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Friday, October 03, 2008

Rajni makes everything possible.....

He is a Super star.
He is the richest actor in India.
He is a Dream boy to every girl in Tamil Nadu.

He is a talent hub.
He is a style icon. He is a skilled actor .
He is .......... guess .
guesss.... and guess....

Rajni Kanth

Have you ever wondered how Rajni makes things possible.With his entry in Tamil cinema ,things changed drastically.He soon went on to become Tamil Nadu's youth icon in 1980's and a super star.He never knew that a Super star tag awaited him.He was simple yet sincere.He never showed off ,but to be honest he did and always does weird things in all his films.In this space I am going to talk about Rajnikanth and just Rajnikanth.
In Tamil Nadu,people are very fond of this super star called Rajnikanth.Many times I have wondered what is so special about this guy?.Some times I used to realize that he just shakes his head and hands here and there and people call it style. .I could not imagine to the extent to which people are crazy.Some people do pray for his films whenever it is released .I wanted to see his movie called 'Sivaji',but to my vain I could not get a single ticket and it seemed that the tickets were booked for the next 5 weeks.Finally ,I got to see this tamil flick after 3 months.Now,even I started liking Rajnikanths acting.He is the only Indian actor to have more than 150 fan clubs in India and Outside India.Amitabh Bachhan was way back behind RK.He is 59 and he likes the simpleton way of living life.Just check this picture and you will know everything.Please don't get frightened :P

I remember the stunt that he did in a tamil movie few years back.Consider the following scenario.

Rajnikanth is a police officer.The villain tries to ravish the heroin and tries to strip her naked.After few seconds,Rajnikant comes into picture with his khaki uniform.He waits and watches the villain and the heroin for a few seconds.He then removes a cigarette from his pocket.He then throws it up along with the lighter.I still wonder where the cigarette has gone and I was shocked to see it in Rajnikants mouth.I still wonder how is that possible.I myself haven't tried such weird stuffs.But ,I feel that Rajni makes things possible.

Scenario no.2
In another movie, Rajanikanth is confronted with 3 gangsters. Rajanikanth has a gun but unfortunately only one bullet and a knife. Guess, what he does? He throws the knife at the middle gangster? & shoots the bullet towards the knife. The knife cuts the bullet into 2 pieces, which kills both the gangsters on each side of the middle gangster & the knife kills the middle one.

Scenario no.3
Rajanikanth has a Brain Tumor which, according to the doctors can't be cured and his death is imminent. In one of the fights, our great Rajanikanth is shot in the head. To everybody's surprise, the bullet passes through his ears taking away the tumor along with it and he is cured!
Long Live Rajanikanth!..isn't that amazing .

Scenario no.4
Rajanikanth is chased by a gangster. Rajanikanth has a revolver but no bullets in it. Guess what he does. Nah? Not even in your remotest imaginations. He waits for the gangster to shoot. As soon as the gangster shoots, Rajanikanth opens the bullet compartment of his revolver and catches the bullet. Then, he closes the bullet compartment and fires his gun. Bang...the gangster dies...
I guess Rajinikanth dances well.I loved that song of his called "Tilana Tilana".I just want you guys to check that video.Rajni dances
Ok ,I was doing a research on this great actor and these were the results that I got.

1.)Outer space exists because its afraid to be on the planet where Rajnikant lives.
2.)Rajnikant has counted to infinity twice.
3.)When Rajnikant does push ups ,he isn't lifting himself up ,he is instead pushing earth down.
4.)Rajnikant is so fast,he can run around the world and push himself in the back of the head.
5.)Rajnikant never wears watch,he decides what time it is.
6.)Rajnikant gave mona lisa that smile.
7.)Rajnikant can slam a revolving door.
8.)Rajnikant's house has no doors, only walls that he walks through.
9.)Rajnikant grinds the coffee with his teeth and boils the water with his own rage.
10.)If you Google search " Rajnikant getting kicked",it generates 0 results as it doesn't happens.
11.)The Bermuda triangle used to be Bermuda square until he kicked off one of the corners.
12.)The only thing that runs faster and longer than Rajnikant are is his films.
13.)Where there is a will ,there is a way.Where there is Rajnikanth ,there is no way

In Other words ,bole toh ...
Mind It...enna rascala..
Live Long life Mr.Shivaji rao Gaikwad a.k.a Rajnikanth of Tamil Nadu

Rajini makes everything possible ,what say???

Friday, September 26, 2008

23rd February to 27th February...

As everyone knows that 27th Februaury was an important day in my life.27th February was also associated with some direct or indirect link with 23rd and 24th of February.Now ,you must be wondering what this 23,24 and 27 means.Well ,let me brief you about 3 important days in my life in this year.Also ,20th February was an important day as it was the day where it all started.These dates were associated with my placement activities. The placements in my college started from the 20th of February.

20th February

It was a big day for us,indeed a special occasion for us.Infosys was visiting our campus.All students came well dressed.One could see Rahul Jaithwar with a handsome look and he was well dressed just like a professional Software Engineer.There were many other IT,Electronics and EXTC people as well who were just waiting outside the seminar hall where the test was to be conducted.We all gave our exams and at 2 pm results were declared.I didn’t had any intention of getting selected in Infosys.71 students cleared aptitude of which few of my good friends made a peak in interview like Prashant Pandey,Abhishek Dey,Subbu and many other students of ‘A’ division. From the 71 students ,51 were selected in Infosys which included my other friends like Sridhar Rao,Rahul Murkya,Sujeet Jose,Ravi Singh and Abhishek Dey.Prashant failed to clear the interview and he was out.Our TPO informed us that Accenture was supposed to conduct a joint campus selection on 23rd February,2008.My first reaction after Infosys failure was “What the f***?,I am not into those 71 people,shame on me,”.I just wanted to make use of the next opportunity.

23rd February

Finally, we arrived at the Pillay Institute of Technoloy,Panvel.It was Accenture this time.I was shocked to see many students .They were groups of Engineering students from colleges all over Navi Mumbai and Thane side. I could see friends from my college like Varun Iyer,Rahul Jaithwar, RD, Mayuresh Trivedi,Shankar,Dave,Anthony,Prashant Pandey,Mervin Salis and my school friend Deepak Chandrashekhar.The whole session wasn’t well organized and we gave our aptitude test at 1 pm despite of the stated time 10 am.We have to wait another 6 hours for the result.The results were declared at 6.30pm.My name was in the 11th group.”Yippie!!,’ was my first reaction.I then went on to clear my GD.GD was a piece of cake for me.My hr handed the card to me and invited me for the next 2 rounds which was to be held the other day.I finally reached home at around 12.35 am just to see that my Mom and my Sister were worried regarding me.My phone was out of charge as well. I just had 4 hours to prepare my self for the technical concepts.I brushed my concepts and went to the same college the next day.

24th February

I could see Hitesh,RD,Varun,Akeel and few of my other Extc friends from my college.I was placed in the same group along with my classmate Akeel.I successfully cleared my HR interview.The other groups had their Technical interview at first.I made many new friends like Vinit,Ashu and so.After a long wait for around 4 hours ,our technical interview started at around 4 pm.When Akeel came out,he was so displeased just to say that he couldn’t clear the technical.It was my turn ,I was nervous .I had taked my own time to adjust through .The interviewer asked me everything from C,C++,Java,Data Structures to HTML.He even didn’t spared mathematics.He asked me about Langrange’s Theorem.He finally asked me to write a program for matrix addition.I was not considerate about the time factor,but I explained the same to him.Later on the informer came to inform that I was rejected.It made my heart break into pieces,my hopes were shattered.I turned back for home.I switched off my cellphone.I could not see my granny’s hopes shattered.I just later on informed my maa that I wasn’t selected.Mom told me to stay cool and asked me to perform well in next companies.I worked hard for Techmahindra.I never went to college on 25th and 26th February.I was getting ready for the 27th .But Accenture had taught me a lesson on how to take steps in life.I was vexed that day and deeply hurt.I felt low and depressed.I was angry on myself and there was no one to support and provide me solace.My best friend Parul supported and encouraged me .She wished me luck and I consider myself to be very lucky for having a friend like her.I started working hard.

27th February

Once again,I could see Mayuresh Trivedi,Prashant ,Bhushan and Sandeep Repswal.This time Rahul Jaithwar was not on the scene.We had our presentation at 9 am and test started at 10.30am.It was an online test.The results were declared 5 minutes after our exams.I was selected.We were then asked to prepare ourself for Technical and HR interview.My code was TM50.I went for my interview.

She:welcome Stephen.
Me:Thank you madam.
She:So tell me about yourself.
Me: ( I told everything about me).
She: What do you know about Techmahindra?
Me: I told whatever I knew about techmahindra.
She: that’s good,tell me whats the difference between C and C++ ?
Me: (I told everything I knew.)
She:Tell me about your academic project.
Me: (I told her about my PCT project).
She: your resume says that you write stories,can u tell me any story of yours?
Me: ( I told her about the little Sam story that I wrote when I was 14, she was impressed )
She: Stephen,you are very creative.
Me:thank you mam.
She: do you have any questions?
Me:What type of jobs will be assigned to us?
She: ( she gave us all details)

And then I left.She was impressed with me.We then headed for our HR interview.It was really fun and a tensed moment there.I was interviewed by 2 HR’s .I will tell all the happenings in a separate post in few weeks time.Finally,at 5.30 pm,the results were about to be announced.We gathered in a classroom.Our Principal,HOD and our TPO could be seen in the picture. The HR Mr.Swapnil played a prank on us.He told us that only 2 of us were selected and he would announce the name of the rejected candidates first.He asked the rejected people to get seated on a separate row.I was shocked as the list contained my name.He said

“The following are the students who are not being selected

Sandeep Repswal,Jobin Jacob ,Stephen Anthony,Prashant Pandey,Mayuresh ,Ajay Bhondve,Omkar and so on.The above people are…….wwwwwilllllllll be joining us at TechMahindra next year.” We were all happy and we were overjoyed.Mayuresh was the happiest of all.We all embraced each other and wished each other.It was a special occasion for us.I soon informed my parents about my selection in Techmahindra.I was very happy that day.27th February was the day and now its 9 months gone.On 27th September ,it will be 9 months after getting place.

I felt sorry for Bhushan that day.I wished he would make it ,but he didn’t .But,recently he got selected in Cap Gemini.But I am sure that my other friends would get selected too.

Now ,I present Shruti,Valencia and Gauri with the following award called "I love your blog"


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Look someone is attending lectures .......

Till my School days and junior college ,I was a very sincere student and imagine i always used to attend all lectures sincerely and i was a pet for almost all my teachers.Days have changed and so have people changed .No one expected me to bunk lectures and my friends used to tease me "common its of no use callin Steph coz he wont miss the lecture".But in Engineering the story is totally different .
Imagine I was in defaulters list in semester 3 and one should note that i actually attended just 1 lecture of maths
which I considered it to be my worst act coz that itself led to many heartbreaking events which finally affected my semester 3 marks .Initially in semester 2,I attened just 4 lectures of maths .After getting into Engineering,I was a good kid till end of semester 1 ....but as semester ended ,Steph changed and that too drastically.That year my term work constituted to 60% of my total semester marks which is as less as compared to students scoring 80% and more in term works.The same year my aggregate was just 61 % which was never expected from me as I scored more than 85% in my 10th and 12th class.But one has to work hard to get good marks.Engineering is not just blaah blaah and blaah...we are supposed to get going on.But later on semester 3 also led to the event of inclusion of my name in the defaulter list for the first time in my life.We were supposed to write 3 years University papers and that too suring submission period.Submission is an integral part of an Engineers life.Ask and Engineer ,what submission exactly means.Its the event which includes the submissions of all assignments and files written by students along with viva.This is the time when professors can exactly utilize or take revenge ,but not all professors are villains as there are few who are kind and gentle.Currently I am in semester 6 (3rd year ) and I am regularly attending all lectures as it awarded me god marks in my unit tests and same thing in semester 4 where I got 85% of term works.I was actually surprised to see my attendance in my college website because I was never expecting that figure ...alas its over 75%.I consider it to be my biggest achievement .Do check it guys,I cant believe this.After getting placed or getting recuited in a company students usually think of not attending lectures ,but stephens facing a different problem.Last month I got selected in MBT(or TechMahindra),I was really happy for that as I believed that I have achieved what i wanted .Lets see how much I get in this semester .Hopefully should get more that what I got last year.Hopes are still high .I dont know upto what extent I will keep attending lectures ,but I hope I should get going around with it.Hope you likes this post .Check out my attendace ,you will be surprised if you were steph seldom attends lecture :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

My first experience in a local train

Well such things happens only in India .I wont be surprised if you guys know it before.Well I would utilise this section to write about my experience in Indian local trains where i used to access local trains to reach my college .Believe me its unusual experience for me. Since I was 14 I always used to travel with my mom in the ladies compartments, to be honest my school was at a walking distance from my home and moreover my dad used to leave me to school.It was like I was not aware of how to go by trains and imagine after my 12th I have to do my engineering studies from a place which takes nearly 1 hr to reach.It really feels boring.I remember the first day when i took a local second class ticket and in India,especially in mumbai people go to work at around 8 am in the morning ,so at that time the train really gets filled with people talkin their own local languages.It was my first experience in a local train coz this time I was travelling alone and imagine at that time i didnt had any friends to accompany me.I was about to board a 8 :23 belapur local ,so i was allset for the train to arrive and i was of the plan that i will get a seat to sit,but evrything was goes to vain.Unfortunately i never got an opportunity to get into the train and i was pushed out side of the crowded train .The same thing happened in the 8 :35 train and 8:48 train.I was like getting angry with my self and imagine finally I got through the 9 :05 train and i was like relieved at that time.I could not go into the train and get a secure seat and so I had to stand for 45 minutes till my destination arrived.I felt somewhat strange as people were unable to stand properly and fights and quarrels all around.And this continues ,but the thing is that now i get into the train with my friends and i board the 8 :23 train lol ...Some time I used to wonder wheter this happens only in India ..but let anything happen in India that was a good experience for me ....

From Canada to India

Muthu had three brothers of which he was the youngest one .His elder brother was very popular in the village where they lived .Muthu had 4 childrens of which the first one was a boy and remaining 3 were girls.Velu and satya were Muthu's elder brothers.Muthu's family was rich enough to employ 50 people in their factory.During those days, Colombo was a very important commercial centre and basically Muthu and his family members were Indians ,but they lived in Srilanka.Muthu's brother velu was very much interested in growing up his own business and inspite of owning a big mill in colombo ,he decided to start a new business.During those time tamilians from srilanka were told to go out of srilanka and muthus and his family had to flow back to their hometown in India.Velu was not interested in getting back to his motherland.They all were born and brought up in Srilanka and leaving lanka was like leaving their own mother .Velu for once decided that he wanted to live in srilanka and wont go to India just for the sake of living .Few days later Muthu and Satya left velu and they went to India with the help of a boat.
Few years later in the mid 60's ,muthu and satya developed their own business and became rich and even they became popular in the town in which they lived.Muthu respected his brother very much and considered him as his father as satya was the one who took care of two brothers since when his parents died when muhtu was just 6 years old.By the mean time velu became more rich .It was known from the fact that his 2 sons studied in a convent school in srilanka which could not be afforded by a common man.Srilanka is the place where there used to be conflicts between the tamil speaking communities and the srilankans.The Srilankan army used to attack the regions where the tamilians lived.Velu and his son lived in a popular place called radhapooram in srilanka which was the prime location where most of the tamilians lived .It was friday and at 9 pm ,the srilankan army carried out a major attack on radhapooram.This tragedy costed many lives of which velu was amongst the people who died.Muthu and satya never knew this and they led a succesful life in tamil nadu along with their family members .They came to know about this incident few years later ( in 1973) and they both rushed to see velu ,but to vain there was no one in velus house and it was locked.Their farms were totally destroyed and they searched for them at many places,but could not find them.They were unaware of the fact that velu died and later on assumed that they all died in the attack carried out by the srilankans.Quietly they returned back to India.
Years passed by ,Muthu and Satya grew old and their childrens got married . Satya died due to stroke in 1985.Now muthu was all alone with his wife as his childrens settled in Mumbai along with their childrens.Muthu's 2nd daughter was with him in his hometown.Even muthus children didnt knew about their uncles family and to muthu's grandchildren it was like a bed time story.On march 1997 ,Muthu died due to heart attack and muthu's wife came to live with her son who was a very popular business man in mumbai.Selvan was Muthu's only son and it was his responsibilty to take care of his 3 sister and he fulfilled his responsibilty.Selvans sister lead a very prosperous life and each of them had 2 childrens.Their led a very happy life until selvans mother(muthu's wife )told evrything about velu and his sons.She believed that they would be alive and one day they would return back to their home town just to see their relatives.
The turning point of the story was when Velu's son "kumar" visited tamil nadu in search of their relatives.He came to India and searched each and evrytown of tamilnadu in search of his cousins.Finally after 16 days he spotted selvans 2nd sister who lived in village.She was amazed to see kumar along with his family.Kumar had two sons called anoj and dinesh who just resembled their grandfather Velu.The sister called Selvan and told all thing about kumar and his family.Selvam rushed to tamil nadu and asked kumar about the things that happened to him and his brother .Kumar told that he and his brother vijay were not present in srilanka when the incident occured as a result of which they lost their parents.They didnt knew anyone in srilanka and off sudden few people running missionaries in canada visited them and were eager to take kumar and vijay along with them.Like this they settled in ontario,canada.
Selvan was happy to know this and invited him to his house in mumbai ,but kumar refused as had to leave for canada,the next day and promised to visit mumbai next year .Selvan noted kumar's phone number and his email id.Months later they used to chat through yahoo messenger.Selvans other sisters were happy and they were interested to meet kumar as well.
Things never happen as u expect.One would never expect one to trace back his past and return to his homeland to visit his cousins and relatives.My eyes startd watering when I heard this thing from my friend.Its his real story,where he was none other than selvans younger sisters son.I was really proud of his family was how they expressed their love from canada by visiting their cousins in India.It was seen that selvan had invited kumar for his elder daughters marriage .

(This is a real story and the characters name have been changed appropriately.The character velu,muthu,satya,selvan,kumar,vijay are names used for just as for the purpose of writing this story .They are not related with the actual people )

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Well I was in 5th std and I was among the elite students during my school days.I always used to score good marks in all my exams and used to be in top5.At those times we used to have a subject called morals where we were taught nice topics such as courtesy and things about god and all.I used to be the favourite of all teachers in my class and everyone used to know my name.
Our morals teacher gave a project which constituted 75% of our marks and told that this project would decide the marks in the final terminal exams .She told us to make a group of 5 students each and gave topics to each group.She gave topics such as patriotism,courtesy ,patience,anger,anxiety etc.The most dissappointing thing was that I was not present, the day when our teacher gave us the topic due to fever.As a result my friends were supposed to note the topics.The topic which we were supposed to work on was "patience" and my foolish friends noted it as "patient".Since i was absent that day , even i didnt realized that it was patience and even I thought that it was patient and we went on to make a project on patient. Friday was the deadline to submit our projects and teacher told us that late submissions would yield us a deduction of 20 marks which would result in marks loss.So we tried hard to complete the project within the stipulated time .
The next friday everyone was ready with the projects .We submitted our projects as well.The astonishing fact was that I was the group leader of my group .So our mam went through all our projects and she came through our project as well.After seeing it she was shocked for a while and called me .She said to me
"Stephen!!,I never expected this from you.You were supposed to make a project on patience I suppose and what is this"
without knowing I was stunned and I replied
"What??? patience friends told me it was patient"
she said this to evryone in the class and the news spread like a wildfire.This embarassed me to great extent.All my teachers were surprised as I used to a brilliant student.I asked my teacher to give me a chance ........after requesting she allowed me to make another project.
I wonder this was the funniest thing that happened in my life.I was embarassed for a while and this incident hurted me a lot.After this I decided that I wont indulge in any group activities for any projects and all and I would do my project works and home works by myself and I follow this till now.Thee thing is that no one in my family knows this till now .........its disguise and i wont tell my family members as well.

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