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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Proposal 2

Disclaimer: All characters are fictitious.It is based on the writers imagination.This is an exclusive fiction work.

Read Proposal 1 from here

Finally , we left for our Camp. I made sure that I had the book with me.It had the most important letter of my life which would decide the relationship between Mandeep and me.“Sandy ,dude,don’t get scared,” Andy said to me.

Life is an enigma for me.I have met many people in my life. Some were friendly and some who ignored me most often.Getting Andy as my friend is one of the most luckiest thing that I have in my life. He is my alter ego and my roomie since many years.

“Yar Sandy ,where were you ?,” Mandy came running towards me as we reached the destination.

“No, yar actually we were late ,” I replied.

“Uff, dude today is the last time we people are going to meet ,” She said.

“Yes,Mandy,” I replied.

“I wish these days could remain forever and yes we should meet again in future,” I added.

“Ullu ,Buddhu, we will,” She grabbed my hand and took me to introduce her other friends.

“Andy! come with me na,” I asked Andy to accompany me.

“Andy,tu bhi aaja !,” Mandy said to Anandit.

We reached the place. She took us to meet her friends.It was a precious moment for her.“Sandeep,do you have the letter with you,”Andy asked me.

“Yes ,I do,” I replied.

"Give it to her,” he impatiently said to me.

“Yaar,ok I will,” I said.

“Disha and Parul meet my friend Sandeep,” Mandeep introduced me to her friends Disha and Parul. They once used to be her school friend. “This Parul,the pink babe from Kashmir used to be a naughy girl during school days,” Mandeep winked.

“Now see her,damn beautiful she is naa, Andy,” She said.

"True,Mandy.Your friends are as beautiful as you," Andy replied. I was scared and I could not open my mouth .I had the letter with me ,but I didn’t had the courage to confess my love to her.Meanwhile Mandeep was searching for some one. May be she was looking for her other friends whom I didn’t knew.

“Abhey should I tell her everything,” Andy said to me.

“No, I will tell,” I was nervous.

Some unwanted thoughts were running through my mind.

What if she says no? and what if she stops talking to me. I didn’t want to lose her friendship.

After few minutes I went close to her.

“Hang on Sandy ,I’ll come back,” she said and left.

After 10 minutes she came with some Sikh sardar . “Achha,bol de saale,” Andy was insisting me to tell my love for her.

“Yaar,ok ,” I told and I removed the letter from my pocket.

“Sandy my baby, meet my fiance Manpreet Singh,” She said.

Tears came out of my eyes suddenly.It felt as if the sad breeze had brushed me. I was feeling low and sad. I was broken from within.

“Hi, Manpreet,” I wished him. After few hours,both me and Andy left for the hostel.

He removed the letter from my pocket and tore it into peices.

“She is not lucky dude,” Andy said to me.

“Probably she didn’t deserve you ,” he added.

“You rock man,don’t get dishartened .You have your good buddies with you,” he said to me.

I felt like crying and I cried to the core. It was the first time I was crying after long.I was not a cry baby and never wanted to be one.I always wanted to see smiles on people’s faces. But now there was no one to soothe me.

Later Mandeep had called me.I refused to pick up her phone call.

After few minutes I got an sms.

“Manpreet and me are getting married soon,you are invited. Love you Sandy bless”

The next day I left for my home town in Delhi. I left uninformed.


Dear friends,

I am extremely sorry for this long delay.This is not a fiction as the disclaimer says.This is the story of my best friend. I am none other than the ‘Andy’ of this story.I just hope that he is happy wherever he is. Thanks a lot dude.We all love you .


The Solitary Writer.


Monday, June 29, 2009

The 'Proposal'

Disclaimer: All characters are fictitious.It is based on the writers imagination.This is an exclusive fiction work.

Since childhood I actually never knew the definition of life. In this event ,I have seen many people who explained me the concept of life. It would be strange to say that life is an enigma,may be a hypothesis to be precise.No one knows it well.There has been many instance in my life when I've seen ups and downs.There has been times when I had no one to stand aside and say a word or few as solace.For a moment I felt I was longing to meet someone.May be this some one was Mandy,my best friend.We both studied in the same Engineering college.I know her from the first week itself.How innocent she would be?.She was courteous and her mannerism was appreciable.She respected each and everyone in this globe. She was a simple and honest girl to be precise.

"Mandeep Kaur," is what she is called by most of her friends.
But she was "Mandy" for me. "Sweet and Naughty Mandy" is what I call her.
It was 2006 and our regular lectures had commenced. I had taken Electronics stream.Since I used to live in a hostel,we were devoid of something called time management.Our practicals used to start sharp at 9 pm.It was the first time I met Mandy.I was going to my college.I used my bicycle for travelling purpose.

"Hey Excuse me! ," I heard some one calling me as I moved .
"I guess you are from Shiromani Khalsa Engineering College na," She asked me.
"Yes, I'm ," I replied.
"If you don't mind could you take me with you," she smiled.
"What!!," I remained stunned. Why would a stranger ask me to take her with me.
"I mean could you drop me till college," She said.
"Yeah Sure," I said and asked her to sit behind me.

"Me Mandeep," she said
"Yeah me Sandeep Singh," we shooked our hands.
Perhaps that was the first time we met.It was a rainy day in the month of August .

She ran for the class as soon as we reached the college.For a moment I wondered if this girl was alright.As usual I went for the lecture as late as I could.

It was our "Electronics"Pracs. "May I come in Ma'am," I asked my teacher to permit me to enter the class.I scanned through the entire class to get a glance of Mandeep.
"Is this the time to come," she grimaced.
"Sorry Ma'am ,first lecture forgive me," I said.

Finally after begging and pleading ,she asked me to enter the class.This begging trick works for me and I can proudly call myself as beggar of Khalsa college.I don't mean the other beggar sitting at streets.

"Hey Sandy!,its me here," She asked me to sit aside her.
"Thanks for dropping me today," she said.
"Thanks thousand times,"She used to say.
Her obsession for the word 'thanks' continued even till today. Even after 3 years she used to utter this word time and again.She used to thank me for every small help.She even feels sorry for other people.

"Sorry yaar,I forgot to bring your notes today,hope you won't mind," she used to say.
"Sorry for what , are you mad Mandy,silly," I used to reply.
"Sorry so much," she said.
'Budhu' is what she used to call me.Even after 3 years we both remain friends.Our friendship just turned from better to best during this course of time.
It was the last day of our college.My college guys had planned something spicy.It seemed we all were going out. It was Anandit (aka Andy) who gave me the news. He always used to be the informer.Sooner or Later Andy became an important part of my life. Mandy and me used to fight quite often. We never cease to stop fighting once we started the war of words.Andy would be the negotiator.

I don't know why,I don't know whats happening around me. Why is that I feel strange things happening around me?. Why is that I feel Mandeep as some one special?. I know she is my best friend ,but what is wrong with me these days.?

"Dude,we are getting late," Andy said me.
"Sale, aaj apni dil ke baat Mandy ko bol de," he added.
I nodded suggesting that I might confess my love to her if I had enough courage.
"Sandy,I want you to spill the bean ,samja," Andy smiled.
I didn't knew that my best friend would ever accept this and may be she wouldn't expect this from me.

"Hello Mandy," Mandeep had called me.
"Sandy ke bachhe,mein tujhe maar dalungi,jaldi kar ," she said and cut the phone.
I'm feeling a bit unsecured and different. What will happen if she said no?.Will she ever talk to me? How would I face her?. My mind was full of queries.Mandy was the sole answer to these queries.
I was a bit skeptical if she would accept me as a part of her life.
"Andy,me afraid yar," I said to him.
"Sandeep,listen write your feelings in form of words," he suggested me to write a letter for her.
I soon sat down an scribbled few words for her.
"Dear Mandy, I am not able to rectify whats wrong me these days.My thoughts have run dry and I'm in the process of identifying the right from the wrong.I don't know how you would react after reading this.I am hopeful that you will still remain my best friend. Promise me that you won't leave your best friend alone.Will you Mandy? or will you not?.I was afraid of darkness Mandy ,it were you who showed me the light of my life.If you weren't there to support me I wouldn't have seen my alter ego. I'm happy just because of you.Do you remember those monsoon days when we met for the first time. I still think of that innocent smile of yours Mandeep.I don't have enough wealth to support you,but I can assure that I can do things to bring a smile on your face.I just wanted to say it long ago,but I couldn't .Now I think that I like you.Every single second ,I just think of you.I have decorated this letter in form of words,just for you.

'IT was the month of august when i first you
walking aimlessly down the road without a clue
i crossed, you hollered, i turned back
and this is how our story started

you asked for a lift...though i had just a cycle
i just stared at ur eyes.....the mesmerizing sparkle
we walked, we chatted, we moved ahead
and i had ur name on my lips all day

i didn't know what your feelings for me would be
so i didn't say it...coz u mite have said, "I AM SORRY"
Yet i decided to stretch my hand...
and that's how we became the best of friends....

i am the guy of your dreams...
masquerading as your best friend.
I am the one you are searching for..
I can make your world change

My friends say its just infatuation
and if our chemistry clicks,
I will turn it to a fairy tale romance.

lots of moments spent without you
But in thoughts just you prevail
Your eyes intently watching me
Your feel, your presence I inhale

what we share is magical
what we create is ours
n watching the two of us together
even the Gods above are jealous

i am searching for a word to let you know
how much i love you...but i can't really show.
anyway or the other...believe me its true
when i tell you darling...I LOVE YOU'

PS: I really love you very very much .

I inserted the letter on her journal and got ready.

To be Continued ...

Poetry by Freelancer

Monday, January 19, 2009

That night at Pemako - 3

Read Part 1 and Part2

They went close to him. Sameer was Ananya’s best friend. They knew each other since school days. Sami’s death came out as a big shock to them.

“Lets go!!,”Ishant asked Ananya to pack the bags and they soon left the place.

They both were frustrated and one could see the same from their facial expressions. They just want to leave the place and get home as soon as possible. They took all their belongings, but some thing was missing. Ishant had given his HSBC credit card to Sami. They didn’t had sufficient amount of money with them. It’s the credit card which would solve the money problem.

They both soon ran towards the place where they sought shelter on a temporary basis with the help of a tent. Ishant asked Ananya to wait near a huge tree and he went to the same location where Sami was found dead.

Alas! Sami’s body wasn’t there. He tried searching near the mountains and the river stream, but he couldn’t find him. The frustration level increased and they both eventually escaped from the place.

Ishant was confused for a while and so was Ananya. “Where could his body go, if he was dead?” the question buzzed on his ears.

A day later they reached Delhi. She lived in Rohtak apartments in Rajendra nagar.Ananya was worried and could not concentrate on her work. She would think of Sameer again and again. It was she who insisted Sami to join her .She started feeling guilty. She could not eat her food. Even Ishant was upset.

He asked her to refresh herself and get involved in some other activities.He asked her to go online and chat with some of her friends.

4 days later, she was browsing through some friends profile in a social networking site called Orkut. A scrap message update popped up on bottom right of the browser screen. "LaLaLa has written you a scrap book entry," it said .

The scrap was written by a person named “LaLaLa”.

She soon clicked the scrapbook link on top of the page and some shock awaited her.

LaLaLa: I know what you did “that night at Pemako”.

Had fun with your guy ahhh!

LaLaLa [:)] [:p] [:D]

Soon she called Ishant to her home and they both checked the scrap message once again. Now everything was confusing.”Who could have done it? How would one know about that? “It was creating doubts.

“Who could it be?,” Ananya asked him.

“Don’t know?,” he replied.

Ishant assured her that he will do something. Ishant was a computer programmar and was an expert hacker .But in this case, he was not able to trace the IP address of the other person called “LaLaLa”.It was a dynamic IP address and things were getting difficult.

The same night at 9 pm, she got a call on her cell phone.

“Hello,” Ananya said.

There was no reply from the caller for 10 seconds. She cut the phone call.

Again after 10 minutes, she got a call from the same number.

“Hello,” she said.

“Who is this?,” she asked .

“I know what you did that night at Pemako,”the caller replied.

“Who are you? What you want?,” she asked the person

“LaLaLa,” the phone got disconnected.

It was a familiar voice.But she could not relate it to any one. Now she was worried. “How could a stranger know about the other night at Pemako?,” She was tensed and nervous.

She cried as she never expected some one to know such things. It was some thing personal between Ananya and Ishant.

The next day, the same person called her at 4 pm.

“Please tell, who are you?,” Ananya pleaded.

“LaLaLa,” he replied.It was a matured male voice.

“Had fun with your boyfriend ehh,” the caller said.

“Oh God!!,” Ananya cried.

“I have a titillating clip of that night, everything between you and him,” the person laughed.

“Please don’t do this, what you want? “She cried.

“I want 25 Lakhs or else I will distribute the clip to every one,” the person laughed.

“Let all have fun, it’s a 35 minute video.Ummm,” The person said.

“LaLaLa," and he cut the phone.

Ananya didn’t want every one to know about their relationship.She was sobbing . She was all alone at her house.

“Ding Dong,” some one rang the door bell. She was afraid for once and when she opened the door she smiled. She hugged Ishant and started crying.

She told every thing about the phone call. It was the same person who scrapped her on Orkut .

Few minutes later, her phone rang .It was some different number.

“Get 25 Lakhs on Saturday morning sharp at 10:30 am,” the person said.

"You have 5 days ,so you can arrange it," the person added.

Both Ishant and Ananya heard the voice carefully.

“If you try to do something smart, then people on street will enjoy your erotic sex clip,” the caller said.

“Hello,” Ishant grabbed the phone from Ananya.

The person soon cut the phone.

“Who could it be? He is blackmailing me Ishh,” she said to Ananya.

“I think Its the bloody moron Sami,” Ishant replied.

He indicated that Sami was the person wasn't dead and was behind the phone call and internet scrap thing.

“How could Sami do? He is dead,” Ananya said to Ishant.She was upset and she went to the garden.She was looking at the sky with a heart shaped locket on her hand which was gifted to her by Sami.

"This is for you Sami," she cried and looked at the Sky..

To be Continued...


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