Saturday, January 21, 2017

Searching for the answers..

Searching for the answers..
There may have been several instances in your life where you may feel low and down. Some people label those days as a phase but sadly the one who suffers has a better opinion about their sufferings. Unfortunately, god has programmed every individual in a way that no one can understand or analyse what's running through the other person mind. Sadly, individual sufferings are limited to the individuals who suffer. It is easy to empathise or say kind words about the one who suffers but that actually doesn't help.  If so then who actually helps?

The concept of God is weird. Every faith has one supreme power whom some refer as their only almighty power. It is this person who handles us and we are bound to all his instructions. But does he really cares? Many holy books cite that the almighty is the one who will heal you and freed you from all your sufferings but have you ever thought about the scenario where the almighty himself hates you. Well, many might say that we all are his amazing creations but is it a rule that almighty won't hurt his children. Of course, even a mother would be harsh to her children if they are found guilty of committing any sins. But she isn't stupid to hurt her children just like that! Yeah!

But sometimes there exist people who doubt the mere existence of God. I never felt so or maybe I did when I was deep immersed in my melancholy. Those were the depressing days of my life where many unusual thoughts used to haunt me every night. But still, I moved on. Those were the days where I questioned the existence of god because he never answered any of my prayers. It's strange when I come across people who give amazing testimonies about God doing miracles in their life. Sometimes it's hard to believe that and sometimes I just can't stop believing. A human mind is constructed in such a way that it would believe in miracles only when it has witnessed one.  But unfortunately, I have only heard about almighty colouring lives of people with beautiful colours. And sometimes you question yourself asking what sin have you committed that you deserve such a punishment. But many times we fail to understand and believe that certain questions have no answers and we have to accept what is offered to us. Miracles happen at places where hope resides. Hope is everything that we all have and being hopeful is not wrong. I see myself see-sawing between different gamuts of emotions and my heart refuses to stay still. 

For the past few days, I have been through a difficult phase and every day I pray to God for strength and peace because that is what I need now. I am hopeful that things would be fine and better days are up ahead. 
These were few thoughts that remained arrested in my mind. I hope to blog soon. Blogging has something which is amongst the best thing that happened in my life and without this, I wouldn't have met many amazing friends. In fact, I met few of my best people through blogs.
I hope to see you all soon. Till then.. have fun, prosper and progress!
Always smile because I smile when you smile :)  
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Benefits of Reading

Reading is an important activity. I call it an activity deliberately because it invokes an action within. Let us talk about the different and various benefits of reading books.  How it helps in refreshing yourself and most importantly how it inspires you. A lot has been said about reading and most of the facts are actually true. Sometimes many would agree with me when I say that reading books are better than watching TV. There are different kinds of books and the different genres and categories of books actually teach you different things. A non-fictional book gives you an account of a famous person’s life story. You get to learn from them, you get inspired from their lifestyle and their principles. From a fiction book, your imaginative power increases. Imagine you wearing the shoes of the protagonists and thinking from their perspectives. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You can logical reason yourself if this particular character had done justice to the plot.  They sometimes help you to broaden your perspectives towards life.

Each time when you come across a new book, there is a new rush of energy within you and this hidden zest is something that amuses me. Every time I touch a book, it excites me. This constant feeling of happiness is priceless. I get involved into it so much that I constantly think about the characters life. And at times it becomes difficult to remove the characters shoe from your feet. That’s not an addiction of reading books. That’s the passion. These are the characteristics of a good reader and that’s what defines a good reader. At the end of the post I will talk about few books that touched me deep. They have not only inspired me, they have taught me the way of life. I would call them my gospel of life for the words of wisdom that they enclose. Aforementioned, reading improves your imaginative power. Reading helps you to improve your vocabulary.  Some books contain high level vocabulary. Not many might know about the words used in such books. So you could learn new words from the books and also you could get command on your language. This is an important benefit of reading books. Reading makes you emotionally strong. There might be certain situations where a particular character would be leading a life just like you. You feel for them as you see them as your own replica. It connects you emotionally. Reading can be a good time pass activity. Suppose you are alone and your friends are busy with their life and your kith and kins are busy with their daily chores. You could find no one to talk to and spend some time with. You could pick a book from the rack and start reading it. Befriend the characters and fall in love with them. Yes, it will not only help you in whiling your time but also make you feel better.  Sooner, you would start living and believing in fairy tales like me. Suppose you are heartbroken and you read a romance novel, then you would fall in love all over again with your fragmented heart. By reading nonfiction book, you would have a fact sheet, a knowledge hub. Thus reading helps you in improving your general knowledge. Reading entertains you. It is a fun activity that will amaze and amuse you. It boosts your imagination and your creativity. It connects your brain to what you read. Hence helps in efficient coordination and makes you more attentive. And not to forget, reading is a good stress buster.

Like, I said above, Alchemist is the book that I loved the most. It is a book of wisdom that will haunt you forever.  This was the first book that impressed me to such an extent that I could write a blog post on it if given a chance. Sharing a quote from my favourite book.
The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.”

And my secret for a happy life is reading books and listening to music. These are the two activities that help me to explore the individual in me by improving myself.  Use Flipkart coupons to buy books online and save much of your money…

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Remembering God!

 I was sitting besides the window as some thoughts struck me hard. Aren't we all turning selfish?  We knock doors only when we need something. Yes, it reflects from our actions. Its a fact that in this fast moving world where the cost of living has been increasing, we all have turned money minded. Remember those days when we were young and we all had time to visit  temples, churches, mosques etc. We had time to remember the holy almighty. Gradually we all turned selfish and eventually we started knocking his door only when we needed something from him. Holy father isn't the one who should be remembered during our bad days. A true father doesn't betrays his children. He will stand by you during your good times as well as your bad days.

I am one of the culprit too. But today I contemplated for a while. When I was in Noida for my work assignments, I  never visited church for I never knew where it was. After moving  back to Mumbai, I turned lazy. I only knocked his door during my worst days or  whenever I needed something from him. May be when I was attending an important job interview or I was deep drowned in depression. When I recall the disastrous days of  my past where I suffered from a dreadful disease, I knew I would be completely cured someday and it was this almighty lord who saved me. He is a true saviour but its just that we don't remember him every time. Know that he is omnipresent and watching every single action of yours! I know he will forgive his children but all that he wants is to be remembered.  Would you not be offended if  you offer some help to someone during their worst days and when the  bad days subside and the person even refuses to talk to you. Wouldn't that be the worst thing to do? Of course you would feel bad. Right? Just ponder for a minute and talk to yourself. Confine yourself to a room and switch off the lights. Close your eyes and think for yourself. What you are doing is right or wrong? You got no right to  be a selfish , opportunist who doesn't cares for anyone. That's how life is turning out to be for many of us. Atheists and Agnostics have different opinions! But as firm believer of Almighty's existence, we need to do something. Looking at the ongoing events such as  accidents, wars, natural calamities it is obvious that the Almighty is vexed at us. You may be of  any religion ,but I believe in a single Almighty power. He is the supreme power who rules the planet. Different people call him by different names but go and honor him.

These days people have no time for their loved one's. They have time for all kind of entertainments and time to have fun but wouldn't it be great if they  take 10 minutes to talk to their loved one's. God's love is wonderful and powerful. He is the miracle maker. Be good from now on. I realized my mistakes and I pledge that today onwards I will reinstate my faith in good and love for him. For I had been blind  for most of the days in my life and today my eyes have opened. Father,forgive me for all my sins. I love you!
Remember him everyday and witness the miracles he  has planned for you!

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Indi - Pak bhai bhai


Today is the 1st day of August  and to continue with my daily routine of killing bugs with a glass full of water and watching Dave and Cody on Discovery Channel , I plan to write something. I tell  you that  I have really made and met many people here on blogworld .Sometimes it makes me wonder if I were the same in real world and virtual world. We can't express ourself in real world where everything  and everyone  seem to you like a crocodile waiting for  you to eat you.There seems to be some sort of disturbance  and your innocence fail in front of that. Let me tell you that the worst thing in life is to express yourself. You do that  perfectly in  Blogs and like minded people read you and appreciate you. 

 To make few friends you must have atleast come across few enemies. This is  the tagline of the movie "The Social Network". Quite True. Why on Earth would anyone tend to make enemies?. I am here to make friends and not enemies. I am an Indian. People think that Indians and Pakistani's are one of the worst enemies. First let me tell you that we were one before  division way back in 1947. How great it would be if there was no division. Things would definitely would have changed . I am here to talk about Indo Pak friendship. I have made many good Pakistani friends recently. So when I say blogging and Pakistan ,there are few things which flash on my mind. And these few things relates to my blogger buddies.  So here goes my post about these wonderful girls. 

Asbah is my best friend who hails from Islamabad and my partner in crime .Our thought process is same and we founded 'The Writers Lounge'  on 17th July 2008. This was one memorable day for us. Asbah, whom I admire and who inspires me has always been my best buddy in blogworld. I still remember the first time when I spoke to her.She was too sweet and guess what .Today I spoke to her after a long time and I felt good. Asbah,our dearest Islex is  someone whom we love.

Insiya, my cute little blogger sister hails from Karachi. She is a wonderful writer and a sweet person. She was the one who wished me on my birthday few years ago and I found it great. I lost touch with her but I surely would love to meet her and talk to her. 

So ,here comes the active blogger.She comes from Lahore .She is a beautiful female blogger. Let me Introduce my buddy Mehreen. She is someone who who inspires me to write. I admire the zest and the zeal  in her whenever she comes with something new.She writes well and trust me I am keen to learn from her. But only if she accepts me as her disciple. She is curious to know what I am writing about her now. :P .She has a good company of friends and a large number of followers.And Oh yeah ,we do poke each other on Facebook. I have this experience of accidentally commenting on her status message and could not avoid some 90 notifications. All thanks to Aisha and Iqrah :P :P

Kiran Ashraf is one of my regular readers ..Kudos to her ...Love you dearie..God bless you too

Apart from these beautiful girls who hail from Islamabad,Karachi and Lahore...I have few other friends too but they are not close to me unlike these wonderful women. They are the best. God bless our friendship and God bless India and Pakistan.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cut my Nose!

 Yes go by the post title. Get a knife and just cut my nose. I really feel terrible right now. Got cold .Enough said I guess. Watery eyes ,Running nose,Throat pain and Sneeze attacks...what else could I ask for?.Feels really sick when my sneeze won't stop and the sneeze  count crosses over 15 in one minute. It is heriditary but that sucks when you boss comes next to your cube and asks you if you are alright and when  people around you look at you as if you've got a big infection .Nevermind  pray for me folks to get well soon. After this I will write the subsequent parts of I Love you series. 

God Bless you All!!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Midnight Ramblings 4 - Turning a Cat into a Lion

In this article I am going to tell you the tricks to turn a little cat into a mighty lion.Keep reading.  I have one question in my mind that is bothering me since long.How come my boss is so talented in optimizing the output and increasing the productivity.He offcourse is a master in 6 Sigma but sometimes I ponder how?? .So one day in my PRD during the  Appraisals  he asked me about Process improvement.It went for around 2 hours.Process.Process Oh no Process!!.Common its actually weird and an absurd question to ask a newly joined fresher to ask his contribution towards the process improvement.It is like asking a Class 1 kid to solve Langrage's theorem.Well forget class 1 kid...I myself failed to solve this during my campus interview at Accenture.The outcome of that interview was quite disappointing.So without any wait ,I went on blabbering.Common you need to highlight your positives during an appraisal interview and no matter what its  your boss who  knows you well.After all he is the one who would be rating you and would be  giving  you an appropriate hike.

So I am a Cat.By Cat ,I mean that I am a cat in this IT field  and a fresher who is struggling for a good opportunity.Asking a Cat to roar like a Lion is complete foolishness.Because everyone knows that it won't happen.Infact the Lion would die of heartache when it comes  to know that some one is actually persuading a cat to  roar like a lion.But a boss has this ability to turn a cat into a lion and ultimately the cat works and the already transformed Lions would be lazy enough.Everyone says harsh and rude things about their respective bosses.Bosses are one kind of Sinisters.My boss is no different.He belongs to this breed who believes in constantly torturing their valuable resources.So Obviously I won't tell you how to turn a cat into a Lion because only my boss knows that.Hahaha...I'm already flummoxed and I don't have enough strength to work more..I am already having fun at office as these days I'm not up till 5 am at office .Sometimes I feel I am at the end of my tether. Weird..Well What do you think ?All that you get by doing hard work is zilch.Have fun..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Midnight Ramblings

Its already 1 am here and I am  not feeling sleepy.Unfortunately I couldn't execute my "Mission BedBug" plan today because of the unexpected showers. Bugs, you-would-be-killed-one-day .Thankfully Delhi won its first IPL game after 4 matches and Yuvi's hits couldn't surpass Delhi. Ok ,the reason for this post is weird.It might make you wonder and ponder but nevertheless I am not feeling sleepy and that is the reason for this post. I wish I could get drunk but apparently I won't unless and until there is a party at my office.

As you all might be knowing that the weaker side of Ste is his charm. He has got this special ability to make friends and that too female. Not bragging for obvious reasons but it happens right. I have this badluck associated with everything I do. I get my first allocation and I have to relocate myself to Noida.I get to travel in a firstclass AC train to Mumbai and you give a bewildered reaction when you see a  66 year old Aunty sitting next to you.Such things do keep happening in my life.Why is that everything I touch turns into Stone. Once upon a time there used to be days when I used to have a  Midas touch.I am admitting that I am  a bad flirt and infact I have this instinct ...blame my starshine.Yes ,I am a Sagitarian which makes me an official flirt. But too much of flirting is bad but may be I should realize that. I prefer being a good friend rather than being a bad flirt. I  know that I'm flirting only when a girl points that to me. Its that Sagi's don't realize that they are actually flirting until someone says "Dude ,stop flirting! " LOL...Shhh My Lips are sealed now.Apparently, I take no chance in hitting on any girl .Infact I do try my best to impress the person. But it never happens . Here are the possible scenarious that happen to the girls with  whom I flirt with.

Its disheartening when your girlfriend turns up to you one day and says that "Dude,its over I'm getting married" . It obviously gives a big shock to you  .You might feel like the end of the world .You think for a moment.Eventually you plan to analyze the things about what went right and what went wrong and why it didn't happen for you. Then you make a wise decision and go to the bar.One full Kingfisher large is enough to clear off her thoughts and wow thats it. You move on.

2) Engaged.
"Dude,I'm engaged to Mr.X and most probably we would be getting married later this year" .This would hurt you a lot.Well no guy would wish that his girl would be engaged to someone other than him.You spend a lot for a girl only to listen these not-so-cool words from her. Common its part and parcel of life..So life is all about moving on. So next please!!

3)Best friend.
This is actually that phase of your friendship where your friend fails to recognise you. You might think of her as your girlfriend ,but its not necessary that she would be having the same feeling. She might call you up at late nights.She will gossip about your mutual friends and college professors and talk something cool.She would always behave like your girlfriend,but one day she would call you as her best friend and the worst thing is yet to come.You would propose her and  she would say that "best friends don't fall in love" .Holy shit.Who said that best friends can't fall in love? Thats the time you realize that you should have thought several times before befriending her.Go to hell my dear best friend !!

She would call you for tea,lunch and dinner.You will obviously brag and boast in front of your associates saying that you are this hot chick's soon-to-be-boyfriend.She might drop an atom bomb soon on you saying that she was just treating you as her elder brother.You might feel shattered and disheartened.But the worst thing is "Why Elder brother?? why not younger one ? " :P 
There is one girl who often calls me as Chottu which refers to little brother in India .But that doesn't means that I would call her DEE(sister) and it also doesn't means that I'm a BC for that matter :P

Such small things happens in life.So , I do firmly believe that there is that Mr Right or Princess somewhere waiting for you.They would  make your life blissful and fill it with joy and support you throughout. Its they who would be an essential entity of our life. But be patient. Lol

Thursday, February 17, 2011

230.Bla,Bla & Blah

I was watching SuperMan returns and for some reasons I was feeling weird and strange.I am talking about the scene where Superman saves a jet which was about to crash.Certain things are possible only when Superman and Rajnikant interferes.Great things happen when such superheroes come to rescue people from dangers and evade them from all certainty of any possible attack.Like this a country would be free from any kind of threats or likely threats.See,I am gone crazy and stupid behind such fantasy stories.I want to write something but  I am too lazy to write. Asked one of my new colleagues to read my When we Met story in company emp blog and felt great to get a honest review of the same.Its been really long since I actually wrote something meaningful.Its  non sense and bhakwas all these days.Instead of cribbing and whining ,I am actually planning to do something constructive. LoL,I didn't get hired by a construction company :P .I brought a Sony Cybershot to enhance my photography skills but unfortunately I haven't really had enough time for all that.All these days I have been really busy in work and I'm afraid that one day I would turn into a workoholic.My thirst for working late nights and completing my works has turned me into an insomniac. But lately  I could see a lots of change. I don't feel sleepy at nights and I watch POGO and CN like a little kid and record TV shows like MAD and Saas-Bahu soaps.My technical skills have completely swallowed my creativity and art.Now when I look back and open my blog and read the stories,it enlightens me completely.Went for 'Dil toh bachha hai ji' last week with a female friend of mine and thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoyed the movie  offcourse.I'm no longer the same flirtu Ste and I seem to lost all my charms and sparks  of making friends easily within a blink of a second.

 Life changes..true,it does. My Social life circle seems to be depleted and I talk to my best-ie Harneet Kaur all these days for advises and suggestions.Weirdo that I'm. Thoughts of my ITP Crush Neha W haunts me these days and I'm getting weird dreams these days.I get dreams about things like  a jet plane crashing upside down like a blue whale and a train flying and me getting tested under a lie detector. GOD some one please save me :P :P .

For your kind info,we won the DCL cricket tournament,Tug of War and  we lost the Valentines day Bay decoration.I am sharing few pictures of the BAY decoration event held at TechM.
haasta la vista Readers for time being..Hope to return back ,but by when that i can't assure.Tata.

Monday, September 28, 2009

163. When your best friend................?

Ahem,Ahem! my past few weeks have been a total disaster.Too much of Mafia wars and FarmVille is harmful.I have many tasks  for the upcoming weeks.Firstly,I have to meet my blogger friends in Mumbai.Have promised few of them that we would meet this weekend.Just waiting for Pri to come and we have to do the planning thing.I've also promised my close pal that I would write his story  soon. Being a Vela isn't a big thing but its strange that you are sitting at  home and don't make much of it.Well I am an exception.Aww! Exception reminds me of my Java course and this reminds me of my Tests.Gosh!just look at me,what am I supposed to do now? Any way lets  have a serious discussion.Lets talk about best friends.Man is a social animal.Agreed??? Well I agree as I had to speak on this topic at some point of time in my life.He has many friends.He meets many people during his life time.Some of them who  induce drastic changes in their life and few of them who were known for their kind deeds.Out of those there is some one with whom we share all our secrets and close things.Yes its not our family members  or any peers.It is our best friend.Lets talk about different things about the same.
Last night I was chatting with my very good blogger friend.E2 had  asked me to read her blog post. I read and  found it amusing(but sad).It was a total tragedy ,a dilemma to be honest.I just felt that it would be embarrassing for her.How on Earth would  your best friend  fall in love  you?. Oops! yes there are many exceptions.But being so close and you carry this tag of being best friends and even then you have these much feelings for someone who understands and treats you as a best friend. Well this isn't funny. Lets highlight few points  in this space.

1.When your best friend falls in love with you?
   I am always known as a humour writer who then changed to fiction.This so called solitary fiction writer started writing  Romantic stories. These romantic stories later on instigated him to write Love and Relationship posts.This is what the Solitary writer is trying to do.Any way coming to the topic.Do you have any best friends?  Silly Solly...I guess everyone must be having one.Before that let us explain what best friend means.My Nokia N70 dictionary defines "Best friends" as the one who is closest to you.Oye! this  constitutes only  10% definition of best friend.A best friend is one who is close to you, he/she is the one who understands you,he/she is the person who cares for you. They think of your betterment.They are the one who  don't expect any thing  not even a favour for your kind deeds.They support us and provide solace when we were upset and feeling low.In short a best friend is a secret holder.They are the one who  have immense trust on you and you have the same opinion of them.In such a case if a  best friend falls in love with you ,then there is something which  should be taken care of.
After being best friends for so long and one day your best friend proposes you. Well  people would love to refrain from such situations.Would there be a scenario when both the friends would love to extend the relationship one step ahead.If  there is a yes from both the sides,then its a bliss else its fine .No worries,we are  going to talk about such things.
Firstly give some time.Think for a while.Think about the good times you had with the person. Think about those beautiful tours ,outings and picnics you went with your gang especially with your best friends. Reminisce those days when you fought with your bestie like mad and crazy. Well if you call him/her as your best friend then you would think.Don't lose your temper.I know being best friends we always played prank on each others,we love pulling their legs in front of others and so on.
Secondly communication may prove to be effective.Just walk to him/her and tell what you feel for him.Let him/her know whats running through your mind.Let them think too.If nothing works then let them know about your goals in life, career prospectives etc.Its all in your hand.But do take care that your friend is not hurt.This is a very delicate and sensitive topic.But let me tell you that there is a big difference between best friends and relationship partners.Falling in love with some one is too easy ,but falling for your best   friend is something strange.Just tell that  you don't love him/her or you do love him/her.It happens but Solitary writer never came through such things before.  Your best friend see's you as some one special and yes you may not want to lose them at any circumstances.  This loss would prove to be a big one.Just try to be the same best friend whatever be the case for  best friends know each other very well.All's well that ends well.

2.When your Best friend falls in love with your girlfriend/boyfriend? 

May sound funny ,but its not funny.Trust me it happens quite often.Solitary writer once had a crush on his best friends girl friend when he was in class 11.But then he was too young, so one  can't blame Solly for the kid within him.Instead you should blame the hormones if you are planning to blame one. .Well what happens when your best friend falls in love with your gf/bf? .Nightmare!! no no its not  a nightmare.But I would like to say the same thing.Go talk to your best friend.Explain him/her the importance of "your" gf/bf in your life. If he/she is your best friend then they would surely pay heed to your words.And another advice for  best friends.Wait and watch method works well at times.If your best friend breaks off with his girlfriend/boyfriend then  its time for you.Not at all gross, but this is my idea.It works at times and that's why I am telling you.My next story is based on the same.Ahem Ahem!!

3.When your Best friend hurts you?

"Hurt  never Smile ever" is not followed by everyone.So as its not even followed in friendship. At times your best friend may hurt you.They may try to do a Hitler act by annoying you and troubling  you by saying words which  hurt you.Trust me it is painful when you hurt your best friend.I know it because I have always  made my best friend cry.I mean not always but at times.I still remember the day when I fought with my best friend.She was sounding sad and upset.Other day when I spoke to her I learnt that she had cried the whole day for a single issue.I soon apologised and  tried to make her happy.But Solitary writer is a big expert in this context of making people cry and sad.When your best friend is upset because of you then go to her/him. Try to be casual,crack few jokes.Hunt for opportunities which would bring a smile in their face. If she is still angry with you then pull their cheeks and say "Arey Bachho jaise ro rahi/raha hai yar tuu" .
Dear friends ,friendship is one of the most priced possesion/gifts in the world.A friend is our alter ego.Its the most pure relationship in the world.They sow the seeds of happiness and you derive more happiness as you reap it. Just be good to friends.Don't lose your friends even if they love or hurt you.Yeh not to forget ...just give them a kick  when he/she has an eye on your girl/guy. Kidding!! Any way next posts would be a Sister Management post for all those naughty bratty brothers who fight with their sisters or vice versa