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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Ultimate gift of Life

For years, I craved for the purest form of love. Love, to me, was the name of a place that I had never heard of! When she stepped into my life, I was confused for a definite phase thinking her to be another random stranger who would eventually bid adieu to me some day after showering me with love. But that never happened. Her love for me was what money to Donald Trump and Camera to Narendra Modi. She loved me crazily and somehow when I reflect back I realise that it was the same love that I actually pined for since ages. She filled the void left in my life by my mother whom I admired the most.

Her unconditional love inspired me in a lot of ways.  Her love spoke of bonds that stick together. Birds of same feathers flock together and I thought that we both belonged to the same breed. We both were made for each other. I still think of those amazing moments when I held her hands and walked down the street where I met her for the first time. It was a flea market at Town side where she was arguing with a vendor. Her voice instantly attracted me. I was buying gifts for my friend's daughter. This was new to me. I was never allowed to walk out of my house for shopping or even to enjoy life to the fullest. Papa feared that there was a constant threat to my life. But after Papa's assassination life veered out drastically.  Mother kept me away from the party men who desperately wanted to get me into our party.  I was never fond of politics.  

But the day I saw this pretty damsel, I fell in love with her instantly.  I liked the way she walked, she talked and her every single gesture inclined me towards her. At a closer glance, I realised that she was a pretty woman.  Maybe the Lord himself had sent her into my life.  I was drawn closer to her. Her eyes were the most riveting feature of her face. Eyes adorned by beautiful eyelashes mesmerised me.  An arched eyebrow sat over her mascara cladden eyes. Every time she blinked her eyes, my heart skipped a beat. Her perfect arched eyebrows looked like the bow of an archer as if it was ready to pierce my heart any moment. Her long haughty nose spoke highly of elegance. Her rich looks, her rosy lips and the milky smooth skin attracted me. It was then I realised what people often call as Love at the first sight.  Love to me was something too trivial for me until she stepped into my life. One day I gathered enough courage and expressed what my heart had ordered me to say.  She hesitated at first and even refused to accept me as a part of her life. But somehow she realised that I was made for her.  She never knew about my background. Being the ex-Home Ministers son never gave me any kind of happiness in my life just that I was guarded by security men and police officers everywhere I went.  I asked her out and that day she promised me that we could be friends. But later, the friendship bloomed into love and love turned into something that defined my life.  She stormed into my life and I gave her everything that she wished for.  I gave her my share of happiness into her life. I painted her life with beautiful colours. She was the ultimate gift of my life that I'd ever received. For someone who craved the purest form of love, life became too generous and fulfilled all my wishes. Living a life together with her was my only dream.  But that dream was short lived.

Now, tears copiously roll down my cheeks after  I see her walking along the footpath after finishing her jobs. Oh, Lord! Is this how you treat my precious Queen? I asked looking skywards. A melancholy struck into her life and the entire world turned upside down.  For once I had promised her that - 'even if the sky comes falling down, for you there is nothing in the world I wouldn't do!' But I remained there helplessly watching my lady love walking along the street. I soon follow her from behind. I wanted to tell her that I'm there to instil back the lost happiness. But sadly by then, our life that was filled with beautiful colours, the colours started fading away!  She rummaged through her handbag for the house keys.  She located it and managed to open the door. I quickly entered and followed her inside. She lolled on the couch and looked at our wedding photo.  Tears streamed down her cheeks as she touched the photo. 

"I'll not let tears invade your face !" I said this to her during the early days of our relationship and I helplessly stood there watching her cry.
'Oh lord, you can't do this to the ultimate gift of my life,' I said to myself.
It was the same time that my beloved lady's hands reached the Good Knight active plus vaporiser machine. She plugged it and switched it on.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.................." I screamed at the top of my voice.
I collided with the wall. During this process, my wings brushed against the wall. 
Her life had become a living hell since the day the goons from our own party jabbed the knife into my stomach and killed me.
"I love you...," I said and closed my eyes. My wings detached from my body as I lay there in a state of stasis.

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When the Darkness fades to Light..

Stranded alone in an unknown place, I felt myself plunging deep into darkness. But why would someone dump me into a place like this? I thought to myself. Visibly irritated, I started cursing myself.  Damn! I dashed myself against the narrow walls and with each passing days, the wall started turning more narrow. It was awkward and I was getting uncomfortable. 

Weeks passed,  my million questions remained unanswered.  I saw myself growing strong. It was during those days when I used to hear a babble of voices around me -sometimes songs, sometimes stories and sometimes even quarrels. They never ceased to amaze me.  I used to smile every time I listened to her voice.  Each passing day made me more curious. I wanted to talk to her and my every attempt to talk to her went futile.  I desperately wanted to meet her and tell her that she had a lovely voice.  As I was floating inside the pool of darkness, I felt a sudden touch.  This touch made me happy.  I kicked the wall whenever she did that. At the same time, I would hear a laughter. 
"Oh seems they like me doing that!" I kicked the wall again. 

I soon began to understand that she found me precious. We both developed a strong bond. I couldn't wait to meet her and feel her external touch. I loved her. I wanted to kiss her and hug her tight. I soon began to understand that she aspired something big for me.  
One of those days, she began to screech in pain. She cried and her pain was unbearable. I never knew what happened to her.  The moment was getting tense. I was growing anxious about her.  I could hear different voices once again. I never knew what to interpret from that. 

"Almighty, I need her badly,"  I cried.
I could feel her cry and her painful screams. With each scream, I found a shift in my body movements. 
"This is weird," I thought to myself.

I was scared as I saw something grabbing my head and trying to pull me out of the dark passage.  The woman shrieked loudly as that object pulled me out. I realised that even I possessed that object that held my head. But mine was tiny. I was slowly pulled out of the darkness and for a moment it was bright all around. There was no more darkness in my life.  I felt a ray of light hitting my eyes and  I saw a person with a mask. He cut the tube that offered me with food and nutrients. Another person wearing the same attire wiped me neatly with a towel.  The scream stopped and the person handed me to a woman. 

The woman was visibly beautiful. She kissed me not just once but thrice. I saw a glow on her face after she saw me.

"Welcome to the world, my little baby," she said, smiling at me. I beamed with joy. She was the same woman whose voice I heard when I lived at the dark passage.  Finally, I saw her.  

Image Source 

She placed her hand on my body to which I smiled. 
"I'm never leaving you," I said to her through my smile.
Everyone standing there smiled. I held her hands tight. She kissed me again and that was the happiest day of her life. She kept looking at me and through her eyes told me that I am her bundle of joy and she would raise me like a King. This first touch invoked several feelings of joy within me. This beautiful woman was my Mother, my guardian angel and the sole reason for my happiness.
‘I am writing this post towards #Blog&Celebrate contest by Novemberschild

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Togetherness - Let's Simplify Life!

Real Togetherness
Image Source 
Gone are the days when we used to sit together and discuss how life brought in some amazing changes. The participants used to be our children, parents, or our close friends. I admit that those days used to be the best days of our life when gadgets and internet were still in the process of construction. But after the advancement of technology it seems like we all have turned slave to the fiend called technology. Smartphones, The internet, Electronic Gadgets have made life miserable leading to many lifestyle diseases that have vowed to shorten our lifespan. 

In this process, we somehow have forgotten to realize that we have a life outside our virtual world. Life isn't about writing on each others wall on Facebook, Tweeting on our profiles, Pinging on chat messengers, Checking in at specific locations online or Posting our Selfies and amazing photographs on various photo sharing apps. By doing this, we may acquire the status of a mini internet celebrity but what are we getting by doing that is the big question? Put aside the tech savvy  within you  and return back to the period  before technology came into our lives. Why not take some time and make some meaningful discussions with our family and friends.  We could talk our loved ones at the mall or a shopping complex for shopping instead of clicking random buttons on an app to get our products delivered on our door. Let's simplify life! 

Uncomplicating life is the need of the hour. I have come across parents who don't have time to give quality time  to their children. We should give moments and memories to our loved ones. Through technology, we are distancing ourselves from them.  It's time to break down the shackles of the Digital world and  connect with each other in person. Plan a trip outside for a day or two. Enjoy Quality time with your family and friends. Reminisce the good old days with your friends. Narrate your childhood tales with your children. Let them know that your life was amazing as theirs! Always remember that it's the little things in life that make life beautiful. Stress and Lifestyle diseases will eventually haunt you some day if you run behind things that only give you momentary happiness. By this, I imply the money minded nature of us! Set priorities in life and spend time with family and friends. Go and discover the real togetherness by spending time with them. Take them for trekking and spend time with nature and unleash the lost love! Rekindle the true happiness of your life. Life is short and moreover it's precious. You can't just afford to mess up with it. Remember True happiness lies in Real Togetherness and it can be acquired by spending time with our loved ones and Nature can help us in some or the other way.  It's high time to build a meaningful bond with our kith and kin in the real world. 

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Isolated in between!

Being a useful value addition to her family, she assisted her mother in most of her household chores. Being a mathematics graduate she also taught maths to most school kids and her younger siblings.Things changed gradually and a drastic change awaited her that eventually changed her. Being raised in an orthodox Tamil family where girls seldom spoke to any strangers, she  starting talking to unknown boys - strangers to be precise! Her life drastically veered and things never looked the same now. She was now a free bird, life without fears and struggles. Her parent's fault was that they brought her a mobile phone as she was going to live with her aunt in a totally different city.

Her cousins considered her as their own sibling. She got a good job in a reputed organization under the recommendation of her older cousin who also lives in Mumbai with her family.  Her cousins knew about her, every single secrets of hers were known to their cousins. Every morning she used to be greeted via text messages from random unknown guys. She used to constantly fidget her mobile phone. But  her Aunty and Uncle never knew what she was up to. Apparently , she didn't even thank her cousin who got her a job in this city of dreams. She  once used to do all house hold jobs, but here she  behaved as he she never worked at home. She watched as her Aunt and her cousins would do the daily house cleaning job. Her attitude and her behavior changed. Everyone was noticing this change. She was notorious for many reasons but her true colors were coming to light. How many influences and changes people, no?  A girl who never used to wear costly make ups and clothes now started  running behind branded clothes.  She would recharge her phone every day.

Slowly she started alienating herself from others. Even her uncle and aunt noticed this change. They were in fact surprised to see this change.  Now, she was isolated in between!


Friday, February 24, 2012

8 Signs of true Love

A Solitary stone is useless as they cannot be used to create fire. We need two stones to create fire. Everyone would wish to fall in love with someone during their lifetime. Trust me it is a special feeling. How great does it feels to be loved, cared and pampered. It is a feeling apart. It makes us to admire our loved ones. An addiction to such an admiration makes us fall for that person. By falling in love we develop a special feeling for our special one. We seem to be biased and get completely inclined to them. Our thought processes distract us. We fail to concentrate on our daily chores and there is some sort of disturbances. We turn insomniac thinking about our loved one and are lost in their dreams. She/he seems to be the sole person in this world who cares for us. There is a mutual feeling between us. To decipher the real meaning of love, one needs to fall in love. Today I am going to list few pointers which indicate true love. These are the 8 signs of true love. Here we go.
1. Calling them by Different names.
We always love to call people by different names. We love to taunt them and play pranks on them. We keep nagging and irritating them by associating them with a funny name. We can't experiment with names with random people. Many might feel offended. It’s only with our loved ones that we tend to call names. A funny, weird, stupid name often characterizes the amount of love which we have generated for that particular person. It is this special feeling that later on makes us fall for that person. I have a girl-friend of mine who calls me 'sondu' just because i sleep a lot. It is awkward at times listening to the same name again and again. It can be strange at times but our loved ones do mean a lot to us. We never call them by their real names.

2. Sharing everything with them.
Man is known by the company he keeps. He forms a community or a group wherever he goes. Its with this community that he thrives and learns many things. That’s the reason why he is known as a social animal because of his ability to mingle with others easily. During our lifetime we come across many people and some of them leave special memories. These can be good or bad. But there is one special person with whom we share all our secrets. We trust them and may be its because of this trust that we dare to spill even our darkest secret with them. This might include some sort of embarrassing episodes too. We open up to them. We identify the right one amongst the lot and share everything. This everything can be details about ones family, education, job related details, hobbies and interests or any secrets.

3. You listen to them for long hours.
Some people often bore you with their constant blabbering and chit chats. No would be ready for a gossip session when you plan to irk them. But love is a kind of feeling where you listen to your loved ones for hours. The topic may not interest you but still you wish to listen them till eternity. Such a bliss is love. Fall in love and you would know it.

4. You have no specific reasons to like them.
Certainly you like a person only because there must be something about the person which makes you admire or think about them. But when you truly develop a thing for someone you like them without any reasons. Their every gestures and actions seem to impress you. Such is the magic of love.

5. You deliberately try to make them jealous.
I might sometimes seem to you like the brand ambassador or a trustee of Love. But it sometimes sounds weird rather strange that my topic of interest has always been love and relationship. My Keyboard and my pen romances with my fingers and I churn out something which you are reading. Coming back to the point of discussion, sometimes to make them realize our love and worth we can try something different. Like we could make them jealous by comparing others greatness or some special characteristics with him/her. Emphasize more on their skills and something which makes them angry. Deliberately try to make them jealous. This makes them wonder and rectify themselves. This is a pretty constructive point. Don’t make them feel jealous to such an extent that they start hating you. I am not liable for that, I’m just expressing my views and opinions.

6. You fight, irritate and hurt them a lot.
This is a common thing which is experienced when you are in love. You fight with that special person a lot. You are possessive about him and you know that he is yours. He is your world and you have all the rights to hurt, irritate and fight with him. You are sure that he will take it on a lighter note as there is a saying that 'Everything is fair between love and war’. But the little pleasures and happiness which we derive by doing all this against our loved ones are remarkable and immeasurable. This brings you more closer and bonds your love.

7. You miss them a lot when they don't call/talk/text you.
At some point when you feel that he/she is your world, you get addicted to them. Due to rapid advancements in technology, mobile texts and online messengers are instrumental in bonding people. You develop a good interpersonal relationship with them and thats what keeps you wait for them. You feel like talking to them every day and everytime.For a moment you seem to be addicted to them. This addiction grows and gradually you think about them everytime.And some day when they turn busy, you feel hurt. Its human tendency as humans gets easily attached to other beings. That is what special about us. Till the time someone is close to us, we don't miss them and we don't realize their worth. By the time when they turn busy in their work life, you start realizing their worth and their importance. You miss them. And you keep missing them more when they don't call, talk or text you.

8. Their choices and interests mean a lot to you.
Once you get to know that person very well, you learn about their choices. You make a note of what all they like and what all they dislike. You map accordingly with your likes and dislikes. And all their interests and choices means a lot to you. You start changing yourself for them. Like if blue is their favourite color then you start dressing up in blue. If  he/she likes Pizza then you order Pizza every time you two go out  for a date or outing .You gradually star loving their choices like food,music,movies,sports etc.

Where do you relate yourself in the above list?. So do you have anything to add? Share your story. I will be talking about the 3 golden rules of Flirting in our next discussion. Do come back to know more about flirting from the great flirt ever. Period!
I Love comments and I appreciate when you leave your valuable feedbacks. J

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can we fall for someone without meeting them?

Today I am throwing you 4 simple questions .

1. Can we ever fall for someone whom we have never met in our life?.
2. How can we ever fall for someone without even meeting them?
3. Isn't that absurd falling love for someone whom we have never met in our life?
4. Is it really good to fall in love for people whom we never met?

The above questions really make sense. All questions are equally important. Think on these questions for a while and wonder what the answers could be. These can be self interpreted. Many people may have different views about the same. Why can't we fall in love with someone whom we never met? Does it mean that emotions are only limited to physical contacts? What about those with whom we talk on phone, chat and text. They are friends too. At some point of time when texting, chatting, talking exceeds the threshold and there is sudden outburst of pure emotions. I believe its these emotions which later on plays a pivotal role .Emotions are much stronger than words. One should know that one can even fall in love at the first sight without even conversing with the person. You look at them, follow them like crazy. You wait for the right opportunity or probably wait till eternity just for their smile. Love is such an enigma. It never knows words, it never understand languages. Its devoid of all worldly matters. When you truly are compatible with someone I am damn sure that your compatible would remain the same online or offline. I would say that yes, we can fall for someone without meeting them.

World is advancing. Necessity is the mother of invention. New technology and due to rapid progression in the field of Science and Software there has been a change in lifestyle of people. There were times when people wrote and expressed their feelings and love by writing notes and letters.Internet, messengers, telephone, texting has changed our life. Man seems to be addicted to all these technologies and for a moment it makes us wonder if people would really turn techsavy some day.Facebook is busy creating accounts and its obvious that it  would reach 5 billion users mark very soon. Twitter has been equally instrumental in making people express themselves. Nevertheless not to forget the chat messengers. Its through these mediums that people generally tend to express themselves. For a matter of fact, I reiterate that I am talking about today’s scenario. What do you think would happen when  you talk to the same person every day?.Off course, you are getting to the know the person very well. Each day you get to know him/her better and some day when you really get to know everything about them...thats the phase where you realize that that person has painted your life with beautiful colors and you can't live without them. You get addicted to them. Love happens.It happens again and it keeps happening. Its a repetitive cycle. I have seen many who  have never met each other before and still happily married to each other.

Nothing is wrong or absurd in falling for people whom we never meet.Don't we fall for our favourite actor by watching them do their best in movies.Do we really  have to meet them to love them?.Similar is the case when we read some novels and fall for it.It is not wrong,it is sane and a natural phenomenon. Emotions just need an outlet to express ourself.If we fail to express ourself then we should have enough courage to see our love fading away from our life.Someone had said that talking to people whom we never met is like talking to a wall and its like throwing and wasting your emotions. Trust me this is not the truth. I have a good experience of talking to my senior SME whom I have never met. He is a real gem of a person. He is my senior and it  was an accidental meeting.I really bumped into his chat during a release addressing some application issue. I had to raise a ticket regarding this and those were the real low times of my life in Delhi.One day was like one week for me. Its only after talking to him I realized that one should enjoy life instead of whining and cribbing. He was like an advice maven for me.I am narrating this example just because I'd never met  him or should it be like  I should ignore his advices just for the fact that I'd never met him.I think it is wrong.It is not like expressing ourselves to a wall.Its afterall no one wants to fill a void in their heart.World is a small place. :)

Like I have said before love never understands religion,languages and castes etc. It is  an enimga,a  pure feeling,a bliss.Out of all the organs present in our body, the heart is considered to be the most sensitive.Nothing is good or bad in falling for people over internet or  without meeting them. Its just a feeling apart. Embrace life,Cherish every moments.You  might not know you might fall in love any moment.Chating,Texting,Talking,Mailing and all other -ings are not bad. These are general and excess of these could probably lift up our emotions.I am ending this post on a positive note that love is a special feeling which imbues emotions,expressions etc.It makes you realize yourself and makes you do things which you can't. Yes, we can fall in love with someone without meeting them. I experience it every single do. What about you?

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Few Important Pointers for Life!

 There are many times I come across people who regret for their actions. Controlling your tongue is an important thing and  what you speaks makes you.You are recognized by the things you speak.There may be times when things may go wrong or may be your day wasn't just perfect. Its obvious that would be the worst time of your life and you would be down and low. Instead of cheering yourself you would prefer to be alone.You won't wish to mingle with people around you. You would instantly burst upon someone who irks you or pesters you with some work.This shouldn't be the case.It takes great time to win someones heart and to make your presence noticed. It indeed takes few minutes to get your name spoiled and it takes time to  reconstruct the old good name .Damage control isn't necessary always.So I have always been advising people to think before your speak something. Ponder over what went wrong and how to make it right.Take out the necessary correcting measures.

I admit that its really difficult to control yourself during our bad times.But that is not the theme of life.If every time you get vexed over someone then I am sure your circle of trust and friendship would be reducing.At one time you will realize that the diameter of that circle  will suddenly diminish into a point and you would be left all alone.Each indecision brings something unpleasant.You might have a big quarrel with your loved ones.They may be your parents,sibling or your best friend. You might just not know how much difficult the situation may get.By  doing this , you are just going to lose another person in your life. It takes time to build a relation.Building relationship is the most difficult situation. I bet how many of you here really felt difficult to confess their love for some stranger. It may be the person who mesmerized you with their personality. You really find it difficult to open a conversation with them. Relations are like strings.Its delicate at the beginning.As soon as the bond gets stronger, the string turns strong.It is easily broken during the worst times.Everything seems shattered. Here are few pointers which can be useful for you.

1.Exercising Control over the tongue.
Tongue may appear like a muscular mass of tissues,but it has got the power to destroy things and turn things bliss.These are two opposite things I would say.
Here is one example of a conversation which I found interesting.It is an chat excerpt from an Indian authors book.

Boy - You never called me the other day..
Girl - I was busy.
Boy - I realized you were out with the other guy....I ever tried calling you several times.
Girl - I have already told you I was busy with some work.
Boy - You fucking bitch.I know what you were doing with him.
The girl breaks into tears and goes away.

Friends, I would like to advise that Human emotions can do wonders at time and at sometimes they can just play more than a spoilsport.When you start loving someone,you think too much about the person. Everytime you think what she/he may be doing at that time. This peice may just look weird but I want to write something which is actually the truth. Do not play with anyone.Control over tongue is necessary.For an ill tempered person ,one minute is enough to create a storm.But I would love to say that after that one minute of havoc ,it is not possible to create  a positive impact. Apology will not help as already the damage is done. There is no lull after storm in this case.Hence exercising control over the tongue is very important.

2.Thinking twice before speaking.

This point is very much essential when you are planning for a long term relationship.Relationship is all about being together,understanding each other.Its the case were like minded people with common thought process bond together.They may be lovers,couples or any kind of relation for that matter.If this point is violated  then everything would be a mess.This point coupled with our first point can naturally is a good factor which helps in maintaining things.Compromising things in life and nature to forget and forgive will always help people in relationship.Tongue rules us.So I advice you guys to think twice before speaking.

3.Never get into a Verbal argument.

The point is self explanatory.Somethings can be mutually sort out by mere discussions instead of quarrels and unpleasant arguments.This will create a negative impact and an impression which can  break bongs.

During our worst times,I would prefer being silent for a while.Isolate yourself for sometime. Think what went wrong.Think for the scope of improvement.During this phase, you can easily make out the reasons which made you behave like that. This stage will give you an inner strength and help you in gaining the lost confidence.

Sorry is the only word which plays a rescue ranger during troubles.Never think twice,just shoot the word.It will automatically invoke a good feeling for you.But naturally ,not all time sorry can come to your rescue.It is not a passport to all the mistakes you do.

Friends, life is really short and I guess we should be cherishing the life which god has gifted us.Avoid sour moments with your loved ones.This is not good for you.This is a random post which I have scribbled.I hope you get something out of it.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous New year

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Friday, August 28, 2009

153 .Hurt ,Trust etc

Before I write this post,let me ask you few things.
1.Have you ever hurt some one who is close to you.?
2.Had someone humiliated or hurt you ?
3.In a relationship ,do you believe in a factor called 'trust'?

Let us see these 3 points one by one. Hurting someone is not a difficult task.In our life many times we have hurt many people knowingly or unknowingly.That's not something that we have to mention here.Well we are normal human beings and hurting others is a natural instinct.Whenever someone gets angry or mad at you,just try to maintain your cool.Misunderstanding is a catalyst which serves as a medium to destroy friendship as well as relationship.Mutual understanding is a must when you love someone.Try to soothe the person when he/she is hurt.We should try to simmer down the persons anger whenever he/she is feeling low.Quite often you must have seen this in relationship.Well I don't want to deviate from the topic. Lets get to the point. Have you ever hurt someone who is close to you.It may be your Mom,Dad,Sister,Brother,Best friend or your Lover.If you said anything that you didn't mean it a word then you are definitely missing something.Many people pine for true people in life and here we end up hurting people although we don't intend to.Well this is the right time.Go rush to the person immediately wherever he/she is and give him/her a sweet hug and say how much you love the person?.Just wait and watch the persons reaction.The anger and hatred will soon fly away .We call it "Jadoo ki Jappi" in India which means a sweet hug.Hmm,it doesn't means that you hug each and everyone and don't blame me for this post.

Whenever you say something to your closed ones,I guess we should think about the words that we are going to speak.A word or a sentence from you can create great disasters and eventually end up breaking relationship.I've seen many such people in my neighbourhood complaining that their partner always fights with them.This is true in case when there is a lack of mutual understanding between the two parties.I don't intend to drag and I always have to remind myself about this.

Coming to the 2nd point."Had some one humiliated or hurt you badly in your life?"If yes then please don't over react. This can play a spoilsport in your relation.Just try to keep your cool.No matter how badly the person must have said or behaved.Just try to keep yourself and stick to what you are.You know in life we are known by some principles and it is this thing by which we are known.It is very difficult to make an impression in front of people.But it is very easy to spoil your name and it will take ages for the wound to heal.You must have heard of a quote called "Hurt never,smile ever".Think of the statement.Keep a check on your temper.Why should we get hurt when the person is close to us.Do you have any doubt that god has send his best people to be our closed ones in life.If they are the best in our life,then there is no point in hurting them or getting hurt from them.Just go to them and casually ask the reason for that behaviour.I've come across many families where people don't talk to each other.Sibling rivalry,a state of tiff between parents exists in many Indian families and it won't do good for any one.To maintain a good relationship ,I believe that the "hurt" factor should be out of frame.

Lets highlight the 3rd point.Believe me this one is the most interesting one."In a relationship ,do you believe in a factor called trust?".I've been listening to Avril Lavigne songs since few days and I am a bit hooked to these topics. Excuse me.I love her lyrics and try listening to it.What do you mean by "trust"?.Explain me the concept of trust?.Trust can be said to be the trait of believing the honesty and reliability of the person.Do you trust a person at your first meet?.Hmm,I guess no.It takes lots of time to trust a person if you are genuine.I mean love is pure and in a relationship trust is important.The thread of trust less relationship is very weak.It would be fragile and would break at any instance.Our life is not like the birds who leave their closed ones at some point.We are human beings and human beings possess the ability to think and react. And I feel that this factor will obviously boost your relationship.Trust is like oxygen and we can't live without oxygen. When you love some one,you believe that this person would be with you forever.What if the person leave you at some point and betray you?It could be obvious at some point.Will focus on this on my next post on love and betrayal which is based on a real life incident.Just think on these points and talk to yourself.Hurt can ruin your relationship and trust can bond your relationship.Which one would you prefer?

Sunday, August 09, 2009

149.Understanding Family & Love..

Family and Love don't necessarily go vis-a-vis .I mean both are completely different.A Family is associated with you since the day you stepped on to this world.Likewise Love is something that you get during later stages of life,but I'm sure that it cannot be compared to your family. I've been highlighting the importance of your family many times when I write such posts.Because your family is the one who serves as your support structure.Here I want to distinguish family and Love.When you fall in love with someone,you don't tend to inform your family members.Trust me since I am from India my observation may not be the same.My Indian buddies have shared many such facts with me and I've my closed friends too.Thus there might be a case where your family might come to know about your secret.This might at times turn into a disaster.Well most of my Americans and European friends here may find this strange .This is because Indian culture is different and here importance is given to family and culture.Over the period of time this attitude has changed.Thanks to Western influence.

A family is a place where you find like minded people who support and encourage you.They motivate you and provide you with all that you need at an early age.Parents play a pivotal role in this so called "life" of yours.I have my mom whom I treat as my best friend.I confess all my secrets to her and share things happening around me.This is because she trusts me.Allparents trust their beloved kids.I've been highlighting this trust factor since few days.Trust is something in which the person believes your honesty and reliability.How would you tend to hurt your parents by breaking their trust on you.This disappointment would naturally cause side effects in form of health hazards. In this para we've been talking about family.If you love your family,then you won't hurt them.Similarly you can't hurt someone who loves you.Here I am not talking about your family.He/She believes you.For some reasons ,I feel that I've been inducing things which are meant for Indians.Excuse me.Let me relate this with a real life example.I had this friend called E(name changed).E was known for his genuine characteristics.He helped people and he was imbued with great qualities.His parents were proud of him for the same reason.My mom would always ask me to treat him as an idol.Even I used to be proud of him as I knew him since childhood.
His parents never cared for him.By this I mean that they just don't sit and talk to him.So he used to feel isolated sometimes.Recently he got a new person in his life.He was dating her for past 1 year.His parents came to know this and were sad.There is no point in getting sad at this point.Because it is late and you don't know what to do at this point of time.Right approach would be to sit and talk.Talking and Sharing views can bring some solutions.Parents should keep a track on their childrens activities.Not doing this would cause unlikely events.

You love your family as well as your special one.Butsometimes what will happen if your family knows about your Miss/Mr Special.Worst case scenario would be that they would dump her.Why would you wait for all such things to happen?Why don't you tell your parents before hand ? This can be advantageous for you and you will not have the fear of losing your special one.At sometime when you spill the bean at the last minutes ,then wait and watch for the effects. Thus I would prefer informing your family about this.In some families,siblings serve as a pillar in bonding such relationship when parents fail.This won't happens everytime.It is an exception.I sometimes find my observations funny.Family and your love life is like a see saw.There should be some balance between the two.On other hand some sort of Equillibrium must be maintained between family and love.Both are directly proportional to each other.This may be contradictory to what I wrote at the first line. If there is no equillibrium between the two, then at some stage you will arrive at a point where you have to sacrifice one.Both are important part of our life and we won't wish to dump any of these . Thus ,the perfect solution would be to talk to both of them. Make them understand everything.Arrive at a solution.It is like a WIN WIN case.Make sure that both the parties are happy. Many love stories have come to an end abruptly because of lack of support from family.Also many times love has bloomed because of support from family .Be happy and Live life at the fullest. This is the only way to remain happy and gay(I mean Merry ,not the other gay ) :P

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