Thursday, July 26, 2012

That Moment!

Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction

The 7 am alarm boomed violently as the morning sun peeped in through my window to welcome me to a new day. Finally I woke up as my eyes remained partially opened. I rubbed my eyes as I stood near the window to observe the young morning sky which displayed a wide gamut of colors ranging from Red to Orange. It was then I realized that I failed to bid adieu to the stars and the moons which I loved watching every night. They surely must have been disappointed. My hair was mussed up as I had messed it up.

"Gudiya Bitya!,”  I looked behind to the  sight of a man , strong and tall. It was my dearest Papa, whom I loved more than anyone in this world. He had a broad shoulder and a perfect physique. The one thing which I disliked about my Papa was that he never cared for himself. The rugged look of his face only made him look old although he was a middle aged man. The stubble on his face would remind you of some Bollywood action hero of the 70's era.

"Papa..," I smiled and hugged him. He kissed me on my soft pink cheeks."Common, brush your teeth," He asked me.
"Hurry up," He said as I quickly rushed towards the bathroom. I got myself ready and wore my brand new favourite frock which Papa bought me weeks ago.  He neatly oiled my hair and combed it.