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Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Corseca DM5810BT is a Bluetooth Headset with high-quality Stereo Output and inbuilt Microphone for clear voice calls. It is integrated with an MP3 Player that can be invoked through buttons available on the headset. There is  a charging slot and a chip slow where the MicroSD card can be inserted.The neckband is elegant and stylish. The material quality is not bad. The finish seems to be good and an advantage about the product is its light weight. It is easy to handle.
Now, let's see it's product specification before I tell you what I feel about this product.

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Technical Specification

  • It supports Bluetooth Version v4.1.
  • Supports Headset profile, Hands-free.
  • A2DP and AVRCP.
  • Bluetooth Class 2
  • 430 Mah Lithium Polymer Battery with a Charge time of 2 hours per Charge Port
  • Mirco USB 5 pin Bluetooth Mode.
  • Talk time of 20 hours.
  • Music Time up to 18 hours.
  • Standby time up to 70 hours
  • For Media Player, Music Time is up to 6.5 hours, Standby Time up to 16 hours
  • Size 155 x 115 x 25mm
  • Weight 73g
  • Operating Temperature - -10 to 50 deg Celsius
  • Storage Temperature- -20 to 80 deg Celsius

Now it's time to review it.
I was pretty much excited when I ordered this product from
My friend had informed me about this Bluetooth Headphone and last month she had purchased one. But that was a different Corseca Product. I asked her for a recommendation and she informed me about this DM5810BT version that comes up with a memory card slot that supports music player.  I was impressed after I  saw the product. I quickly ordered it and it got delivered in 3 days. To be honest, when I unboxed the product, I had struggled for about 45 minutes on how to pair the headset with the headphone.

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Dejected, I gave up and decided to experiment the next day. Even it's user guide  couldn't help me much. It was clearly mentioned but somehow my phone got messed up. Then I realised that a Philips Bluetooth speaker was already paired with my phone. I removed it and paired the new Bluetooth headset with it. It got paired and I was too excited to know how it performs. I quickly connected my music player to it and it played loud and better.
I then watched some videos on youtube. I even watched a movie using the JioCinema app and I didn't see any performance degradation. It was perfect. At the same time, my friend Ankit had called me, I spoke using this headset and I somehow realised that the volume was a bit low in case of phone calls. The voice quality is not good. Rest all was good. Even the music via the SD card was good. The charging doesn't take much time. It comes up with a nice beautiful case. 

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

The user guide has some 18 instructions on how to use the buttons provided on the headset. It has a center call button along with a volume adjustment button that allows you to lower or raise the volume.

Overall, I am happy with the product and impressed with it.
I highly recommend you guys to try this awesome Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset.

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Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-free productivity - Book Review

Getting Things done is a book written by Productivity pundit David Allen who is an internationally recognized author whose most of  the works are based on organizational productivity. Getting Things done ( or GTD as it is called) is a methodology that aims to make life better  by teaching you things that help you in organizing your tasks well. It's a fact that in this fast moving world,  where we rat race and compete with each other in this life, we often tend to leave a void behind. This book aims to fill in this void. We somehow fail to understand certain minute things that will not only help grow as an organized individual but also as a better person.  As David Allen calls it, this GTD methodology will  drain out all the stress from your sophisticated life and GTD will only make life easier. Each Chapter of this book covers various aspects that will help you in managing your tasks better.

Through these chapters, David Allen has made a powerful impact. You might find it boring going through most of the topics but trust me it can change your life or at least make it less stressful if you religiously follow the GTD.  This book is for people who crib that they have many things to do but unfortunately, they do not have much time and prioritizing the important tasks  leaves behind an apprehension that something important is being missed.  Trust me many of us might have come across such a phase. The author has given many useful points for all who belong to this league. This can make life easier. The book gives an overview of the process of how to get work in a better way, how to implement  the work in a better way and it provides better insights into it.  This book helps us to get rid of our organizational issues that we come across in our day to day life. The  best part about the book is that it will make you think about your productivity, the techniques are easy and  explained in a better way that can be easily understood by all. This book offers  powerful and practical strategies for increasing your organisation, efficiency and creativity. 

I highly recommend this book.  Never forget to carry a notebook with you when you read it. There are many interesting points that you might wish to note that might help you.  For those who are used to working in a fast paced environment then the techniques mentioned in the book might come handy for you. 

Stay Organized and Focussed and may you lead a stress-free life with maximum productivity. 

About David Allen 
David Allen is an author, consultant, international lecturer, Founder and Chairman of the David Allen Company. The David Allen Company is a productivity training and consulting company that provides services designed to increase performance, capacity and aligned execution. They count among their clients some of the world’s most prestigious corporations, including over 40% of Fortune 100 companies.

David Allen is widely recognized as the world’s leading authority on personal and organizational productivity. His 30 years of pioneering research, coaching and education of some of the world’s highest-performing professionals has earned him Forbes’ recognition as one of the “Top five executive coaches” in the United States, and as one of the “Top 100 thought leaders” by Leadership Magazine. 
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The Jungle Book (Hindi) - Movie Review

The Jungle Book (Hindi) - Movie Review
Image Source 
Adrenaline rush is what we all experienced at the cinema theater when the ferocious Sher Khan chased Mowgli in the Jungle. Indian kids from the 90's would fondly remember Mowgli for many reasons. But the Nostalgia factor after watching the Disney's Jungle Book  wouldn't be a great connect. The entire theme of the Jungle Book that played on the Doordarshan was different. Baghera and Baloo, Mowgli's favourite had a crucial role in the movie  with Baghera playing Mowgli's mentor, advicemaven while Baloo, a good trustworthy friend.  The Jungle Book will be a visual delight to everyone who watches the movie. Never hesitate to shell out some money and watch it on the big screen. If you don't then you are missing a lot!

Raised by the Wolves in the Jungle, Mowgli is threatened by the mighty Tiger Sher Khan, the self proclaimed King of the Jungle. An adventurous encounter with a human leaves Sher Khan hurt and a scar on his face that reminds him of his past. This increases his animosity for humans. Knowing about Mowgli's presence in the wolf packs annoys him and he warns the wolves to hand over Mowgli to him. In this adventurous story of the Jungle Book, its the Sher Khan versus Mowgli et al. Baghera advises Mowgli to leave the jungle and settle with humans. The Story revolves around the adventures and misadventures of Mowgli. And who wins in the penultimate fight between Sher Khan and Mowgli is something that should be watched. The VFX team should be appluaded for their efforts. They have given life to the movie. Every scenary of the movie is picturesque. The  early scenes of Mowgli escaping Sher Khan's attack where he lands among the group of Buffalo's  and the Bandar-Log scene is indeed mindblowing.  It's a visual treat to the Jungle Book fans.  The director Jon Favrea  gets the brownie points. Full score to the new comer - Neel Sethi. He has just lived up as Mowgli in all the scenes.  Suncity, Vile Parle, the cinema house where I went to watch this movie was filled with mixed audiences from kids to elders. They all seemed to enjoy almost every scenes. Laughter erupted on the scenes where Baloo featured. The Bear necessities song was a cute addition to the magnificent movie. Of course the Hindi version of it ;-) 

I watched the Hindi edition of the Jungle Book. It comes up with an ensemble cast of Nana Patekar ( Sher Khan), Priyanka Chopra ( Kaa), Shefali Shah (Raksha Ma), Irrfan Khan ( Baloo), Om Puri ( Baghera)  and Jasleen Singh(Mowgli) added colors of  joy to the exciting movie.  Kaa's cameo was disappointing. We did expect much more from Kaa. But the scenes featuring Kaa did evoke silence.

Image Source 
Baloo's Punjabi Hindi is hilarious. Irrfan Khan ruled the movie as Baloo. This was the most entertaining character of the movie and one of my favourite. The Live action 3D movie does a good job in engaging the audiences. It will make you connect with the characters. Mowgli's adventures, misadventures and his rendezvous with Baloo will drag a smile on your face. I have seen King Loui's appearance in the Trailer but the Hindi version was a big disappointment. The English version suggested me that he would be a good potrayal but sadly I didn't feel the same in the Hindi Edition. King Loui's Goan Hindi didn't amuse me, honestly. 

This movie is for all age groups.  This movie is  one time  watch over the weekend. It will invoke your old memories of the Jungle book. This is the primary factor that will make it a must watch for many.  The Jungle book has stayed for a long time in our mind and has ruled our childhood days. It becomes natural for us to enjoy and have a good time  watching this movie.

Disney's Jungle Book is a visual delight and my full marks to the Graphics team.  I give 3.5/5 to the movie for an entertaining 2 hours. 

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Shayaree-e-Zindagi - Poetry for Life by J.S. Mishra - Book Review

Shayaree-e-Zindagi - Poetry for Life by J.S. Mishra - Book Review

In the Foreword of the book - Shayaree - e - Zindagi, Javed Akthar Sahab says that Poetry is an eternal gift in its most natural,  most powerful and appealing format.  Poetry is something that gives an inner peace during the time of crisis for most of us who are connoisseurs of art. Perhaps that's what soothes us when we are down or low. I seldom write poetries but whenever I write its full of emotions.  That's the beauty of a poem. It may be short, but it reflects the state of our mind. 

Shayaree-e-Zindagi has a tagline called Poetry for Life.  Yes, indeed! This book is a compilation of Shayrees , couplets and poetries written by famous  Urdu and Hindi poets. It is based on the different elements of life.  The  couplets are based on the elements of life such as Beauty, Longing, Relationships, Love, Promise, Waiting, Dream, Pain, Grief, Memory, Destination,  Courage, Leadership, Self Pride, Philosophy of Love, Spiritualism and  other couplets.  J.S Mishra, the master  behind the book is a bureaucrat and is a poetry lover too. Most of his works are commendable and he has a deep liking for poems especially Hindi. 

Shayaree-e-Zindagi - Poetry for Life has been divided into seventeen chapters and the couplets constituting the chapters have been given in Devanagari as well as in English Transliteration.  This is done basically for the readers who find it difficult to recite it in the Devanagari script so that they can enjoy the beauty of the couplet. Also,  J.S Mishra has taken efforts to translate the couplets into English for the Non-Hindi  Poetry fans. 
I read the book and the collection of the Urdu/ Hindi shayree's is awesome. I liked it.
I am sharing few of them here.

"Husn kee subah ik shikst-e-jameel
Husn kee Shaam kaamraanee hai,
Ye kuchh afsaan-e-takhyyul hai,
Kucchh haqueeqat kee tarjumaanee hai" - Majaz Lakjnawi

"Morning  of the beauty may be a lovely failure,
Evening of the beauty if success,
This is partly an imaginary story,
And partly an interpretation of reality"
"Gairon kee baat chhodiye gairon  sey kya milaa,
Apnon ney  kya diyaa hamein, apnon se kya milaa" - Kaifi Azmi

"Leave aside talking about others, what have others given,
What did our own give us, what did we get from them."

For many more interesting ones, do read the book. 

The book features poems of elite Urdu/ Hindi poets like Kaifi Aazmi, Majaz Lakhnawi, Ghalib, Jigar Moradabadi, Riyaz Khairabadi, Hasrat Mohani, Zauq, Faiz, Firaq, Nida Fazli, Abdul Hameed Adam and many more.

This is a must read for all the Urdu, Hindi Poetry fans out here. Do read it.

About J.S Mishra.
An Engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee and an Indian Administrative Service officer, J.S. Mishra has been widely acclaimed as a competent administrator, an enabling leader, an effective writer, and a passionate poet.He has published five collections of Hindi poems and five acclaimed worldwide books. His poems have equally been praised and welcomed by both lovers of literature and common readers alike. He is the recipient of numerous state honours, citations and certificates for his scholarly and meritorous achievements. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Talvar - A Movie Review


Mysteries never cease to amaze me. For people who have known me for a long time would have realized this by now. My fondness for mystery movies is quite evident from my huge collection of crime and thriller movies. So I could say that I have a special liking for such movies. After having received a special invite for the Talvar movie screening, I was happy and thrilled at the same time for I was going to watch the film version of a murder case that made me think a lot. Yes, sometimes whenever I had free time at office, I would Google for mystery cases in India and during one such occasion my mind got fixed on the Noida Double Murder case of 2008 that not only shocked the nation but also raised questions about the inability and capability of the Officers who probed this case  as it got dragged  for so long without providing much resolution.

Talvar is a film adaptation of this Noida double Murder mystery played by few elite actors such as Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Tabu and many others. The film had an emotional connect to it as it dealt with the people closely attached to the deceased who was brutally murdered.  After having read about the case and the theories attached to it many times, I could see all those happening in front of my eyes.  Talvar made me wonder and ponder on various aspects and elements of life.  For once, when the destiny betrays and puts you in a fix, that’s when you feel jinxed.  It is a game of fate where other factors such as media, politics, professional ego, conspiracy can alter and influence justice. The cinematography is just perfect. I could see the characters walk in front of my eyes. Each version of the story seems convincing and every time you think, it will make you wonder what could have gone wrong that night when the girl got murdered.  The movie will wake up the Sherlock Holmes sleeping inside you and you would step into the shoes of the investigating officers. I personally felt so.  I could also feel the emotions of the family and what must have gone through their mind when they faced the stressful situation.  While each protagonist of the movie constructed their own versions of their story, my mind too came up with several thoughts about the murder. Such is the impact that the director has created on the minds of the viewers. That itself is a victory by itself. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and it’s few of those movies that would make you think about the judicial system of the country. If you are a great fan of murder mysteries and crime thrillers, then I strongly recommend this movie for you. It will be  a perfect delight for you guys!

Watch the Trailer below

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories - Review

Title - The Wedding Trousseau and  Other Short Stories
Author -Ankita Sharma
Publisher - Humming Words Publishers
Genres - Anthology, multiple genres
Year - 2015
No. of Pages - 128


The Wedding Trousseau and  Other Short Stories is a collection of short stories that represents different elements of life. They are easy to connect and relate. These stories remind us of different phases that we go or relate in our life. Ankita Sharma has crafted the stories in such a way that  all the stories are  intriguing and her knack of connecting with the reader is marvelous. Through this anthology she has  infused and provoked some thoughts that the readers could ponder.


Aforementioned these collection of short stories represents different gamut of emotions ranging from love, fear, animosity, aggression and so on. Each story  will make you wear your thinking caps. Some stories were witty, at its humorous best while some were thought provoking!  The best part about each story is that it gives an important message. For instance, The Pink Card  talks about a lady prying into the personal space of the protagonist who happens to be at no fault. All that glitters is not gold , it can be silver too! ;) 

We talk big about equality in our country but there still are divides that happen that distinguish people on the basis of statuses. One More Bite highlights this fact.

Leaves talk about the story of a young boy who has a hard time making pple understand something different from their old perceptions.

Curse will make you relate to stories that you have been hearing  around your neighborhood. A story of a son and a mother who happen to curse his wife for the reasons known! To know the reason , read the book. I'm sure you must have heard such stories nearby!

Courtesy ,  The Solitary Mound, I Forgive You are light stories that deal with emotions and are philosophical too! 

The Wedding Trousseau talks about the life of a girl who dreams about her marriage and who is excited about her life after marriage. But dreams remain dreams when she learns that her marriage life is dry and sad. A busy husband who has no time for his wife and an affection craving wife are few stories that we all have been seeing in movies. Such stories do happen in reality too.

The Site Visit, is a spooky story of a young professional who wants to rent out a home only to find out the truth later about the owners of the house. Indeed Spine chilling!

The Fresh Stock  is a take on adoptions. People who adopt children at orphanages should be kind enough to adopt kids not on the basis of their color or size. Kids are the virtual representation of God and accept them no matter what. This story talks about the same.

The best of the  lot is 'Just Perfect' . This is something that I loved. It gives a very good message. No one is perfect in Life. Learn to be happy with little things that we have. It just gives a perfect end to the collection.

"Perfection keeps shifting like a mirage. We are obsessed with anything that is perfect but the standards shift every minute; they are not fixed. We refuse to accept and agree with anything that fails to fit inside our moulds of excellence. "

If you  are planning to chill over the weekend then this is the right book.  Ankita Sharma is adept and a very skillful writer who knows how to play with emotions. The  job of a writer is to make a reader visualize the characters in front of their eyes and I think that Ankita has done her job well. The language and the narration is simple and it establishes a good connection among the readers. The best part  is that every story has some value to offer and  the readers could relate with it. I highly recommend this book. These are stories that could be narrated to your kids. Better gift them this book!

The stories suggest that the writer is an observer. Anyone who pens stories that touches the heart and that talks about emotions need to be a good observer. Only a good observer can produce such realistic stories that have deep impact on the minds of the readers. 

I give 4/5 for the stories that  are not new but for the easy connect that it has to offer. Readers can relate to it and share these stories with their loved ones. 

This is a perfect debut for any writer and after reader this I would want to read a complete novel from her. I am sure that day would arrive soon.

About the  Author
Ankita Sharma is an entrepreneur based in Faridabad. She is passionate  about reading, writing and sketching. Her sketch works have appeared on the cover pages of few titles. She loves nature and is very fond of animals. She blogs at

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Kaaka Muttai - Review

Movie - Kaaka Muttai ( Crow's egg) 
Director - Manikandan
Cast- Ramesh, Vignesh,Aishwarya Rajesh, RJ Ramesh, Yogi Babu
Genre - Drama
Release Year - 2015

A story about the lives of two young slum kids who get tempted by Pizza  offered at a Pizza joint opened near their slum. The story describes emotions and dreams of these two kids and wonderfully portrays their cravings to get a taste of the delicious pizza and what all they do to collect money for buying it. So what actually happens when they have the money to buy it? Well that's Kaaka Muttai!
Centered around a slum in Chennai , the story describes how a pizza joint changes the life of two  young kids who live in the slum. The story begins with a small plot of land being sold for the purpose of construction of  a pizza joint.  This ground happens to be the playground for the slum kids. The pizza joint is inaugurated by Simbu and the sight of the pizza tempts the kids at that moment itself. These two kids earn the nick name of Chinna Kaaka Muttai and Periya Kaaka Muttai due to their inability to afford normal eggs that makes them  resort to drinking crows egg. Their mother (played by Aishwarya Rajesh)  has a difficult task of managing the home and shuffles between home and the lawyers office to get her husband out of jail. The grandmother character is as important as the mother and the two kids. The combination of the four have ruled the first half. The burning desire to get a taste of Pizza grows intense and they resort to different activities such as stealing coals from the railway yard ,ferrying drunkards from the bar to their homes, distributing pamphlets and so on. After collecting the required amount , they  are thrown away by the Pizza joint watchmen who calls them as 'Kuppathu Pasanga' ( Slum boys). Their friend Palarasam, the railway lineman who also allows them to take(steal) coals from the railway yard informs them that they need to buy new clothes to enter the joint. After arranging the necessary amount and the clothes, they arrive back at the pizza shop only to be thrown out again and this time they are deeply humiliated and beaten by the shop manager. The incident is recorded on a mobile phone and somehow two small time rogues or mischief mongers to be precise (played by RJ Ramesh and Yogi Babu) get hold of this video. They  etch a good plan to bring down the pizza joint by planning to get a ransom from the pizza owners.  A series of events take place that includes the two boys disappearance, their search, their grandmothers sudden death and a protest plan. But what happens when the guys are found is something that would drag a smile on your face. This is a heartwarming story that is not only intriguing but also will make you ponder. It will melt your heart and make you feel for such innocent kids who don't have much in their life but dreams. Yes dreams don't come up with a price tag.

Aishwarya Rajesh who plays the mothers role has lived it up. She has clearly justified the role of a mother. The railway linesman role is an important character that added another feather to the plot. In short Manikandan has managed to put up a very good show with not so well known actors. The ending is interesting and it will make you smile. You will laugh at several instances such as the scene where the grandmother tries to cook a pizza out of dosa and places where the kids try to sell a stray pet dog for 25 grands. Another important role was that played by RJ Ramesh and Yogi Babu. I would see a Senthil and Goudamani out of the two. Their chemistry glowed perfectly and  of course not to mention the two little boys who did their task neatly and flawlessly.  Chinna Kaaka Muttai was too cute. I should say that!  Not to forget the music by GV Prakash - so pleasant to the ears, adding the value add to the team. An awesome team to be honest!

This movie gives a strong  and a meaningful message to the world. Generally people do  not have a very good perception about those living in slums. We should remember that even they are humans and they have the right to wish . That may be beyond their reach but everyone has the right to dream. The boys almost give up on their dreams of getting to taste the pizza but for that they toiled hard. If you have dreams on your eyes then no one can stop you from reaching it. This movie gives an insight about the life of people who live in the slums in  adverse conditions, their struggles , quest for existence and survival! 

I give 4.5/5 for Kaaka Muttai for the marvellous story. This is refreshing and the characters will stay on your minds forever. At least they made me smile! The movie has been screened at several movie festival and it has won the following awards till now. 

Here is the trailer for the National Award winning movie - Kaaka Muttai.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

OYO Rooms Review - My OYOxperience

PS - This is   my  review post consisting of my OYO Rooms stay experience. OYOxperience - I call it. All the images in this post has been clicked by me. (c) ingeniousty

Most of us love travelling! Don't we? If given a chance I would stroll across the breadth and length of this country and I would also love to stroll across different cities across different countries. Unfortunately my job doesn't permits me to meander across places. I am no vagabond! Of course, if you belong to that league of people who have to travel across various cities  then this post would definitely provide you insights about places where you could stay during your voyage. This could be a trip - business, meeting or anything.  Every one wants to cool their heels at a place that would give them peace. You just need the best for the money that you shell. Yes, I am talking about the location - hotels to be precise. The hotel should be affordable and should take care of several factors such as hygiene, cleanliness, service, food etc. Recently I came across something called as OYO Rooms. The concept fascinated me. I researched about it and further on I would be posting the review of OYO rooms and  my OYO experience.  OYO Experience - Yes, you heard it right. 

But without much ado, let me  say few things about OYO rooms. 
It is  the fastest growing branded network of budget hotels. It was founded in 2013  and has more than 350 hotels under its brand.  It  has grown from a single 11 room hotel in Gurgaon in May 2013 to  4000 plus rooms across 350 + hotels in various cities of India.  I recenty had the opportunity to visit the OYO room at Hotel Atlantic at Juhu Tara road in Mumbai. I, along with 9 other bloggers from Mumbai were greeted by the OYO representative Nijish. 

Exit Point - Book Review

Title - Exit Point
By line - On the Internet no one knows you are Dead
Author -Anil Goel
Publisher - Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Genres - Thriller, mystery, dark 
Year - 2015
No. of Pages - 507


Exit Point, written by Anil Goel is an IT thriller book that revolves around the dark mysterious online world. This is the writer's second book and his first book - Release 2.0 was of the same genre. This thriller writer knows how to put things together and especially  when everyone knows that writing thriller is the most difficult thing to do , he makes it look so easy. The story revolves around multiple cities across the globe across  different timelines. It introduces us to different characters who mark an imprint on your mind. One such character is Alok, a techie from India who rules the plot!


It takes us to the mysterious dark online world where the writer has tried his best to make us ponder on the online identity of people. The byline of the book reads - on the internet no one knows  you are dead! Indeed true it is! It contains too many characters but one thing you should know that major portion of the book covers the mystery revolving around the death of Megan Baxter , an intelligent  teenage girl from Australia. The case investigating officer seeks help of Alok, a techie from India, who plays an important role in unleashing several clues and gets them close! Several events such as dead sharks along the coast of Bondi beach, Megan Baxter's  death, Rashid Chacha's murder by Mr Baxter ( Megan's father) and many more twists across the tale only makes the story intriguing. Anil Goel definitely has the knack of keeping his readers glued. But somehow at some places I felt that the plot was being dragged unnecessarily. There are too many characters and all the characters have done their bit perfectly. However this book being vast, one requires lots of patience and time but its worth it.  It plunges deep into the online world and Alok's character is brilliantly potrayed. It took me several sittings to complete this book - curse my busy timeline and last minute vacation plans.

This story has got too many elements that will enlighten the reader in you.  What links all the events in this book and how the tech genius Alok helps in resolving the mystery is something that should be looked for! People who know technology and internet very well can get something out of it as they can relate to  the different things mentioned in this book by one of the main character. This is a  very good thriller book and I recommend this book to all the thriller lovers. Planning a vacation? Take this book along with you. It could be a very good travel companion especially if you are planning for a train journey!  

I would give 4/5 stars for this book. This book would transport you to a completely different world, a world where mystery overpowers everything. To know more about the book  you should definitely read Exit Point.

About the Author
Anil Goel is a Mumbai raised, IT personal who wrote 2.0 the first IT thriller of India. To him the computer is the panacea for all challenges and he uses it as the fabric to tailor his tales. He has earned the moniker of Prophet Of Doom by Deccan Herald and can be reached at