets at a single venue. We checked the mobile phones one by one. Sriram started with Nokia Lumia as I tried to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Sud was busy searching for the IPhone 5 to demonstrate us the thumb slide feature of the Apple's latest offering in the mobile world. The sales representative explained us about the different technical stuffs of the phone. We then treaded to the Television category where we saw a wide gamut of TV’s ranging from different brands and costs. There were 3D LED TV's and we tried the 3D glasses to get experience of how the Television works. It was indeed sheer bliss!

"Such a delight to the eyes, Sri!" Sud said to us after he saw the Sony Television which looked like a beautiful painting on a canvas. 

"Chic and sheer elegance personified!" Sriram replied. 

Our eyes were fascinated and it took us time to move on to the next section. While going on to the Games Section where we saw several PS3 and PS2 game CD's of different Sports, Adventure and Racing games. 4 Televisions were installed with the Sony PS2 &3 and XBOX on a pillar so that the customers can get a hands-on experience and a look-feel of the product. Sud played the racing game on PS2 while I played tennis on PS3 connected on one of the Television with the help of a motion controller. It was easier for me to operate as I have PS3 at home. So I moved on to play Wrestlemania. It was fun. I had won the bout and then moved on to get a hands-on the XBOX. Sud got bored with racing and so he  decided to try the Wrestlemania game. The Reliance Digital Store Executive stood nearby and guided us to get a hands-on on the product. It was really difficult to adjust the Kinaesthetic settings on XBOX. I had to try several minutes to get myself clear. The Sales rep asked me to wave my hands wider so that the Sensor can identify my body positions. By then it was already 7.25 PM IST. Reliance Digital store had a variety of options ranging from different segments which hosted different products from different brands. It had home theatre segments, smart TV’s, Home Appliances, Mobile Zones and PlayStation zones where users could buy cost effective products. As time passed, we saw many customers entering the store to purchase their products. There were different offers and options you could try to buys products. Reliance Digital Gift cards was a brilliant option along with other options like
Cash-backs and EMI's. It was indeed a good experience at the Reliance Digital Store at the Times Square building at Andheri East. As we left the store, the store rep at the entrance smiled at us and said, "Do visit again!"

"Of course there is a reason to visit this store...a best experience all together!" I said and both my friends nodded in agreement. 

Sri left for Mulund. Sud and I were famished, so we decided to acknowledge our hunger by visiting the nearest MacDonald outlet outside the T-square building.
In short, a wonderful experience. Thanks to Indiblogger and Reliance for this fabulous 1.5 hours at the Reliance Digital store.

reliance digital - times square building
Image taken from Google Images!

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