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Sunday, November 18, 2018

How to fall asleep in 60 seconds?

Eric was busy staring at his iPad as Lisanne, his wife of 11 years was getting ready for work. She was a registered nurse at the Duke Medical University Hospital. It was one of those days when she had to work night shifts. The hospital paid extra incentives for its RN's who worked at night. They both had struggled a lot when they were new to Chicago. 
"Honey, I'm leaving for Duke in 20 minutes. You need anything?" Lisanne asked Eric.
"Baby, come here quickly. Just see what I found?" Eric beckoned his wife.
"Ughh, what now? Eric, I'm already running late." Lisanne riposted.
She sat next to him as Eric showed her the video of how to fall asleep quickly in 60 seconds.
"Eric, not again. You should put these devices aside and try to get some sleep," she said.
Eric was suffering from insomnia. It had been years since Eric slept peacefully. 
But sleep never beckoned him however hard he tried. 
"Lis, the guy in the video says that we need to release stress from our arms and limbs through some breathing exercises," Eric told.
"So, I am going to try these breathing exercises and see if it works," Eric added.
"Honey, I am really running late for work now. You try to get some sleep, Okay?" She planted a kiss on his lips and left for the hospital as the clock struck 10 at night.
Eric was performing the steps mentioned in the video.  Eric was happy today as he thought he found something that he was searching for ages. 

The next morning, 8 AM.
Lisanne walked upstairs. She was rummaging her bag for the house key as she didn't want to wake up Eric.
Hope Eric's new therapy helped him, she thought as she finally found her house key.
She turned the key in the lock and opened the door. She stood there speechless, her mouth agape.
Eric was sleeping on the bed. She hadn't seen this in view for ages. She was happy for him.
"Eric, honey, wake up," she said, "Look, what I got for you?" 
She had got Eric's favourite cheesecake from the Martin's.
She quickly changed her dress and saw Eric slept peacefully like a newborn baby. 
"Eric, Eric," she called him again.
She went closer to him and saw that he was not breathing. He had indeed fallen asleep in 60 seconds. She screeched at the top of her voice as she saw her husband sleeping peacefully, forever and ever!

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

One Night Stand on a New Year Night - 5 - 1/1/2013

 Disclaimer - Strictly FICTION,EROTICA ALERT!!

It is 31st December, the last day of the year. This is the day when people attend churches for the last day mass so that the New Year brings them luck. You see youngster’s, especially flamboyant guys dancing with semi clad girls at local clubs. This is the day where you find police strolling on streets every hour to prevent heinous crimes. You get to see lust, love, kisses and sex. Caste no bar. He doesn't cares for any religion or community. He changes girls like his trousers. He sleeps with different girls every night. Poor girls fail to see the fiend in him. He doesn't believe in the concept of marriage. He is nameless; doesn't prefer to reveal his identity. He changes his names just like he changes girls, every night - Tarun, Ramanujan, Niketan, David, Paramjeet and the list goes on.
"Where are we going?" she asks him, giving him a naughty look.
"To the place where love resides," he replies her.

She hardly knows him. One day they both meet each other as strangers and cupid smiled at them. Cupid doesn't strike his arrow on his heart, for he knows -his heart was filled with one million girls, their hopes that reside on his beating monster. 
They both walk upstairs of Hotel Le Marine at 12.25 AM, the time when people don't cease to get tired dancing all night. He smiles at her as he opens the door of Room Num 349. He pulls her in and rushes to the bathroom to get fresh. Meanwhile, she dances around the bedroom as her eye wildly scans the architecture of the hotel room. She is amazed and looks at the wallpapers of the hotel room. She touches the wall and writes her name with her fingers. It’s the first time she has ever visited a hotel room. She hails from a middle class family, a daughter of a Contractor. He gets refreshed   and looks at her as she lies on the bed. She gets up as soon as he observes her from the bathroom.  He leans against the wall and stares at her. She is sitting in Indian style, her tender legs neatly folded and fingers drawing patterns on the silk bed sheet. She is wearing a western outfit, a tight sleeveless top and equally tight jeans. Her tight sleeveless top is so tight that her nipples are viewable. He leers at her and he learns about her nervousness. She still remains firm on the bed like an obedient school going girl. She thinks he is going to preach philosophy. He unzips his backpack and removes a video camera, a Sony Cyber shot.
"Yours," she asks him.
"I got it as a Diwali gift from my millionaire grandfather," he smiles at her.

Her phone rings. "Maa," she says and continues, "Shh!" she gestures him.
He nods his head and checks his Sony Cyber shot.
"Maa, ammi bondhu der saathe bahire achi.Tumi chinta koro naah," she says to her Mother.
"Hmm, thikachey," she replies.
"Maa amar bishwas koro," she argues with her mother.
"Hmm, achha thikachey." Her face turns serious and ashen.
"Ammi ekhon aar choto neyi,pore kotha bolbo," she slams her phone on the bed in anger.
Her parents live in Bhilai. She works in St George's hospital as an assistant nurse.
"You seem angry," he asks her, fidgeting his camera.
"She advises me. I am not a school kid," she tells him.
"I know what’s right and wrong," she says. Tears well on her eyes; he stretches his hand to wipe the incessant tears rolling down her cheeks.
"Don't cry, Niketina," he consoles her. 
"Hmm," she stifles a sigh and washes her face. She comes back from the bathroom, neatly wipes her face with the towel.
"Can I turn off the fan?" she asks him. "It’s too cold," she tells him.
"Sure, you do that," he agrees.
She sits on the bed in Indian style, this time like a grown up girl.
"Make yourself comfortable, sweetie!" he tells her.
"Yes, this tight jeans!" she says him, pointing her jeans.
"What?" he asks.  "It hurts me," she tells. She bends forward and stretches her arms to take the water jug. This act reveals her black bra and her pink nipples peeping out of it. He wants to capture this view on his camera, but refrains. She asks him to pass her the thumbler. She carefully transfers the water from the jug to the thumbler and sips it.
"What do you think about me?" he asks her.
"You are nice," she says, earnestly.
She should have spoken to the million girls who shared his bed every other night. The innocent Piyali’s, ferocious Misbah’s, obedient Parizad's, Tomboyish Marissa's, Religious Deepali's and Stone hearted Tanpreet's. The taciturn Niketina seems to be the latest entrant in his never ending list.

He turns on his Cyber shot and raises in front of her as if he is going to interview her. He looks at her through the video camera. "What is your name?" he asks, recording her every activity.
"You know na," she mumbles.
"Tell na.”
“I want to hear it one more time,” he jeers.
"Niketina," she smiles as he shoots her video.
"I love your name," he mutters.
He touches her sleeveless top with his right hand holding the video cam. She seems resilient, removes his hand and winks at him. He captures her, when she brushes her strides away as they irk her, trying to reach her eyes.
"You are a naughty boy," she laughs.
"Even the other girls say that," he winks. 
"Which other girls?" 
"Tell, Tell," she pesters him.
"I was just kidding," he sneers. He tries to reach her cuppy curves, shielded by her black bra. He jabs it with his fingers. She shudders. "Shh!" she gestures. She feels a chill running down her spine.
She lies next to him. "Show me," he asks, his video shoots her every action.
" ways." She turns serious. She seems to be a rebel, a defiant girl who never gives up easily. He cajoles her, tries his best. He is a charmer, who mastered the art of seducing girls.  Finally, she succumbs but asks him to shut off his camera.  
He nods his head and places his camera over the tea poy. He humps over her. She shuts her eyes and giggles. He unbuttons her jeans and tries his best to pull it down. He feels jubilant as he removes her jeans. He neatly folds it and places it on the table.
"Your legs smell fresh," he says as he licks her right toe. He writes "N" on her sole and she moves her legs aside. He moves up, removes her tight sleeveless top and smiles at her. "You look like the FTV girl," he winks.
"How Cheap!" 
"I was kidding," he says and smiles at her. She now lies on the bed with her naked legs crossed. She reveals her black bra and her lacy panties.
"The fragrance of a woman drags me." He moves closer to her. She sleeps , her body outstretched and flat on her stomach, revealing her huge tight buttocks. She tilts her face as he moves close to her.

"Feeling Sleepy?" he casually asks her. "No...Never," she responds back. He runs her fingers wildly on her back like a thirsty man walking on a desert. He stops, when is fingers reach the bra line. He unhooks her black bra and kisses her back.
"I wish I could draw a beautiful   painting on this brown canvas," he whispers onto her ears. 
"Then draw," she replies him.
"Guess what I am writing," he says and his fingers run over her back. He writes on the brown canvas as he promised her.
"Niketina, I love you," he writes on her back.
"Tell me what I wrote," 
"Niketina, I love you." She says, smiling at him. With a swift of a second, he moves down and pulls off her lacy underwear. She lies on the bed like a new born baby. She closes her eyes and covers her face with her soft hand. She now sleeps facing the ceiling exhibiting her succulent breasts. Her enormous breasts, full, round, soft, tender, succulent, was ready to explode its secret energy.
"Randhir!" she says as he licks her nipples, which turned hard by then. He licks her around the perimeter of her pink nipples, a pearl in the ocean. He gropes her breasts infact tries to hold her. He curses himself as all his attempts to hold her breasts turn futile. He realizes that they were too large for her age. She completely undresses him as he lolls on the bed revealing his entire body. Her eyes soon touch his lips; his lips kiss hers. He nuzzles her nose with his and butts his head with hers.
"Ouch!" she exclaims.
He licks her succulent breasts before his eyes scrutinize her vagina. "Virgin girl!" he sighs.
"I love the smell," he says to her to which she smiles. He is amazed how clean and hygienic she was. The sight of her clean, neatly shaved pubis gave him the clue. She shivers. 
"That’s clitora." His index finger touches the rim of her vagina.
"I learned Biology in class 12th," he laughs as she allows him to touch her private. He inserts his finger inside as his other hand holds her flang. Soon, she is scared at the sight of the mighty tiger ready to exploit the closed, dark cave. "It’s going to be a brutal assault," she thinks, frightened and nervous. The tiger protests at the view of the closed cave. It tries hard, harder and ever more harder. The ferocious tiger had roared and explored many such caves before. The tiger roars and finally it makes way into the cave. The girl screeches and screams. 
“Please go slow!” she requests.
“It hurts me,” she pleads "Shh!" he warns her.
The tiger steps into the cave and there is deafening silence for a moment. The girl could feel his sweats on her luscious breasts. She holds him tight and spreads her legs to facilitate the ferocious tiger. The tiger makes entry into the cave and starts his hunt. He faces enormous challenges as he treads through the dark cave. He fears, moves in and out of the cave. He hears long moans and pauses; throbbing heart beats and feels the gush of blood through her veins. She bites her lips as the tiger treads through the cave.
"God save me!" she cries. He covers her mouth with his hand. The tiger roars inside the dark cave. It soon gets tired and makes a silent exit. He comes out ceremoniously, jubilant with a loud roar. There was a long silence that marked the victory of the rebel tiger. Its haughty approach, feeling of pride is visible as it inaugurated the dark cave before any other Tiger could. He soon kisses her entire body, everywhere leaving no place behind. He starts with her eyes, nape, her spine line, her thighs and her calf. There is complete moment of bliss.
He soon gets up, stands like a naked chivalrous knight,his shaft swinging like the pendulum of a clock. He places his hands on his hips and invites her.
"No, no way," she hesitates. Finally, she surrenders and goes to him. This time, it was her assault on the roaring tiger, to take revenge and exploit it. She bends down and kisses his tool tip, her lips lick his prepuce.
"Cut!" The director said.
"It’s fucking crazy to be a porn director," Markus Luther, a prominent name in the American adult film industry laughed.
"One Night Stand is going to be a fucking hot porn movie in the history of Indian Porn Industry," he tittered.
"Great shot Harshika and Gotham," he thanked the actors. The girl still stares at the monster tiger and sneers. The tiger acknowledges back with a roar and dares for the second assault. Harshika and Gotham exchange their phone numbers; they get dressed up and vacate the room.
“It’s still hurting me,” she winked at him.
“Your place or mine,” he winked back at her and they laughed.

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Friday, September 04, 2009

155.Color of my Life.

All characters are fictitious and entirely based on the writers imagination.This work is based on the writers creative work.This was actually written for The Writers Lounge .Check Spelling
I entered the art gallery jubilantly with a constant smile on my face.I was asked to judge a drawing exhibition.It was a special occasion for me and I felt honoured.
“This way sir,” the gallery in charge guided me through all the paintings.As I scanned through each paintings,I realized the need for innovation in drawing.I had never seen a crayon art as good as oil paint and vice versa.

“Tanmai wait!,” I stopped near a painting which grabbed my attention.It exhibited the tranquillity of mind.Such a wonderful painting it was.I stared at it carefully and tried to decode the hidden meaning behind the same.The painting was familiar to me.I failed to recollect my past memories,but the person was some one who was close to me.I leaned on the sofa in the Lounge.I was feeling tired as I learned about my futile love.My relationship with the cute girl with seraphic eyes that could create magic.She was Monik ,who hailed from the hilly region of Darjeeling.I still remember the words that she told me during our last meet.It buzzed on my ears.

“Tanmai,I want to meet the artist of that moon girl painting,” I said to the in charge.

“Sir,she is Monik Bisht,and yes she is on her way,” he replied.

“Oh!” a smile beamed through my face.She was the one whom I was searching for since ages. I failed to keep up to the promise,but I never thought that I would meet her after 7 long years.

“Hello sir!,” she wished me.

“Monik,Its me Anish!,”I said to her.

“Oh hello Anish ! how are you?,” she said with a straight face.

“Will you forgive me Monik,you would surely forgive me if you knew what happened that day?,” I said.

“Who am I to forgive you just ditched me and threw me out of your life,” she said.

“You made me cry outside the railway station in front of 1000 souls,” she added.

“Baba’s health was really terrible that day,” I replied.

“I tried to contact you after getting my parents consent,” I said with a smile.

“And hey this painting was not supposed to be sold ,you remember” I said.

“That girl in that painting were you and me the moon and we are inseperable,” I said.

“Yes! after a long eternal wait , I thought it was illogical to place that painting at my house,” she said.

Her initial reactions suggested me that my absence had created a turbulence in her life.She used to be a prate,who loved me.The hasty decision of eloping proved to be wrong.

“Monik!till date I was still searching for you and I am glad that I met you here,” I touched her.

“Sorry Anish!,” She swiftly removed my hands from her shoulder.

“Don’t build castles in air Anish,I am not meant for you,” she said.

“Monik ! I am extremely sorry and please take that painting back,” I pleaded.

“Sorry Anish! many things have happened in this long 7 years,” she said and screamed “Ayushiiiii!!!,”

“Momma!Momma,” a girl of 4 came running towards her.

Tears trickled down my eyes as I learned that she was married. I turned aside to see the other paintings as she left for her home with her kid. I wiped the tears from my eyes.I waited for 7 long years and got her reply.She was and she would be the color of my life.

“Sir,I need that painting,” I said to Tanmai.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

152 . The Scandal 2 ( end part)

**This is a work of fiction.All the pictures are taken from DEVIANTART.This is a fiction based on the writers creative mind and imagination.It has nothing to do with anyone living or dead. :P
To read earlier part ,Click Scandal 1

"I'm always there for you sweet," he kissed me on my cheek.
It was 1 am as I arranged the bed and tried to sleep.I remained awake for a while .For a moment I thought something disastrous was going to happen.I could hear thunders and the lighting struck very hard.And of sudden the lights were off. The curtains flew out of the room and the windows fluttered .For a moment I thought I was lounging in a room haunted by ghosts.I rushed to Ankur's room where he was lighting the candle. We both remained silent for a while and discussed about our families.Few minutes later the lights were back .He asked me to sleep on his bed while he was reading "THE ALCHEMIST" by Paulo Coelho.I gazed at him as he scanned through the novel.And of a sudden he smiled at me and I was still looking at him.
"Hey girl,what are you seeing baby?," He smiled.
"Nothing," I smiled back.
The night sky was twinkling with the bright sparkling stars.He came towards me as I stared at him.
"Hey Riha!,you're so beautiful princess," he whispered.
"Umm,Thank you," I said
I smelled the moist mud after the rain stopped.By the mean time, he came closer to me. I could feel a sudden rush of blood in my veins as he touched his lips over mine.With a slight hesitation at first, I kissed him back. I felt his breathe as I was panting heavily. I was feeling embarrassed as he unlaced my pink blouse.I hid my face in shame. He pulled me over his arms as he caressed my soft alluring skin.With a flit movement,we swirled our bodies.He undressed me completely and his fingers wildy ran through my hairs.He enfolded my slender body while he kissed me on my nape.My bare bosoms touched his chest as I humped over him. I could feel him and his presence in me as he brushed his front against mine.My eyelids fluttered as I felt him.The joy and the pain was replaced by my long moans .Our eyes which were imbued with emotions spoke .He nuzzled my nose and hugged me gently.
"I love you baby," he said said.
"I love you too," My fingers stroked his hairs.A sudden brisk of air touched me as I kissed him again.
We both collapsed on the bed and cuddled.
"You know what,Riha?," he smiled.
"What?," I stared at him
"We just made love," he said.
"Ahh! now I get what Cinder meant," I nictated my eyes.
He almost slept as he wrapped me around his arms. "I love you ,Riha," He whispered.
"Love you baby," his eyes gently closed.
"I love you Ankur," We laid on the bed.
It was my first and the best sex of my life.Ankur was everything to me.I completely surrendered to him.I loved him to the core.I got up at 8 am and Ankur was missing. He left a note for me.
"Hey baby, will be back by 10 .Don't go away!," the note said.

I took my bath and cleaned the room till the clock struck 10. As promised he was back at 10.15 am. He got few breakfast items for me.
"Awww! you're so sweet," He said to me.
"Hmm,really," he pinched my cheeks.
"Ouch! its paining naa," I screeched.

He dropped me to my house and I introduced him to my parents as Meenal's brother. He left my home within few hours after having the lunch.

Weeks passed by, I couldn't see him at my college. I tried calling him,but he wouldn't pick up the phone.I was getting scared and I was anxious to know about him. I left for his home and was shocked to see the "TO LET " board hanging aside the door. I was perplexed and never knew what was happening around me. It gave shivers to my body and I was deprived of things happening around me. I tried calling him several times from other numbers.
"The number you're calling is currently disconnected," the IVR system operator said. I was not knowing what to do.
Shreya, one of my classmates called me.
I was not in a mood to talk to her as I was worried for Ankur.
She came to meet me in personal.
"I urgently want to talk to you Riha," she grabbed my hands and took me to the terrace.
"Check this video and what the hell is this , Sweety?," She handed over her cell phone to me.
My heart paused beating for a while as I saw the video clip. It was showing me and Ankur.
"Omg! Damn!," My eyes shed tears.My moist eyes couldn't accept this.
"You know I got this from one of my friend who studies in Pune," she said.
I could feel a sudden shudder of my body as I heard this.
"What to do ,now ?" I was feeling scared and afraid.
"Can't help Riha, this clip has spread through the Internet in porn sites under "Mumbai Sexy girl MMS" title," Shreya pouted
I was feeling helpless as I believed that Ankur was mine. Why on Earth would he do it?

A popular news channel was showing a flash news about a sex scandal .It was the same video clip that Shreya showed me.

"Ankur Saxena, the mastermind behind various sex scandal is finally caught along with his 2 other friends," The TV news reader said.
My heart leaped out as I was afraid if people came to know that I was girl in that video .The TV news channel had scrambled my face.
I felt low for a while as I couldn't accept this face of Ankur. Only my closed friends knew about this thing.

I have learned a lesson . I am sad because of my flub. Excess of trust on a person can sometimes be proved to be wrong. He played with my innocence. He used me to generate money. I concealed everything from my family. Since then I hate people like him. I liked staying away from such monsters who played with innocent girls like me.It was the biggest nightmare of my life. I could just hope this doesn't happens to any one.

By The Solitary Writer

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

151.The Scandal 1

**This is a work of fiction.All the pictures are taken from DEVIANTART.This is a fiction based on the writers creative mind and imagination.It has nothing to do with anyone living or dead. :P

I am scared of life and everything happening around me.It was not the first time that Ankur had called me for a date.From my past relationship ,I've always noticed this sycophantic behavior of his.Why did I go with him? Why did I trust him?Why do I fail to understand his cruel intentions?I don't want to see him again in my life.I have had enough of everything.

I thought he'd loved me.It was a Saturday night.It was the same day he took me to a pub.Many of my classmates knew that we both were seeing each other.They liked peeking into others life.These girls had this ability to spread news like anything.The entire college came to know about us.We reached the pub at 10 pm.I had never been to a pub before.It was a great delight to see people hanging around.
"Hey Riha,lets dance girl," he took me to the dance floor.
"Umm!!Wait I can't dance at this time," I said.
"Hmm,just try girl," he insisted. I was a classical dancer and I knew a little bit of Khatak and Kuchipudi.I remained stunned for a while as I saw girls kissing their guys infront of others.This was totally new to me.
"Look at me and see my dance," He grabbed my soft hands as he took me to the dance floor.
"Babe,dance," he screamed.
The DJ was playing some peppy bollywood numbers.Everyone danced to the tunes of"Dard e disco" and "Temperature" song.I felt strange at first.I even urged Ankur to leave the pub.I have always had an aversion towards people who drink.I preferred staying away from them.
"Enough Ank ,lets go ," I screamed at the top of my voice as the loudspeaker was buzzing with electrofying songs.
"What??," he shouted.
"Forget it!," I said and turned towards a girl.
I thought of talking to her till Ankur got back to normalcy
"Hello,do you always come here?," I casually asked her.
"Yo!I do,you see this is the only place where I get to see my boyfriends," she winked.
"Boyfriends!,"I perplexed.
"Between I'm Riha,"we both shook our hands.
"Riha darling,what is life without guys?," she said.
"You are a modern girl,"I smiled.

Ankur popped in from no where as we both were conversing.I always knew Ankur had special liking for semi dressed girls exposing their bodies.
"Hey Cinder meet Ankur,my boyfriend,"I introduced them to each other.
"Heya Cinder babe," they both shooked hands.
"Would you mind getting drinks for us?," I said.
"Awww baby,you are so bad,"she said to me.
"Your guy looks handsome and cute,"she said to me.
"Is it? thank you so much!"I said.

After few minutes Ankur came with two big jugs of beer.
"Damn tumhe koi chotti glass nahi mili kya,"I pinched him
"Ah Huh! nah they have this thing," he smiled.

"Aww guys you two make a great couple," Cinder said.
"Thanks sweety,"we said in unison.
"You both carry on guys, its time for me to have some fun with my boyfriend," she said.
"He must be waiting in the car," she winked.
"Bye,"I said and she left.
"What does she mean by this?," I curiously asked Ankur
"Making out,"he replied.
"Making what?," I asked him.
"Damn you don't know or you're acting,"he screamed at me.
"Why would I ask you if I knew it?,"I controlled my anger.
"It means making love," he said.
"now don't ask me anything," he grimaced.
"Damn! you're so rude I'm leaving," I said.
"I won't come with you anywhere," I said and I left.

It was a graceful sight to see the twinkling stars on the night sky.The birds were sleeping on their nest gracefully and there was not even a single soul in sight for miles.I was walking alone on the street.
"Rihaa!!wait..I'm so sorry," I heard someone screaming loudly.I knew it was Ankur who was screeching at the top of his voice.
I never looked back and stayed away from him.He soon grabbed me firmly as I was trying to go away from him.
"Leave me!," I said.
"Am so sorry sweety!," he softly whispered on my ears.He tickled my hands and again apologised and handed over the red rose to me.
"You always know how to make me smile," I stared at him
I gazed at his eyes as he was trying to get closer to me. He caressed my hairs as he touched my nape.
"Ankurrrrr," I started gasping heavily.Eventually our lips locked at the night hours.
"Umm!," I whispered.

"Girl you're always mine," he said to me.
He took me to his car. It was late and I had promised mom that I would be staying back at Meenals place.
"Where are we going?" I asked him.
"my house," he smiled
"Aren't your parents home?," I curiously asked him.
"Umm! they left for Shimla yesterday," he said.
"Tai jii's health has worsened yar, isliye they went to see her," he added.
"Ohk !" I said with a straight face.
After few minutes we drove to his home.His house was like another bungalow.It had marble tiles all around and beautifully furnished furnitures. The floorings were amazing and the carpets were flamboyant.

"Wow! dude I feel like entering a paradise," I said.
"Oh hmm," he directed me towards his moms room and asked me to sleep there.
"What if I get scared? I don't want to be alone," I yelled.
"Arey don't worry.Just give me a call," he said.
"I'm always there for you sweet," he kissed me on my cheek.

(To be continued..)

Friday, April 17, 2009

An Evening by the Lake...

The night sky was tinged with purple and speckled red shades . As the daylight faded,the sun was setting below the lake. The sky was showing a stunning display of shades of purple, pink orange and red, a few dark spots and a bit of yellow reflections in the water.
They both lied on the green grasses. They looked at the sun.
"Do you remember this place honey?," he said to his wife.
"Umm!!,you proposed me near this lake," She said.
They sealed their love with a kiss near the lake. There was no one in sight for miles to see them.They both were isolated in the outskirts of the city.
They recollected their past where they both used to walk along the shores.He caressed her nape tenderly and firmly held her on his arms.With his elbows resting on the green grasses,he stared at her eyes. Those were the blue eyes that attracted him.
"there is no one here,"he said to his wife.
"Shh!! Umm!!,No honey,not now," she replied.
"Why?," he said.
"Cuz I feel we should go home now," she said.
"I Love you ,"he winked.
"So do I," she smiled.
They went closer to each other and kissed till no one was watching them.
"Umm!!No," She stopped her husband as he was getting naughty.
They both soon got up and walked along the shores.They looked at the sun which by then completely disappeared.
"I have a wish,"she said.
"I'm here to fulfill your dreams and wishes ,"he said to his wife.
"I want our new house to be located at this place, where I could see this beautiful lake and the sunset forever," she said.
"Anything for you,honey," he replied.
They splashed water over each other .
"Ehh!!!Reminiscing your past," their 8 year old daughter came running towards them.
"No,dear,"they both said in unison.They both smiled at each other when their little girl came up with a call.
The one hour by the lake rejuvenated them.
"Its too late," the wife said to her husband and her little daughter and they left.
The mother held her daughter s soft arm firmly while the father held her other arm and they left for their car


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