Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Feel You ( Part 1)

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It was Wednesday. Wednesdays are usually the red letter days for Scrum masters who work for agile projects in IT companies. Being a Scrum master myself, I had to face the wrath of Customers and product owners in case if we messed up with the deliverables by not delivering the product within the stipulated timeline. Sprint is the unit of work in agile projects. Everything should be covered within the sprints. Imagine how cruel life would be for Scrum masters like me!

I was already running late for work that day. I started the ignition and drove the car out of the parking area of my Apartment. While driving towards the intersection, I met a friend. She was Neha, my college days crush!  She possessed a unique charm that drew boys towards her. 

Well, that was during our good old college days.  But her charm and elegance was still intact. She still looked adorable and her smile was something that attracted me. It dragged me closer to her and I would secretly admire her beauty when I was young. I had no clue about her whereabouts but today I found her back.  I stopped my car at the bus stop where she was waiting for the bus and waved him at her.

"Hey,  Isn't that you, Neha?" I curiously asked. "Neha Kakkar."

"Yes! But sorry! I couldn't recognize you?"

"It's me, Rajat!" I said. As we grow old, we tend to change in appearance. Well in our case it was quite evident. She failed to recognize me. Perplexed, she took a careful look at me and said, "Rajat Saxena?"

"Yes! Rajat Sexy na?" I winked at her and said, "Get in, I will drop you."

She got inside the car and we started discussing about how life veered out in these 10 years.

"Got married?" I curiously asked her.


"And what about you?"  She asked me.

"I still haven't found a girl as charming as you!" I joked.

"Thanks!" She said and blushed.

"How's Life, Neha?" I asked as I drove my car on the Western Expressway.

"It's Okay!" she said.  From her expressions, I felt she was hiding something.

"You sure?"

"Yes, why do you ask that?" She asked.


"Frankly, I am so happy after seeing you today." She said and continued, "It takes me back to the memory lane. Old memories surface on my brain and it seems like it all happened yesterday and its bliss!"

"For a moment, it seems that the cupid has arrived and once again made me fall in love with you ...just like I loved you secretly during our college days," she said.

"What?" I interrupted her.

"Oops!" She said, "I need to get down."

"What did you just say?" I asked, my ears couldn't believe what I just heard.

"You really loved me?"

"What do you think?"

(To be continued...)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Love & Lies 3

 Disclaimer - this is a work of fiction. Images have been taken from Google images.

Continued from Part 1 & Part 2

'Thats it Rahul....Its enough...this is too bad...,' She continued.
'Whaaatt did she say?,' I was perplexed.
'You should have told me that you are Didi's best friend.' She smiled.
I heaved a sigh of relief after hearing this from Afreen.  I was worried for once.

'I asked  Dii if  she knew you...and she said that you were her best friend,' She continued.
'Aww ..Thats so sweet of her ..,' i typed her. I was of the impression that Ankita would not help me in befriending Afreen. This was not expected from her. My rational mind started thinking about the aftermath of Afreen's call with Ankita. Luckily nothing catastrophic happened.I was at the safe end.

'You know what Rahul..I always admired Ankita didi ...she used to teach me Geometry at School,' Afreen typed.

Ankita,during her school days helped mentoring her juniors.Afreen was one of her junior. She had told me many times.
"Oh God!! See I forgot....I have to prepare for my Anatomy Viva tommorow..I better leave now,' She was in a hurry.

'Even I have my Mechatronics paper tommorow..,'I was skeptical if even I would pass.I never wanted to get a backlog in any of the final Sem papers. It would be  delay my admission in FMS.
"Bye, :) ,' She smiled and logged out of Facebook Chat.
It all happened in quick succession that I kept wondering if it  really happened. For once ,I was waiting to meet Afreen and  I could not believe that I actually interacted with her. I was delighted and my joy grew no bound. Later that night I had to toil hard on the Mechatronics  problems and theories.

' I hope you  are happy now..called you to let you know that Afreen had called me to ask about you ..I told that you are my best friend :),' Ankita had texted  me.
'I can't tell you that you made me happy today..love you  for this dear..Wish me luck for my last paper tomorrow..gn sd tc ,' I texted her.

'Good Night dear..I know you will do well,' She replied to my text.

It was an eventful day.Many  unexpected  things happened with me. Afreen accepted my friend request on Facebook.com.I could not believe my eyes when I saw the Facebook notification mail.

The next morning I had to wake up at 5 am because of my exam. I was 70% prepared for my paper.I was quite sure that I would atleast try to pass the exam. My priority was to attempt as many questions as possible.
I knew that my confidence level was low because of my preparation and I was probably forgetting the formula's as i saw it for the first time. I reached  the exam Center at 10.30 am as our paper was scheduled to start at 11 am. The clock struck 11 and the invigilator handed us the question paper and the answer sheet. I could see only few familiar topics and the rest of the  questions were out of syllabus. I anyhow managed to attempt 70 marks.I had some faith in me.

'Dude..what was the answer for that Robot Elevation Angle problem?,' Ramalingam , my class mate asked me.I always hate discussing question paper after exams. Once I attempted 90 marks in Discrete Structure and  after paper discussions I lost the faith in me.I just passed with 42 marks. 

'19.6 deg right?,' I told him.
'Ayyo Kaduvulle...its 21 deg...Why everyone telling different answers ?,' He was visibly frustrated.
'Chill Rama..yours must be right..its just 15 marks man..,' I patted on his back.

'Ayyo 15 marks Anna..It is big..Very high daa...From how I will know what is right answer..Ayyo Kaduvulle!!,' Ramalingam seemed confused and ran towards  others in pursuit of the correct answer.

I laughed and left for my home. My phone buzzed with Ankita's Text message.

'How was it? Easy naa :) ,' 
'Yes dear..very easy,'I lied to her.

I had my lunch at the Sardar Restaurant.I reached my home after 30 min. Both my roommates were working in Top IT Companies.So they used to come home late. The disadvantage of staying with working guys is that you seldom get time to interact with them. One of my roommate would be busy engrossed in his office work and the other one would watch Porn movies from his Office Laptop. It seemed weird at times but I am used to it.

I logged into Facebook.com after taking a power nap.My eyes were scanning for Afreen.At the same time a notification popped up  on my Facebook account. 

'Hello Seniore,.. How are you?,' Afreen had posted on my wall.

I was just  typing in reply to her wall post and at the same time I got her ping on Facebook Chat.

'Hi Rahul..Whatsup,' She wrote.
'Hey! I am good...You tell...,' I greeted her.
'Umm..I am good yar..had a terrible viva.. Haha..,' She continued.

'So are you happy for it or what....' I replied.
 'No..I wasn't prepared na..achha tell me something about you na?,' She typed.
'Well to be honest I study in an Engineering College.Actually gave the last Engineering exam of my life today,' I wrote.
'Wow..how was it? and apart from it what do you do?,' She was curious to know more about me.
'It was OK . Well apart from this I sell Mangoes outside Dadar Railway Station. :P :P ,' I joked.
'Oh wow Really..then I  might get mangoes from you at a discounted price naa :P ,' She typed.

'Oh why Sweetheart...why discount..I can give you free mangoes :P,' I replied her.
'Sweetheart??I am not your sweetheart..got it?,' She typed.
'Then whose sweetheart are you,' I smiled as I typed.
'No ones!,' She replied.
'What do you do apart from Studying?,' I curiosly asked her.
'Well I sell Flowers outside Dadar Railway Station.Ever seen me there,' She said.
'No ..I haven't.May be we should we become partners,' I suggested.
'Partners as in...,' 
'Like..you buy 1 kg Mangoes and you get 1 flower free,' I laughed.

'Very Funny...,' She said.

'Achha Listen..I have to do the packing..I have to leave for Delhi tommorow,' I  typed.
'Happy Journey Rahul jii,' She said.

'Thanks Afreen!! Hey give me your number na?,' I typed. I was not aware of what I was typing.But I wished  if she gave me her number.

'What..are you mad or what... How can you expect me to give me your number on our 2nd chat huh..,' She was getting furious.

'Arey i seriously want to stay in touch with you and I am afraid i might not come online much when I return back to Delhi..Please number give naa....,' I requested her.

'This is very funny Rahul...I am not giving it ok...,' She typed for once. There was complete silence for  15 minutes. My room mate Rishi had called me to collect the Pizza as he had to go out with his girlfriend Krunali. I had gone downstairs to collect the Pizza which he had brought for me . Meanwhile  my laptop had was unattended.

I returned back home after 20 minutes. I could see lots of messages from Afreen.
'Hello ..Knock Knock...'
'Hey..I am sorry yar..you upset kya..'
'hey you are sad kya..don't worry but still i wont  give you my number..Haha..:P .'
'Rahul..hello..hello..knock knock..,'
'Ok fine then I am going offline then,'

'Hey don't go offline..I am back..tell me,'I  typed hastily.
'Well I have decided something..but you really have to make me a promise...,' She typed.

'Yes I will...,' I wrote.
'I hate people who make and break promises..but you really have to make sure you won't break  the promise,' She wrote.

'Arey..first tell me what promise..what ..,' I was wondering what could be the promise.

(to be conitnued..)

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Love & Lies 1

Disclaimer - All characters are fictitious . All images have been taken from Google Images.
'Please, Please Anki...Please..Please,' I pleaded.
'No means no...Stop nagging me Rahul,' Ankita said with a straight face.Ankita Sharma was my childhood friend.She was the one who recognized the hidden talent in me  in form of Singing.For me, she is my best friend.

'Please..Please introduce that girl to me naa,' I started again.
'Oh God! which girl stupid?,' She was agitated and irritated by my gestures.

'Afreen..' I replied.
'Afreen Shaikh..the one in your Facebook friends list..,' I continued.

'Mr. Rahul Meher ..not again..please forgot that..I am not going to help you with this,' She refused for once and went back to paper correction.She worked as a Secondary school teacher in Kendriya Vidyalay .I was doing my final year  Engineering from KJ Somaiya Institute of Technology.

'Please stop stalking her for God sake..this ain't good bro..,' She said with a straight face.

'Stop calling me Bro..my parents never told me that I had one more sister..,' I grinned.

I lived in Mumbai since my Junior college days and  for me the 'city of dreams' has been an integral part of my life.I have had all the special  memorable moments of my life in this city with my best buddies. My parents along with my little sister Priyanka lived in Delhi.The one person whom I missed badly has to be Pri. Pri,my little angel is one of the most precious asset.I have always been a responsible and a caring brother to this pretty girl called Priyanka Meher.She is the princess of our house and everyone in my family adores her.

'Haha...now I am seriously going to call you Bhaiyya... and I am not going to help you in this,' She said for once.

'Oh! you are such a sinister and you call yourself my best friend huh..,' I banged the door and left.

Ankita is amongst few of those persons in my life whom I admire. Ankita who was born to a Scientist dad and an Engineer Mother decided to take Education as a part of her career.I always used to tell her that she could be some Astronaut or some famous scientist.But she would simple ignore all my suggestions just because she wanted to live her life the way she wants. She loved little kids and she had been associated with  an NGO called 'Make a Difference' which aims at educating poor and needy kids. She would be teaching kids and help them in solving Algebra,Geometry and Science as she was good in those subjects.

Ten minutes later I'd received a phone call from Ankita.
'Hello, I don't want to talk to you,' I said to her.
'Hey ,Hey boy!! I want to tell you that she is actually a reserved girl yaar..Please understand Rahul,' She said.

'So..' I replied.
'So..she won't add you or she won't be interested in knowing you. I do not want to see you get hurt..you are my best buddy..and you know how much you mean to me ..,' She was getting emotional.

'Oh..sorry ..I understand Anki..don't worry I won't  let you down..but I seriously want to be friends with her..,' I said .

'Oh OK ..as your wish..I am not going to help you..Good luck..,' She said and cut the phone. I sometimes fail to understand girls. All my attempts to understand them have been futile.

I soon left back for my room at Andheri . Ankita lived at Borivali. I boarded the Churgate slow local.I traveled all the way from Andheri to VidyaVihar for my college.

'Forget her Rahul..She  would be lucky if she gets you which I am skeptical,' I received a text message from Ankita after an hour where she was being pessimistic.

'Huh! you know what when you remove a dogs tail from a bottle after 12 years...even after 12 years it would never get straight...I hope you get it ;)' I texted her back.

'And you are that dog Mr.Meher...bow bow :P :P  and your tail can never get straight Haha Rahul :P :P ' She  texted back after 5 minutes.

' X-( I hate you ..stupid,' I sms'ed her and by then my phone battery was almost empty.

I switched on my Dell Inspiron and logged into 'Facebook.com' . I checked for the 119 notifications and 13 unread mails. I unfortunately happened to like a girls profile picture and  later on I regret liking her picture for those notifications which flooded  my account.

'Shishir Mahajan  commented on Nishika Arora's Photo,' one of the notification read.

'What the Fuck!! How is it going to matter me ...I don't even know this Shishir guy, ' I said to myself.

I opened Ankita's Facebook profile and quickly searched for Afreen Shaikh.

I sometimes fail to understand why girls enable privacy setting for their profile.I investigated her profile and found that we had 3 common friends.The other 2 girls were Ankita's room mates whom I befriended.

She was looking good.She was simple and for a moment I thought that she was an innocent girl.She was wearing an Indian attire.I soon clicked on the 'Add as a friend'  button.

'Hey there..I  think we have met before..were you from St.Lawrence High School,' I added her as a friend by writing this note. I thought that Afreen could be Ankita's school friend and I knew that Ankita completed her secondary education from 'St.Lawrence High School'. How shameful could one get when it came to meeting girls in Facebook especially the ones with pretty profile pictures. I was  98% sure that Afreen would not add me back as a friend but I also believed that luck factor has always played an important role in my life.So I thought that the 2% would favor my luck.But to be honest I was hoping against hopes.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Proposal 2

Disclaimer: All characters are fictitious.It is based on the writers imagination.This is an exclusive fiction work.

Read Proposal 1 from here

Finally , we left for our Camp. I made sure that I had the book with me.It had the most important letter of my life which would decide the relationship between Mandeep and me.“Sandy ,dude,don’t get scared,” Andy said to me.

Life is an enigma for me.I have met many people in my life. Some were friendly and some who ignored me most often.Getting Andy as my friend is one of the most luckiest thing that I have in my life. He is my alter ego and my roomie since many years.

“Yar Sandy ,where were you ?,” Mandy came running towards me as we reached the destination.

“No, yar actually we were late ,” I replied.

“Uff, dude today is the last time we people are going to meet ,” She said.

“Yes,Mandy,” I replied.

“I wish these days could remain forever and yes we should meet again in future,” I added.

“Ullu ,Buddhu, we will,” She grabbed my hand and took me to introduce her other friends.

“Andy! come with me na,” I asked Andy to accompany me.

“Andy,tu bhi aaja !,” Mandy said to Anandit.

We reached the place. She took us to meet her friends.It was a precious moment for her.“Sandeep,do you have the letter with you,”Andy asked me.

“Yes ,I do,” I replied.

"Give it to her,” he impatiently said to me.

“Yaar,ok I will,” I said.

“Disha and Parul meet my friend Sandeep,” Mandeep introduced me to her friends Disha and Parul. They once used to be her school friend. “This Parul,the pink babe from Kashmir used to be a naughy girl during school days,” Mandeep winked.

“Now see her,damn beautiful she is naa, Andy,” She said.

"True,Mandy.Your friends are as beautiful as you," Andy replied. I was scared and I could not open my mouth .I had the letter with me ,but I didn’t had the courage to confess my love to her.Meanwhile Mandeep was searching for some one. May be she was looking for her other friends whom I didn’t knew.

“Abhey should I tell her everything,” Andy said to me.

“No, I will tell,” I was nervous.

Some unwanted thoughts were running through my mind.

What if she says no? and what if she stops talking to me. I didn’t want to lose her friendship.

After few minutes I went close to her.

“Hang on Sandy ,I’ll come back,” she said and left.

After 10 minutes she came with some Sikh sardar . “Achha,bol de saale,” Andy was insisting me to tell my love for her.

“Yaar,ok ,” I told and I removed the letter from my pocket.

“Sandy my baby, meet my fiance Manpreet Singh,” She said.

Tears came out of my eyes suddenly.It felt as if the sad breeze had brushed me. I was feeling low and sad. I was broken from within.

“Hi, Manpreet,” I wished him. After few hours,both me and Andy left for the hostel.

He removed the letter from my pocket and tore it into peices.

“She is not lucky dude,” Andy said to me.

“Probably she didn’t deserve you ,” he added.

“You rock man,don’t get dishartened .You have your good buddies with you,” he said to me.

I felt like crying and I cried to the core. It was the first time I was crying after long.I was not a cry baby and never wanted to be one.I always wanted to see smiles on people’s faces. But now there was no one to soothe me.

Later Mandeep had called me.I refused to pick up her phone call.

After few minutes I got an sms.

“Manpreet and me are getting married soon,you are invited. Love you Sandy baby.tc.gn.sd.god bless”

The next day I left for my home town in Delhi. I left uninformed.


Dear friends,

I am extremely sorry for this long delay.This is not a fiction as the disclaimer says.This is the story of my best friend. I am none other than the ‘Andy’ of this story.I just hope that he is happy wherever he is. Thanks a lot dude.We all love you .


The Solitary Writer.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Love is in the air - 2

** All characters are imaginary and the pictures are used to relate to the actual scenes.

It was already 5.30 pm. She knew that there was no one at home. Today she was very happy and excited. She entered her bungalow and rushed to take shower.After 10 minutes ,she got ready to get dressed up. She wanted to look like a princess before Arush. She selected a pair of shoes from her shoe box.Her eyes scanned through the closet where all her dresses were arranged sequentially. She glanced thorugh few clothes ranging from jeans to salwars,but she was not happy at all. Later on her mind recollected the fact that Arush loved blue color. She soon selected a blue dress and the matching necklaces and ornaments.She straightened her hair through a comb and cleansed her face with soap and water. She beautified her eyes by applying eyeliner and thickened her eyelashes with a mascara. She was ready for the meet. This is the first time she was going to meet some one whom she had never met before. She never knew how he looked , wheter ugly or good. She never knew how tall he was .She just wanted to meet this person who promised to be with her forever.

She looked at the wall clock and it was 6:30 pm. She knew that Arush had asked her to wait at fashion street at 7 pm. She was humming and singing songs . She got dressed and was ready to leave her house.
Paas aao ,Paas aao ,Paas aao naaa,” her cell phone rang.
“Hello ,Anki, “ Arush had called her.
“Hi Aru,” she replied.
“I will be sharp at 7 pm at FM,” he said.
“I will be there too and what color dress are you wearing today,” She asked him.
“Blue shirt and jeans,” Arush replied.
“Umm, ok then , “ and she cut the phone.
She left for Fashion street.She reached FM sharp at 7 pm. She scanned through the entire market ,but she could not find any guy out there. She tried calling Arush,but his phone was engaged.
“The Airtel number your trying to reach is currently not reachable ,try again later,” the Airtel operator said.
Now ,she was upset. Arush was searching for Ankita at the same place. He called her too .
“The idea cellular customer is busy ,” the voice message said. “Shitt!!,” he said.
Ankita ,after trying to contact him several times gave up. She was just waiting for him to call. She tried calling him again for the last time. They both were walking towards each other without knowing . At one point ,they were about to collide.
“Oh my God!! , sorry ,” Ankita said to the 6’1” tall guy.
He was wearing a blue shirt with dark blue jeans. She never looked at his shirts .
“That’s fine !!,” he said and he walked the other way. His phone was engaged again. Both were having cell phones on their hand busy trying to contact each other ,but they never realized that they spoke in real. She kept her cellphone on her bag.
The guys voice was somewhat familiar to her . She looked behind to see him once again. It seemed he was trying to contact someone. At the same time ,her cell phone rang.
Paas Aao ,Paas Aaoo,Paas Aaaonaaaa!!!!,” she started walking towards him. She stared at him for a while.

Arush was a tall man of 6”1”. He was wheatish and was a fit man.As Ankita approached him, Arush watched her.
“Is this Arush?,” she smiled.
“Yes, so you are Ankita right?,” he replied.
“Oh my god!, just now we were about to collide,” she smiled at him.
She smiled at him and looked at his eyes. Ankita was short as compared to Arush. She was dressed in blue just like Arush. Her seraphic eyes and her cherubic smiles mesmerized him . He looked into her eyes. They both were meeting each other for the first time. At their first meet, she had grabbed his attention.
“So,shall we go for the dinner,” he said and both left for the Taj.
Taj hotel is imbued with the best materials and pieces of art, furniture and interior artifacts . Due to its prime location, traditional architecture and massive size, Taj gained the status of the most iconic hotel in Mumbai. This is the reason why Arush decided to take her to Taj.
They sat on the table reserved for them .”What would you like to take?,” the hotel attendant said.
“Any thing you order,Aru,” she said to Arush.
They smiled at each other. There was no one to watch them. They both were all alone for a candle light dinner.
They looked at each others eyes. There was no one to watch them. They both were all alone for a candle light dinner.
“You don’t talk much,” he said to her.
“umm,not really,” she said.
They both spoke to each other and spoke to each other as if they knew each other since long.They started getting to know each other very well.
“I love you ,” she said of a sudden.
“I think I fell for you ,” she added.
Arush smiled at her and was listening to all that she was saying. She believed that she had met her prince in form of Arush. She loved him .
He soon touched her hands and cosed her eyes. “I got some thing for you,” he said to her.
“guess what,” he said.
She made few guess and finally gave up.”I got you a gold chain for you from Netherland,” he handed the gold chain to her.

It was one of the most costliest ornament and Arush had decided to present the same to her lady love. It was costliest and Arush bought it for 2 lakh Rs.
“Oh my god!, you’re so sweet Aru,” she thanked him for the gift.
“Even I’ve something for you,” she said and handed her gift to Arush. Arush loved the present for him and wore the gold watch on his wrist.
“Shall we go now,” he said as he paid the bill amount to the attendant.
They walked along the shores of marine drive .” I love you Anki and I want to live a life with you,” he said .
“Even me,” she replied.
He said that he was going to Delhi the next day and would call her .
“Are you really going to leave me,” she said wiping the tears from her eyes.
“No, I will be here once in a while to meet you,” he smiled at her .
“Ok ,then,” she smiled.
“I will come at the Airport tomorrow,” she expressed her sorrow for his departure from Mumbai.
“Ahh,common ,don’t cry ,” he hugged her.
They both looked at each others eyes as their lips got sealed for the first time. He kissed her …...
****** Thank you***
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Love is in the air - 1

**All characters in this post are imaginary.

Ankita was lingering around the shopping mall for around 45 minutes. She moved to and fro in search of a perfect gift for some one whom she had never met before. He was some one close to her, but she was devoid of his appearance. All that she knew of him was his sweet and serene voice that she loved. She knew him for around 1 year by now. She was the only daughter to her dad who wasn’t lucky enough to see her mother. She lost her mother at very young age. Ankita’s mother died when Ankita was just 5 months old. Mr. Singh could not spend much time with her little daughter. Most of the time Ankita would stay alone in solitude, just cursing her life. She wanted to live like a princess with lots and loads of happiness surrounding her.

When she looked at some one being embraced by their parents, she would badly miss her mother.Her eyes would shed tears automatically . There was no one to provide her solace when she was depressed . Her dad would remain outdoors most of the time because of his business. He didn’t had time for his daughter. Ankita was used to such little things in life. She didn’t had any cousins who could support her and not even a single soul whom she could call a best friend. Most of her friends loved her money .They praised her for every single currency note of hers. She felt backstabbed and at times she would just cry . There was some one who promised to support her at every instance of her life. She never knew him .He was introduced to her in the virtual world of internet. She met him online through some social site. He was Arush Saxena who worked as a Brand Manager for HCL ,India. At first she started ignoring him as she never advocated this trend of internet and virtual friendship. Arush possesed much more wealth than Ankita and at an age of 26 ,he owned a car and a 3 room flat . They soon exchanged their phone numbers. They had never seen each others face . At times ,he used to call her.The other day Arush was online and she took no heed to buzz and disturb him .

cool.anki85 : hey Aru..

aru.83 : yes dear.

cool.anki85 : I wanna see you.

aru.83 : tomorrow I plan to meet you.

cool.anki85 : really !!!

Arush was in Mumbai for a company meeting and this was the right time for her to meet Ankita. He was a wanderer who never lived in a city for more than 9 months due to job transfers. He worked as brand manager for HCL,India.

aru.83 : yes , I will give you a call tomorrow.

cool.anki 85 : fine then…. Bye tc ..

aru.83 : take care dear.

Today when she was sitting at the mall ,she wondered if Arush would like her. She had fallen for him without even looking at him. She had just heard his voice. Today , she was excited. Carressing her long hairs , her eyes spotted a gold watch .She found it attractive and realized that it was a perfect gift for Arush.

“Bhaiyya, whats the price of this wrist watch ?,” she asked the sales person in charge .

“18000 Rs , Madam,” He replied.

She soon handed him the amount in cash and got it packed for him. She wrote a letter for him. That letter revealed everything that was running through her mind.

“I don’t know why , I started liking you without even seeing you Arush….,” she wrote on a piece of paper and of a sudden her cell phone rang.

“Arush Calling,” was the text displayed.

“Hello,Aru,” she was excited.

“Hello Ankie I will meet you at the TAJ sharp at 8 pm,” Arush said .

“Sure, but where will you pick me up,” Anki said.

“I will pick you up at the Fashion Street,” he replied.

“Sure ,dear …bye,” she said.

“Hmm, keep your cell phone with you… ,” he said.

“bye “ and he cut the phone.

Thousand thoughts running on her mind, she gave a silent smile. She asked for the receipt from the vendor and she left the mall. Today, she was very happy . Her happiness had no bounds. She was smiling all the way thinking of Arush. Today she was going to meet some one special . It was some one whom she had never met before..

(To be continued..)