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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Heart has its reason which reason knows nothing of!

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of ," besides being one of the most famous quotes of Blaise Pascal, a great philosopher of the 17th century , this one line exhibits the biggest confusion of the human psyche- whether to govern actions by the firmness of mind or the tenderness of heart.and as the statement above makes it quite clear.The reasoning of the heart is so dominant at times that it becomes ignorant of the rationality of the world.
Heart is symbolic of emotions, feelings, attatchments.It has its own reasoning which the mind may not approve of, probably because it lacks the evidences or arguments that prove it to be right.But has an understanding that assures it of not being wrong.At times the high EQ(emotional quotient) may overshadow the strong IQ.
The reason for it is simple when faced with a situation,our heart pulls us to one direction and the mind to the other.We don't know which way to go this gives rise to a conflict that interferes with our ability to think rationally.There is no direction,just a dead point.We feel lost and .our mind stops working,stops thinking and then we become totally dependent on what our heart tells us afterall its our last resort.Some people often refer to it as their inner voice.We commonly come across people saying "I don't know why but I feel its wrong,I don't have a reason for it but my heart tells me its not right" .There are no pros and cons,no proofs. Its just a feeling and we go by it and more often than not it proves to be right.
It may sound quite convenient but lets face it, its not all that easy,because mostly people listening to their hearts are categorically labeled as emotional fools by the world.They are often considered as sentimental or mindless, but what accounts for consideration here is that is it easy to go against the rationality that is acceptable to all. Is it easy to convince others on the basis of just a faith,belief or feeling that what we are saying is probably right when you have to work against all odds.Well the answer to it is simple.No,then what enables us to still follow what our heart says.It is our righteousness,the purity of our soul and our character that tells us go ahead take a chance.I'm not saying we can never go wrong when we are governed by our heart but then even our mind doesn't provide us with that kind of a security and more than anything else listening to the heart leaves us with less regrets.Very often we come across people who complain "I wish I had listened to my heart..,"rather than those who say"I wish I had applied logic..".
There are no rules to life,but what we know is that life is a sum of all our choices.The difference lies in how those choices are made ,on the basis of the mind or the heart. Heart makes us do things that are far from logical thinking and isolated from visible outcome.But the pleasure that is derived from following the heart is immeasureable and as said by Henry Amiel "Man becomes man only by the intelligence, but he is man only by the heart"

**This article was written by my best friend Parul for her college magazine.She feels that this is not amongst her best wrok.Please pour in your views

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hurt never,smile ever

There was a boy called 'Joy' in Eastern London .Although he was named Joy,but his personality was totally different.One could not relate him to joy,just because his name was Joy.Joy always had this unique tendency to hurt every one.He did not even spare his dear and closed ones.He used to hurt every one .He seldom spoke and smiled. His teachers used to appreciate about his inherent talents in almost every fields like paintings,singing,writing etc,but it would be annoying for them to see the same frown every time on his face.Joy was helpless for the same reason.He tried changing this unusual habit of his.He started working towards this.His girlfriend called "Smile" left him for the same reason.He always used to curse her in every thing that she did.It was strange that Smile always wished to live with Joy.She could not think of a life without Joy.Joy and Smile were made for each other.They were unseparable .But ,this hurt factor changed their life.An unexpected controversy broke their friendship.Now ,Joy and Smile never spoke nor they met just because of this thing called hurt.Joy wanted to change this habit of his and wanted to live a happy life with Smile. A Smile is what he expected.
Later on he learnt that one should

Hurt never and smile ever.

Now ,Smile is back with Joy.Thus with this post of mine , I want to emphasize on the fact that we unfortunately hurt people by saying few words that may make some one feel bad or may be with our behavior.We often fail to accept this fact that its not we who get hurt when some one speaks against us.Even we do the same to others.Lets change this behavior and let make this place a beautiful place to live.

5 more days for new year ,what is your new year resolutions?

Well I make new year resolutions every year,but I fail to keep it up.
I took an oath to read bible every day on 1st January 2008,but I could not do it due to certain things.
I promised to never hurt any one,but I do hurt people now and then.
I wanted to help others, and yes I am helping poor kids.

This year my new year resolutions are the same.
This is probably my last post for this year .Oh!! yes I have one more post to be scheduled on 31st December at 11: 55 pm. It is some thing about some one special.I loved her since childhood and I am going to reveal her identity on 31st December 2008 at 11:55pm.Do read that.

Meet you on a brand new year 2009.In 2009, I will be completing my Engineering ,getting into job etc.Hope 2009 would be good for every one .

Just write in your new year resolutions in the comment section.

Till then Happy new year and happy Writing.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Where is the Rat hiding???

Let me narrate you a story.Its the story about a group of rats.There lived a group of rats in a particular place near a jungle.The head of the rat community was not happy with the interaction amongst black and white rats.He was upset and he had his own group of rats,one can relate this group as gundagiri gang.The leader of the gang was quite possesive.He wanted his group to succeed and supported for the development of the black rats.The white rats on the other hand belonged to some different community.They migrated from their place to this village just for the sake of living.The white rats were brutally harrased and tortured by the black rats.A very few of the black rats were friendly, and even cared for the white rats. The head of the black rats community was worried about the future of the black rats.He believed that the black rats were quite ignorant about themselves.He pretend to be a benevelent and a good samaritian,but he wasn't.One day ,a group of wild cats attacked the mouse community.They brutally attacked the rats randomly.They were not bothered about the rat,wheter it is black or white.At that time,it was a state of panicky and the rats were helpless.The friendly black rats and the white rats formed a group.It was this group who attacked the wild cats.The gundas(black rats) were helpless.Few days ago it were these gundas who kicked the butts of the poor white rats.The innocent white rats would just leave the place for safety purposes.The leader of he black rat was just enjoying the fight.In this war ,many cats were killed and an ample amount of rats of killed.Three brave black rats gave their life for the benefit of the rats community.But ,the leader was just watching and enjoying.He was hiding his bloody ass at his home. What kind of leader is he,the head of the black rat??

well guys ,a good leader is one who supports their people at time.Why do we call such people (the black rat head in this case) as a leader who doesn't helps his community members.

I am sure,people can relate this to another person,who is just like the head of the black rat
What do you have to say about this?please pour in your views .......

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Hare and Tortoise - Revisited

Hare and Tortoise were amongst the best friends in the jungle. They both served as a true example that clearly exhibited friendship. They were like made for each other. Hare was timid, but very fast .On the other hand tortoise was tentative. He was obsessed with the thoughts of doing good works to fellow jungle mates. Dozy, the donkey always used to be jealous of these good friends.Simha, the Lion who was the king of the jungle also appreciated them. He even arranged a seminar for the jungle members and asked hare and the tortoise to give speech on friendship. Sassy, the fox was known for its cunningness. He along with Tony, the hyena were s the villains in the jungle. They could not bear others happiness and would always tend to subvert the relationship amongst peers.They could not sustain others happiness.

One day Dozy, Sassy and Tony made a plan. They decided to separate Harry, the hare and Torti, the tortoise. Their main intention was to hurt them and create a drift between them.They decided that Dozy would provoke Harry and Tony would provoke Torti for a fight. But, nothing seemed to work.

At one point of time, it seemed that not even a single earthly power would destroy their friendship. Hati,the elephant was the jungle minister of the entire jungle and Sherry, the tiger was the sports minister of the jungle. They both had planned for a sports event. They both demanded active participation from all side.Dozy,Sassy and Tony were very much aware of this. They were sure that this time their plan won’t fail. Tony gave a wicked smile just like other Hyena’s. The entire jungle knew the history of the running race that took place few decades ago where Harry’s and Torti’s grandfathers’ participated .To summarize in short, the race was won by Torti’s grandfather as Harry’s granna slept on the way due to fatigue factor and laziness. This event shooked the entire jungle as it was the first time that a tortoise had won a running race. This event made way to various school textbooks and lectures. People all over the world used a phrase “Slow and steady wins the race” ,just to motivate people that even a slow start can lead people to victory.Dozy,Sassy and Tony were very much aware of this past facts. That event lead to woes and friends became enemies.Harry’s father and Torti’s dad never spoke to each other, but their kids were best friends. Even Harry and Torti knew about this fact. Initially ,Harry didn’t agree to the concord. But later on Tony’s insistence both Harry and Torti agreed to take part in the race. It was the sports day in the jungle .Harry and Torti lined up for the running race. It was a long race, so just two of them participated .Simha,the king,Hati,Sherry ,Bageera,the panther were present .Bandy, the monkey was the race instructor .He guided and instructed both of them and finally the whistle blew ,the race started.

Harry ran fast and Torti was slow just like his grandfather who won the race few decades ago. The whole jungle was keenly waiting for the result. Two hours later ,Harry started feeling tired and fatigue factor once again came into picture.He sat down near a bush and he slept. The tortoise was merely walking on the path. As soon as he reached Harry, he could hear snoring of Harry.Torti could well make use of this situation.Torti believed that Harry was his best friend and Harry believed the same. He soon woke up Harry and they make a plan. As per the plan Torti, walked fast and Harry followed him from behind. The jungle folk were much tensed and some of them betted that Harry will win.

They both reached the finishing end .Simha,Hati,Sherry,Bandy and Bageera were waiting at the other end. At the end ,they both place their foot on the line. The astonishing fact was that they place it at the same time. The judges were in a fix. They were clueless on what to decide. Dozy, Sassy and d Tony were anxious to know the result. Finally ,the judges declared both of them as the winner. Finally, everyone was happy as no one incurred loss,but Dozy,Sassy and Tony were vexed. At last it was true friendship which won.

Moral of the story:True Friendship and Love alone can lead one to victory.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Showers of Pain..

Well friends,this poem is jointly written by Stephen,Charu and Chriss.All credits to 3 of us.

I sit and complain how I hate the rain.
Thinking of ways to get rid of this pain.
Wondering when the heavens will stop pouring.
Haven't I had enough of this lashing and splashing.
And I think of those days.
Oh!!those silly days.
when I loved the rains.

Thinking of rain ,
I recollect my past memories.
when I and she used to travel in a train.
But now,thinking of her causes me pain.
having met on a rainy day,
we made a long stay.
on a lone place where there were just 2.
Gazing deep into my eyes for a while,

Will you forever be mine??she asked.
For you're my love and you're my soul.
So I will be there for you and it wont be foul.
That pretty face with a silent smile.
Revealing what was running through her mind.
Her gorgeous looks and her blue eye,
Flattened me that very night.

Her innocent smile said it all.
feeling her love and her heavenly smile
I enjoyed the shower along the shore
Those rain pours along the shore,
and those heavy rains broke me to the core.
They snatched my love away from me.
Everything went in vain.
The rains ,they drowned me in pain.
Now I hate these pours ,the rain which gave ecstasy and joy.
kills me now and i can just cry.

Why it rained that Day..??
Bring me my love back,
for my love was true and pure.

For she once asked me,
will you be mine forever?.
Now what will she say when I ask her the same.
Rains will come and go.
Her memories wont fade.

Thinking of her....who changed my life...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Journey of life

I am a lonely bird,
desperately waiting to fly high in the sky.
I roam the world ,
just like a little sparrow.
when I get out of my home,
I feel like a new fresh day
I feel happy just like a canary bird when it gets freed from the cage.
A new day everyday ,
delights me,pleases me.
when I come back to home,
am in the darkness of the dark shadow of dirt and tiredness.
life is a cycle,
no one can stop it.
for benifit ,it shud proceed ,
if not life will end

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Girl whom I never met

Image Source

Your eyes enlighten my day,
It’s long since I remember them,
But, these pain filled eyes still exclaim,
Hey, you’ll be with her!
I don’t remember the last thing you said,
But I assure you it wasn’t that nice,
But still, ineffable are our memories together,
When I was your sugar, and you, my spice.
I reminisce the day I proposed,
We were so young and far at heart,
But now my love is inexplicable,
As you are long gone and so far apart.
I love the things you said about me,
When you loved me, I loved you more,
But when you asked, “Can we be just friends?”
I was stunned, my heart beat all sore.
But,girl, I still kept your depressing secret,
That’s how strong my love is for you,
Not even hate will make me do that,
Telling others about it, I’ll never do!
I remember our little island,
Where we’d probably romantisize and kiss.
What a pity, we never even went there though,
That’s a part in my dreams, I won’t miss.
But now it’s all gone, I should stop dreaming,
We seem to fight, scowl and ignore,
The same old fights which were even then,
Showed less hate and the love was more.
I’m sorry, my Juliet, if I ever made you sad,
Or disappointed in the way I behaved,
Even after you left me, I couldn’t bear it,
I did bad things as I cried and raved.
Somehow, I feel you still love me, girl,
I’m the same optimist that I was,
What misery though, I feel you’ve changed!
It’s those new boys I hate, I’m jealous and cross.
But I love you, baby, I’d still take you in,
Resting your head, after meeting you, in my arm,
The other hand stroking that silken hair,
Bringing you no danger, just my charm.
So is it true with old sayings then,
That lovers love more after they’re apart,
From my side, I promise, it’s totally true,
Is it the same for you, my heart?
I wish you’d call me your “life” again,
I wish I’d call you that too,
Why did my family ruin it for us?
But you gave the final blow, didn’t you?
So that was my one and only perfect girl,
she’s gone. Her name? It is…not yet!
We loved each other but we broke up,
I’ll tell you about our love, she’s a girl I’ve never met!

PS  - This Poem of mine was  stolen by a blogger from this site - Musing's of Pinnacle  and was posted on Jan 2010.  And I had written this originally on June 2008. Stop Plagiarism!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We are One.....

We all share a Common thing amongst us.No matter we are different by name,caste,religion or community,its one word that bounds us.It is the feeling that bounds us together ,it unites us.We all live in a country like India and it is in this country that we have lived since our childhood.We have shared many things together in this country.
We cried when India lost to SriLanka in the 2007 world cup finals.We love the people who represent our country at International level.Wheter it be a Sportsperson,Politician or an Actor.In all fields , wheter it be Science,Arts or Technology we would like our country to be the first.This country had provided us shelter and we owe many thing to this land.
We were overjoyed when India won the T2O championship in South Africa.We ran across the street to celebrate the event.We started seeing MSD as our idol .It is this country in which we learnt many moral values ..we know how to love our neighbours despite they insult us or annoy us.
We all were shattered Tsunami struck India and neighbouring countries.We never knew each other ,despite we helped them like our very own family men.This is what we call as Indianness.Its the feeling that every Indian shares.Lets be one and bring this country to success and progress.Despite of various advances in Technology and other fields ,we are still a developing nation.Lets unite and lead our country to a bright future.We are the one who are responsible for this.Lets promise that we will be one under any circumstances.

Lets the strategy be "United we stand,Divided we fall"

Lets be a true Indian first ....... let us do contribute something to our country ........lets see our country emerge as a rising power ..

Friday, February 15, 2008

What is life ,if full of care.......

well this is my first post in february and i was almost set to post this in last week of january but due to unavoidable reasons I had to do the same now.Well how often do people take care of yourself and being a 19 year old one cannot expect mom to feed you evryday just as she used to do it when we were in class 5 or class 6.Have you ever wondered how do mothers take care of their childrens and even if the childrens dont take care of their mom ,it is the biggest sin as per the holy bible .I have always been my momma's child and i always wished to be the same.Since I was young ,my mom used to take care of me and imagine my dad used to leave me to school even when i was 15 year old.I almost never knew anything in life untill i entered my degree college where I met new friends.Very often I still wonder why do people wanted to be cared.A nurse takes care of patients in hospital and so does mom who cares and nurses her kids.Whenever I reach my college ,my dad used to call me "have u reached ya college safely" ,common what do u expect me to say dad "am i a kid!!".One day I had an extra lecture and unfortunately I never informed my mom about the same and it was terrible thing that i reached my home at 11 pm.When I reached my home It was like "aahh common whats happening here"!!.My mom was like she was really crying and so was my little sister.
"what is life ,if full of care
No time to stand ,no time to stare!!!"

I remember this lines and i guess that its true to some extent ..

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